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BB12 Wk6 Feed Spoilers/Final Thoughts/McDouche™ cont.

I’m not sure if Grodner/CBS heard all the complaints or read my McDouche™ blog, which was truly posted all over CBS & took on a life of its own, but Tuesday night, Ragan FINALLY did some actual Sabo work….with his HANDS…OUTSIDE OF THE DR!! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. Around 8:25PM BBT/HT (Big Brother Time/ House Time/PAC), Ragan snuck into the Taj room and placed a note under Enzo’s bed that read “I Know Your Secret.” Enzo promptly flipped out and wakes up other hammies between 3:50 and 4:10 HT over it, with everyone in the know promptly thinking the Sabo is Kathy based on the fact she’s the only person who MAKES the beds in the house as well as the previous Sabo LLF message. I am so HAPPY Ragan finally had the balls to step outside the DR, even if the sabotage really had no visible impact on the house, it was nice to see him actually get off his ass and do something!

Regarding the DPOV:  I’ve been thinking about it and fail to see how Ragan COULD NOT be put back up on the block. Per Julie’s and the PB note instructions, the current HOH and POV holder cannot go up as a replacement nom…but isn’t MATT the current POV holder? Ragan was nominated, won POV, and used HIS POV to take himself off the block. So technically, couldn’t Matt put up Ragan and REALLY shake up the house, plus get rid of the only person who knows Matt didn’t really win those comps on his own?. Don’t you think and/or agree nominating Kathy is a waste of a nomination? If I was Matt and if I could, I would put up Ragan, if not my 2nd choice would be Brit followed by Enzo.

Have you read Brendon’s HOH blog this week? I think that while Brendon is “in love” with Rachel & pretty much blinded by bad red hair dye, he’s got a grasp on house dynamics and personalities. I find he is dead on point with most of them, especially Ragan & Brit. Have you read it and if so, what are your thoughts on Brendon now? I’m not saying Brendon is 100% on the money, but I do agree with him more than I thought I would since we truly have not witnessed his solo game until Rachel left.

Also, I see nothing wrong with Rachel’s message for Brendon – the hammies are not allowed pen & paper, but we have seen eyeliner, mascara, notes in Bibles, homemade calendar abacuses in the past…which can explain the lack of arts & crafts this year, plus why BB quickly took away Kathy’s liquid eyeliner. So Rachel made a quick note with pretzels – did you notice it didn’t say “save” or “evict” just “I love u” and “Matt.” Regardless of the physical message, Kathy also verbally passed the message on to Brendon so it’s not like he wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, although Matt/Ragan have been POed about it and when he asked the DR, Lane was told they didn’t see it. YEA, 52 cameras in the house, probably 6+ in the HOH alone due to PB, and no one in Production saw the pretzels actually formed words. I recall hearing Rachel tell Kathy that she mentioned she wanted to leave Brendon a msg and the DR told her to be creative. She is technically no longer a house guest,  so unless the rules specify jury members cannot have pen & paper considering they never been allowed back in the house before, how did she break any rule? Not bad for just a waitress, huh? Sometimes people really do not think about loopholes and then cry foul when someone figures one out and exploits it. Considering we witnessed Rachel, Brendon, and Ragan pour over the rulebook, I do think Rachel was smart enough to figure out what she could do when she returned to the house as a jury member and not a contestant.

BTW: Now news is coming out that Ragan Fox, aka Professor McDouche™ made racist “jokes” on his podcast “Fox in the City prior to entering the house, but it’s fine considering he’s a “comedian who specializes in satire,” right?  Surprised? I’m not, not at all. The another episode of his podcast entitled “Courtney Love’s hole” Ragan makes jokes about abortion, battered women, and Courtney Love’s vagina, even saying “Courtney Love has got to be the MacGyver of abortion.” So there you have it, Ragan does habitually talk about women’s vaginas, it’s not just Rachel. So do Ragan lovers think his behavior is funny? Cool? In any way appropriate? Does Ragan calling himself a satirist and comedian (and I’m not disputing the fact he is, after listening to several of them going back 5+ years) somehow excuse or justify this behavior in the house. Check out his podcasts and judge for yourself, I’m interested to hear feedback on this.

Oh and in a very interesting/ironic twist, check out this pre-house video interview Ragan did. Couple of interesting tidbits such as  A) Ragan loves Janelle, the originator of “bye bye Bitches” which Rachel admitted she too loves & wishes she could emulate in the game B) He despises the fact Boogie won BB7 C) He doesn’t respect Chima OR Boogie as contestants. Now, why does Ragan say he DOESN’T like Mike Boogie (CHILLTOWN BABY!) winning BB7 because he has a showmance with Erika, then called her a WHORE, which Ragan claims he found extremely misogynistic. Now while I get how his off-color humor could be found disgusting out of context, my issue is A) he’s a college professor B) he is now a publicly known figure thanks to BB C) regardless of his intent OR context, Ragan indeed made these statements, which very much contradict the holier-than-thou persona he tries to throw in the viewers/Brenchel’s face. So it’s not okay when Boogie calls Erika a whore for sleeping with him with the intent of using him to win the game (and get money out of it, which is what a whore does on some level) but it’s perfectly acceptable for Ragan to call Rachel a whore? This is why I maintain my stance that Ragan is indeed a POS who has painted himself into a very interesting corner, thus, he will remain Professor McDouche™ for infinity on this blog unless he watches post-BB and then admits some of his behavior was unacceptable/completely crossed certain lines. In no way am I suggesting or demanding he has to apologize for everything he did in the BB house, but I do believe everything he lectured Rachel about & said behind her back (I KNOW ur evil ways will come back to you, you are a horrible person, you are a whore, your vagina is riddled with STDs, etc) does make him look like he’s okay with being misogynistic towards women he deems unworthy and YES, he indeed did bully her (and the house into hating her) at some points during the game. That’s all I’m saying, own what you did, what you said, and how you acted, Mr. Communications Professor. Same can be said for Rachel, but correct me if I’m wrong that Rachel was adult enough to often apologize to the person affected IN the house, whereas Ragan just continues his act even if he gives a fake apology?

BTW, I’m not sure if people have figured out how I came up with the name Professor McDouche™, so I’ll share (similar to my coining the Manzo MOB, people just assume the intent without bothering to read my blogs to figure out why/how I came up with a particular nickname). Everyone knows that Grey’s Anatomy has a Dr. McSteamy & McDreamy, right? So when I stumbled upon Ragan’s blog and found he is a published author, his expertise in academia, the fact he does have a PhD and is professor, I figured “why not use Professor?” THEN I started reading deeper into his blog posts, finding out he was bullied as a child for his appearance (he posted pictures), and then read how he finally broke his oral fixation of sucking his thumb at 30 which also resulted in him quitting smoking and starting to work out. It is quite apparent from his own words and actions, Ragan is quite vain, but when he starts talking about fat females he despises, how men he’s attracted to have to be a certain “type” with specific size appendage, slept with 15 dudes in the same year he contracted gonorrhea, I came to the opinion that Ragan is quite a douche. As an homage to Grey’s and “hot” doctors, I decided to nickname Ragan “Professor McDouche™” since he IS a doctor of academia, IS a professor, IS vain, and IS a douche. It was not some insult just hurled onto him by me, it was a nickname I came up with that encompasses by respect for his level of academia with the disdain & contempt I hold for his vanity, bitchiness, cattiness, and bully like actions in the house. I repeatedly say it because it is a nickname and it’s my blog, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it, but don’t comment and insult ME over a nickname I coined on my own damned blog. Some folks are JUST like Prof. McDouche™, thinking you can come onto my blog and dictate or chastise what I can say and not say. Grow up please, you cannot control my actions anymore than Ragan can control Brenchel’s actions (which is why, at the core, I believe he turned his back on them and switched to Kristen in Week 4). I do agree with Rach to a point – I think Ragan like strong females as long as they can be molded or fall prey to his logic/whims. But let’s be honest, Britney is the SAME AGE as the students he teaches, so I do think Ragan should have more class & common sense by not sinking down to Brit’s level, don’t you? But we all know the BB house makes folks crazy, don’t we?

So much of the drama this week did not even make Wednesday’s episode, but what do you think of the season now? Are we FINALLY seeing some strategy other than floating? Will Matt use the DPOV to flip the house? Are Enzo and HAYDEN going to regret possibly targeting Matt? If Lane is left on the block, would the house be stupid if they did vote him out? Does anyone else hope Brendon CAN compete in this week’s HOH if the DPOV is used (which has not been mentioned or clarified by Julie – but I always like to expect the unexpected so who knows)? Let me know in the comments and again, please feel free to vote in my new poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” I’m interested in see the votes BEFORE tonight’s live show, aren’t you


Big Brother 12 Week 5 Recap: Hypocrites United!!

Week 5: It's Brenchel versus "The House"!!!!

While I haven’t had the time to catch up on RHONJ like I wish I could, I have been on top of Big Brother and the feeds. I’m going to state it loud & clear: I LIKE Rachel & Brendon. Do I believe they are innocent victims and deserve none of the attacks/insults/fights? Absolutely not, they can be annoying and insulting as shit; however, I find “the house” even MORE disgusting by comparison. Ragan & Brit have to be the most vile, hypocritical, insulting HGs since Nat, Chelsea, and James. The entire “house” does nothing but trade personal insults/attacks about Brenchel 24/7. Nothing Brenchel does is every okay with “the house.” If Brenchel segregate themselves, they are mocked for a showmance. When Brenchel comes out and tries to be civil, “the house” complains how they hate sharing the same air and how the pair “make this house unlivable.” Individually, HAYDEN, Kathy, Brit, and Ragan play nice IF Brenchel is in power and as soon as the pair are not in power, it turns into the I Hate Brenchel show 24/7.

Rach was even crying the other night “how can Britney be so pretty on the outside & ugly on the inside” because it’s true: Brit is funny & times and cute but she is a royal CUNT. Yup, my lovely CUNextTuesday has been officially switched from Ashley Holmes to Britney AND Ragan, for that matter (for the summer, at least. I reserve the right to switch it right back to Ashley’s ass as I deem fit). More often than not, Brenchel talks about a person after being attacked or backstabbed, i.e. Brit, Ragan, Kristen and Matt and usually brings it to his/her face. They do not just sit around and talk about everyone else like the rest of the house does I do see a difference between talking smack when provoked vs unprovoked. The house personally attacks Brenchel 24/7 and has been for weeks. It’s never smack about gameplay, it’s always personal and honestly Ragan has crossed the line between lovable gay to self-hating queen, saying some vile stuff about “taking it up the ass/old whore who trades sexy for $1000 bottles/his entire family hates him and so do we” & so on about both of them (don’t even GET me started on their nightly “tv” show entitled “Just the Tip” in reference to Brendon’s toe in which they personally attack, ridicule, and insult Brendon & Rachel). And who is there cackling right next to Ragan? Britney. Brit is a bitch who can say whatever she wants & when Brenchel retorts during an argument, she cries foul. I call BS on them all & voted for Ragan for Sabo so he can Sabo his butt right into the jury house. Do these folks not see the end game and how they may need Brenchel’s vote once the Wackade™ ( much better than Brigade, no)  implode on itself? Even yesterday Ragan & Matt were talking about the boot order & Ragan thru Brit under the bus, so lawd knows Ragan is ready to boot Kathy & Brit out so he can be 5th in a 4 person alliance he doesn’t even fully realize. Just like CBS edited Chima, they are editing the house towards Brenchel’s showmance and “the rest of the house” are innocent bystanders when that’s hardly the case AT ALL.

And let me talk about Kathy for a minute. Old sweet & lovable Mama Kathy, who spouts lessons of good sportsmanship & keeping it classy while piling on cheap mascara, throwing comps, telling us how her son gets drunk (under age, I might add, Ms. Sheriff), and chain-smoking in the backyard 24/7. When Rachel said “floaters get a life vest” after that HOH comp, she was  (IMO) specifically talking about Kristen (Rach was not sure she was in alliance other than her secret showmance with HAYDEN at the time), Ragan, Kristen, and Kathy – ALL 4 of which had NO alliances in the house by their own admission. Rach did not say anything to anyone directly BUT Kristen, so why Kathy take it personally? Oh yea, cuz she’s a FLOATER lol. Rach was happy she won HOH because she had to in order to save herself, point-blank. So now that Kathy does the same thing, it’s okay because it’s Kathy? I call BULLSHIT. Kathy screamed YES because she knocked Rachel out because “the house” hates her, Kathy didn’t get excited cuz she won (cuz she didn’t) she was simply screaming with glee in Rach’s face that SHE knocked her out the POV comp, hugged Brit in her excitement over doing so & she’s admitted it on the feeds. So Rach simply called her on it “why is it ok for you to shout with glee when you win, but I can’t?” Kathy is a hypocrite, running up to the HOH and embellishing to Ragan that “Rach was just POed cuz she picked me thinking she could beat me but didn’t.” How was Kathy’s behavior remotely classy OR good sportsmanship? This is why I side with Rach/Bren: altho they have their moments, they are more honest with disdain & their reasoning behind it then the rest of “the house.” Kathy only had a backbone cuz she was surrounded “by the house.” In addition, Kathy even told Ragan how Rach mentioned letting her sleep in the HOH during 1 of her weeks & Kathy cackled “cuz I USED you, you dumbass. I don’t like you I just used you” to Ragan. Kathy classy? Yea right. At least Rachel admitted “yes Kathy, I picked you cuz I thought I could beat you” to her face! I also saw Brenchel clap for Britney when she won. Bad sportsmanship DOES NOT equate to having to be fucking happy when the people who win are not on your side; in addition, doesn’t that make “the house” have bad sportsmanship since they rarely clap for Brenchel and barely congratulate either of them when they do win? AGAIN, I see a bunch of bitter hypocrites in “the house” and by that, I do mean the ENTIRE BB house.

If you look at Rach’s HOH history, she first put up Britney & Monet (BOTH floaters. And at the time both were making personal attacks/remarks 24/7 about everyone, but specifically Rachel, her implants, her hair, her job, her skin, etc out in the backyard). Next HOH, she put up Kristen & HAYDEN. All FOUR WERE TECHNICALLY FLOATERS since he house didn’t know about the Wackade™ and all four kept denying they were in ANY sort of alliance. Is Rachel yelling “floater’s get a life vest” so wrong when Rach has ACTUALLY targeting floaters? NOT AT ALL. In addition, all the floaters were the people actually UPSET she even said the statement, i.e. Kathy, Brit, Ragan, Kristen…u notice none of the Wackade™ were too upset by her statement other than HAYDEN who was taking it personal since his piece of ass Kristen (who had a MANfriend back home who HAYDEN did know about. How can u trust a chick shacking up with you after 1  week, which is DIFFERENT than Brenchel of course, when you know she got a man & she is effectively cheating on HIM WITH YOU?!?!?) was leaving. Once again, hypocritical. Of COURSE “the house” can dish personal attacks, but they sure as hell can’t take em and HEAVEN FORBID Brenchel attempt to defend themselves!

Brenchel literally had to win comps in order to survive to Week 5 and if they didn’t, they were always nominated and would have been evicted. I can see why Rach got so hysterically happy after winning a comp – it simply guaranteed their safety. It was not always as personal as “the house” makes it out to be, they simply use it as yet another excuse to personally attack/bash Brenchel, point-blank.

Matt used Brenchel: they had a deal that they wouldn’t put either up the week Matt was HOH and when Brenchel was HOH. Rach stayed true to that deal which is why she put up HAYDEN & Kristen, who at the time had no alliances other than their secret showmance. Was Kristen going up personal, yes cuz Kristen wanted to take the hypocritical route of “the showmances got to go” while secretly jerking off HAYDEN in nightvision, but at the same time the house condemned Brenchel for having a public showmance while Kristen & HAYDEN were having a secret showmance. Rach & Kristen were cool until after Andrew dropped that little nugget, so how was their noms personal? Nope, that was strategic IMO.

Kristen & HAYDEN both attempted and used Brenchel: offering that fake ass 4 person alliance. DUH Brenchel wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that BS, promptly slapped em on the block, and now HAYDEN is after Brenchel for personal reasons, NOT game reasons, point-blank. However, HAYDEN has been telling Brenchel a lot of info from “the house” which makes me think HAYDEN has finally realized in order to win he’s gonna need some jury votes. I can respect HAYDEN more than Ragan, Brit, and Kathy. Matt I’m on the fence about, mainly because of the imaginary disease he fictionally created about his snaggletoothed wife PLUS the fact he can’t keep his hands out of his pants.

Kathy used Rachel: flat out she admitted she used Rach when she was in power. When Rach is not in power, Kathy is right there with Brit & Ragan talking madd shit.

Britney used Rachel: from Day ONE. The only reason Brit is pissed at Brenchel is due to the fact that Rach pulled her SSA (super secret alliance) card and told Brit if she used the Veto on HAYDEN or Kristen, she would put up Lane. Then last night, Brendon correctly called out Brit on her hypocrisy. Everything between them FACE TO FACE has been gameplay, not personal: except Britney is 100% personal.

Ragan used Rachel: was only civil and her “friend” while in power. Now talks about her like a dog with his Fag Hag Britney. Ragan is truly more vile than Britney, Natalie from last year, AND Chelsia from the year before. The edit “the house” is getting on CBS rivals Chima’s IMO. Please note: the term “Fag hag” is gay slang and by no means a disrespectful jab at a sexual preference & lifestyle. As soon as Brit admitted” gays are my people” I KNEW she would become tight with Ragan and that after a while, they would resemble one another as far as catty, rude, and mean comments. Thus, Brit is indeed a FH; however, for the remainder of the season I will use the less insulting but widely accepted term Fruit Fly from this point out. Britney will hereby be officially referred to as Fruit Fly Brit™!)

My dream for Week 6: After ½ of Brenchel is evicted, the other wins HOH. Ragan & Brit are put up and the POV is not used. Brit& Ragan will become the new Brenchel/Kris+HAYDEN by default (friends that have to campaign against one another. PLUS with Ragan as the Sabo u know he will continue to throw Brit under the bus to last the 2nd week for him to get the 20k). THEN we can see if Matt uses the Diamond POV (DPOV)….actually, I’d just put Matt up there WITH Brit, see if Matt uses it on himself and then who he’s throw under the bus first – Enzo, Kathy, or Ragan. Matt didn’t use the DPOV this week so he only has next week before its void…if he uses it, he may lose the trust of the Wackade™ but if he doesn’t use it, will you be as pissed as me that another “power that can shake up the house”  does absolutely fucking nothing in the end? (HELLO there, Mike Boogie lol CHILLTOWN BABY!)

My prediction for tonight: I think if the hammies were smart, they would evict Brendon for 2 reasons:

1)      The thought of a post-Brendon Rachel meltdown is what they are drooling over. Personally, I just want to see the person left in the house get revenge on “the house” kwim? But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I preferred Rachel, one of the few actually PLAYING the game to win, to stay in the house. Ragan is NOT playing to win, Matt either..Britney, yea I can respect her game play, just not her as a person.

2)      There is no way I would NOT want to take Rachel to F2 since “the house” hates her and “the house” basically makes up the jury (except Brendon). I think Enzo & HAYDEN are starting to notice this, maybe even Matt. The rest of “the house” is so blinded by hate they fail to realize the power of taking either part of Brenchel to the end.

And if you have a chance, feel free to participate in this week’s poll: Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most? You can now vote without a cookie or IP log (YW, K2 lol) and you can vote as many times as you want. Let’s see what happens tonight, my friends. No matter what, I cannot WAIT to see what goes down on the live show and the live feeds, can you?