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BB12 Week 8: Double Eviction & HoH/Nom Spoilers (Does ANYone even care anymore?)

And then there were five sucky houseguests...

Quick review for those who were under a rock on Thursday night lol
Week 7 HOH: Brit
Week 7 Noms: Matt & Lane
1st eviction: Matt
1st DE HOH: Hayden
1st set of noms: Brendon (as a pawn per the Wackade™) & Ragan
POV Winner: Ragan (removed himself from block)
New noms: Britney & Brendon
2nd Eviction: Brendon
2nd HoH/Week 8 HoH: Not shown on episode (results later in post)

Let’s talk the original noms for Week 7, Matt & Lane. I have to say HALLELUJAH Professor McDouche™ has FINALLY stopped sucking on the emotional teet (or peen if you will) and opened his eyes TO THE GAME! And all it took was Matt finally getting caught throwing him under the bus. While I am enjoying Ragan’s Sybil –like personality changes once again, I still think he’s douchey. For example: the way he plays up to the cameras during the live shows, if he acted like that around the house more often instead of being so judgmental and condescending, I could have remained on the Ragan train. Nope, for someone who has demanded other people “be real,” Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ is still the fakest in the house IMO.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m at the point I really do not care who wins lmao I think the Final 5 suck, but then again I like real strategy, not coasting or floating. Having said that, I think I am about to surprise some folks with my breakdown.

Ragan: As you probably expected, I do not want Ragan IN the F3, F2, or winning America’s Player. The crybaby already got 20k for doing nothing so I pray he gets the boot F3 (or sooner) just so it hurts him that much more. He should have been playing strategically from the beginning instead of becoming obsessed with Brenchel and for that, he should pay for his mistake considering he is a fan of BB as he proclaims.

Britney: I wouldn’t mind her getting to F3 or F2, but I do not want her to win anything at this point. I honestly am not a fan of women using their looks/emotions as a strategy and we ALL know, as both Lane & Brendon confirmed this week, that’s exactly what Brit did. She is a fierce physical competitor, she won the most comps to date and is tied with Brendon; therefore, Brit truly did not HAVE to rely on her looks or feminine charm, but she did. Once again, she furthers the stereotype that a woman cannot win BB on a player strategy. I love Jordan, and she stepped up when she had to, BUT Jordan was smart enough to play a good social game with the house whereas Brit just sucked up to the men in the house and coasted. Can we ALL admit that Rachel was right in that Brit wanted to be the last female standing in the game now? It’s obvious and it makes me dislike Brit that much more. Brit could have done it without attaching herself to a man but chose not to. That was her strategy and I think if for some reason she’s evicted soon, that will be the reason. It’s hard to trust a woman who attached herself like a leech to any man….it’s like she has a fear of being alone. Only ONE person wins Brit and I think she ended up playing herself. In addition, Mrs. Trustworthy has already talked shit about Ragan behind his back since last night, nice huh?

Enzo: Say what you want about this asshole, he’s social game is tight. IF he made it to the end, I would really have to hear him explain his game strategy but we all know he truly was the Wackade™ mastermind and carries a lot of weight with Lane/Hayden although Hayden & Lane have a F2 alliance Enzo doesn’t know about.

Lane: At this point, I wouldn’t mind Lane taking it all. First, his strategy of not getting his hands dirty by using Britney has been genius. Next, he didn’t put a target on his back by not wining anything, as he had no reason to with the Wackade™ and his side alliances. Unlike Hayden, all he won this season was a phone call from home, which completely plays into his “I’m a good ole country boy” persona. Lane has laid low, not gotten into any arguments (or fight another’s battles), and played Brit like a fiddle. While I personally have some issues with things he does (such as the killing animals for fun and “beating his down until he bled”) I do genuinely enjoy watching The Beast.

Hayden: At this point, I want  Hayden to win. If for nothing, for the fact he finally has figured out he doesn’t need to shout in the DR. But seriously, this kid has had a solid strategy from day one that was only slightly messed up by Kristen, but if you look at his DRs/actions in retrospect he truly is sticking to a solid plan where he doesn’t play emotionally but knows how to play to and with people’s emotions if need be. I’d be lying if I said I did not enjoy Hayden & Lane the most this season (I like Brendon & Rachel separately and together when not locked at the tongue)…but if I had to put money on it, Hayden could get enough jury votes when you look at the remaining 5 – even Brendon, Rachel, and Matt’s vote IMO.


Week 8 HOH: endurance HOH that lasted all the way into BBAD resulted in LANE winning HOH. After the comp, the Final 5 sat around the table, eating and doing what they do best…continuing to bash Brendon AND Rachel (by association). Seriously, I couldn’t listen to more than 3 minutes before I shut down my feeds and started watching BBUK11 and UBB. And while I watched the feeds today, most of the time when the 5 are together they CONTINUE to talk about Brendon & Rachel ad nauseam. It’s was irritating and catty to say the least.

Friday’s conspiracy theory: Hayden did not ding the buzzer AND/OR threw the 2nd place card outside of his box so that he technically did not run 2 full lengths (since Julie said you can only carry 1 name at a time). in order to win the HOH competition. LMAO I know, I know, believe me. But it is interesting when you watch it and I can’t call it either way. Check out 2:14 – due to the camera angle, Lane actually blocks Hayden so we cannot see if he hits it or not. All we actually see is him slamming the card in the slot and then walking forward as Brendon comes running up and slamming his hand on the buzzer. We hear Brendon’s hand hit, but no ding for either of them. MEH, I don’t even really care either way at this point

Nominees are: Enzo & Ragan. Per Hayden, Enzo is the pawn lol. Ragan studied everything

ANOTHER Pandora’s Box: Here we go again! Lane gets a PB 4.0 and as one could expect, he opens it. Apparently Lane had several envelopes to choose from and he chose 3 punishments and 3 rewards. We learned Lane won $91.17 and a punishment was that they now have no drinking glasses or utensils (thank God because they also awoke to an ant & roach infestation because NONE of the remaining hammies clean anything). As of now the hammies are drinking out of bowls…considering none of them clean I fail to see the infestation stop anytime soon.

Saturday morning feed watchers were treated to the following message:  At 7:20am today there was power outage in Studio City, CA which caused the feeds to drop. Provided the power returns, the feeds will be back shortly.

Needless to say, this Final 5 is so boring and basically on Brenchel-bash auto repeat I’ve tuned them out. UBB/BBUK is much more exciting IMO, once again Grodner gives us a shitty BB cast with recycled competitions and twists (I am BEGGING Grodner to use UBB’s Clown next season…if there is a next season)!  Out of the remaining 5, who do you think should go to the Final 2? Sound off in the poll on the right!


BB12 POV & Veto Ceremony Recap: Can this get any more boring?

In a nutshell, Wednesday night’s episode sucked as much, if not more, than the entire season itself (especially if you have the feeds).

  • Matt takes credit for the noms, as usual.
  • The Meow-Meow is pissed, as usual.
  • Brendon’s gonna make Fruit Fly Brit™ (FFB) regret her choice to nominate him, as usual.

And then we see the Wackade™ begin to implode as Lane & HAYDEN start to work their manipulation magic on the doe-eyed “I’m engaged and do not realize how PISSED Nick will be at me when I get out” FFB. I gotta be honest, I think FBB is a dumbass. She’s the HOH let relied on “her army” to take all the punishments to secure a Veto win? No dummy, YOU should have buzzed in for every friggin punishment instead of looking around with your one lazy eye and believing these guys are even on your side.

Veto Comp: Let’s think about this mathematically & logically, shall we? If you are the 1st to buzz in for an item,the red light in your cage flashes. The punishments (in order) netted a gain of 5, 7, 11, 6, 10, and 13. The prizes (in order) netted a loss of 6, 11, 8, 25 (Hayden’s offer for 5k). Each hammie started out with 50 points. If you personally did not win one of the first four punishments, there is no way you can win even if you got the last two. This is what Enzo did, so he got  10 and 13 = 23 + 50 = 73. Brendon for 5 + 7+ 11 + 6 = 29 + 50 = 79. After I didn’t get the punishment for 11 pts, there would be NOTHING to stop be from going for a prize.  Britney was STUPID for not going for any prizes after the 11, don’t you think? There were more punishments than prizes, which makes complete sense considering this was a VETO comp and NOT a luxury comp!!! She’s HOH, she’s won nothing all season, so what really stopped her other than her “ideal” of how things should go? Each individual knows what they got so if you can’t beat em, why not grab a prize. Enzo either cannot do simple addition OR assumed that Brendon did not go for every punishment considering he thought he only lost by 2 points LMAO seriously Meow-Meow? Britney should have realized right then and there the ONLY people who really want Brendon out are her, Professor McDouche™, and Matt and only her and McDouche™ want Brendon out on an emotional/personal level – Matt’s thinking of it from a strategy level which I can respect. Am I nuts for rooting for Brendon or at least thinking if I were Brit/Ragan I would want to take Brendon to F2 thinking she’s only get Rachel’s (aka Cruella De Riley™) vote? Seriously, it’s like half the house has had their periods since early July and can’t separate the game from personal feelings! Also, am I the only crazy person who thinks that Brit continues to screw herself every time she swears on Nick or her engagement to the point every guy in the house doesn’t trust her AND she should have kept her semi-deal with Brendon? I truly do believe Brendon would not be coming after Brit as hard if Brit stuck to her word and not nominated him CONSIDERING he stuck to his word by not putting her up last week regardless of what happened with his original noms- the fact remains Brit didn’t go up as the replacement nom, Brendon kept his word. And I still believe Brendon had some valid points in that Brit and him should work together towards the end IF Brit truly believes he has no jury votes. The fact Brit didn’t take him up on the offer and then cried she has no jury votes leads me to believe she continues to go after Brendon on an emotional level and NOT a strategic level at all.

Pandora’s Box 3.0: And on the topic of Brit, WHY in the world would you open that Pandora’s Box when the clue stated “get advice from a former Houseguest for an hour?” Note it didn’t say WINNER, it same HOUSEGUEST! It could have been Rachel, Jessie, Ollie, ED, Remy…ANYONE! Geezus it’s not like it offered a power or a vacation, it simply offered “advice” and from a 2X LOSER at that!

When did Lane become such a dick? I still like him, but now that we are able to see Lane really manipulate FFB and no longer be nicey-nice about it is A) cruel of him on some level (although it’s more on FBB for allowing it considering SHE’S the one who’s engaged. Lane technically owes Nick nothing IMO but if he truly respected Brit he would cut the shit anyway) and B) incredibly smart of him. Seriously where as this dark horse been all season? Oh yea, playing dumb, which he does EXTREMELY well, no? And I gotta admit, HAYDEN & Lane are playing the game while really appearance as if they are not playing the game. So from this point on BDL is just Lane because I really think he is playing this “ole country boy from texas who ain’t that smart” role to a T!

Penguingate: Yes we ALL know Enzo’s been constantly eating as a Have Not this week and not wearing his full Penguin costume, which has been dubbed Penguingate by the BB community. Typically, after receiving a few warnings by BB, a hammie is penalized with either a nomination or a vote per occurrence (the latter is given when the hammie is already nominated for eviction). In this instance, I have yet to hear BB even warn Enzo about anything so it’s led me to question why Bb doesn’t care if their rules are followed and why Enzo is getting away with murder. Upon reflection, I hope BB doesn’t do ANYTHING to Enzo and here’s why. It’s apparent BB LUV Matt the Peen Diddler™ and will do just about anything to keep his ass in the game. IF Enzo receives penalty votes PER occurrence, Enzo would get at least 3 votes, which IS enough to evict him this week. I’m afraid that BB/Chenbot may throw us all for a loop and announce Enzo is the 1st eviction tonight because BB slapped him with the 3 votes for eating this week. On one hand, it takes all the power out of the house and would make me LOVE to see FFB’s reaction, but at the same time why bother now? I say let Penguingate go so we can finally see where the votes lie this week, otherwise Matt gets an automatic break (once again) and can compete in the 2nd HOH comp.

Outting the Brigade: I think no matter what, if Matt outs the Wackade™ tonight I think it’s a lose-lose situation. He would have to do it during his pre-vote speech and as we have seen with this group, these last-ditch attempts do nothing to change the vote with their groupthink mentality. If he does it and gets voted out the effects will be damning BUT I think it will do nothing as the majority of the house does nothing. If Matt doesn’t get voted out on the first elimination, he’s basically confirming he’s a sneaky, untrustworthy player who overplayed his hand in the eyes of the house. Matt should have outted the Wackade™ yesterday but as of tonight any attempt to do so just reeks of desperation.

That’s all I got. I don’t even have the strength to get into Ragan’s “I would have fallen on the sword for you, Matt” BS.

My predictions for Thursday’s Live Double Eviction:

  • Matt goes in 1st eviction
  • Brendon wins 2nd HOH AND/OR POV
  • Either Brit or Enzo is the 2nd evicted.
  • Ragan has a complete and total breakdown knowing he is completely alone in the house!

*sigh* a girl can dream, can’t I? What do you think about last night’s boring ep? Do you agree/disagree with my Veto math/logic? What are your predictions for the night? And as a sidenote, is anyone watching Ultimate Big Brother? I don’t know if I’m a masochistic but I’m watch BB12, BBUK11, AND UBB all at once…damn BBUS is seriously a POS compared to international versions – if you are watching UBB, also feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments!

BB12 Week 7 Feed Spoilers: Everyone’s Showing Their Cards (& I LOVE IT!)

Weekend at Kathy's now gets a vacation from a vacation, yall!!!

So we ALL know what happened during Thursday’s live eviction, quite anti-climatic to say the least!

Ragan [to Matt]: You have fought to be here. You deserve it more.”
Matt: “You’re right.”

Matt’s winking/side glances at the camera every 5 or so minutes are beyond annoying, but I can see how he felt so confident by having that craptastic bedazzled DPOV in his pocket. Hands down the most eye-roll inducing response of the night was Professor McDouche™ and his answer to Julie “My integrity is not for sale.” Umm, didn’t Ragan SELL his integrity by becoming Sabo 2.0 since he flat out admitted accepting the offer may sabotage his entire game in addition to one of his meltdowns when he admitted the guilt about lying about the Sabo was getting to him?

So we have Matt giving is final please to the house, insulting Brendon in the process of exposing the DPOV for the entire house to see. Brendon was either internally fuming and/or in a state of shock, but either way I thought he handled the playing of the DPOV pretty well considering he effectively left him with ZERO power for the week.  Prof. McDouche™ and FFB, on the other hand, were unable to contain their looks of shock, awe, happiness, giddiness etc…I do not fault them for this, however I think their reactions were a little telling/foreshadowing, don’t you?

Long story short, Weekend at Kathy’s nominated and evicted with a vote of 5 – 0. Do I think Matt was STUPID for putting up Kathy? YES! You do not need to be a “super-diabolical genius” to see Matt completely WASTED the DPOV trying to make a dickless move. Why waste the power on a floater that NO ONE would vote for in the end? Why is Matt not thinking endgame? Or yea, he’s going to continue to play on people’s emotions with his stupid lie about his wife Snaggletooth

Now what occurred from Friday through to today has been MUCH better than anything we have seen all season! SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR FEED SPOILERS RE: WEEK 7 NOMS, VETO COMP & CEREMONY BELOW!!!!

So FFB, after SWEARING on the Phantom Nick™, goes back on her word to Brendon and puts him on the block next to Enzo; however, that is NOT the big news of what went down this weekend. Apparently BB has been really paying attention to what the hammies have been discussing this season, as many of the Pandora’s Boxes AND comps have been previously mentioned within a one to 2 weeks span before.

Example 1: Matt kept claiming if he got a PB offer, he would open it no matter what and USE anything it provides if it enhances his game. He got what he asked, the DPOV.
Example 2: Brendon kept complaining/wishing he had a massage even after RACHEL continued to give them to him. He gets a PB that not only mentions a massage, but a spa visit. He got what he asked for, just alone.
Example 3: Most of last week/this week the hammies have been speculating about a Double Eviction and a “what will you do for it” comp a la Al Stars and they all got what they asked for.

Friday’s Nominations: Britney went back on her “word” and put up Brendon (since he was targeting her last week yall, although he NEVER nominated her pre OR post veto) and Enzo (since he’s never went on the block, he can be the pawn).

Saturday’s POV ceremony: The “what will you do for the Veto” comp resulted in the following – in addition, everyone BUT Ragan played:
–          Enzo donated all his clothing (minus shoes, socks, underwear) to charity and got stuck wearing a Penguin Suit until Thursday
–          Lane got a phone call from home
–          HAYDEN took $5,000 AND a trip for 2 to Hawaii
–          Last but not least, Brendon shaved his head bald, has to take an hourly chum bath, is handcuffed to the guest of his choosing for 24 hours (similar to Adam & Sheila), AND is on slop for the remainder of the game. DING DING DING BRENDON WON POV!!!

At this point, the house FINALLY started strategizing/flipping/going nuts! Brendon smartly chose to be handcuffed to Brit so that Ragan/Matt wouldn’t get in her ear. Hayden told Enzo and Lane the truth about him wining the prizes. Lane ran right back to Brit and sort of told her the truth about the prizes, but not completely. Ragan used Hersey Mini’s to construct an abacus to jedi train. Matt smugly decided not to grow a pair and campaign to Brit directly for days (until Sunday really), instead asking his Wackade™ members/Ragan campaign in his defense WHILE Matt was throwing Ragan under the bus. The Wackade™ continues to fan the flame that Matt had to win SOMETHING since they didn’t. Ragan pretty much cried, pouted, and wanted to be left alone all weekend…yanno being a bad sport…like Professor McDouche™ and FFB accused Brendon the Gallant & Cruella De Riley™ of doing.

Fast Forward to Sunday: Matt sucks up to Brit by frosting her birthday cake. The Wackade™ is slowly imploding, flip-flopping between wanting Matt, Ragan, OR Brendon evicted. And then it happened: Brit basically let Lane know that the DR was “suggesting” she keep Matt in the game AND they convinced her there’s a good chance she would leave in a double elimination if she gets rid of Matt, which led to Enzo to flipout with “this gamed is rigged,” nonstop WBRB messages/bubbles, and generally paranoia throughout the house. It was great to watch IMO, love seeing the hammies scatter like cockroaches (lmao I’m sorry, but that was one of the most accurate analogies to come out of this entire shitty season).

At Monday’s Veto Ceremony, Brendon USES the POV, Britney names Matt as replacement nom!!! Past 24 hours of included the following:

–          Brendon & Brit have an interesting convo in HOH in which Brit admits that they are tied in wins, have fought to be here, it may help each other if they take each other to the end….while Brit did not vocalize an “alliance,” she agrees to a deal in which Brendon doesn’t not put her up in any shape or form next week, they keep winning comps and saving each other, and agree Matt has been throwing Ragan and her under the bus while Ragan is blinded by his love for Matt. Question is will Brit seriously this time since she already went back on her word to Brendon while Brendon has actually honored his?
–          Matt apparently told Enzo that if Brendon makes it to F2, Brendon has Matt’s vote
–          Britney to Lane: “If I go home and watch the episodes and find out you’re in another alliance and lying to me, I’m gonna kill you!”
–           Ragan: “I get it. This is a game and this is a big wake-up call for me.” (Post-Veto ceremony Ragan now BELIEVES the house telling him that Matt was throwing him under the bus. NOW Ragan realizes he looks like a complete tool for crying over Matt & practically throwing himself on the sword for his boyfriend. Ragan is PISSED over the fact he now realizes how stupid he’s looked for the past few weeks. I, personally, am giddy with glee over the fact Ragan finally got a clue!)
–          Ragan then proceeds to have that “I’m fine, but I’m not fine” cold attitude with Matt, sort of stomping off in a huff with his nose in the air to the HOH to listen to Brit’s Gaga CD (Fame Monster, tyvm). Matt said Ragan was acting weird and rude, but Ragan kept doing the one-word passive-aggressive “no. I’m fine. Yup!” lmao I see this showmance may truly be OVER, although Ragan swears that he will continue to be BFF with Matt outside the house.
–          Then Professor McDouche™ decides he can call an impromptu house meeting (minus Lane, who was in the DR) by the pool to discus his “perceived hard-core campaigning” for Matt last week.  Ragan claims he had THREE conversations about Matt in his defense, but since he didn’t THREATEN anyone AND didn’t “throw Lane under the bus,” he doesn’t feel like the “hard-core” portion is valid. Everyone else looks at Ragan like he is an idiot. HAYDEN speaks up and asks what we all are wondering, why the hell is Ragan telling us this since everyone knows and assumed Ragan would campaign for Matt since they are buddy-buddy (Hayden points out “you WERE campaigning for Matt, right?”). Ragan just likes to hear his own voice, as well as he wants to be “open” and has “nothing to hide.”
–          After the Ragan’s “house meeting” Enzo comes back out to the BY and says to Matt “why did you do to him, he’s in love with you man!” to which everyone laughs and Matt responds “yeah that’s what I do.”
So as of this post, Ragan is kicking himself for letting his loins led his BB decisions; Matt realizes he REALLY messed up both his HOHs, the DPOV, and throwing both this week’s HOH & POV has effectively wiped the permanent “diabolical super-genius” grin off his face; I dunno who Enzo/HAYDEN/Lane are even loyal to anymore; Enzo barely wears the entire penguin costume and continues to sneak regular food without any warnings or penalties (cmon BB throw Enzo a penalty vote already); Brit continues to be dependent on testosterone instead of being the last female standing & running shit; and finally, Ragan is in the DR and all of a sudden a random, outdoor lockdown happens (usually a lockdown happens in preparation for a comp or a ceremony in which the winner is in the DR and everyone else is forced outside.

BTW: Did you guys notice the name of Ragan’s shot in Sunday’s Have Not competition? So Grodner apparently is stealing ideas lol considering I have been calling Ragan “Raging Ragan™” for WEEKS, actually before I coined Professor McDouche™, Ragan’s shot is coincidentally named “Ragin Ragan?” GTFO Grodner, all you do is manipulate the game, recycle ideas, and steal ideas from message boards & blogs. Why is having a completely organic game so bad? The ratings would be there IF you would stop hiring and recruiting fucking models and actors instead of people who audition and truly want to play the game (like myself and the other THOUSANDS of ppl who apply year after year).

So much as happened this weekend I can finally admit that this weekend as justified my entire 2010 BB feed purchase! Have you been paying attention? Is Brit listening to the wrong group? Who is she even listening to at this point? Why hasn’t Matt ratted the Brigade out yet? Would you order a Brigade Burger in Texas, since that’s what Lane’s mom told him? Does you believe the Britney-Brendon alliance? Did Ragan DOR? Is your head spinning yet? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!

FYI: Outdoor lockdown was the result of Production clearing out the dead fish. Yup, so important they needed a lockdown for it lol.

RHoNJ Catch-Up: Country Clubbed episode AKA “Let’s let Bravo Tape the Evidence!”

You can move out a girl out of the ghetto, but you can NEVER take the ghetto out of the girl!

T-Man: “Is bitch better?” No, but how about “litigation?”

“I’m the sweetest, I’m the nicest person”

OMG as I sit here watching T-Man twitch in her seat, I swear I’m watching Gia or Melia in about 10 years! NOW do people see that T-Man’s daughters are not cute, they actually “little bitches in training” taking after their mother?  NOW Gia’s comments do appear to be a lot more discriminatory, no?

Danielle:”What’s that ghetto thing you’re doing?” HAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY D! Teresa dresses and acts like one of Tony Soprano’s puttana’s from the Bada Bing!

T-Man: “And what, bitch? Now I live in a $5 million dollar home…”


Point, set, match for Danielle! DING DING DING DING!!!

I LOVE the dude who told T-Man “Show that you have some class. Don’t go out there.” LMAOOOO we ALL know Teresa has NO class. We knew this from day 1 and all of T-Man’s fans can try to justify it anyway they want, she’s complete GARBAGE.

Let’s be honest here: T-Man got unruly, disrespectful, and loud with Danielle after bragging about her home, which Danielle quickly pointed out was in foreclosure. Now we all know that the bank has moved to foreclose on her $1.8 (NOT $5 as T-Man bragged) million home in Towaco, NJ as well as their home on Jersey Shore and a house in Lincoln Park, NJ; therefore, Danielle was CORRECT once again. T-Man, completely embarrassed that “the coke whore” dared to call her out in public” went full on BatShitCrazy and did the only thing a bully knows how to do: go on the attack. Teresa Guidice is very overdue for that 5150 at Bellvue and I fail to see how anyone could doubt Danielle was indeed afraid for her safety. The look I saw on Danielle’s face was pure fear and no one can change my mind on that. Oh and let’s not forget Tacky Jacky™ the puppet, sitting there telling T-Man to stop AND THEN also giving chase, following Danielle and shouting “details” from court documents older than her waste-of-space daughter Ashley. Yea Jac, that’s a parental role model…and you wonder why Ashley keeps fucking up? Because you, your entire family, and your friends T-Man, Greasy Joe, Kim 1+Kim 2 continue to show everyone that how you treat Danielle is fully acceptable and okay. $5 says if Danielle didn’t have a felony record, she would have a license to carry around these certifiable bitches.

Ok, I had to stop as soon as I witnessed the hair pull. In fact, I paused the DVR and just tweeted this to Ashley:  “JUST witnessed the hair pull. @_ashleyholmes I pray you are wrapped up in litigation until you DO truly look like you grandmother #rhonj”

I see exactly what many other viewers/tweeters/bloggers/friends had stated: Ashley was very calm and collected. She walked over to Danielle with INTENT of physically putting her hands on her in some way shape or form. She certainly did NOT hear  or see that Danielle did anything to Tacky Jacky™ and in fact, Jac was busy trying to stop T-Man (finally, instead of continue to egg her on) for going after Danielle and it is VERY clear that Danielle was never c lose to Jac, in fact it was the opposite and Jac was trailing after Danielle, screaming details about 25-year-old court documents. Ashley has been scheming and plotting on a way to get her hands on Danielle for weeks, maybe even months, at this point and when that little bitch saw an opportunity, she took it. Now I will say while it could have been impulsive, THIS is exactly the problem with the Manzo Mob and other families that have the privilege of growing up with money…there are no consequences for your actions because Mommy & Daddy always justify, pacify, make excuses, or bribe someone to make Ashley’s troubles go away. I find it VERY ironic that I called it from the beginning of the season and if I was Danielle, I would sue ALL of the Manzo MOB for harassment, bullying, threatening…I could go on and on. Since Danielle is now getting book money, I’d leave this fucking show and THEN turn around and file a civil lawsuit Bravo, Andy Cohen, both Kims, and the Manzo MOB (just to show yall I am learning in school) for the following: hostile work environment, emotional distress, harassment, negligence, assault AND battery, invasion of privacy, and defamation (both slander and libel). And if you think I’m just pulling “torts based on negligence” out of my ass, Google em and see that when it comes to tort law, specifically torts based on negligence, only 4 things need to be proven:

1)      The wrongdoer owed a duty of care to the injured party – CHECK

2)      The duty of care to the injured party was breached through some act or omission on the part of the wrongdoer (this breach itself is what is considered “negligence”) – CHECK

3)      There is some casual connection and/or relationship between the wrongdoer’s negligent conduct and the resulting harm to the injured party – CHECK

4) The injured part suffered actual harm OR damage recognized as actionable by law as a result of the negligent conduct. – CHECK

In short, negligence is conduct, simply the failure to act (omission) by a person (or persons) that results in harm of another person to whom the person(s) owe a duty of care. If Danielle’s attorneys can prove the basic element of a tort in negligence, which is causation, then there certainly may be a civil case. And as you can see, I’m still debating about law school but I learned all that from ONE law class, so maybe Albie needs to take his lumps about that 1/8th of a point considering Fordham Law School (which I lived next to for the last 10 years in the Bronx) DOES have support services for learning disabilities….IF you inform the in the first place! No, not waiting until you are already placed on academic probation (which typically happens anywhere between 2.0 and under – lmao I speak from experience). I find it extremely interesting that Albie never stated the school was made aware of his learning disability until AFTER he was placed on academic probation. That being said, I love Caroline Soprano and Big Al as parents: supportive, loving, and nurturing.

Getting back to the ep…interesting that while Kim G is trying to get Ashley away from Danielle, Ashley yells “ I pulled her weave! Love & Light! Stay in the Positive, bitch” BINGO! You just put the nail in your own coffin Ashley. By making that statement, which you and ALL the catty women in your family have repeated throughout the season in an attempt to mock Danielle, certainly does to show you were quote aware of your actions, your intent, and now you certainly cannot backpedal with the claim “I hear D said something about my mom so I rushed to her defense (physically assaulting D) but I was in a frenzied emotional state.” Nope, this dumb bitch basically ADMITS intent by her smug ass statements. I swear, if I was a member of the Manzo MOB, I would seriously beat Ashley’s ass. Not with a wooden spoon, mind you. I would seriously put my foot so far up her ass Dereck the Mole’s momma could see the bottom of the Louboutin!

LMAO I’m sorry, but I love Harry for saying “you fast, like a gazelle” HAHAHAHAHA let’s be honest here, T-Man has 4 kids so yea, I’d expect she would be fast. “I’m going to stay here, so I guess you’re going to have to run me over. The bitch better come out to talk to me…” says T-Man. Now I didn’t get kicked out of Fordham Law School, but me thinks THAT alone is enough to press some charges against T-Man, so tyvm dumbass for providing even MORE evidence.

Oh yea, Ashley goes on a tangent about Jac picking Danielle over here and THEN admits, yet again on camera “that’s why I pulled her hair.” Good lawd is this child REALLY this dumb? And then when Kim G told Kim, T-Man, and Ashley about Danielle’s hair being pulled out, Ashley says “good.” Lock this bitch up. I don’t care what some of you readers think, Ashley is a spoiled, cunty, dumb bitch who think she has the RIGHT to put her hands on another and it’s cool to show absolutely no remorse. I can only pray that Caroline Soprano and Aunt Dina the fugly cat owner finally made good on all the’r talk and BEAT.ASHLEY’S.ASS.SINCE.JAC.HAS.NO.BACKBONE.

Sidebar: Is it just me or did Bravo play Big Brother “about to vote/end credit” music while Danielle was on the phone with 911? BRILLIANT!!!

Did Ashley REALLY just say “well technically I didn’t grab her hair, I grabbed her extensions, so that’s not really a part of her.” LMAOOOOO so that means I can go up to a woman with implants and punch her square in the tit (yup, pun fully intended lol) simply because it’s not “really” her? I’m telling you, Ashley has proven to be slow since season 1 when Danielle checked Ashley for being disrespectful to Jac in her home but this takes the cake!

Oh T-Man, that innocent act doesn’t fool anyone. You see how T-Man didn’t want to cooperate, didn’t bring a driver’s license, and actually defames Danielle to the police by calling her a “coke whore.” T-Man KNEW as soon as the cop asked her for info that she done fucked up and I thought the look on her face was priceless.

Caroline Soprano’s face says it all. She said right through T-Man’s bullshit version of the story, although we all know she would never admit it. That was a BIG clump of hair Danielle was holding in her hand. Energists are a bunch of bullshit IMO, but if it makes you feel good, so be it. (Zen Jen…Sarai..WTF is up with the types of vocations available in the Garden State? It seems like if the area is wealthy, you can certainly make up your own “position” and some dumb women will pay out the ass for it.)

Now we get to see T-Man & Greasy Joe playing pool on the table that is up for auction (which I fully intend to try to bid on and win at the auction) at the Casa de Grease & Crass™. T-Man has Greasy Joe wrapped into her saggy chucky, or whatever the hell they call it and now America finally sees what many of us have known from day 1, Teresa is the type of person who bullies other women, yet can’t keep it real with her husband. All T-Man is doing is spinning the story to make her sound big, bad, tough, and in the right and it is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

T-Man: “Did I do good?”

Greasy Joe: You did good baby.”

WHAT.THE.FUCK! I do not disagree with Greasy Joe supporting his wife. Nope, MrToni would and has done the exact same thing; however, a husband who knows their wife also knows how much she embellishes/exaggerates and therefore is smart enough to know things may not have gone down the way she describes to him. I’ll chalk this up to Greasy joe’s inability to turn his head more than 45 degrees, ergo he was unable to really watch T-Man’s bullshit play-by-play of the fashion show events.

Tacky Jacky™ showed her true colors when talking to Sarai….simply put, she pacified Sarai to “diffuse the hair-pulling situation.” I get a mother bear always wants to take care of their cubs, but there comes a time when you realize tough love is necessary.  Little-Eyed Chris™ is the SMARTEST person in the Manzo/Laurita MOB (although Caroline, while a bitch, is often on point as well, especially of late) and I do not get why Jac doesn’t listen to her husband more. Doesn’t it always turn out those that speak less and softly (i.e. chooses their battles and words carefully) ALWAYS make valid points? She thinks because she is 18, she can physically assault another person? She has no money, no job, no attorney, no life goals, no common sense…I could go on and on. And Tacky Jacky™ is sending very conflicting messages to her daughter “don’t say/do this, but I LMAO at it with you.” I have to agree with Ashley, Jac is INDEED two-faced. Just like when she called Danielle a “pig” in front of C.J., Tacky Jacky™ is not leading by example or acting like a parent – she’s acting like a Mean Girl. I’m just waiting for one of these bitches to attempt to make “fetch” happen, since T-Man somehow made “chucky” happen & that is the stupidest nickname for vagina I have ever heard in my life. I hear “chucky,” I think of that fugly doll, NOT female genitalia tyvm.

THROW HER ASS OUT CHRIS! YES, FINALLY! And there goes Jac, dragging up Danielle’s past yet again right in front of Ashley. I wish Chris would tell Jac to STFU with that bullshit…and on that note, this episode FINALLY comes to an end. THANK GOD. I feel like I need a shower after all the bullshit that went flying around. *sigh* Coming up next, Staub Wounds unfort lol..can you guys PUHLEASE send me some love & light?

Also, why was it not brought to viewer's attention that Kim D and Kim G are SISTERS-IN-LAW? That piece of info definitely shed a new light on Kim 1+Kim 2 and makes this photograph make even more sense.