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RHoNJ Twitter Update: Dina’s Deleted Tweets & Wacked Out MOB fans, Part Zen

If your body has a red X across it, please STFU Ms. Zen Positivity

I am willing 2 pay $ via PayPal to ANYONE WHO GOT A SCHREENSHOT OF @dinamanzo disrespecting @LynnNChicago Sunday nite B4 Dina hid her tweets

Why, you may ask? I’m not asking for screenshots cuz I’m stalking Dina; however, I am asking for screenshots since Dina said some messy & disrespectful shit to people (not even all followers of hers) on Sunday. Why is it a big deal, you ask?

1)      Dina claims to be all “zen” and “positive” when in fact she’s just a Mean Girl probably still seeking her big sister’s approval (as shown during the dinner last season).
2)      Dina, along with the other NJ housewives including Danielle, do not understand that they are “technically” (and I lose that term loosely) public figures due to be cast members of the show. Without the public and Bravo viewers, there women are JUST like you and me. Viewers are entitled to have opinions and their favorites, yet for some reason with the NJ cast specifically if you do not kiss their ass AND/OR do not agree with them, they will immediately block you. Dina, specifically, will then talk to HER followers about you.
3)      Dina talked a BIG game but this past Sunday (8/2/10) she did the very same thing she did before: she attempted to pull rank and give her followers an ultimatum – if u follow ANYONE Dina deems “not hot” and follow Dina, she will find out and then promptly block you from her tweets; in addition, if you RT an “unworthy” tweeter TO Dina, she will block you. A few months back Dina and her cronies did the VERY same thing, to the point they started going thru  their follower’s followers and deleting them as well. Similar to their treatment of Danielle, the Manzo MOB
4)      Dina stated the below tweets and then when a bunch of us called her out on her BS AND stated were going to screenshot and blog about it, Dina PROMPTLY DELETED THE TWEETS. She did, however, continue to RT the tweets to HER followers…very positive right?
5)      Monday morning (8/3/10) I simply stated, publicly, that deleted tweets can still be found…and within MINUTE DINA PROTECTED HER TWEETS. Twitter has since fixed a bug so that if a tweet is deleted, it cannot be pulled from search engine caches (unfortunately, thus the need to take a screen shot when you see something good lol)

So there it is. Today I found out from multiple sources that many folks have no idea why I say the phrases I say, instead assuming the most offensive definitions instead of actually reading my blog. So as far as my coining the Manzo MOB, ppl automatically assumed I was making an ethnic slur when I previously blogged I coined the term due to the Manzos, plus the Guidices and Lauritas, mob mentality of actions towards Danielle…similar to groupthink. Is it not easier than to refer to the ENTIRE cast of RHONJ minus the 3 Staubs AS A MOB? Yes, I think so….it’s just ironic the “alleged” mob ties, but that is just irony folks, I sure as hell didn’t make the past up. Today I was attacked in both my blog comments AND Twitter for simply NOT supporting the Manzo MOB. Since I’ve typed way too much in the past 24 hours, I will copy some of my recent tweets and responses since several do tie into some things I touched upon in my last blog post.

Point 1: Dina is a hypocrite and before this went down Sunday I really didn’t have much to say to her or about her EITHER way. I do not like how Dina handled Danielle last season. I like the way she attempted to stay neutral at the beginning of this season; for example, at the “sheriff’s fundraiser”  Dina tried to remain neutral & didn’t partake in the Danielle bashing, actually call POSH Kim out on her two facedness (is that even a word? Lol). Fast Forward and Dina’s claiming all sorts of positivity while being negative AND can’t even be real about WHY she left. Reading a letter on air Dina, really?

Points 2 -5:

  • Why do RH fans attack each other? it makes no sense. we may not agree but who cares, WE DON’T GET PAID.
  • Don’t get y Manzo MOB fans do that. t’s not like hating us is an initiation rite or summin? r they giving Brownstone discounts?
  • Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight?
  • The Manzo MOB’s fans are delusional IMO. Prolly on the take ctfu lemme stop being I TOO get stuff in a trunk & shot :X

Again, you may not agree with my opinions and viewpoints, but I ask that we can be adults and simply agree to disagree. I have not and will not ever bash a commenter or tweeter for disagreeing with me; however, I defend myself when attacked (just a note, you do NOT want to poke Mama Bear, ok? I’m the HBIC up on this blog, you must be crazy to try to argue with me cuz my opinion WILL NOT CHANGE). Likewise, I would not hurl insults or disrespect you for NOT agreeing with me. All I ask is that we, as viewers and fans, realize this shit is not so serious that people continue to go around and insult, offend, disrespect, and personally THREATEN people. It seriously pisses me off when someone reads a tweet out of context, doesn’t do any sort of due diligences like reading old blog posts to UNDERSTAND my lingo, and then decides they can throw insults at me just because I do not like the Manzo MOB. Sorry, similar to the word “fetch,” me liking the Manzos as a whole is NOT going to happen.

Having said all that, I’d like to share with you some of the tweets Dina deleted Sunday night. I would like to point out that Lynn (who I DO consider a friend and colleague who actually stopped following Dina a while back), myself, and several others were tweeting to Dina Sunday night, regardless if we followed her or not. I will also point out that I personally DID NOT tweet anything to Dina directly until after she directly TWEETED LYNN AND CALLED HER AN ASS. NOW I hope you guys can understand why I asked for screenshots: since the Manzo MOB lovers are relentless in their pursuit of converting the same folks who see thru the Manzo bullshit, I wanted PROOF TO POST since we and everyone else who doesn’t like them just magical makes this shit up. If it was only Danielle, then maybe I’d agree, but it’s EVEYRWHERE so no, I think the entire Manzo MOB (please note the only children I include in the MOB is Ashley. I actually like all of the other kids when they don’t get involved in their adult BS) is narcissistic, delusional, very angry, spoiled, and seriously out of touch with reality.

@dinamanzo I don’t think you were joking–>@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

RT @dinamanzo: The only joke is you oh, and ur busted friend lynn : )

@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

dinamanzo side note: Blocking anyone who retweets Lynn or any other tweethole to me. I DON’T want that crap on my twitter. They’re all disturbed

Coslopogus @dinamanzo…Ur right! Lynn Hudson is a busted up, old, fat HOO-HA! Alot of peeps feel as you do. She’s an obsessive Stalker! Be Careful.

Lynn has more deets over on her blog, which you can view HERE; however, I would like to point out I was witness to the tweets about Neicy Nash, I SAW Dina call Lynn an ass & go off on Bravo_Maria, and I did indeed tweet the following:

LynnNChicago did Dina REALLY just call u “u ass?” this from the bitch who PAYS Zen Jen for fucking nothing????

@ImStillToni   lmao and since the Manzos need NO proof besides a 25 yo lies, I’m off to completely reenact last night, complete with calling Lynn “you ass”

It was after THIS TWEET I started to write yesterday’s blog that INCLUDED MY REENACTMENT. Again, since it is MANZO M.O. to “deny, deny, deny” it has become a blogger’s M.O. to “copy, save, paste, delete, and now screenshot” in order to have proof since Manzo MOB fan SWEAR that they speak some mystical gospel…I don’t get it, but if we didn’t have to constantly DEFEND ourselves against their supporters, there would be NO need for evidence….which nice ties back into us, as viewers, having a little more respect & decency for each other.

Oh in addition, if you think I am making up how crazy Manzo MOB supporters are HERE is a perfect example that occurred today in yesterday’s blog post comments on my old Ding Dong Dina’s Gone post that also resulted into two random people attempting to attack me on Twitter today…seriously their supports are so fanatic I may have to protect MY tweets so they will stop invading my space and shove their opinions about why my opinions are wrong down my throat (yes, it does make sense if you re-read it lmao, I swear it does).  FYI posts/opinions/comments/tweets like THIS is why I have stood by my statement from DAY ONE that the Manzo MOB and their supporters are delusional, very angry, demanding, argumentative, and frankly quite disturbing! Does this seem like comments from a sane person? I swear I thought I was being attacked by Ashley or T-Man!! Hahaha I’ll be back tomorrow with more blogs on the RHONJ episodes I STIL have not watched yet, I promise you – just like Caroline Soprano shaves in the shower, I will watch these friggin episodes ASAP!

Paige August 3rd, 2010: First off, if you dont want pictures of yourself all over the fucking world, dont take them you dumb bitch. thats exactly what DANIELLE was asking for when she took them…. and how do you know if she knew she was being recorded?? im sorry, that sound like a planned and calculated DANIELLE scam to me. instant publisity… and i quote her on “atleast ill sell more then kendra?” ya she sells herself alright. you werent in the room when she was being taped, so keep your mouth shut about shit that aint yours to talk about or that you yourself cant back up. and who are you to discriminate people and their ways of raising children. if you have any im sure they either be institutionalized, or under foster care. your OPINIONS are ridiulous and out of this world. people like you and DANIELLE should be locked up. calling a 19 yr old a cunt, saying ‘can we stand to see that wench pop out another brat”. your discusting. and if ya dont like the fuckn MANZO MOB then stop watching and keep your punk ass opinion to youself. if i was ashley, cant say i wouldnt have done worse to danielle… especially if it was my mother that i heard was being attacked. so go ahead, keep thinking and believing in your ways…. just know your wrong.

ImStillToni August 3rd, 2010: I do NOT get why u are defending the Manzos? Are u family member? Friend? Either way, calling ME names on my blog were I state MY PERSONAL OPINION about what I see on a show these broads get paid to be on is my right. If they don’t want people saying shit, then DON’T BE ON A TV SHOW. Get the fuck out of here, did u also not read that I’m behind several episodes, I typically blog ABOUT the episode unless something happens on FB or Twitter….it’s not like I sit here and post about the Manzos OR Danielle every day – this is a REALITY TV BLOG. U are fucking delusional and it is crazy rabid fans like you that give us fans and viewers a bad name.  Are u fucking illiterate? I publicly stated multiple times “I am a Danielle Supporter, but in now way is she an angel or innocent.” I have also sided with the Manzos on certain things at certain times so I am on TEAM NO ONE. Grow the fuck up and realize you look like u need a 5150 hold with that comment.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010: I apologize to you first and formost. I didn’t mean ANY dsrespect to u or ur blogs. I respect everyones opinion whether I agree or not. I didn’t Refer to u as those things, but Danielle. I know it wasn’t right and over the web things aren’t easily explained. I sincerly apologize for my words and if u thought the intent ofthem was twards tou, it wasn’t. Once again, I am sorry.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010:  Obviously I didn’t portray my intent of offering a different opionion and my wording could have been different. I sincerly apologize if u felt I disrespected u bcuse that wasn’t my intent on the least. It’s ur opinion and tour intinled to it. Any namecallong made was twards Danielle, not you. If I could delete this myself I would. I’m ashamed at how I portrayed myself. Once again all apologies.

And by the way, MY twitter is still public. @ImStillToni “for now” lol. There you can view my Favorites on My Profile to see some of the interesting tweets from the the RHONJ Twight for August, that is if the sender(s) have not since DELETED the tweets *wink*. So as of Sunday night, I have officially coined Dina as “Dina of Zen Negative Positivity™. Quite an oxymoron, isn’t it? And please remember: if you don’t like and/or agree with my PERSONAL opinions, I am in NO way forcing you to read this web blog OR follow me on Twitter. I am sick of being personally attacked, I do not understand how makes Manzo MOB supporters think they, or anyone who disagrees with me, the right to barrage, insult, or disrespect ME for simply voicing my opinions on what I actually watch with my FOUR eyes (yup, blind as a bat without contacts or glasses lol). No one forced these heffas on a tv show called the Real Housewives – they ALL did it willing for a paycheck. Therefore, once you are a cast member on a highly-rated cable tv franchise, you DO give up certain “freedoms” (for lack of a better term) such as PRIVACY. If a reality tv show cast member decides to have a PUBLIC FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR BLOG than I, as any viewer, certainly have the right to voice my opinions as I deem fit; however, I do have a line of respect for others (a little thing called decency) that I do not like cross. It seems as if many (not ALL, I just said many from MY personal experiences since season 1 of RHONJ) of the people who agree with and/or support the Manzo MOB lack decency, courtesy, and respect for others in some crazy attempt to basically railroad (i.e. show shit down your throat/give ultimatums/personally insult you) for not liking the Manzos. To them, I say grow the fuck up. Not EVERYONE has to agree. Adults can agree to have differential opinions; HOWEVER, it is now time to stop the fucking madness. Seriously, stop the personal attacks on each other. How the fuck cares if I or Lynn do not like Dina and we TELL her – who the fuck are u, Dina’s defender or bodyguard? These are adult women who signed up for a reality tv show, they ALLOW all of us a peek into their lives and we are ALLOWED to form our own personal opinions: good, bad, or indifferent. Same goes for me: I may empathize and support Danielle, but you will never see me personally attacking those who do not like Danielle or support the Manzos – just don’t personally attack me and I would come after you with a vengeance and witty rhetoric…Just Sayin’.


August 2, 2010-RHoNJ Tweets: Love em or Hate em, there’s no in between for the Manzo MOB!!

If your face has a red X across it, please STFU Beard (allegedly)!!!

What started it ALL for me last night: @LynnNChicago did Dina REALLY just call u “u ass?” this from the bitch who PAYS Zen Jen for fucking nothing????

Last night, I witness both Tacky Jacky™ AND Dina “negative positivity” Manzo completely flipped off the deep end. Now I get that people are “human” (right Dina?) and react to tweets they do not like; however, if you are a big, bad member of the MANZO MOB, you shouldn’t dish out what you cannot take. I have a real issue with these catty Real Housewives cast members who feel THEY can offend or disrespect followers, issue ultimatums, say WHATEVER they want, then delete the tweets like a bitch. Or as Dina just did PROTECT their tweets as if they are still an active cast member. I did see Dina call Lynn an ass, to be exact her tweet stated “don’t/stop being an ass…” with some other stuff in response to Lynn asking Dina a question….and if I remember correctly Lynn doesn’t even follow Dina as of last night (correct me if I’m wrong Lynn lol).

Between Midnight and this post, I have seen Dina call my beloved LynnNChicago an ass, completely go off a new twitter follower who was truly just asking a question/stating an opinion while not being too rude about it, to the point DINA DID BASICALLY ADMIT TOMMY LIKES WOMEN’S CLOTHING, FLIPPED OUT WHEN FOLKS, MYSELF INCLUDE, SUGGESTED TOMMY IS ALLEGEDGY GAY, and has since blocked a group of us bloggers… 10am today her tweets were OPEN and as of 10:57am EST DINA HAS PROTECTED HER TWEETS. WHY? In the past hour many of my friends and followers simply mentioned I had SCREENSHOTS FROM LAST NIGHT and the bitch backtracked, deleted, and then PROTECTED her tweets. FYI, I left ALL Twitter links in so if you want to see for yourself, clik thru, add any people, feel free 🙂

So let me re-enact last night, shall I? In a nutshell AND allegedly:

“I’m Dina, I am so much better than you. I am alone ALL the time cuz my husband Tommy is conveniently never around. He may OR may not be sexually attracted to me. He may OR may not like to wear women’s clothing. He may OR may not use crazy hours at the MOBstone as a cover for having an apartment down the street that he may OR may not share with a man. I will block you as a follower if you are NICE TO ME AND PPL WHO ATTACK ME. Yes, I do believe if you do not kiss my ass and tell me you love, love, love me, you are attacking me so once again you have to decide –FOLLOW ME OR FOLLOW THOSE THAT SEE THRU MY BULLSHIT. I will reply back with rudeness & call you names, but then immediately deleted the tweet, deny it, and act all positive. THEN I will protect my tweets like I am STILL a cast member and important, even though we both know I am not. The $$$ I pay Zen Jen could EASILY be donated to Project Ladybug, but I’m paid well as a beard (allegedly) and therefore I can just throw the money away paying people for complete and utter bullshit. Now I’m off to go to bed, alone.”

Now I have to state this separately and in bold because it is apparent that there are many Real Housewives fans, especially of NJ, that truly do not get my and other bloggers/fans opinions AND TWEETS.

1) You do NOT have to be a Danielle “lover” to be a Manzo MOB hater. The two are in no way connected or mutually exclusive; in addition, if you do NOT like the Manzos, they or Manzo lovers have no right to automatically LABEL you as a Danielle lover. It’s basically groupthink and TEAM mentality bullshit.

2) Many “fans” and bloggers, like myself, simply follow ALL Housewives to be in the know. Specifically me,as a blogger, I follow these bitches to be in the know as for as gossip & scoops go. I barely and rarely talk to any RH cast member directly unless provoked, pissed or just wanting to be supportive and last night, Dina REALLY PISSED ME OFF & RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. You do NOT have to LOVE a person to follow them on Twitter. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and everyone has a block button. If you are attempting to be “positive”, why continue to RETWEET and talk about a tweet that “offends” you? That’s what ALL these Jersey broads do (minus Danielle most of the time): they talk a big game they cannot back up. THAT is why I will continue to ride their asses – I despise a hypocrite and a woman that cannot or will not back up the shit they spew, point-blank. I have NO respect for a cast member of the Real Housewives of ANY city who is so afraid of what she has said on Twitter she feels the need to protect her tweets. If you say it, OWN IT. Isn’t that what the Manzo MOB says about Danielle and her 25-year-old past? I respect blocking a person before I respect protecting your tweet account, Just Sayin.

3) My favorite tweet of Sunday came from myself during a surprising moment of clarity between a Newport 100 and a Coors Light lmao. I tweeted the following “Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight?” This is important, I don’t give a shit if you LOVE Dina or Teresa while I despise the broads, I’ll be damn if I start fighting with another person over these self-indulgent cast members who GET PAID. WE DO NOT GET PAID.  I am constantly defending my Pro-Daneille stance in my blog comments, to the point I repeatedly tell ppl if you don’t like it, don’t read my shit cuz you WILL NOT change my mind. I’m an intelligent, college-educated female who does this for fun but I know the different between right and wrong. I have always maintained Danielle is no angel or innocent, but the Manzo MOB has certainly crossed many a line over and over and THAT is why I do not like them – at the same time, when someone does do something I find funny or like, I can certainly admit it. I am NOT  a Danielle lover, I’m simply a Danielle Supporter who really, REALLY, does not like most of the Manzo family AND their close friends, point blank. That is my opinion, I have every right to my opinion, and I respect other’s opinions. THIS is how RH fans need to act: let us argue with the cast, not each other. I can agree to disagree and I can still communicate with you if I do disagree with your opinions…that is how adults in the REAL world behave. The Manzo Females live in a secluded fantasy land in which they can do whatever, whenever, and becuase they have money, clout, or maybe even inspire fear in some folks (seriously, Al & Tommy’s dad WAS killed in a MOB hit IMO…just wait til someone writes a Manzo tell-all called “Capo without Initiation” lmao).

4) Replying or tweeting a RHW cast member does NOT equal harassment. Apparently, Tweeting them something they do not like DOES equal harassment. Put on your big girl panties if you are going to tweet, the world does not have to love or even like your ass. Grow the fuck up, Manzo MOB.

Some of my favorite Tweets of the past week (especially last night when my ass was on FIRE & gunning for Dina, natch!)

My tweets/RTs from the past 24 hours (numbered):

  1. @LynnNChicago @Bravo_Maria@daniellestaub if your last name isn’t Manzo/Laurita/Guidice, Caroline doesn’t give a shit. Sad, isn’t it?about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to LynnNChicago
  2. @dinamanzo is pathetic people who think their important cuz they on a Bravo show yet CANNOT TAKE the shit they DISH OUTabout 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
  3. @dinamanzo @LynnNChicago isn’t that what Caroline does 2 ALL of em? she’s been iggin the girls, tsk tsk. Fuel the fire & watch em burn!! about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  4. @MadMaddyz get in line baby lmaooo I jk jk. Commentors always try 2 convert me but nope, I’m a @daniellestaub supporter 100%. Manzos R CRAZY about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to MadMaddyz
  5. @Damnert well then I FULLY support u LMAO I love a good plan about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Damnert
  6. & altho I get a lot of shit 4 it, I AM a Danielle supporter, can’t help it. She’s the underdog of #rhonj, I feel for her but she’s no angel about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  7. but seriously, I’d rather not say shit to any of them SO I can continue to watch them self-destruct. Just sayin *wink*
  8. RT @Bravo_Maria: @ImStillToni Yeah not even @dinamanzo ‘s hubby likes her ass, and I mean that LITERALLY! [just ONCE a week, in public]
  9. RT @colibrimoon: @ImStillToni she’s going to tweet a prayer real soon! it’s usually a prayer to St. Jude [complete w tacky red extension!!]
  10. RT @rosemarynsage: @ImStillToni Part of the reason he wouldn’t be on the show was prob to fly under the gay-dar.I am sure his pals r RH-
  11. @MadMaddyz WE BLOGGERS ARE THICK AS THIEVES!!! lmaoooabout 7 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to MadMaddyz
  12. RT @Bravo_Maria: @ImStillToni Yeah not even @dinamanzo ‘s hubby likes her ass, and I mean that LITERALLY! [just ONCE a week, in public]about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  13. How’s this for ironic..I forgot I unfolowed Dina weeks ago! Block away Beard! An EX-housewife isn’t worth following…just sayin *wink*about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  14. @Teresa_Giudice are you at a friend’s house swimming cuz ur broke ass didn’t put in a pool in ur tacky ass house? Can’t wait 4 the auction!!2:11 PM Jul 30th via TweetDeck in reply to Teresa_Giudice
  15. @Real_Housewives why do blog readers/followers think if we DON’T kiss Manzo MOB ass, we’re having a feud? No, I just hate dumb ass broads 😮 7:06 PM Jul 28th via TweetDeck in reply to Real_Housewives
  16. @Damnert lmao take it as a compliment BUT if Danielle ever blocked me, I’d be hurt. And go at her in my blog lmao about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Damnert
  17. If you quit then DON’T COME BACK. The show was better without you, your “energy,” or your fucking UGLY ASS CAT, DINA!
  18. Dear #RHONJ fans: @rosemarynsageis good people. Dina is just a bitter beard. Don’t let her fool u: the quitter returns. Can’t even be real!about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck
  19. @ImStillToni @ LynnNChicago @absurdtosublime Jac? or not? PM Jul 28th via web Retweeted by you (YES IT IS TACKY JACKY™, I confirmed by age & it works out so she’s had those boobies at least since age 18 lol)
  20. if you’re a new follower, check out my blog at Lots of #rhonj gossip & fuckery. If ur a Manzo MOB fan, don’t bother lmao about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  21. I’m about 2 head out myself…dying to read some recaps before I pass out…PROMISE I will blog something about #RHONJ later today about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  22. @Bravo_Maria don’t get y Manzo MOB fans do that. t’s not like hating us is an initiation rite or summin? r they giving Brownstone discounts? about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Bravo_Maria
  23. @Damnert I have since given up attempting to read Jac’s tweets lmao its like watching dust bunnies move across thew dry abyss lol about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  24. Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight? about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  25. lmao and since the Manzos need NO proof besides a 25 yo lies, I’m off to completely reenact last night, complete with calling Lynn “you ass”about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck
  26. AT least have the ball sto admit you tweeted the shit. YES DINA WE ALL KNOW TOMMY’S GAY (ALLEGEDY) AND U ARE A BEARDabout 2 hours ago via TweetDeck
  27. Seriously NJ housewives. 1, u lucky that twitter finalyl fixed the big. 2, if you can tweet it, stand by it. Trifilin ass Manzo bitches

Other tweets from my followers/friends/fellow bloggers:

Damnert @ImStillToni I’ve been blocked by Jac, dina, danielle, ashley, teresa. Never followed them, but blocked by all of them#BigGrin

LynnNChicago The best part, @dinamanzo has me blocked yet was reading my tweets, she had to SEARCH for me to find em hahaha<–as Ashley would sayabout 10 hours ago via web

Bravo_Maria @rawveggies The one that got fired-up was@Dinamanzo and Jac tonight. Man they got a can of whoop-ass tonight. LOLabout 9 hours ago via web in reply to rawveggies

LynnNChicago @dinamanzo didn’t notice that I backed off of her until she came after ME, she alreay blocked me so I ignore her, she dragged me into itabout 9 hours ago via web

Bravo_Maria I’m still AMAZED that @dinamanzo would admit to me on Twitter that her husband Tommy is a cross-dresser. Then she deletes the post! OMGabout 1 hour ago via web

LynnNChicago @ilikecakealot lol thanks! I’m a fool according to@dinamanzo SHE says her husband is a cross dresser lolabout 1 hour ago via web in reply to ilikecakealot

@dinamanzo it’s so pathetic that people have nothing else to do than write blogs and harass the RH cast members-get a lifeabout 1 hour ago via web

MarrrrryJ @dinamanzo Maybe you could just stop retweeting foes and focus ur writing on fans 🙂 Zennn

@ImStillToni I mean the fans that are defending @JacLaurita . I like the show & she’s my favorite/thats not saying much,but its true.

@dinamanzo @LynnNChicago isn’t that what Caroline does 2 ALL of em? she’s been iggin the girls, tsk tsk. Fuel the fire & watch em burn!!about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

WonderRobbie @dinamanzo haha I’m so using “tweetholes” from now on.about 4 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to dinamanzo

richncams @dinamanzo love and light much, Dina? Lolabout 2 hours ago via twidroid

@GretchenRossi be careful G, the Manzo MOB will turn on your ass faster than @BravoAndy drinks Maker’s Mark!6:44 PM Jul 26th via web in reply to GretchenRossi

@LynnNChicago WOW that was sumthin’last p.m. Dina back peddling as usual, ^5 for calling her on her BS

ul0vemeh88 @dinamanzo lol I think you kinda gave it away!about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to dinamanzo (THAT was in reference to Tommy’s love of show tunes, lol)

And from my FAVORITE RHONJ Housewife herself (LOVE LOVE LOVE U D LOL)

daniellestaub @ImStillToni love ya baby thank you!!!about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

daniellestaub @ImStillToni @realoldhouswife @lynnnchicago so trueabout 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

daniellestaub @ImStillToni I’m so grateful it’s not – I really don’t think they are honest or kind peopleabout 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

Updated: Just happened to stumble upon some of Dina’s Tweets last night that were NOT deleted lol… as I have said before, you CANNOT un-ring a bell 😀

Dina Manzo- Rhonj I am cranky lol, not putting up with any of the tweetholes tonight. Sometimes they just need to be told! 13 hours ago via Tweeter

Dina Manzo- Rhonj Dear tweeple, Please don’t be two-faced & be nice to me & the freaks that attack us. You know I don’t play the 2 faced thing. Thank you! Top of Form13 hours ago via Tweeter

Dina Manzo- Rhonj just came across something that proves to me how easy it is to weed out the phony people in ur life. Leave television & you’ll see who’s who Yesterday at 12:19am via Tweeter

It was these tweets, along with the MANY Dina deleted, that led me to finally flip and tweet the following, which I’m sure she is aware of since they continue to follow my PUBLIC tweets & follow me using fake accounts that only have tweeted ONE tweet yet follow hundreds, if not thousands, of people, more often than not BLOGGERS:

Dear Dina: I tweeted before you & I will tweet after u go into hiding. FYI, deleting a tweet does not REMOVE it from search engine caches 😀about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

If you don’t have a backbone, DON’T TWEET. *fake crying* if you don’t love love love me & kiss my ass I WILL BLOCK U. GTFO with the bullshitabout 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

Grandma Wrinkles reminds me of a shaved vajayjay….NO WONDER Tommy hates that fucking cat!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

If you quit then DON’T COME BACK. The show was better without you, your “energy,” or your fucking UGLY ASS CAT, DINA!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

Dear #RHONJ fans: @rosemarynsage is good people. Dina is just a bitter beard. Don’t let her fool u: the quitter returns. Can’t even be real!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

RHoNJ Catch-Up: Country Clubbed episode AKA “Let’s let Bravo Tape the Evidence!”

You can move out a girl out of the ghetto, but you can NEVER take the ghetto out of the girl!

T-Man: “Is bitch better?” No, but how about “litigation?”

“I’m the sweetest, I’m the nicest person”

OMG as I sit here watching T-Man twitch in her seat, I swear I’m watching Gia or Melia in about 10 years! NOW do people see that T-Man’s daughters are not cute, they actually “little bitches in training” taking after their mother?  NOW Gia’s comments do appear to be a lot more discriminatory, no?

Danielle:”What’s that ghetto thing you’re doing?” HAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY D! Teresa dresses and acts like one of Tony Soprano’s puttana’s from the Bada Bing!

T-Man: “And what, bitch? Now I live in a $5 million dollar home…”


Point, set, match for Danielle! DING DING DING DING!!!

I LOVE the dude who told T-Man “Show that you have some class. Don’t go out there.” LMAOOOO we ALL know Teresa has NO class. We knew this from day 1 and all of T-Man’s fans can try to justify it anyway they want, she’s complete GARBAGE.

Let’s be honest here: T-Man got unruly, disrespectful, and loud with Danielle after bragging about her home, which Danielle quickly pointed out was in foreclosure. Now we all know that the bank has moved to foreclose on her $1.8 (NOT $5 as T-Man bragged) million home in Towaco, NJ as well as their home on Jersey Shore and a house in Lincoln Park, NJ; therefore, Danielle was CORRECT once again. T-Man, completely embarrassed that “the coke whore” dared to call her out in public” went full on BatShitCrazy and did the only thing a bully knows how to do: go on the attack. Teresa Guidice is very overdue for that 5150 at Bellvue and I fail to see how anyone could doubt Danielle was indeed afraid for her safety. The look I saw on Danielle’s face was pure fear and no one can change my mind on that. Oh and let’s not forget Tacky Jacky™ the puppet, sitting there telling T-Man to stop AND THEN also giving chase, following Danielle and shouting “details” from court documents older than her waste-of-space daughter Ashley. Yea Jac, that’s a parental role model…and you wonder why Ashley keeps fucking up? Because you, your entire family, and your friends T-Man, Greasy Joe, Kim 1+Kim 2 continue to show everyone that how you treat Danielle is fully acceptable and okay. $5 says if Danielle didn’t have a felony record, she would have a license to carry around these certifiable bitches.

Ok, I had to stop as soon as I witnessed the hair pull. In fact, I paused the DVR and just tweeted this to Ashley:  “JUST witnessed the hair pull. @_ashleyholmes I pray you are wrapped up in litigation until you DO truly look like you grandmother #rhonj”

I see exactly what many other viewers/tweeters/bloggers/friends had stated: Ashley was very calm and collected. She walked over to Danielle with INTENT of physically putting her hands on her in some way shape or form. She certainly did NOT hear  or see that Danielle did anything to Tacky Jacky™ and in fact, Jac was busy trying to stop T-Man (finally, instead of continue to egg her on) for going after Danielle and it is VERY clear that Danielle was never c lose to Jac, in fact it was the opposite and Jac was trailing after Danielle, screaming details about 25-year-old court documents. Ashley has been scheming and plotting on a way to get her hands on Danielle for weeks, maybe even months, at this point and when that little bitch saw an opportunity, she took it. Now I will say while it could have been impulsive, THIS is exactly the problem with the Manzo Mob and other families that have the privilege of growing up with money…there are no consequences for your actions because Mommy & Daddy always justify, pacify, make excuses, or bribe someone to make Ashley’s troubles go away. I find it VERY ironic that I called it from the beginning of the season and if I was Danielle, I would sue ALL of the Manzo MOB for harassment, bullying, threatening…I could go on and on. Since Danielle is now getting book money, I’d leave this fucking show and THEN turn around and file a civil lawsuit Bravo, Andy Cohen, both Kims, and the Manzo MOB (just to show yall I am learning in school) for the following: hostile work environment, emotional distress, harassment, negligence, assault AND battery, invasion of privacy, and defamation (both slander and libel). And if you think I’m just pulling “torts based on negligence” out of my ass, Google em and see that when it comes to tort law, specifically torts based on negligence, only 4 things need to be proven:

1)      The wrongdoer owed a duty of care to the injured party – CHECK

2)      The duty of care to the injured party was breached through some act or omission on the part of the wrongdoer (this breach itself is what is considered “negligence”) – CHECK

3)      There is some casual connection and/or relationship between the wrongdoer’s negligent conduct and the resulting harm to the injured party – CHECK

4) The injured part suffered actual harm OR damage recognized as actionable by law as a result of the negligent conduct. – CHECK

In short, negligence is conduct, simply the failure to act (omission) by a person (or persons) that results in harm of another person to whom the person(s) owe a duty of care. If Danielle’s attorneys can prove the basic element of a tort in negligence, which is causation, then there certainly may be a civil case. And as you can see, I’m still debating about law school but I learned all that from ONE law class, so maybe Albie needs to take his lumps about that 1/8th of a point considering Fordham Law School (which I lived next to for the last 10 years in the Bronx) DOES have support services for learning disabilities….IF you inform the in the first place! No, not waiting until you are already placed on academic probation (which typically happens anywhere between 2.0 and under – lmao I speak from experience). I find it extremely interesting that Albie never stated the school was made aware of his learning disability until AFTER he was placed on academic probation. That being said, I love Caroline Soprano and Big Al as parents: supportive, loving, and nurturing.

Getting back to the ep…interesting that while Kim G is trying to get Ashley away from Danielle, Ashley yells “ I pulled her weave! Love & Light! Stay in the Positive, bitch” BINGO! You just put the nail in your own coffin Ashley. By making that statement, which you and ALL the catty women in your family have repeated throughout the season in an attempt to mock Danielle, certainly does to show you were quote aware of your actions, your intent, and now you certainly cannot backpedal with the claim “I hear D said something about my mom so I rushed to her defense (physically assaulting D) but I was in a frenzied emotional state.” Nope, this dumb bitch basically ADMITS intent by her smug ass statements. I swear, if I was a member of the Manzo MOB, I would seriously beat Ashley’s ass. Not with a wooden spoon, mind you. I would seriously put my foot so far up her ass Dereck the Mole’s momma could see the bottom of the Louboutin!

LMAO I’m sorry, but I love Harry for saying “you fast, like a gazelle” HAHAHAHAHA let’s be honest here, T-Man has 4 kids so yea, I’d expect she would be fast. “I’m going to stay here, so I guess you’re going to have to run me over. The bitch better come out to talk to me…” says T-Man. Now I didn’t get kicked out of Fordham Law School, but me thinks THAT alone is enough to press some charges against T-Man, so tyvm dumbass for providing even MORE evidence.

Oh yea, Ashley goes on a tangent about Jac picking Danielle over here and THEN admits, yet again on camera “that’s why I pulled her hair.” Good lawd is this child REALLY this dumb? And then when Kim G told Kim, T-Man, and Ashley about Danielle’s hair being pulled out, Ashley says “good.” Lock this bitch up. I don’t care what some of you readers think, Ashley is a spoiled, cunty, dumb bitch who think she has the RIGHT to put her hands on another and it’s cool to show absolutely no remorse. I can only pray that Caroline Soprano and Aunt Dina the fugly cat owner finally made good on all the’r talk and BEAT.ASHLEY’S.ASS.SINCE.JAC.HAS.NO.BACKBONE.

Sidebar: Is it just me or did Bravo play Big Brother “about to vote/end credit” music while Danielle was on the phone with 911? BRILLIANT!!!

Did Ashley REALLY just say “well technically I didn’t grab her hair, I grabbed her extensions, so that’s not really a part of her.” LMAOOOOO so that means I can go up to a woman with implants and punch her square in the tit (yup, pun fully intended lol) simply because it’s not “really” her? I’m telling you, Ashley has proven to be slow since season 1 when Danielle checked Ashley for being disrespectful to Jac in her home but this takes the cake!

Oh T-Man, that innocent act doesn’t fool anyone. You see how T-Man didn’t want to cooperate, didn’t bring a driver’s license, and actually defames Danielle to the police by calling her a “coke whore.” T-Man KNEW as soon as the cop asked her for info that she done fucked up and I thought the look on her face was priceless.

Caroline Soprano’s face says it all. She said right through T-Man’s bullshit version of the story, although we all know she would never admit it. That was a BIG clump of hair Danielle was holding in her hand. Energists are a bunch of bullshit IMO, but if it makes you feel good, so be it. (Zen Jen…Sarai..WTF is up with the types of vocations available in the Garden State? It seems like if the area is wealthy, you can certainly make up your own “position” and some dumb women will pay out the ass for it.)

Now we get to see T-Man & Greasy Joe playing pool on the table that is up for auction (which I fully intend to try to bid on and win at the auction) at the Casa de Grease & Crass™. T-Man has Greasy Joe wrapped into her saggy chucky, or whatever the hell they call it and now America finally sees what many of us have known from day 1, Teresa is the type of person who bullies other women, yet can’t keep it real with her husband. All T-Man is doing is spinning the story to make her sound big, bad, tough, and in the right and it is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

T-Man: “Did I do good?”

Greasy Joe: You did good baby.”

WHAT.THE.FUCK! I do not disagree with Greasy Joe supporting his wife. Nope, MrToni would and has done the exact same thing; however, a husband who knows their wife also knows how much she embellishes/exaggerates and therefore is smart enough to know things may not have gone down the way she describes to him. I’ll chalk this up to Greasy joe’s inability to turn his head more than 45 degrees, ergo he was unable to really watch T-Man’s bullshit play-by-play of the fashion show events.

Tacky Jacky™ showed her true colors when talking to Sarai….simply put, she pacified Sarai to “diffuse the hair-pulling situation.” I get a mother bear always wants to take care of their cubs, but there comes a time when you realize tough love is necessary.  Little-Eyed Chris™ is the SMARTEST person in the Manzo/Laurita MOB (although Caroline, while a bitch, is often on point as well, especially of late) and I do not get why Jac doesn’t listen to her husband more. Doesn’t it always turn out those that speak less and softly (i.e. chooses their battles and words carefully) ALWAYS make valid points? She thinks because she is 18, she can physically assault another person? She has no money, no job, no attorney, no life goals, no common sense…I could go on and on. And Tacky Jacky™ is sending very conflicting messages to her daughter “don’t say/do this, but I LMAO at it with you.” I have to agree with Ashley, Jac is INDEED two-faced. Just like when she called Danielle a “pig” in front of C.J., Tacky Jacky™ is not leading by example or acting like a parent – she’s acting like a Mean Girl. I’m just waiting for one of these bitches to attempt to make “fetch” happen, since T-Man somehow made “chucky” happen & that is the stupidest nickname for vagina I have ever heard in my life. I hear “chucky,” I think of that fugly doll, NOT female genitalia tyvm.

THROW HER ASS OUT CHRIS! YES, FINALLY! And there goes Jac, dragging up Danielle’s past yet again right in front of Ashley. I wish Chris would tell Jac to STFU with that bullshit…and on that note, this episode FINALLY comes to an end. THANK GOD. I feel like I need a shower after all the bullshit that went flying around. *sigh* Coming up next, Staub Wounds unfort lol..can you guys PUHLEASE send me some love & light?

Also, why was it not brought to viewer's attention that Kim D and Kim G are SISTERS-IN-LAW? That piece of info definitely shed a new light on Kim 1+Kim 2 and makes this photograph make even more sense.

RHoNJ: Last time I checked it’s POSH, not POSCHE!

Since I’m playing catch up, I decided to post my thoughts on the last four episodes of RHONJ as is (notes I write while watching instead of long, drawn out posts to further illustrate my points). No pictures, no Bravo blogs, no fancy links, just getting to the meat of the episode so to speak. So on that note, let’s talk about Posche Spite, which coincidentally I think is one of stupidest name for an episode yet, shall we?

  • Danielle has a level of clarity that’s surprisingly refreshing IMO. I like the way she handled Kim 1 @ Posche because she was correct: Kim’s the business owner, that’s her establishment and her employees…I personally cannot STAND when someone is on the phone and hold’s up a finger in my face. Either place the person on the phone on hold OR clover the mouthpiece and tell the entering customer “I will be right with you.” It is not rocket science, yet I cannot stand when a business owner does not follow “the customer is always right” rule – even if they are wrong, they are bringing income into your business so take it like a big girl and put your employee in place in front of the customer, even if you later tell the employee it was for show. In this economy, ANY business needs loyal customers with $$$ to spend, no?
  • Let me get this straight: Caroline Soprano is have empty nest syndrome and Big Al, who really is a sweet guys compared to the other husbands, tries to appease her and this bytch turns around and plays the “maybe u should retire” card! DAYUM talk about selfish! Ask your husband to retire because he deserves it or it would be beneficial for health reasons, but Caroline REALLY said “because I hate to be alone.” “How DARE they grow up!” Big Al said sarcastically and I have to agree with him wholeheartedly. Caroline, mothers go through this EVERY day…grow a pair already and stop being so gotdamned selfish all the damned time!
  • The name of this shop is POSH but it’s spelled POSCHE? POSCHE?!?!?! Is that how they spell in the Franklin Lakes, because I worked in Jersey for years and I KNOW NJ schools do teach people how to spell correctly.
  • WOW I forgot how slim Ashley USED to be lmao or should I say I really didn’t realize how fat her ass has gotten. Most likely from fast food since its obvious she wasn’t cooking while shacking up with Dereck the Mole.
  • T-Man “Sex is the only exercise I get.” No bitch, hiding $$$, flapping your mouth, and porking Greasy Joe IS the only exercise you get. Gotta admit, I thought T-man’s pig tails were adorable on her, most likely due to the fact they covered up her ginormous fivehead al la Rihanna. Ditto on T-Man’s hair down at Jac’s table.
  • “The Country Club is in Wayne, my home, and no one would dare hurt me here.” Said Danielle. Nice soundbite of foreshadowing, no?
  • Let’s call Caroline Soprano out on her hypocrisy once again, shall we? Caroline tells Tacky Jacky™ that she should go ahead and live her life due to Danielle, which I DO completely agree with. Jac is just a little punk and a scaredy cat; however, Caroline as avoided several recent events, including the cancer benefit, using Danielle as the reason as well as her baby sister Dina. So it’s okay for Caroline Soprano not to attend because of Danielle but it’s not okay for Jac not to want to attend because of Danielle? Caroline is so full of shit, her real hair color is probably brown, which she then dyes that hideous red after shaving her face in the shower. Caroline always uses her family to justify her not attending an event.
  • What in the hell does Kim G (or Kim 2) dress like she’s on Hookers at the Point? I swear I saw her old vajayjay when she climbed up Danielle’s steps in those Louboutins.
  • Ashley – STOP.TALKING.ABOUT.DANIELLE. Keep grown folk’s names out your mouth. Listen to your mother for one and shut.the.fuck.up.about.Danielle.already!!!!!
  • How did Kim D get Snooki & Tracey/Olivia/Jerseylicious lookalikes to walk her runway at the show? LMAOOO Ashley can’t even walk in those shoes…Christine Staub walked better in her runway debut than Ashley, vomit and all/ Shyt even GIA walks better than Ashley
  • And I gotta side with Danielle on this…to know about Ashley’s harassment of Danielle, act like D’s friend, and then have Ashley in the fashion show and not Christine? If Kim really wanted to remain impartial, she would have had both girl’s in the fashion show and not have T-man & Tacky Jacky™ at her table.
  • Ok Team Manzo MOB. PUHLEASE explain to me how T-Man & Ashley camping outside the bathroom when Danielle went in there is not harassment? Antagonizing? Petty? Childish? Anyone? Bueller?
  • HELLO THERE, DENNIS THE BODYGUARD!!! Where has “the Big D” been hiding you at?
  • T-Man is complete passive-aggressive, a bully, and disrespectful. I for one and GLAD Danielle told that bytch “that is fucking enough” because in all honesty, she’s right. This drama between the Manzo MOB and Danielle has dragged on way too long for one simple reason: the Manzo MOB take NO responsibility for their actions. This, dear readers, is part of the reason I’ve been slacking on blogging RHONJ – you can only beat a dead horse so much before there’s only liquid left. Watching these bytches completely drains me and if I wasn’t watching it on my parent’s 60 inch HDTV my father loves more than me, I’d totally would throw my shoes at the screen every time I have to see a member of the Manzo MOB.

On that note, onto Country Clubbed! Well, I think I need a beer & a cigarette first..but if I don’t get thru these episodes soon, I’m flat out giving up (I keed, I’m too snarky to ever really give up…but on principle alone for all new RH seasons if I miss an ep, I fucking miss an ep. These catty broads are NOT worth the agitta, kwim?)

RHoNJ Files: Ashley Holmes STILL can’t STFU aka Let Backpeddaling Part #2984 Commence!

I know it has been a while, my loyal readers, but today I can across something on my FB that I HAD to post ASAP! Remember this post in which I blasted Ashley’s Formspring account?    

How many FB pages can Ashley have BEFORE violating FB TOS???


Well I would first like to share yet another secret FB page Ashley has…apparently this is her “private” page whereas all the OTHER pages are for her to just publicly blast Danielle and Kim 1 & 2. Just for confirmation, the picture posted on this “new” FB page is the very same picture Ashley is currently using on her Twitter, so I do not doubt it IS her dumb ass. 
Secondly, here are several images from Ashley’s current “Fan” page in which she posts links that reference Danielle or she just continues talking about Danielle/Kim 1 & 2 without any regard to potential pending litigation AND allows “Fans” to post Danielle links without any editing (you would think pending litigation would cause a person to disallow fans from posting on their “Fan” page on FB in the first place, but we ALL know Ashley isn’t the brightest bulb in the box anyway so I digress).   
After reading some of the comments on the video ASHLEY posted (note that Ashley directly posted this to her page, it was not posted by a “fan” to her page otherwise the “fan” name would be first, then the arrow, then Ashley), I finally had ENOUGH! I am sick to death of Ashley Laurita, Jacqueline & Chris Laurita, Albert & Caroline Manzo, broke ass Teresa & Joe Guidice…ALL OF THE MANZO MOB & THEIR SPAWN! I’m fucking sick to death of watching the same disgusting shit regurgitated and remixed. I am sick of the way Teresa, specifically, bullies everyone including Jacqueline, Kim D, Kim G, AND Danielle. I said it months ago that if I was Danielle, I would think about suing their asses and I HOPE the case isn’t dismissed – sometimes you gotta face the piper and it’s not you, ManzoMOB!  

Oops, Ashley Holmes did it again!!!


Finally I decided to directly comment. It’s not something I typically do to people I dislike, but I figured why not, is she wants to continue to act like a CUNextTuesday (my new acronym for the other word I called Ashley that got some folks panties in a bunch), why not just tell her A) She’s trifiling B) I don’t like a hypocrite and C) It was MOI who publicly busted her Formpring to the point her Mommy got on her ass and made her shut it down.  
So this is my comment to Ashley directly: “I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Ashley. Both AND your mom have publicly stated on twitter that you would stop talking about Danielle and NEITHER of you have. Why would anyone believe a word out of either of your mouths when you can’t even practice what you preach? GTFO, I’m glad I publicly blasted your mindspring and I would sue your ass too, it seems like the ONLY way u will ever learn a lesson is to go thru the court system & have a record *Smh* Delete this if you want, but I already got a screenshot so have fun backpeddaling, as usual”  
Here’s a screenshot of my comment (because you KNOW being able to back up your shit is muy, muy importante in the blogosphere, no?):

My direct comment to Ashley on FB 7/16/10


Not only is Facebook one of the leading reasons for divorce in the US, it is also becoming a very efficient way to gather digital evidence. By merely continuing to have a “Fan” page in which Ashley continues to post anything Danielle-related could indeed be used against her and I, for one, hope it does. It may not be much, but here’s hoping this comes back to bite Ashley in the ass YET again and here’s hoping Danielle’s people are smart enough to document ALL the dumb shit Ashley continues to do in public and uses that shit against her ass in court! (I would fly back to NJ just to be in the courtroom gallery of a RH lawsuit ever went to trial!! Wouldn’t you?) My entire issue with Ashley is that I do not fault her for feeling the way she does about Danielle, not in the slighest. My issue is the level of disrespect she has for adults and mothers (as Danielle is both), the disrespect she has for her own mother when Tacky Jacky™ and Little-Eyed Chris™ tell her to STFU about Danielle, and the fact even after the previous court fines and now subsequent potential lawsuit, Ashley STILL can’t STFU! Is Ashley the Lindsay Lohan of NJ, never able to retain a lawyer due to her OWN stupidity.   
My Open Letter to Ashley Holmes:
Dear Ashley, for your own good, please SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT DANIELLE STAUB AND HER FAMILY. Stop typing Danielle’s name in every little post. Stop talking about her. Stop implying shit about her. Just STTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPPP a la Tanorexic Kellamity™…..seriously Ashley, just stop before you ruin your entire life when you are paying out your ass due to a civil suit. Just think about it Ashley, would Derek The Mole even marry your ass if you end up doing time OR paying Danielle restitution? I think not…you have already tained Dereck The Mole as is, better hold on to his as while you can before he reaslizes what a loser you are and runs for the hills!  Sincerley, ImStillToni.

Other than that, blog readers NO, I still haven’t even finished the RhoNY reunion, much less seen the past few episodes of BGM? or RhoNJ. Will be returning up north over the weekend so I fully intend to “try” to catch up with at least RhoNJ ASAP – all I can say is I’m still getting my house in order (which is more I can say for T-Man and Greasy Joe’s tacky masoluem) and I’ll be back to 100% soon enough. Feel free to comment below or follow me on Twitter @ImStillToni! Until next time, folks!
P.S. Before this post was even published, here are some recent comments on Ashley’s 15th FB page (as of this post, my comment is still posted): 
  •  Who cares about the settlement or if she wont stop posting things about them. I bet cruella deville (danielle) wont b returning those boots she broke wen ashley pulled her weave out lol. Kim G needs 2 b pushed down a hill 4 all rthat backstabbiing & lying she did with her old ass.
  • oh my drama drama and more drama.. if you would have read some of the other comments this week she only had to pay 222.00 all together for danielles weave and court fees.yes Kim G backstabbed well so didnt Kim D. but yeah there is a time when this needs to be let go.who cares whats in kim gs closet who cares what Danielle buys wears then returns I dont.. can we all play nice???
  • You said yourself no more posting about danielle on facebook and YOUR STILL DOING IT…your just giving her what she wants..she wants you to start drama about her..just stop all together metioning her on here shes not worth your time and your just making the situation worse…
  • Its funny but its also funny how u don’t stop posting things about them. Let it go.
  •  Why do you care so much about what they do?! “Drama doesn’t come to her as much as she creates it
  • Who cares!!! Stop talkin bout dem and focus on u and ur lyfe and wat u wanna do n da future. Wat a hypocrite ashley!! Didn’t u say STOP mentioning danielle’s name? STFU about her den cuz its gettn old!!What was the court settlement between you and Danielle after you PULLED HER WEAVE??!!! 🙂
  • ‎@Toni my stuff got deleted and all I said was “thought you weren’t gonna talk about danielle anymore. She’s crazy but come on!” lol I’m sure this will get deleted too…. So it can officially be ashleys danielle hate page, instead of what I thought it was “ashleys fan page” because that’s why I signed on it. But she felt the need to eras my comment because it wasn’t hateful or highschool towards daniele. Hmmmmm
  • Um… am I the only one that thinks this is going a little too far. We all understand that you dislike Danielle and I think everyone here does too but when does it stop? The show is the show and it’s great entertainment but when it trickles into real life like that, I’m sorry but that’s going a little too far…
  •  i am not a fan of danielle either but if u dont like her then why do u keep posting stuff about her? Jw… Idk i think i would just want to stop talking about the crazy bitch and get her out of my life…

RHoNJ June 20, 2010: Kim D, Kim G and Assymetrical Danielle Exposed (aka Dina Who?) Part 2


Offically known as Kim 1 (D) and Kim 2 (G) it just me or do they remind you of a gaggle of witches from Wicked? (Photo:


UGHHHHH here is Kim D, the scuzzbucket owner of Porsche who was friendly with Danielle in the shop and then spoke about her like a dog with her boyfriend at the Sheriff’s fundraiser at Caroline Soprano’s house.  I dunno how I feel about these two together, do you? Yes, I LOVE the drama they bring and I love the Manzo MOB is leery of it, but we still haven’t seen or heard Danielle’s reactions to the potental “two-facededness” of Kim 1 + Kim 2….in a dream world, the Kims will run thru the original NJ housewives like a gang bang, collateral damage be damned! 

Teresa: “If you’re a pig, own up to it.” (Photo:


Ok T-Man, here’s the real deal. YOU my dear are a fucking pig you’re damned self. You are crass and uncouth, have no social etiquette whatsoever, and the way you have handled the entire Danielle situation (including Steve) is completely disgusting. Popping out yet another child and “writing” a book that stupid Manzo supporters are flocking to buy does NOT make you classy. In fact, the fact you continue to talk about Danielle IN your cookbook, something that is in print and connected to you forever, shows that you, in fact, are the PIG. Remember the pig in last week’s ep with the big balls? That’s YOU, Teresa Guidice!   

All dressed in black – MAFIA STYLE! Ok I get T-Man’s principle, but I still call bullshit on it. What are we here, 12? Ok BOTH Kim G and Kim D are FRIENDS with Danielle. We, the viewers have seen the footage of both sets of women while, at the time, T-Man did not – I get that. Don’t invite Kim G to the party because she is friends with Danielle, it’s YOUR and Greasy Joe’s Casa de Crass & Grease ™, if you don’t want any Danielle associates in your home, by all means you have that right. However, do not sit up here and have KIM the Ellen Barkin wanna-be D in your home because she is even WORSE than Kim G! Why? Kim D has repeatedly contradicted her Danielle stance: first, at Porsche with Danielle, next with her boyfriend at the “sherriff’s fundraiser” and Casa de MOBstone™, then at Danielle’s “Christine” luncheon (in which Kim D made her fabulous speech about how real women chose their own friends, not solely going by what their man/husband deems to be correct), and lastly at Porsche again with Tacky Jacky™ and T-Man in which Kim D basically said she was only friends with Danielle for the BUSINESS. Kim D, you are officially full of shit! You business appeared to be letting Danielle get stuff on layaway and speaking very frankly about the Manzo MOB and Danielle’s personal issues – yet when T-Man confronts her, Kim D backpedals like Ashley. Kim D, I think you are the Tanorexic Kellamity™ of RHoNJ and I’m letting it be know now – if Kim D gets a housewife slot, I’m DUN (like Albie lol) blogging this piece of shit.     

No T-Man, you are NOT a nice person. No matter how many time you repeat that on camera, it doesn’t make it so or even remotely true. LMAO and I’m sorry, but everytime I see Greasy joe turn his head a little more to one side, all I think about is how much the Oompa Loompa is improving his range of motion, next thang you know he can parallel park the Cadiallac Escalade they defaulted on in bankruptcy court instead of using parking assist because he can’t turn his head to see around the blind spots! However, I can admit that T-Man was looking pretty nice for her party – for a mom of four how the hell did T-Man get back into that shape so fast?     

Ok time for some Real Housewife math (not Kelly math, I don’t have enough space to blog about that crap)! 
Kim + Kim = double drunk disaster  
1 Black male dancer= Mafia Style folks are NOT racist i.e. Greasy Joe’s ONE Black friend mentioned once in season 1   
T-Man = at least one cringe-worthy, inappropriate remark regarding her and Greasy Joe’s sex life per an episode   
Danielle = at least one exposed body party per an episode  
Caroline = at least 304720375 mentions of Danielle, who is dead to her in case you didn’t know, per an episode  
Tacky Jacky™ = at least 1 display of bad parenting and/or self-contradiction per an episode 
Dina = blissfully silent in her empty, yet obnoxiously over-designed and furnished house  

And does anyone else find it weird that Dina is ONCE again absent from this party? I get she quit the show and I’ve heard the Manzo MOB’s hints that maybe we’ll “see glimpses of Dina here & there at family functions” but CMON! She’s T-Man’s latest spawn’s godmother and she doesn’t attend T-Man & Greasy Joe’s 2010 housewarming for Casa de Crass & Grease ™.  (Please note: I had to specify 2010 housewarming because our fave Prostitution Whore moment was T-Man & Greasy Joe’s 2009 housewarming….which was held in a restaurant, not their actual home lol).     




ONE MORE TIME!!!! And another one bites the dust!


Awww how cute is Christine & Jillian? Christine looks cute when she looks here age – a little lip gloss goes far. And I loved seeing the girls just smile around Danielle! I’m sorry, Manzo MOB lovers, how can you really shit on a woman’s parenting skills when her kids are some of the most well-behaved out of ANY Real Housewives casts? Say what you will about Danielle, the woman, but lay off Danielle, the mother, perhaps?  I’m sorry, would YOU get any medical procedure done in Wayne Medical Center? It looks like Jerseylicious is filming at the Gatsby Salon NEXT DOOR to the Wayne Medical Center?    


Note to Bravo & Andy Cohen – I am NOT watching to see the Real Kids of ______. Screw the kids! It’s not about the kids so STOP GIVING THESE SPOILED BRATS A PLATFORM LIKE A BRAVO BLOG! Geezus, people bytch when a husband/boyfriend blogs (Simon B, Simon V, Slade, Mario) and these guys are more involved with their wives and the other housewives than the children! Case in point, after the RHoOC ep last season with the girl’s trip and Vicki and Brianna and Alexis – Bravo let Brianna blog about the EPISODE. The key here is EPSIODE. Ashley gets a blog for multiple episodes and she’s practically illiterate, with her immaturity, sense of entitlement, and lack of respect oozing from every word, sentence, and paragraph. It’s very unbecoming and not cool at all – the show IS NOT about these kids, it’s about the MOTHERS. Andy, I am THISCLOSE to giving you Jackhole of the Season for your continued support of these bratty kids! Right now, you are starting to border on NOT being good for the Jews, Andy! You’re on notice, buddy!   

And here we go! Kim D is first, telling Ashley “you are a 19 year old girl. She is a 47 year old woman, how dare she fight with you.” Ummm, Kim, why is it okay for a 19 year old girl to complete disrespect at 47 year old woman? To this day, my mother would knock my teeth out for disrespecting her, much less another adult. I know it’s not a race thing because Dina and Caroline’s parents obviously did not spare the rod (wooden spoon, anyone). Ashley needs to STFU about Danielle. LET.IT.GO.ASHLEY. And Caroline, listen honey you need help. You CANNOT control other people’s actions and words. This is not “Mafia Style” world where everyone bows down to you and what you say. If you do not want to hear about Danielle, you need to clean house and start by address your ENTIRE family, especially T-Man & Greasy Joe. Next step you be LEAVE the show….WTF even at a party Caroline Soprano has to decree what topics “she wants to hear?” As the season progress, I find that the Manzo MOB has a LOT of similarities to the RHoNY clusterfuck known as Jill Zarin, Tanorexic Kellamity™, and CountLess LuLu – they cannot stop gossiping about the very same person they claim NOT to want to talk about or associate with. HELLO! LEAVE.THE.SHOW. ALL of you. There are many, many, many viewers that would enjoying seeing a Manzo MOBless RHoNJ, so please do us that favor? Either deal with the Danielle drama (shit) or quit the show like the scaredy cat Dina (get OFF the pot). There is no in between anymore, why don’t these women realize that?   

And now, it’s Kim G’s turn stirring the pot! But is she really stirring the pot or just drunk, a little loose lipped, and being honest?While I do agree on some level, yes Tacky Jacky™ does appear to be obsessed with Danielle. Jac can try to spin it all she wants, but the fact remains Jac can’t even have a conversation with her son CJ without referencing Danielle – IMO that’s pretty bad, no?    



First it's "Shhh" now it's a hand in the face - do any of the Manzo MOBwives have any class? (Photo:


 So what do I think of this week’s ep? I think the Bravo editors had so little new material to give us this season we are forced to watch the minute disagreements play out over the course of 3+ epsiodes an arc. I am sick of looking at Ashley’s acne-filled face and those FUGLY homemade hats she wears which are NOT attractive no matter how old the relative that knitted it happens to be. IT’S FUGLY, just like this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. How many times can we hear the same recycled shit form the same people who continue to talk about the very shit they claim they do not want to hear in the first place? Just typing that sentence made my head hurt, so does Bravo have some sort of solution for this clusterfuck of a cast? Could a certain Mole be correct in that there are some serious casting changes coming for RHoNJ? Manzo MOB HBIC Caroline Soprano + T-Man out? Kim 1 + Kim 2 + Danielle + Tacky Jacky™ sounds pretty good to me, considering Jacky has more of a backbone when she’s not around the Manzo MOB, as clearly depicted by her sloppy display of disrespect to Kim G (or Kim 2) at the 2010 Housewarming a la Casa de Crass & Grease ™? What do you guys think of this ep? Was it even worth it? Are the blogs even worth it? Are you over it? Let me know in the comments!   

Previous Poll Results:The better show on Thursday night? With a whopping 79% of the vote – Bethenny Getting Married?   

And who is the REAL sociopath of RH? With 39% – Danielle is the reigning RH sociopath. (BTW, T-Man was in second place with 19%).  

RHoNJ June 20, 2010: Kim D, Kim G and Assymetrical Danielle Exposed (aka Who Else is Happy Dina’s Ass is Gone?) Part 1

What's wrong with this picture? (Photo:


This week’s ep of RHoNJ was action packed with….absolutely nothing! But we did finally get a better glimpse at the drama that downs down next week, aka how Ashley Holmes catches a case, so there is something to look forward too lol. RHoNJ Episode 8, Bubbies Gone Bad, includes Albie’s law school failures, Kim D, Kim G, T-Man & Greasy Joe’s housewarming for the Casa de Crass & Grease™, Cunty Ashley, and Danielle Staub TMI so due to the length of this post (what can I say? I just sit with an open Word doc and my hands just fly across the keyboard lol), I will be breaking it up in two parts.   

Danielle arrived late and with an entourage. Caroline Soprano is right, there is NO way Dina was getting closure. That’s because a smart person wouldn’t give Dina the satisfaction…but it is true…I purposely do shit to spite a person I’m falling out with…so if Dina called and asked me to meet at 8, I would arrive at 8:45pm just to piss her off and then laugh in her face for waiting the 45 minutes like a sucker – but that’s just me lol. DAYUM as soon as Danielle whipped out her implants, we hear Dr. Kassir say “ok this CLEARLY needs to be redone.”  I never heard of an implant not reaching “body temperature” but WTF Danielle? A staff infection, three augmentations, cold boob, no body temperature? LMAO Seriously, WTF Danielle? I am so glad she’s getting this corrected and I hope she used her book advance money to do it (now write another book so u can sell & move out of your ex’s home, then Danielle can call herself self-sufficient).   

WTF is up with the BLACKFACE at Lauren’s school’s advent garde day? Is MUD the new ANTM photoshoot? If so, I did not see any of the models smizing ot working it H2T (the fact I even know what those last 2 things mean is a sign I am truly a reality tv addict lol) I am so proud of Lauren, in all seriousness. She does look like she’s blossoming, she’s matured since the past season and it shows A LOT. Say what you will about Caroline, I love her maternal instinct and how proud her and Big Al are of their kids. Unlike other cast members, Caroline is often shown with and/or doing stuff for or about her ADULT children whereas Tacky Jacky™ and T-Man barely do stuff for the kids they have (although we all know T-Man is Supermom with no help. That’s not even a dig, I dunno how in the world that bitch find the time to take care of 3 bratty girls, a new baby, be up the Manzo MOB’s ass, be transfixed on Danielle 24/7, AND STILL service Greasy Joe of Trunkneckville™ on demand!)    

Wow did you guys notice how much Ashley favors Tacky Jacky™, especially when they both start crying and wiped their tears the same way. This is enough with the bullshit – TYVM Chris! Finally speaking up on air, nice! “Ashley, the bottom line is you have to be respectful. You want to come home? Fine. Tell me when.” Negotiating curfew when you are trying to get back into the BIG house is a trip, isn’t it?Crying because you do NOT want a curfew? 16 year olds can stay out later….Friday and Saturdays are 2am. During the week, Midnight/1am. Help out, keep your room clean…WTF Ashley! This is when I gotta say Ashley is a spoiled cunt. I went thru the same exact thing, I left my parent’s house because I did not want to conform to THEIR schedule and THEIR rules and yanno what happened? I left my parent’s house and my ass has been trying to get back in EVER since! Lmaoooo wtf was I thinking, wanting to be out on my own when I was barely being responsible? The grass is always greener on the other side and just like Ashley I had money, I had cars, I didn’t have to contribute any money to the household and YET I still wanted to act like a big grown woman in my parent’s home….NO BUNEO. The fact the 1st thing we saw was Ashley crying over the fact she has a curfew just reinforced my opinion that all Ashley wants to do is go out, drink, party, and fuck Derek the Mole and then do the ho stroll back to the Laurita household whenever she friggin feels like it. If I was Tacky Jacky™ and Little-Eyed Chris™, Ashley’s curfew would have been TEN PM during the week and MIDNIGHT on weekends, just to spite her funky ass. I am beyond the point I would PAY Ashley to stop wearing those horrible homemade knitted hats – they are not flattering in anyway and just make Ashley look even more old and frumpy. You’re NINETEEN Ashley, not 26! Good lawd, the bytch really needs an attitude adjustment, that life coach, AND a stylist, stat! Cousin Lauren, perhaps YOU could help Ashley cuz she is just a fashion faux pas walking around Franklin Lakes, scaring the children just like T-Man *shivering* Who told that T-Man she looks good when Greasy Joe can’t even look at her if she’s standing to the side since he can barely turn his neck? The ONLY time T-Man has looked good was when she had dinner with Danielle’s ex AND styled her hair with bangs, eliminating her Neanderthal-sized forehead in the process (ok, I typed that last statement before I saw the remainder of this ep, personally I think that T-Man looked HAWT in the gold dress for housewarming. Until she opened her mouth, that is lol).  

Oh and for those “readers” who have an issue with me calling Ashley a cunt – please get over it! If you old enough (19) to legally be called an adult and have moved out of your parent’s home at least once already, you are not cunt-exempt. Yes the word is crass, no I don’t give a shit, nothing you can post in a comment will ever make me NOT call her a cunt, so do us all a favor and just STFU, ok? My blog was around before you and it will be around after you….so if you can agree to disagree with me WITHOUT trying to shove some Manzo MOB-Loving agenda down my throat, so be it? Is Elvira the same crazy bytch in a green dress that was at running Bethenny’ speaking engagement at the JCC in the last episode of Bethenny Getting Married? Does anyone else find it weird that Dina is a friggin EVENT PLANNER per her Bravo bio, godmother of T-Man’s recent offspring, and yet T-Man HIRES Elvira the Creepy Planner when the bitch is broke and has since filed for bankruptcy (giving the time of taping I do think they were taping this season AFTER T-Man & Greasy Joe filed…think about it if they bankruptcy was filed last October and they filmed during the winter with snow ON the ground…me thinks these fuckers were faking it for the cameras the ENTIRE season, including the girl’s shopping spree in the first few eps, no?) The Casa de Crass & Grease™ is slowly filling up with more furniture that “magically” fell off the back of a truck, but still what reasonable person spends that much to build a house and NOT have the suitable funds stashed somewhere to properly furnish it? I understand how long and expensive it is to furnish a home of that size, it took my parents more than 3 years to furnish their home because my mother went nuts finding the perfect Bernheardt dining set that seated enough people and had the china hutch and a nice sideboard, yadda yadda yadda… we have seen T-Man & Greasy Joe drop 100+k on just furnite for one of two rooms and yet still have TONS of unfurnished space that they show on tv…I just don’t get it. If you cannot building a large home and properly furnish it before you file for bankruptcy, WHY THE FACE do you have an multi-million dollar home in the first place???? Talk about living beyond your means! Time for the Guid-ices to wake up in the real world and stop flossing for the Bravo cameras when your direct income is “allegedly” only 79k a year…   

Confirmed by B’s Twitter: Bethenny Nope.she’s fun,nuts,gracious&good at job.RT @JenJenn99: @Bethenny that Elvira chick is a bitch!Did u think that when u spoke at her event? 24 minutes ago via UberTwitter     

Let’s talk about Albie & Caroline for a moment, shall we? Wow, my personal feelings of the Manzo MOB aside, I feel so horrible for both Albie AND Caroline. Dealing with a learning disability is hard enough, but to make it as far as the first year of law school only to have the school basically turn you away is heart wrenching. Watching Albie cry really bothered me and considering I dropped out of college my 1st time RIGHT before I was kicked out (and already on academic probation), I know having the school administrators tell you to find a new career is like a giant slap in the face. This is the one time I wholeheartedly agree and respect Caroline Manzo – she loves her children with every fiber of her being and I cannot and will not say anything on this topic to take that away from her. Her fierce loyalty, support, and love of her family are a few (and I mean, FEW lol) characteristics I both admire and loathe and the more I think about it, Big Al is the same way, just not as vocally on the show.  

More to come….Part 2 will be posted shortly folks!