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BB12 Week 8: Double Eviction & HoH/Nom Spoilers (Does ANYone even care anymore?)

And then there were five sucky houseguests...

Quick review for those who were under a rock on Thursday night lol
Week 7 HOH: Brit
Week 7 Noms: Matt & Lane
1st eviction: Matt
1st DE HOH: Hayden
1st set of noms: Brendon (as a pawn per the Wackade™) & Ragan
POV Winner: Ragan (removed himself from block)
New noms: Britney & Brendon
2nd Eviction: Brendon
2nd HoH/Week 8 HoH: Not shown on episode (results later in post)

Let’s talk the original noms for Week 7, Matt & Lane. I have to say HALLELUJAH Professor McDouche™ has FINALLY stopped sucking on the emotional teet (or peen if you will) and opened his eyes TO THE GAME! And all it took was Matt finally getting caught throwing him under the bus. While I am enjoying Ragan’s Sybil –like personality changes once again, I still think he’s douchey. For example: the way he plays up to the cameras during the live shows, if he acted like that around the house more often instead of being so judgmental and condescending, I could have remained on the Ragan train. Nope, for someone who has demanded other people “be real,” Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ is still the fakest in the house IMO.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m at the point I really do not care who wins lmao I think the Final 5 suck, but then again I like real strategy, not coasting or floating. Having said that, I think I am about to surprise some folks with my breakdown.

Ragan: As you probably expected, I do not want Ragan IN the F3, F2, or winning America’s Player. The crybaby already got 20k for doing nothing so I pray he gets the boot F3 (or sooner) just so it hurts him that much more. He should have been playing strategically from the beginning instead of becoming obsessed with Brenchel and for that, he should pay for his mistake considering he is a fan of BB as he proclaims.

Britney: I wouldn’t mind her getting to F3 or F2, but I do not want her to win anything at this point. I honestly am not a fan of women using their looks/emotions as a strategy and we ALL know, as both Lane & Brendon confirmed this week, that’s exactly what Brit did. She is a fierce physical competitor, she won the most comps to date and is tied with Brendon; therefore, Brit truly did not HAVE to rely on her looks or feminine charm, but she did. Once again, she furthers the stereotype that a woman cannot win BB on a player strategy. I love Jordan, and she stepped up when she had to, BUT Jordan was smart enough to play a good social game with the house whereas Brit just sucked up to the men in the house and coasted. Can we ALL admit that Rachel was right in that Brit wanted to be the last female standing in the game now? It’s obvious and it makes me dislike Brit that much more. Brit could have done it without attaching herself to a man but chose not to. That was her strategy and I think if for some reason she’s evicted soon, that will be the reason. It’s hard to trust a woman who attached herself like a leech to any man….it’s like she has a fear of being alone. Only ONE person wins Brit and I think she ended up playing herself. In addition, Mrs. Trustworthy has already talked shit about Ragan behind his back since last night, nice huh?

Enzo: Say what you want about this asshole, he’s social game is tight. IF he made it to the end, I would really have to hear him explain his game strategy but we all know he truly was the Wackade™ mastermind and carries a lot of weight with Lane/Hayden although Hayden & Lane have a F2 alliance Enzo doesn’t know about.

Lane: At this point, I wouldn’t mind Lane taking it all. First, his strategy of not getting his hands dirty by using Britney has been genius. Next, he didn’t put a target on his back by not wining anything, as he had no reason to with the Wackade™ and his side alliances. Unlike Hayden, all he won this season was a phone call from home, which completely plays into his “I’m a good ole country boy” persona. Lane has laid low, not gotten into any arguments (or fight another’s battles), and played Brit like a fiddle. While I personally have some issues with things he does (such as the killing animals for fun and “beating his down until he bled”) I do genuinely enjoy watching The Beast.

Hayden: At this point, I want  Hayden to win. If for nothing, for the fact he finally has figured out he doesn’t need to shout in the DR. But seriously, this kid has had a solid strategy from day one that was only slightly messed up by Kristen, but if you look at his DRs/actions in retrospect he truly is sticking to a solid plan where he doesn’t play emotionally but knows how to play to and with people’s emotions if need be. I’d be lying if I said I did not enjoy Hayden & Lane the most this season (I like Brendon & Rachel separately and together when not locked at the tongue)…but if I had to put money on it, Hayden could get enough jury votes when you look at the remaining 5 – even Brendon, Rachel, and Matt’s vote IMO.


Week 8 HOH: endurance HOH that lasted all the way into BBAD resulted in LANE winning HOH. After the comp, the Final 5 sat around the table, eating and doing what they do best…continuing to bash Brendon AND Rachel (by association). Seriously, I couldn’t listen to more than 3 minutes before I shut down my feeds and started watching BBUK11 and UBB. And while I watched the feeds today, most of the time when the 5 are together they CONTINUE to talk about Brendon & Rachel ad nauseam. It’s was irritating and catty to say the least.

Friday’s conspiracy theory: Hayden did not ding the buzzer AND/OR threw the 2nd place card outside of his box so that he technically did not run 2 full lengths (since Julie said you can only carry 1 name at a time). in order to win the HOH competition. LMAO I know, I know, believe me. But it is interesting when you watch it and I can’t call it either way. Check out 2:14 – due to the camera angle, Lane actually blocks Hayden so we cannot see if he hits it or not. All we actually see is him slamming the card in the slot and then walking forward as Brendon comes running up and slamming his hand on the buzzer. We hear Brendon’s hand hit, but no ding for either of them. MEH, I don’t even really care either way at this point

Nominees are: Enzo & Ragan. Per Hayden, Enzo is the pawn lol. Ragan studied everything

ANOTHER Pandora’s Box: Here we go again! Lane gets a PB 4.0 and as one could expect, he opens it. Apparently Lane had several envelopes to choose from and he chose 3 punishments and 3 rewards. We learned Lane won $91.17 and a punishment was that they now have no drinking glasses or utensils (thank God because they also awoke to an ant & roach infestation because NONE of the remaining hammies clean anything). As of now the hammies are drinking out of bowls…considering none of them clean I fail to see the infestation stop anytime soon.

Saturday morning feed watchers were treated to the following message:  At 7:20am today there was power outage in Studio City, CA which caused the feeds to drop. Provided the power returns, the feeds will be back shortly.

Needless to say, this Final 5 is so boring and basically on Brenchel-bash auto repeat I’ve tuned them out. UBB/BBUK is much more exciting IMO, once again Grodner gives us a shitty BB cast with recycled competitions and twists (I am BEGGING Grodner to use UBB’s Clown next season…if there is a next season)!  Out of the remaining 5, who do you think should go to the Final 2? Sound off in the poll on the right!


BB12 POV & Veto Ceremony Recap: Can this get any more boring?

In a nutshell, Wednesday night’s episode sucked as much, if not more, than the entire season itself (especially if you have the feeds).

  • Matt takes credit for the noms, as usual.
  • The Meow-Meow is pissed, as usual.
  • Brendon’s gonna make Fruit Fly Brit™ (FFB) regret her choice to nominate him, as usual.

And then we see the Wackade™ begin to implode as Lane & HAYDEN start to work their manipulation magic on the doe-eyed “I’m engaged and do not realize how PISSED Nick will be at me when I get out” FFB. I gotta be honest, I think FBB is a dumbass. She’s the HOH let relied on “her army” to take all the punishments to secure a Veto win? No dummy, YOU should have buzzed in for every friggin punishment instead of looking around with your one lazy eye and believing these guys are even on your side.

Veto Comp: Let’s think about this mathematically & logically, shall we? If you are the 1st to buzz in for an item,the red light in your cage flashes. The punishments (in order) netted a gain of 5, 7, 11, 6, 10, and 13. The prizes (in order) netted a loss of 6, 11, 8, 25 (Hayden’s offer for 5k). Each hammie started out with 50 points. If you personally did not win one of the first four punishments, there is no way you can win even if you got the last two. This is what Enzo did, so he got  10 and 13 = 23 + 50 = 73. Brendon for 5 + 7+ 11 + 6 = 29 + 50 = 79. After I didn’t get the punishment for 11 pts, there would be NOTHING to stop be from going for a prize.  Britney was STUPID for not going for any prizes after the 11, don’t you think? There were more punishments than prizes, which makes complete sense considering this was a VETO comp and NOT a luxury comp!!! She’s HOH, she’s won nothing all season, so what really stopped her other than her “ideal” of how things should go? Each individual knows what they got so if you can’t beat em, why not grab a prize. Enzo either cannot do simple addition OR assumed that Brendon did not go for every punishment considering he thought he only lost by 2 points LMAO seriously Meow-Meow? Britney should have realized right then and there the ONLY people who really want Brendon out are her, Professor McDouche™, and Matt and only her and McDouche™ want Brendon out on an emotional/personal level – Matt’s thinking of it from a strategy level which I can respect. Am I nuts for rooting for Brendon or at least thinking if I were Brit/Ragan I would want to take Brendon to F2 thinking she’s only get Rachel’s (aka Cruella De Riley™) vote? Seriously, it’s like half the house has had their periods since early July and can’t separate the game from personal feelings! Also, am I the only crazy person who thinks that Brit continues to screw herself every time she swears on Nick or her engagement to the point every guy in the house doesn’t trust her AND she should have kept her semi-deal with Brendon? I truly do believe Brendon would not be coming after Brit as hard if Brit stuck to her word and not nominated him CONSIDERING he stuck to his word by not putting her up last week regardless of what happened with his original noms- the fact remains Brit didn’t go up as the replacement nom, Brendon kept his word. And I still believe Brendon had some valid points in that Brit and him should work together towards the end IF Brit truly believes he has no jury votes. The fact Brit didn’t take him up on the offer and then cried she has no jury votes leads me to believe she continues to go after Brendon on an emotional level and NOT a strategic level at all.

Pandora’s Box 3.0: And on the topic of Brit, WHY in the world would you open that Pandora’s Box when the clue stated “get advice from a former Houseguest for an hour?” Note it didn’t say WINNER, it same HOUSEGUEST! It could have been Rachel, Jessie, Ollie, ED, Remy…ANYONE! Geezus it’s not like it offered a power or a vacation, it simply offered “advice” and from a 2X LOSER at that!

When did Lane become such a dick? I still like him, but now that we are able to see Lane really manipulate FFB and no longer be nicey-nice about it is A) cruel of him on some level (although it’s more on FBB for allowing it considering SHE’S the one who’s engaged. Lane technically owes Nick nothing IMO but if he truly respected Brit he would cut the shit anyway) and B) incredibly smart of him. Seriously where as this dark horse been all season? Oh yea, playing dumb, which he does EXTREMELY well, no? And I gotta admit, HAYDEN & Lane are playing the game while really appearance as if they are not playing the game. So from this point on BDL is just Lane because I really think he is playing this “ole country boy from texas who ain’t that smart” role to a T!

Penguingate: Yes we ALL know Enzo’s been constantly eating as a Have Not this week and not wearing his full Penguin costume, which has been dubbed Penguingate by the BB community. Typically, after receiving a few warnings by BB, a hammie is penalized with either a nomination or a vote per occurrence (the latter is given when the hammie is already nominated for eviction). In this instance, I have yet to hear BB even warn Enzo about anything so it’s led me to question why Bb doesn’t care if their rules are followed and why Enzo is getting away with murder. Upon reflection, I hope BB doesn’t do ANYTHING to Enzo and here’s why. It’s apparent BB LUV Matt the Peen Diddler™ and will do just about anything to keep his ass in the game. IF Enzo receives penalty votes PER occurrence, Enzo would get at least 3 votes, which IS enough to evict him this week. I’m afraid that BB/Chenbot may throw us all for a loop and announce Enzo is the 1st eviction tonight because BB slapped him with the 3 votes for eating this week. On one hand, it takes all the power out of the house and would make me LOVE to see FFB’s reaction, but at the same time why bother now? I say let Penguingate go so we can finally see where the votes lie this week, otherwise Matt gets an automatic break (once again) and can compete in the 2nd HOH comp.

Outting the Brigade: I think no matter what, if Matt outs the Wackade™ tonight I think it’s a lose-lose situation. He would have to do it during his pre-vote speech and as we have seen with this group, these last-ditch attempts do nothing to change the vote with their groupthink mentality. If he does it and gets voted out the effects will be damning BUT I think it will do nothing as the majority of the house does nothing. If Matt doesn’t get voted out on the first elimination, he’s basically confirming he’s a sneaky, untrustworthy player who overplayed his hand in the eyes of the house. Matt should have outted the Wackade™ yesterday but as of tonight any attempt to do so just reeks of desperation.

That’s all I got. I don’t even have the strength to get into Ragan’s “I would have fallen on the sword for you, Matt” BS.

My predictions for Thursday’s Live Double Eviction:

  • Matt goes in 1st eviction
  • Brendon wins 2nd HOH AND/OR POV
  • Either Brit or Enzo is the 2nd evicted.
  • Ragan has a complete and total breakdown knowing he is completely alone in the house!

*sigh* a girl can dream, can’t I? What do you think about last night’s boring ep? Do you agree/disagree with my Veto math/logic? What are your predictions for the night? And as a sidenote, is anyone watching Ultimate Big Brother? I don’t know if I’m a masochistic but I’m watch BB12, BBUK11, AND UBB all at once…damn BBUS is seriously a POS compared to international versions – if you are watching UBB, also feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments!

BB12: A Few Wk6 Epiphanies

As I was swimming across the street working on my tan (yes, we do tan lol), I got hit with a bunch of epiphanies regarding BB12 in general & tonight’s live eviction. In no particular order:

  1. I personally HATE not having a nickname for Rachel. Brenchel doesn’t work for me anymore, yet I’m been wracking my brain trying to /come up with a good moniker that accurately describes how I feel about it. My parent’s neighbors have 3 children under the age of 7, so I was using their floating devices naturally when suddenly it hit me! From this point on, Rachel Riley will be known as Cruella De Riley™ on this blog. Why Cruella? Do you not recall Cruella Di Vil’s HORRIBLE off white/grey multicolored hair, was completely narcissistic, often hated, her reputation preceds her, I could go on and on. In addition, Cruella’s name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is also emphasized by having her country house being named “Hell Hall;” also, per Wikipedia “In the French translation of the Disney’s animated movie, she is referred as “Cruella D’Enfer” (Literally, Cruella of Hell or from Hell). In some languages (such as Spanish) where her last name has been left as De Vil, but is not similar to their equivalent of devil, it is taken to be a play on their equivalent of “vile” or “villain”. Spelled out as one word; cruelladevil, taken as Cruel Devil or Cruel and Evil.” And who can forget the EVER catchy song written especially for her? (look up the remaining lyrics and I promise, not matter if I like or loathe Rachel, you will find the irony):
    “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will
    To see her is to take a sudden chill
    Cruella, Cruella De Vil
    The curl of her lips, the ice in her stare
    All innocent children had better beware
    She’s like a spider waiting for the kill
    Look out for Cruella De Vil”
  2. Everyone, regardless of your feelings on Cruella De Riley™, seems to assume Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ was correct by his insult that Cruella herself was the evil part of  Pandora’s Box. What if he (and everyone was wrong) and if the DPOV is played, Brendon is safe for the next week considering one of his nom’s was overturned? What if Brendon can play in tonight’s HOH because the DPOV is played? Considering many people, myself included, never thought that “Expect the Unexpected” could include bringing back and evicted hammy who happens to be the 1st member of the Jury, so who’s to say that the current HOH (#2) didn’t get more benefits from Matt (HOH #1) opening Pandora’s Box? Now THAT, my friends, would truly be a hell of a live show.
  3. Me thinks that the Sabo 2.0 was returning anyway since Annie’s attempt was a bust, so the house and America basically assumed that the Sabo’s return was part of  the “evil” unleashed when Matt opened Pandora’s Box. Am I crazy to think many assume the good and the evil have to be completed in one week considering Matt’s DPOV had TWO weeks to be used? In mythology, doesn’t Pandora opening the box have longer lasting consequences, such as releasing evil in the world, not just ONE week?
  4. And taking it a step further, what if Matt playing the DPOV makes me unable to play in the Week 7 Veto comp??
  5. Again, who said the “current POV” holder is Ragan. Isn’t Ragan the previous Veto winner, while if/when Matt plays the DPOV, HE technically is the POV Holder and cannot nominate himself?
  6. If you look at the numbers, couldn’t tonight technically be the start of a Fast Forward week OR double eviction? Especially if Matt’s DPOV ability to rename the nominee = BOTH nominees are evicted.  There are currently 8 – evicted = 7 – 1 more = 6 remaining. BB12 finale is Wednesday, 9/15, which means 4 THURSDAY EVICTIONS including tonight (8/19, 8/26, 9/2) and the last Thursday eviction would be  9/9 and mathematically, that would leave a Final 2 (since we know there is no Final 3 since the Jury of 7 starts at 9 and this isn’t Survivor lol). Part of me thinks that it would be a Flash Forward week instead of a Double Eviction and considering the lame twists this season plus the fact Julie tends to announce a FF week towards the end when we start to see repeat HOHs, I think my theory is plausible.
  7. Could there be a blindside/backdoor/HOH scenario we haven’t thought of yet? What if Matt put up HAYDEN?
  8. What if Weekend at Kathy’s wins HOH (STFU & pass me some mascara, yall)!!!

What do you guys think? Did I just get too much sun/drank too much wine during the peak sun hours (yes, I sure as hell did bring a bottle of wine with me, why not)? Am I onto something here? And as of this post, Fruit Fly Brit™ IS IN THE LEAD of my current poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” – Let’s see if that changes by 8:30PM EST and if you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for??! Final results will be included in the Eviction Results post i.e. ASAP!

BB12: Wk6 HOH/Noms Episode & Feed Spoilers 411

In order to provide feed spoilers for the masses and not spoil it for those who do not want to know things in advance, all BB posts will start with the current EPISODE followed by a bold SPOILER ALERT, and then actual feed spoilers, if any. Anyone who knows or follows me should be aware of how strongly I despise intentional spoilers especially when you are not looking for or prepared to read them. Don’t even get me started on how you can’t use Twitter during prime time because people like my beloved Gingey HAYDEN™ (hey Phil lol) will post the results to EVERY friggin show regardless if he watches them or not – similar to Facebook status updates….ok rant’s over. Let’s get into Sunday’s ep, shall we?

Due to the late timing of this recap (in finals week once again), I will not be including any feed spoilers in this post. The Wednesday POV recap will contain this week’s important spoilers/411 and will be posted ASAP Thursday morning before the Live Eviction episode.

After Rachel was evicted, the house INDEED did scramble like cockroaches, which is ironic since Brenchel calls Fruit Fly Brit™, Professor McDouche™, and Matt the “Cockroach Alliance.”

BDLane is on fire with his sound bites tonight!
–          “When Rachel left, you would see the house scatter like cockroaches No one wanted to be around Brendon because he’s a ticking time bomb now. I got Ragan & Britney coming up, trying to hide behind me. I’m not no bodyguard people, cmon, yanno it’s just BRENDON, he can’t kill you in here!”
–          “We have ropes, we got hay, we got mud out there that looks like manure. People that’s Saturday night for me, I do this on a daily basis!”
–          “I hear grunting, I hear yelling, I hear half-crying. I think when Rachel left, she stabbed Brendon with a half-syringe of rabies. Brendon, you gotta be put down this week!”

And of course, Weekend at Kathy’s doesn’t know WTF to do….I’ll give her this one, because I think she’s throwing comps. Seriously. If not, she needs to be demoted to desk duty. And of course Enzo wants the Wackade™ to win, he just doesn’t want to WIN anything himself except Luxury Comps. Although I find Enzo annoying at time, you have to admit he IS playing a damned good social game from a strategy standpoint. Enzo “the MeowMeow’s a clean cat” OMG are u serious, Enzo? I will post more on Enzo tomorrow, but let me just say his is quite the lazy, misogynistic, uncompetitive player with a good social game; he does, however, disgust me while simultaneously making me laugh & lizz!  SO we see Enzo & Hayden strike up an alliance with the remains of Brenchel…but is it real? Prolly not, but I can’t even tell anymore.

Matt: “Britney and Ragan were just an emotional mess…” (umm, should the correct grammar be “were just emotional messes” since there are two of them and “an..mess” only implies one? Just asking, I’m certainly no Mensa member like the King of Footies & Bad Tats Designed to Hide His Intelligence™. Or KoF&BTD2HHI? Which one, if either, work? Let me know lol

Isn’t it funny only FFB and McDouche™ “speak” for the “house” whereas everyone else speaks for themselves or their alliance? Important to note: for the “house” full of good sports, NO ONE congratulated Brendon for winning HOH..except a half-hearted congrats from Matt as he handed Brendon the HOH key. Also important to note: Brenchel congratulated EVERYONE who won HOH. Just saying.

Ragan: “ I just- I don’t think I can do this. I mean, to make me a Have Not a 3rd time, the BB karmic forces are out to play and to knock me down a peg.”
Brendon:  “These people had no mercy last week. why should I show it this week?”

And there goes FBB, crying to the men and as usual, they fall for it. As FFB astutely points out, she’s more of a target because she “stood up” and told Brenchel how she felt the house was being treated, and where did it get her? Escargot, eggplant, and the possibility of being nominated. What have we learned here? Sometimes it PAYS to STFU. Insert McDouche™ & FFB crying and Matt clearly pointing out they BOTH are “acting like a bunch of girls.” His words, not mine folks!

Lane [regarding Brendon’s HOH reveal] : “We were AMAZED to see that he has a family! He’s not cloned, he was not made in a scientific lab. He came from somebody!” LMAOOOOO I love BDLane more and more and do think he is playing the game with quite a good dumb/oh shucks country boy cover – similar to JT on his Survivor season, not the BS in All Stars.

FFB: “Enzo & Kathy both just make me completely sick with the way they go up there and suck butt to Brendon…..perhaps that’s why they are not in danger of being nominated.”

Okay, if McDouche™ & FFB do not want ot be there, then DON’T go to the HOH. Kristen did it. It’s not a requirement, dumbasses. If you have the balls to “stand up” to the bully, why go into the bully’s den? This is why they piss me off. All they do is bitch & MOAN when neither of them has power and then does not expect/respect everyone else doing the very same shit they are doing? At least Enzo admits its BS, but does it anyway. That’s how the game’s been played for 11 seasons, why do McDouche™ & FFB think they are special? Either you do or you don’t, but stop constantly bitching about it/contradicting yourself. AGAIN, they remind of the Friendship and any other irrational alliance that think they are holier-than-tho while doing the same, if not worse, crap from both a game & personal perspective. And yes, the same goes for Brenchel, but at the same time they truly had a target on their backs for the first 5 weeks. Technically, only FBB has been on the block before, not Ragan, so McDouche™ needs to stop playing the martyr. I swear he has a cross in his luggage!

Wonderful CBS editing wants to make sure viewers FORGET the inappropriate reach-around hug FFB gave Lane on eviction night, instead making us watch footage to “confirm” their relationship is strictly friends, like a bro/sis relationship. I call BS on this. I believe Lane wants more, but does respect FFB is engaged. I still believe A) there is NO Nick b) Lane IS Nick or C) Lane is related to or best friends with Nick, similar to Maggie/Cappy. (ok I have seen the 1 Nick interview floating around, but how does that really prove THAT dude is Nick? Why couldn’t Lane be Nick? Seriously?)

Enzo & HAYDEN are talking in the bathroom, possibly trusting Brendon more than Matty. No kidding, fellas. The pair just want Brendon to do their dirty work getting rid of Britney. Sidebar: can a jury member REFUSE to vote? Cuz seriously, I respect game play so if neither finalist actually played the game (and no, throwing comps when you have an alliance with the numbers is NOT an effective strategy IMO). Play hard or go home dammit. MeowMeow & HAYDEN have a decent strategy: let’s target Brit/Ragan, break up the Wackade™’s side alliances so that BDLane comes back, and THEN bring in Brendon. Sounds like Matt is already on the Wackade™ shit list, perhaps he should chill on the broshowmance with Ragan, which has definitely taken a turn for the kinkier. (Sidebar: Matt made a very interesting comment the other night after Enzo “pulled a butt muscle” in the pool, saying something to the effect of “Ragan can stretch that out for you” without missing a beat. NO one told Matt to STFU, yet McDouche™ believes Matt, who is still lying about his wife (Snaggletooth lol) and the phantom illness, prefer to exalt him on high as a pillar of trust & integrity. Yea, you know I cannot wait for Ragan to see everything and realize he got played by a straight man (or a bi man, as I really can’t tell if this is just part of Matt using his sexuality regardless of sex, if he’s truly buddy-buddy with Ragan, or if he’s genuinely flirting with Ragan). I also really cannot tell if they really want to bring Brendon in or just using him to get Brit/Ragan out. Me be confused!!

And here comes the big HOH faux pas of the week IMO. Brendon wants to tell everyone about his nominations, which I still do not understand. If you have NO allies in the house, why should your hand? Although I can tolerate Brendon to a point, especially without Rachel, honestly do not want him to win right now – my ONLY exception to this is if Brendon makes F2 and if the other person played a crapier game than him; for example, KATHY THE USLESS SHERIFF. As I tweeted to LynnNChicago Tuesday, if Brendon does win BB12, I will write a separate blog post in which I personally apologize for the post I wrote about Professor McDouche™ to RAGAN HIMSELF. Bring it, Lynn lol.

McDouche’s ™Sabo tasks: make ppl think there’s a ghost, tell everyone there’s a secret alliance & the Sabo will expose them when the time is right (tie it back to Annie). Can I just say again how LAME this is. Not only did Annie as Sabo did NOT get suggestions from the viewing audience (since viewers were not told directly she WAS the friggin Sabo) but I do not recall her being able to choose from several – I distinctly remember her being TOLD what task to do next. Not only is Sabo 2.0 recycled and unoriginal, but WHY can McDouche™ potentially earn 20k from simply repeating ANNIE’S TASK MESSAGE? This is unbelievable, unacceptable, and pisses me off, quite frankly. And the Sabo message stated, and I’m paraphrasing here “You were unsuccessful in getting me out of the game. You also have been unsuccessful in locating or evicting the Life Long Friends (LLF). Sometimes the least obvious pair is the most obvious. Here’s a hint, it’s a pair, one male-one female.” On one hand, I actually like the paranoia Ragan’s message caused considering there is only 2 females left in the BB HOUSE, there are still THREE FEMALES LEFT IN THE GAME. I can see this as foreshadowing for Wednesday’s episode, can’t you? Ragan is right, the level of paranoia and the lack of common sense is amusing to say the least. If Kathy & Britney was smart and spoilers aside, I would have been quick to bring up Rachel as the third since the Sabo message never mentioned their eviction, just that the current hammies have been unsuccessful in eliminating the Sabo from the game at all. Big difference, right? FFB™ & Weekend at Kathy’s are not smart at all, or at least not too swift on the uptake with CBS editing included.

Have Not food: Escagot & Eggplant. I would have been happy as a pig in shit, lemme tell you. It’s still NOT slop in comparison to older seasons that had only slop or PB&J, WTF!?!?!?! I wonder how Enzo correctly guessed snails – for someone who’s adamant he’s not the Sabo, he’s words & actions clearly support the possibility he could be.

The Bromance/Showmancew/Ragan’s getting played-mance: So Ragan & Matt strategizing together, Ragan insulting Brendon’s intelligence based on him nominating them this week. Matt astutely points out they have NEVER seen Brendon’s gameplay, they just lumped him into his showmance (and honestly, gave Rach all the credit for every move they made like Brendon has not won 2 POVs on his own. Not that those POVs were handed to him by Rach as Ragan has handed 2 to Matt). Ragan points out the 2 of them, unlike the rest of the house, actually go thru with the deals they make, which is BS. Didn’t Matt make a deal with Brenchel not to put em up for 2 weeks AND put em up in the 2nd week? And although Ragan literally when BSC over Brenchel calling his and Matt’s “relationship” an alliance, do they DO have an alliance ?? And the cherry on top: Ragan has repeatedly put Matt’s integrity on a pedestal. Ragan proclaims him & Matt “are a package deal” and Matt is quick to DR the fact his “showmance” partner is willing to basically screw up his game by defending him to Brendon “going to fight a battle for his MAN.” Pot, meet kettle, but more on that below.

Campaign-to-HOH time:
Ragan: In typical Professor McDouche™ fashion, he upholds Brendon to some sort of contradictory standard. Ragan has known Matt & FFB for a month, yet swears his allegiance to them both, practically falling over the sword to prevent either from being evicted, while Matt says insulting remarks about Ragan, his sexuality, AND the fact Ragan is completely enamored over Matt, a man he knows his married AND has only known for a few weeks. How is this ANY different than Brenchel. Now Ragan has some strategy showing and I like it – THIS is the Ragan I like, slightly catty in DRs, but playing the game for the viewers to see. (Since so many ppl do not understand I do not have to like everything a player does in the game but I can respect gameplay & strat when I see it. I call it like it is, I’ve said that from day one). Ragan makes some good points, no one would suspect him & Brendon are working together and I appreciate he clarified he would “100% swears he would not put Brendon up as a nom or replacement nom”; however, Ragan has showed his true colors to Brendon before so even if you take the personal attacks aside, how could Brendon EVER really trust Ragan enough to except that deal? True to form, 3 seconds later in a DR Ragan admit he would never HONOR such a deal with Brendon – but you do recall in the paragraph above that Ragan stated how him & Matt where the ONLY people in the house who make good on their deals. Yup, here’s the kettle rearing its ugly head again. Brendon admitted Ragan’s offer was compelling and also admits he cannot FORGET Ragan’s treatment of Rachel. Take note, Brendon didn’t say he couldn’t forgive Ragan, simply he could not FOREGET it; therefore, I would say Brendon is indeed playing the game now that his horribly red-dyed, unbeweaveable distraction known as Rachel Riley is gone, wouldn’t you? And Brednon also admit he doesn’t want to just jump into Ragan’s alliance plan & put all his eggs in one basket, so he goes into the BY and asks to talk to FFB. You know, FFB who is on the block and feels she doesn’t need to seek out the HOH to prevent her nomination like every other nominee usually does. She is special, yall!

Enter FFB: Ever the hypocrite, basically tells Brendon any and everything, including how he “will have a person on his side if she plays in POV” and kissing his ass while repeatedly maintaining that she hates people who kiss the HOH’s ass because they currently have power even if they do not like the person. She tells Brendon he can COM-PLET-LY trust her, then promptly insults him in the DR. Isn’t it ironic that one person doesn’t really trust another after a personal attack, but both McDouche™ and FFB insult Brendon further for not jumping on their bullshit offers? I’m telling you, this season’s hypocrisy knows no bounds! If Brendon took either or both up on their offers, they would be LMAOing at his ass and calling him a dummy. If Brendon doesn’t take either or both up on their offers, they would STILL LMAO at his ass and call him a dummy! Damned if ya do, damned if you don’t, huh neaderTAL? Brendon showed his hand once again by throwing Lane’s name out to FBB as a replacement nom. UGHHHH if Rach was still in the house, she would remind Brendon to STFU and stop saying so much, which ironically is what Rach did a lot to Brendon. Hey, maybe these “scientists” really have a chance of making their relationship go outside the BB house! Why not? Jeff & Jordan did it, but then again Jordan is WAY cuter than Rachel. PLUS, she won 500k, so I think Rachel looses to Jordan on a couple of counts lol.

Pre-Nom introspective montage time:
Fruit Fly Brit™ knows she’s going up 1000% a la Randy Jackson because she stood up to the neaderTal. (I still don’t think Brit realizes while she did go head-to-head with Brenchel, Ragan has gone even farther and much earlier in the game. Plus, I do believe Brendon respects gameplay BUT he screwed himself out of nominating her by telling her upfront, a move that Rachel would have surely forewarned him about if she was still there. Yet didn’t Brendon pour over the BB rule book, cuz I know that basic HOH rule HAD to be in there.)
Lane has a bad gut feeling he’s about to go up, but he TRUSTS the Wackade™ and KNOWS his boys got his back.(This from a guy who doesn’t even know the correct name for Raisin Bran, a cereal that has been out for over 83 years. BTW, have you seen Lane jerking off in the shower yet? Not sure if he’s got two scoops, but it’s funny nonetheless!)
Professor McDouche™ pontificates that he is the only person who would make deal Brendon and keep it, contrary to him telling Matt & the DR he was bullshitting and would never keep a deal with “a bully.” Ragan then goes on to insult Brendon, calling him a coward and illogical the entire time.
Matt has the DPOV, blah blah blah none of this week matters but I don’t want to go up anyway look at my footies!!
Brendon debate s if should be play for himself or get revenge for the skank that he loves after a month?(At least Brendon is getting some ass outta Rachel, Ragan’s just getting led on by Matt, so who is REALLY the dummy of the pair?)

Brendon’s Noms: Ragan and Lane (Did anyone else notice the sword/knife-cutting  sound when the keys were pulled? Dunno if it’s new or if its due to the key’s metallic materials

Brendon’s nomination Speech: Guys this was the toughest decision I’ve had to make in the house. You guys can fight to stay. I want everyone in the house to FIGHT to be here.  I want to see competitors. And I want the last 2 people standing to have FOUGHT to the end. No floating by, everyone fights to win.

Post-Nomination DR’s:
Prof. McDouche™ aka Ragan, while not being surprised to be nominated, again declares Brendon to be a coward for not taking his offer. Yup, in Ragan’s narcissistic world, it’s his way or the highway. Accused Brendon of playing emotionally in order to seek revenge on someone he has only known for 5 weeks, unlike Ragan’s devotion of Matt, yet Ragan has cried more from Thursday to Nom ceremony more than Brendon has in the past 5 weeks.
BDLane be PISSED to be on the block. Insert your fave Brendon insult here, but Lane is coming after Brendon
Enzo is FURIOUS right now.
FFB is shocked she wasn’t nominated, still doesn’t trust him, and is smart enough to figure out maybe the noms are part of Brendon’s strategy.
Brendon doesn’t care what people think, it’s HIS HOUSE/HIS RULES, he’s doing it for him and Rachel!
Weekend at Kathy’s is….probably sleeping OR chain smoking in the BY.

DING DONG! Doorbell! Are you as sick as me, waiting Grodner stretch this week out when we all KNOW who’s at the door and the madness that ensued? Are you excited to see the CBS edit of the madness tonight? Let me know in the comment and feel free to vote in this week’s poll“Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most?” which will be closing tomorrow prior to 8PM EST!

BB12 Wk6 Feed Spoilers: POV Results & Guess Who’s Back, Bitches?!?!?!


So as you know Brendon the wonder HOH made Matt, Fruit Fly™ Brit (FFB), and Professor McDouche™ the Have Nots…but the drawing for POV players got a little more interesting: EVERYONE but Matt & Fruit Fly™ Brit! And then the inevitable/unbelievable happens: Professor McDouche™ aka Raging Ragan™ actually WINS something instead of throwing it to his buddy/unrequited crush Matt! This naturally makes Ragan break down into tears yet again, crying over the fact if he uses the POV to take himself off the block, Matt or FFB will go home. Remember, Ragan has NO alliances, just “friendships” lmao *insert eyeroll here*

Before I get into MY opinion on what went down Saturday, you may want to brush up on my previous blog posts such as THIS , it may explain why I feel the way I do since some people today cannot fathom the fact that I DO NOT  respect Ragan “on a personal level” as well as his game play. A personality and a strategy are two different things, no? See I can respect Fruit Fly™ Brit  as a gameplayer because she HAS actually been playing the game, in between bashing Brenchel & Kathy with Professor McDouche™ – at least Brit TRIES to win, unlike Ragan. Ragan’s strategy this season has included laying low, not getting his hands dirty, being friendly with everyone in the house…and then the Sabo 2.0 happened (which I believe Ragan negotiated a better Sabo deal, therefore the new Sabo sucks ass) and Raging Ragan™’s ego just got absolutely out of control, which I believe led him to be a victim of his own hype and delusion. Ragan really didn’t go overboard with personal attacks, catty remarks, and the constantly bashing of Brenchel 24/7 until after he was offered and accepted the Sabo role, let’s be honest. Not once have I ever stated Brenchel collectively or separately were 100% innocent, by any means. I’m am just able to separate the person from the gameplay and HEAR what the players admit to themselves. I, for the life of me, do not understand why Ragan-lovers do not admit and/or remember that after Rachel was evicted, Ragan broke down crying, admitted he was indeed nasty/bullylike towards Brenchel, how he’s ashamed of his past actions, how he doesn’t regret what he said but HOW he said it, and how he became the very same thing he despised. I didn’t make that shit up, I personally watched Ragan break down in the Have Not room, cry for 3+ days in a row, and lament to Brit, Hayden, and Matt his regrets over his personal attacks and bashing while playing them UP in front of the remainder of the house. From a game play perspective, Ragan is in fact a floater how has coasted by on a strategy of doing as little as possible. Is it a strategy? Yes it is. Is it a strategy I respect, NO it’s not. If Ragan wanted to truly be invisible & fly under the radar, he wouldn’t constantly attack another player behind their back, to their face, be the 2nd to last standing, OR take Sabo 2.0. Ragan sold his end game for 20k and if he played the game similar to Kathy, I could respect it. Instead, Ragan goes back and forth in his gameplay and makes excuses when he blatantly contradicts himself, but the fact remains he has been a hypocrite the entire time whereas Britney, while catty, truly has stuck to her strategies even when slipping into personal attack territory.

Having said that, if you were MIA yesterday, the shit TRULY hit the fan as it turns out Brendon was offered another Pandora’s Box, saw a picture of Rachel and then opened the box, and next thing we know, RACHEL comes back to the house for 24 hrs and Brendon is locked up/sequestered/hasn’t been seen since! SHE’S BACK, BITCHES!!!! The whole house was turned upside down by the return of Rachel and the disappearance of Brendon for 24 hours. Rachel and Ragan got into TWO huge arguments/blowouts, which started for specific reasons.

1st argument: Rachel ranging the doorbell, walked back into the house, and announced “I’M BACK BITCHES!!!” then explained how she was only back for 24 hours although SHE wanted to make the remaining hammies think she was actually back in the game (which Production told her she could not do). Ragan immediately flipped out over Rachel’s greeting and BAM, here comes argument numero uno. I will not get into detailed specifics, as I cannot wait to see what is edited/shown on tonight’s show; however, Ragan basically flipped out because HE did not like what Rachel said upon entering the house, HE has “friendships” while Rachel has enemies, and Rachel effectively called him out by asking “why are you so bitchy? Because you’re gay?” and then all hell broke loose. LMAO, it was a riot, let me tell you. But if I’m being honest, I completely get what Rachel meant, have basically thought/wrote the same thing, and can see how the comment A) could be viewed as a personal attack of his sexuality, which is a slippery slope considering the person who’s gay can talk about it incessantly but anyone who is not gay cannot  B) could be viewed as a direct question asking why the hell Ragan thinks he has the right to be so bitchy, catty, sanctimonious, and a lot like a stereotypical queen – is it because he’s gay and feels this is acceptable behavior? Since Brendon was “gone” the entire house sat in the kitchen, not really saying anything during the argument either way; however, everyone in the house both confided that they agreed with both Ragan & Rachel’s viewpoints – of course only to Ragan & Rachel separately, not in front of them both. Remember, Rach IS in the jury, the rest of the house isn’t stupid enough to piss off another vote right off the bat.

2nd argument, which occurred in the backyard: This, my friends, was indeed a very nasty argument. From a gameplay perspective, Rach heard Ragan was a Have Not, decided to make cookies, and then directly ask Ragan if he wanted one. From a personal standpoint, Ragan was SO offended by this, he promptly blew up and attacked Rachel with a barrage. THEN they both went at it with again, everyone else just watching, not helping, not contributing, simply witnessing these two folks go at it.

Some highlights include (and believe me, this is just SOME of yesterday’s convos):

Rachel “Hey Ragan I’m going to make some really big soft gooey cookies do you want some?”

Ragan “You don’t intimidate me. You repulse me. You are a pathetic human being.”

Ragan “Yah really. You are about as classy as your nasty hair extensions.”
Rachel “ewwwww”
Ragan “So you can take your homophobic innuendo and get the ***** out of my face.”

Ragan “Shoot for the roof Rachael. You have a degree and you’re a waitress. Get out of my face.”
Rachel “And what do you do??”
Ragan “I am a teacher.”
Rachel “And so am I dumbass.”
Ragan “Oh really yah”
Rachel “Are you kidding me Ragan??”
Ragan “Do you teach other waitresses how to get glasses and put it on their uhhh trays and bring it to tables?”
Rachel “Yah Ragan I do and I also travel around the world and I have a really fabulous place.”
Ragan repeating Rachel “I travel around the world and I go to Vegas and like I lie about $20,000 bottles of wine….and I’m so bad ass.”
Rachael “Really I lie about it?? What did I lie about?? Tell me three things I lie about”
Ragan “Rachel you’re….everything about you is a lie. Your boobs, your face is a lie, the only thing honest about you…is the pimples on your chin. You’re a wicked witch. Why don’t you get on your broom and fly back inside.”

Ragan “You’re disgusting repulsive human being and America sees it now too. I can’t wait to watch every single episode of how vile and disgusting you are. I will press play and rewind and pause and just look at how disgusting you are. And I will get a years worth of love and joy from that. So go ahead…keep on talking Rachel.”

Rachel “You are so funny”
Ragan- “You’re so disgusting.”
Rachel “Is that why your family doesn’t want to talk to you? Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend?”
Ragan “My Dad who is dead doesn’t want to talk to me?”
Rachel “Oh no your 7 or 10 or how ever many…..”
Ragan “My mom who I am best friends with?”
Rachel yells “Ragan all you do is ***** cry”
Ragan “My sister”
Rachel “You’re such a baby. You think you are so high and mighty”
Ragan “I’m the one who cries?? Mimics Rachel saying “please don’t use the veto …please don’t use the veto” “Bowling competition” (Ragan flings himself on the ground- cross legged “Ok I will throw it” (he jumps up and mimics Rachel throwing a bowling ball” and lets out a whine)

Ragan “You’re going to call me a crier?? Rachel!!
Rachel “Oh my god all you do is cry. You go in your stupid have not room and you cry because you’re so emotional and so stressed”
Ragan “Rachel I cry because I have to deal with something as disgusting as you”
Rachel “and I cry because I have to live in a house …I had to live in a house… with someone as lame and such a loser that you are. Ragan nobody thinks you’re ***** cool. Get with the program …you’re a gay guy that’s not even good at being gay.”
Ragan interrupts Rachel twice saying “Can I get two rum and cokes and a margarita?”
Rachel “Ohhhhh you’re so funny…why don’t you insult me a little more?” You are so good at this insulting game”

Ragan “Rachel one day you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect. And if you think that you are going to go through life running over people and treating them the way you have treated everybody in this house – you have another thing coming. The minute you get out of that jury house I guarantee you you’re going to take a long hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way you have treated everybody in this house. You will get what is coming to you. Believe me. You are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes. So disgusted with yourself. As I am certain America’s disgusted with you. I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high fiving them. How many people high fived you Rachel? Done counting already?? Take it as a tip and learn from it.”

If you want more play-by-play, feel free to stop by Jokers Updates. Since I’m ever loyal to Hamstertime, I won’t provide the direct link, but I’m sure you can find it pretty easily (SEE, THAT’S loyalty. If I was Ragan I would have said “here’s the Joker’s link, but I personally would NEVER go to that site to read the details. IF you choose to do so, that’s your decision. But I live in reality and you do not so…having said that, you are a whore with STDs if you choose to go to Jokers. LMAO).

Other than Rachel-Ragan Round 3094023, Matt has been pretty proud of how things went down and keeps smirking constantly, as if to confirm he WILL use the DPOV at Thursday’s live eviction. Hayden has been a little upset over his edit, which Rach provided for him. It sounds as if the Jury House is once again in Mexico, per Rachel. Kathy is PLAYING a damned good floater game, saying basically the same shit to everyone in the house. Enzo & Hayden have named their alliance with Brendon the “One Pump Alliance,” Enzo is desparate for fan approval and is offended if ANYONE thinks he would sabotage his own game by being a rat, there are os many alliances and sub-alliances I don’t even know whos’ really with whom or if the Wackade™ is still fully intact – however, it does sound more and more like they are willing to dump Matt and take Kathy/Brendon to F5 and continue to throw comps to keep their hands clean and get others to do their dirty work. Britney’s came is slowly deteriorating at the expense of her goodbye message to Rachel AND Britney’s big mouth.

Another major debate in the house since Rach’s return is the content of Brit’s goodbye message, whether or not Production edited a previous DR session instead of airing Brit’s actual goodbye message.

Per our own eyes & Rachel: Brit’s aired goodbye message was basically Brit slamming/mimicking Rachel, her voice, her extensions, her drinking, and VEGAS!
Per Brit: her goodbye message was nice, talking about how they would watch movies & hangout in the Jury House.
What’s up for question: whether or not the hoodie Brit wore in her goodbye message to Rach was confiscated by Production BEFORE eviction night.
What I believe: Brit didn’t expect the unexpected, decided it was smart gameplay to insult Rach has the first possible jury member, and now it’s coming back to bite her in the ass.

BTW: I specifically left out a lot of what happened over the weekend purposely. I like spoilers, but at the same time I do not want to give everything away to those that do want to enjoy watching how this week’s episodes unfold. You’re welcome lol.

So that’s it for now…how do you see Rachel vs Ragan? While I see them both as being in the wrong over and over, I still maintain that Ragan is an arrogant, self-absorbed, delusional, condescending, bratty, whining, selfish POS. Rachel is annoying, shallow, bratty, delusional skanky competitive game player who was dumb enough to form a showmance out the gate and often forgets what she says in the heat of the moment, but at least she tells you what she thinks upfront instead of behind your back & can apologize for it. I rather deal with the devil I kind of know than the one I don’t know, how about you?

Edited to Add: SHOUT OUT to Jokers, definitely will start using my account more often over there and I thank you for letting me use your site in my example – No offense/disrespect intended by my Professor McDouche™ paraphrasing, just wanted to use a more vivid sample of how delusional & hypocritical Raging Ragan sounds to me 😀

BB12 Wk 6: Nomination Spoilers & House 411

Wk 6 Nominations: Brendon has basically talked to everyone in the house about noms, Brenchel, and the past today. He’s apologized to Brit & Ragan. There are so many lies & spin floating around the house my head hurts, yet I’ve been watching the feeds all damned day. Apparently, Brendon has aligned with Hayden/Enzo. Hayden/Enzo still plan on backdooring Brendon next week, but are using him to do their dirty work and possibly get rid of Brit, Ragan, or Matt. Brendon has told Matt he’s not going up and will not be back doored, told Britney she was going up since he promised not to bac door her and give her a fighting chace to save herself because he respects her as a game player, and then Brendon got effectively smacked down by Production for telling Brit that (rules state you are not to tell the noms prior to the ceremony, I’m thinking it loses the dramatic effect if they know ahead of time lol) so he grabbed her again after getting out and kinda took everything he said previously back. Britney IMMEDIATELY ran for Ragan and started crying, talking about how now she’s emotional cuz of what Brendon just told her (and then she lied to his face saying she did not tell Lane or anyone Brendon told her she was going up in those 10 minutes he was in the DR. The ENTIRE house is getting tired of Kathy’s lazy, good for nothing ass, her accent, her 9392385 questions, her constant sleeping, and her floating. Brendon stated to several hammies that he was putting up Brit/Lane because they are “like a pair/alliance” and he needs to break ppl up so they won’t use the POV on their friend who’s on the block. The Wackade™ is imploding and I dunno who the hell to believe anymore!!! Let’s see if Brendon sticks to that, shall we? (I am typed this as the nomination ceremony was taking place, so I’m not cheating lol I’m still watching crappy trivia on the feeds at 9:32PM EST).

Feeds are back and it appears as if the nominees are: OH SNAP did Brendon nominate Ragan & Lane? Yes.he.did. HAHAHA nice way to split the house Brendon. He has suspected Ragan/Matt AND the Wackade™ AND the fact Lane hasn’t won/threw comps…not only do these noms sniff out any special powers (i.e. DPOV) but it’s going to show who’s aligned with whom and where everyone stands. Not bad for a pussy whipped neanderTal, IMO. What do you guys think? Was Brendon’s noms a mistake? Do you think Matt would use the DPOV and if so, his main alliance member or his side alliance member? Is Brendon handling his HOH properly without Rach, since ppl said Brendon couldn’t play on his own? Apparently Brendon said that Ragan hasn’t been competing in comps and yanno what? I agree with him. If Ragan was truly competing, he WOULD HAVE WON ONE INSTEAD OF THROWING MULTIPLE COMPS TO MATT. Let me know your thoughts, I’m curious how some of my friends will take this decision 😛 (yes you Cames lol)

BB12 Wk5 Eviction & HOH Results: Even I no longer want to go to VEGAS!

It's now Brendon vs. EVERYONE!

So now that half of the BB Showmance of the Century is gone, let’s reflect on the interesting editing CBS provided this episode & what was conveniently missing:

–          We now know that Ragan does pretty much NOTHING as Sabo 2.0 but record DR messages, which Production then scrambles & plays for the hammies. We actually saw Annie DO some things, but CBS has been softballing Ragan and giving him too many options and final say, which I really really dislike.

–          CBS really edited the convo between Brendon/Ragan/Britney…what was missing is that after Brit did Brendon’s neaderTal walk, Brendon yelled at her that her fiancée Nick is probably out banging other chicks. Britney then yelled back at Brendon it’s no wonder his family hates him and wants nothing to do with him….THAT’S the animosity between the two and why Brit thinks he’s vile. Cuz you know Britney doesn’t personally attack ANYONE, right?

–          Brendon has confirmed that he has issues with his family, which definitely explains why CBS aired the footage from his ex and her family instead of his family who I doubt signed releases…but my question is WHY would CBS air such one-sided footage about one contestant (Brendon) and NOT Rachel?

–          The fact Julie even questioned Kathy’s hypocrisy of not apologize to Rachel about being a “bad sport” during the POV like Kathy has repeatedly called Rachel a “bad sport” for doing the very.same.thing. Kathy keeps using “well she put me up cuz she thought she could beat me” as a petty excuse, but fact remains I still side with Rachel on that point and Kathy is full of shit. When Kathy does it, it’s acceptable. If Brenchel do it, it’s bad sportsmanship? The ENTIRE house has bad sportsmanship, if I’m being honest.

–          In case you didn’t know (lol) Brendon won HOH and put up Matt, Ragan, and Brit as Have Nots. Both Brit & Ragan broke down in tears last night 1) cuz Brendon won HOH 2) that Brendon made them Have Nots. I love the hypocrisy of Brit & Ragan crying like POOR SPORTS, yet anyone else who displays similar reactions is wrong.

–          Last night Hayden, Brit, and Ragan all admitted they took things with Brenchel too far (but only Hayden really admitted he targeted them as a personal vendetta for Kristen getting evicted). Ragan was in tears in the cabana room, admitting he became too catty and personal, basically becoming someone he would despise outside the house. Brit admitted she got so caught up in Brenchel that they did not realize how they may have impacted/not played their respective games. When Ragan was not alone, he backpeddaled and claimed he didn’t regret anything he SAID, but he did have regrets….yea, whatever Professor, you are a str8 up bitch for your constantly catty remarks and personal attacks. Ragan was cool at first, but he started to slide into the condescending, sanctimonious tone which implies HE’s right and YOU’RE wrong…he’s basically verbally abused Rachel with or without him knowing it. I think after Ragan sees the eps and the feeds, he WILL realize he was a dick. And this from a COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR WITH A DOCTORATE! How can you major in communications and think they way you communicated in the house is perfectly normal & acceptable is beyond me!

–          Other than Brendon saying something to the effect of “this is what yall get for evicting the person I love…” and then the feeds being cut, he’s been very diplomatic since Rachel’s exit. He calmly stated Matt/Ragan/Brit are the Have Nots because they targeting him and Rachel specifically. He also has let it be known that he had no personal problems with them, just the way they treated Rachel and he doesn’t care who (out of the 3) was evicted this week. The fact Brendon is not clearly naming a target is what terrifies the 3 (however Matt has said Brendon specifically told him he WAS the target, which I have no seen or heard to confirm yet).

–          Since Brendon picked the Have Nots, Ragan has been working Matt & throwing Brit and Kathy under the bus. Loyal Ragan is not. Ragan’s looking out for numero uno, which I do respect, but he keeps reiterating “he doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean” yet in the Have Not room he repeated how he wants him, Brit, and Matt to go to the end….so how is Ragan a man of his word when he & Matt plot throwing Brit under the bus 30 minutes after the 3 were bonding in Have Not misery?

I  do think Rachel IS getting the opportunity to come back in the house for several reasons:

  • Julie DID NOT show Rachel everyone’s goodbye messages
  • There are not enough ppl for a double eviction unless someone is brought back since 1 person dropped out at the last minute
  • On the feeds last night HAYDEN & Enzo spoke about how Rachel’s reaction to the Brigade might have been, which implies they exposed themselves in their goodbye messages. We did not see any goodbye messages that referenced that…this they are still sequestering/limiting the amount of info Rachel knows so she CAN possibly go back into the house. This is why Julie spilled the beans about Matt’s wife to Andrew: non-jury members are typically allowed to return.

That all I got for last night’s show, but I will post later once the noms come out later today. CANNOT WAIT to see if the Ragan’s current kissass “let’s clear the air” convo with Brendon in the HOH will have any effect on Brendon’s targets (which technically is EVERYONE IMO lmao). Don’t forget, when you have a chance, feel free to participate in my latest poll: Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most? You can now vote without a cookie or IP log, vote as many times as you want, and you can see the real-time results.