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BB12: A Few Wk6 Epiphanies

As I was swimming across the street working on my tan (yes, we do tan lol), I got hit with a bunch of epiphanies regarding BB12 in general & tonight’s live eviction. In no particular order:

  1. I personally HATE not having a nickname for Rachel. Brenchel doesn’t work for me anymore, yet I’m been wracking my brain trying to /come up with a good moniker that accurately describes how I feel about it. My parent’s neighbors have 3 children under the age of 7, so I was using their floating devices naturally when suddenly it hit me! From this point on, Rachel Riley will be known as Cruella De Riley™ on this blog. Why Cruella? Do you not recall Cruella Di Vil’s HORRIBLE off white/grey multicolored hair, was completely narcissistic, often hated, her reputation preceds her, I could go on and on. In addition, Cruella’s name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is also emphasized by having her country house being named “Hell Hall;” also, per Wikipedia “In the French translation of the Disney’s animated movie, she is referred as “Cruella D’Enfer” (Literally, Cruella of Hell or from Hell). In some languages (such as Spanish) where her last name has been left as De Vil, but is not similar to their equivalent of devil, it is taken to be a play on their equivalent of “vile” or “villain”. Spelled out as one word; cruelladevil, taken as Cruel Devil or Cruel and Evil.” And who can forget the EVER catchy song written especially for her? (look up the remaining lyrics and I promise, not matter if I like or loathe Rachel, you will find the irony):
    “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will
    To see her is to take a sudden chill
    Cruella, Cruella De Vil
    The curl of her lips, the ice in her stare
    All innocent children had better beware
    She’s like a spider waiting for the kill
    Look out for Cruella De Vil”
  2. Everyone, regardless of your feelings on Cruella De Riley™, seems to assume Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ was correct by his insult that Cruella herself was the evil part of  Pandora’s Box. What if he (and everyone was wrong) and if the DPOV is played, Brendon is safe for the next week considering one of his nom’s was overturned? What if Brendon can play in tonight’s HOH because the DPOV is played? Considering many people, myself included, never thought that “Expect the Unexpected” could include bringing back and evicted hammy who happens to be the 1st member of the Jury, so who’s to say that the current HOH (#2) didn’t get more benefits from Matt (HOH #1) opening Pandora’s Box? Now THAT, my friends, would truly be a hell of a live show.
  3. Me thinks that the Sabo 2.0 was returning anyway since Annie’s attempt was a bust, so the house and America basically assumed that the Sabo’s return was part of  the “evil” unleashed when Matt opened Pandora’s Box. Am I crazy to think many assume the good and the evil have to be completed in one week considering Matt’s DPOV had TWO weeks to be used? In mythology, doesn’t Pandora opening the box have longer lasting consequences, such as releasing evil in the world, not just ONE week?
  4. And taking it a step further, what if Matt playing the DPOV makes me unable to play in the Week 7 Veto comp??
  5. Again, who said the “current POV” holder is Ragan. Isn’t Ragan the previous Veto winner, while if/when Matt plays the DPOV, HE technically is the POV Holder and cannot nominate himself?
  6. If you look at the numbers, couldn’t tonight technically be the start of a Fast Forward week OR double eviction? Especially if Matt’s DPOV ability to rename the nominee = BOTH nominees are evicted.  There are currently 8 – evicted = 7 – 1 more = 6 remaining. BB12 finale is Wednesday, 9/15, which means 4 THURSDAY EVICTIONS including tonight (8/19, 8/26, 9/2) and the last Thursday eviction would be  9/9 and mathematically, that would leave a Final 2 (since we know there is no Final 3 since the Jury of 7 starts at 9 and this isn’t Survivor lol). Part of me thinks that it would be a Flash Forward week instead of a Double Eviction and considering the lame twists this season plus the fact Julie tends to announce a FF week towards the end when we start to see repeat HOHs, I think my theory is plausible.
  7. Could there be a blindside/backdoor/HOH scenario we haven’t thought of yet? What if Matt put up HAYDEN?
  8. What if Weekend at Kathy’s wins HOH (STFU & pass me some mascara, yall)!!!

What do you guys think? Did I just get too much sun/drank too much wine during the peak sun hours (yes, I sure as hell did bring a bottle of wine with me, why not)? Am I onto something here? And as of this post, Fruit Fly Brit™ IS IN THE LEAD of my current poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” – Let’s see if that changes by 8:30PM EST and if you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for??! Final results will be included in the Eviction Results post i.e. ASAP!


BB12 Wk5 Eviction & HOH Results: Even I no longer want to go to VEGAS!

It's now Brendon vs. EVERYONE!

So now that half of the BB Showmance of the Century is gone, let’s reflect on the interesting editing CBS provided this episode & what was conveniently missing:

–          We now know that Ragan does pretty much NOTHING as Sabo 2.0 but record DR messages, which Production then scrambles & plays for the hammies. We actually saw Annie DO some things, but CBS has been softballing Ragan and giving him too many options and final say, which I really really dislike.

–          CBS really edited the convo between Brendon/Ragan/Britney…what was missing is that after Brit did Brendon’s neaderTal walk, Brendon yelled at her that her fiancée Nick is probably out banging other chicks. Britney then yelled back at Brendon it’s no wonder his family hates him and wants nothing to do with him….THAT’S the animosity between the two and why Brit thinks he’s vile. Cuz you know Britney doesn’t personally attack ANYONE, right?

–          Brendon has confirmed that he has issues with his family, which definitely explains why CBS aired the footage from his ex and her family instead of his family who I doubt signed releases…but my question is WHY would CBS air such one-sided footage about one contestant (Brendon) and NOT Rachel?

–          The fact Julie even questioned Kathy’s hypocrisy of not apologize to Rachel about being a “bad sport” during the POV like Kathy has repeatedly called Rachel a “bad sport” for doing the very.same.thing. Kathy keeps using “well she put me up cuz she thought she could beat me” as a petty excuse, but fact remains I still side with Rachel on that point and Kathy is full of shit. When Kathy does it, it’s acceptable. If Brenchel do it, it’s bad sportsmanship? The ENTIRE house has bad sportsmanship, if I’m being honest.

–          In case you didn’t know (lol) Brendon won HOH and put up Matt, Ragan, and Brit as Have Nots. Both Brit & Ragan broke down in tears last night 1) cuz Brendon won HOH 2) that Brendon made them Have Nots. I love the hypocrisy of Brit & Ragan crying like POOR SPORTS, yet anyone else who displays similar reactions is wrong.

–          Last night Hayden, Brit, and Ragan all admitted they took things with Brenchel too far (but only Hayden really admitted he targeted them as a personal vendetta for Kristen getting evicted). Ragan was in tears in the cabana room, admitting he became too catty and personal, basically becoming someone he would despise outside the house. Brit admitted she got so caught up in Brenchel that they did not realize how they may have impacted/not played their respective games. When Ragan was not alone, he backpeddaled and claimed he didn’t regret anything he SAID, but he did have regrets….yea, whatever Professor, you are a str8 up bitch for your constantly catty remarks and personal attacks. Ragan was cool at first, but he started to slide into the condescending, sanctimonious tone which implies HE’s right and YOU’RE wrong…he’s basically verbally abused Rachel with or without him knowing it. I think after Ragan sees the eps and the feeds, he WILL realize he was a dick. And this from a COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR WITH A DOCTORATE! How can you major in communications and think they way you communicated in the house is perfectly normal & acceptable is beyond me!

–          Other than Brendon saying something to the effect of “this is what yall get for evicting the person I love…” and then the feeds being cut, he’s been very diplomatic since Rachel’s exit. He calmly stated Matt/Ragan/Brit are the Have Nots because they targeting him and Rachel specifically. He also has let it be known that he had no personal problems with them, just the way they treated Rachel and he doesn’t care who (out of the 3) was evicted this week. The fact Brendon is not clearly naming a target is what terrifies the 3 (however Matt has said Brendon specifically told him he WAS the target, which I have no seen or heard to confirm yet).

–          Since Brendon picked the Have Nots, Ragan has been working Matt & throwing Brit and Kathy under the bus. Loyal Ragan is not. Ragan’s looking out for numero uno, which I do respect, but he keeps reiterating “he doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean” yet in the Have Not room he repeated how he wants him, Brit, and Matt to go to the end….so how is Ragan a man of his word when he & Matt plot throwing Brit under the bus 30 minutes after the 3 were bonding in Have Not misery?

I  do think Rachel IS getting the opportunity to come back in the house for several reasons:

  • Julie DID NOT show Rachel everyone’s goodbye messages
  • There are not enough ppl for a double eviction unless someone is brought back since 1 person dropped out at the last minute
  • On the feeds last night HAYDEN & Enzo spoke about how Rachel’s reaction to the Brigade might have been, which implies they exposed themselves in their goodbye messages. We did not see any goodbye messages that referenced that…this they are still sequestering/limiting the amount of info Rachel knows so she CAN possibly go back into the house. This is why Julie spilled the beans about Matt’s wife to Andrew: non-jury members are typically allowed to return.

That all I got for last night’s show, but I will post later once the noms come out later today. CANNOT WAIT to see if the Ragan’s current kissass “let’s clear the air” convo with Brendon in the HOH will have any effect on Brendon’s targets (which technically is EVERYONE IMO lmao). Don’t forget, when you have a chance, feel free to participate in my latest poll: Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most? You can now vote without a cookie or IP log, vote as many times as you want, and you can see the real-time results.

BB12, Sabo Edition, Wk1: ImStillToni’s”Understandings”


BB12 Cast

Here are my “understandings” for the first week of BB12, which were written down PRIOR to watching the live show (which as of 3:29PM EST and this post, I STILL have not watched; therefore, as of this post I do not know who was evicted, have no idea who is the current HoH or the Saboteur). I figured if I didn’t post them now, there was be less stuff for people to call me on later. BUT FIRST! LOL  

1)      The Saboteur HAD to know, legally and ethically, of their position in the game prior to entering the house. From what I have heard on the feeds, I believe that the Sabo AND the pre-existing relationship (if they are not the same/connected) was determined prior to Sequester. If you make it down to the Top 40-20, you pretty much get sequestered in LA while production is eliminating people to get the final HG’s; therefore, the fact that more than one HG was not spotted by the others during sequester raises a red flag.  

2)      The Saboteur is most likely a woman.  

3)      Either Kristin/Hayden (best friends) OR Britney/Kathy (mother/daughter) is the pre-existing relationship.  

4)      Either Kathy, Annie, or Britney is the Saboteur.  

5)      Meow Meow needs to STFU and get some hair plugs…he is overcompensating for his stupidity by attempting to convince him and the audience he is the brains of the dumbass Brigade SSA.   

That’s all I had before last night’s show. I’m off to watch the live eviction now, will then fire up the feeds, and post my thoughts regarding Week 1 PLUS last night’s elimination and the Sabo unveiling (which I wish never happened until we got down to jury numbers, but more on that in my next post).