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Basketball Wives Reunion June 20, 2010: The MIA, the Leftovers, & Snaggletooth Catches a Case!

 Can I get a slam dunk please?    

Is this the new Fab 5? THAT'S wassup!! (Photo:


 Ok I gotta get this off my chest, I cannot STAND Tanika Ray or any other bootleg reunion host that has never been a participant on a similar type of show. It irks me to no friggin end and the only possible exception to this rant is when LaLa Vasquez hosts on of the plethora of VH1 reunion shows (cuz she’s bold enough to go in on these stupid contestants, UNLIKE someone wh *cough* Andy Cohen *cough*). Does ANYONE know who this bitch Tanika is anyway? She’s still better that bird-looking chick MTV gets to house the Real World aftershows (not my beloved Mark Long, who often hosts the Challenges on MTV…at least he has the balls to ask direct questions, good lawd can any host just ask the shit we, the viewers, want to know?) Ok with that rant out the way, let’s get into what went down on the reunion for season one of Basketball Wives. But first, why is VH1 so cheap they can’t even give the ladies a tape of the edited ep a few days prior to air a la Bravo? This explains why this chicks go CRAZY on Twitter/articles/blogs after a new ep airs – they gotta clean house for real!  

Did you guys know that Evelyn ending this with Tone mid-wedding?!?! See, to me that does slightly change the perception of Eve’s just a golddigger/she bounced when the money got low. Any woman who has planned a wedding, is married, or has been married understands how much goes into it and how much it would REALLY take for a woman to walk away, voluntarily, before signing that wedding certificate. To the point Eve’s dress is still half made? Nope, Eve gets respect from me on this, she left him before marrying him and if she was planning on it, she could have BSed paying for a custom gown and just banked the cash.  

Dear Gloria: Being a bitch doesn't make you any "realer." (Photo:


 Why wasn’t Gloria there? On top of the fact none of the “Wives” can stand her ghetto ass, she’s all about “Matt.” Hey if it were true, I’d cosign it, but I believe it’s bullshit. Let’s be honest, the one cast member who came off cunty IS Gloria, her cum-receptacle sister Laura, and Matt. Now Gloria is backpeddaling, giving her typical, uneducated “whatever/that’s what’s up/it is what it is” responses instead of just being REAL and saying “I felt like the Puppetmaster Shaunie tricked me into being on the show and helped me expose my family as a couple of serial gold diggers who just trap ballers by having kids outside of wedlock…and then those babies can’t even get my baby daddy down the aisle within 1-2 years.” YEA, that’s exactly how the Govan sisters are looking right now…they look STUPID and no one gives a shit about them. So PUHLEASE Gloria, do us all a favor and admit Shaunie et al. don’t’ even want your ass on the show, Shaunie NEVER wanted your ass on the show cuz your sister is trifling and u just wholeheartedly support whorism, it’s not a good look and it’s NOT what’s up. Oh and from this point on, not only is Shaunie the Puppetmaster, but she will be referred to as She Who Cannot be Named Like Voldermort™. “Matt Barnes, who?” Shaunie said it best, STFU Gloria and your wack-ass ball player that most major groupies aren’t even aware of.    

Is Sandra trying to be the Miami CoCo? (Photo:


Let’s be honest, the reunion wasn’t that great. We ALL knew about Snaggletooth Kethcam™ going after Sandra the Groupie with the Bad Implants before the finale ep, but did any of you realize Sandra just got off the friggin boat? Seriously, I was waiting for VH1 to put subtitles on her ass cuz she has to be the most ignorant-sounding heffa with a BAD whatever-the-fucking-island accent. I don’t want to HEAR her, much less even see her ass get a second more of screen time. As we know, anytime a shows gets greenlighted for another season, all the wannabe cast members start acting more ghetto and reckless just to be considered for the slot (I’m looking at YOU, Kim G!!!). BAM! HERE COMES SUZIE, DOWN GOES SANDRA “SHE’S NOT WORTH MESSING UP ANYTHANG” I’m sorry, I have an issue with a bitch who thinks she has the right to tell a man’s WIFE anything. Who the fuck is you, trick? I don’t know if I have ever stated this, initially I didn’t have an issue with Sandra until she felt the need, at both the “party she was hosting aka pouring drinks” and the restaurant patio, to tell Mrs. Eric Williams that HER husband don’t claim her and yadda yadda yadda. BYTCH, he married her and she has a wedding ring, how is THAT not claiming her. So he doesn’t tell every trick he talks to he’s married and if so, that’s on him, but who the fuck is the bad implant reject fresh off the raft that she feels its her right and her place to tell any married woman shit about her husband other than “I’m sleeping with him, Go talk to your husband?” When they replayed the scene in which Eve said “they ALWAYS hung up” it really hit home for me. They do ALWAYS hangup and they do so cuz these jumpoffs just like to make their presence known to the wife enough for the wife to bring it back to the husband, make waves, and then the jumpoff gets the husband by default. Sandra ain’t shit, she’s full of shit, and she needs to think about her daughter more than showing her fugly ass on tv and around Miami with that horrible plastic surgery…paging Dr. 90210, stat!    

Damn u, damn u Royce for making me cry like a bitch! Between Jennifer and Royce, I was pretty satisfied with the season and the reunion. We all heard the rumors about Royce before the show started and while I certainly didn’t jump on the “she’s a former NBA dancer/baby’s momma so she’s a trifling groupie” bandwagon..BUT I gotta admit we all did judge Royce based on what, 45 seconds of dancing in which Eve, Suzie, and Jenn were all standing right there WITH Royce? Yea, When Royce started breaking down and explaining how she reached out to Shaunie so she could have a voice, I broke. Deep down, Basketball Wives reminded of the first season of RHoNJ where it was painfully obvious to everyone that all Danielle wanted was to be accept and have some new girlfriends. Unlike RHoNJ and the Manzo MOB, these ladies (minus Govan) gave Royce a chance – even Eve would was Royce’s biggest critic. I can’t fault Jenn, Eve, and Suzie for being skeptical about the idea of Royce, not Royce herself: who doesn’t think all three of these woman (and even Shanuie) automatically transferred their personal experiences with groupies onto to Royce, effectively making her the posterchild for “THIS is what’s wrong in the NBA/this is why groupies destroyed my previous relationship,” which was completely stereotypical, judgmental, and unfair but hey, it’s the world we live in and lawd knows this blog contributes to the cycle, so who am I to stop the process?. If Evelyn can come around and admit Royce isn’t a bad person and u just have to take the time to know her, I’m convinced that Gloria COULD have done the same….but I think it’s Royce’s baby’s daddy Dwight Howard and his relationship with Matt that’s really at the core of this. I’m all for supporting your man and standing behind him, but seriously, Gloria wasn’t even woman enough to tell Royce “what’s up.” The LADIES told Royce what was up and Royce promptly went Layla Ali on Gloria’s ass at the gym.   

Before I get into the Tweets, let me clarify who’s who cuz EVERYONE is going in on everyone else lmao. Jennifer Williams is @REDCARPET_17, Shaunie is @Shaunie_O, Evelyn is @FirstLadyEve, Suzie is iLuvSuzie, Matt is @Matt_Barnes22. Having said that, here are some of Tweets from Sunday (reunion night) up until today. Yes, there were some twights popping off this weekend, folks!!     

Here are some of Matt’s Tweets, including Round 2 with Shaunie lol:    

  1. @REDCARPET_17 Yall post all the fake shit u want. Lookn like Joe Camel go shoot a commercial. Ms (Status) FukOutaHere!! about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to REDCARPET_17
  2. Plus I know I have sum yall rolln. I tryd taken the HIGH rd but these hoes think they sumbody know. #FukOutaHere w/that shit about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  3. Yall jus wasten yo time telln me 2 ignore or dnt listen. Fuk them b!tches. U give them a inch they take a mile. U dnt like me Block Me about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  4. And like my nigga NAS says (You Can Hate Me Now) hahhaha Gone!!! about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  5. Trippen we eatn good & liven good no sweat off r backs & 1 last thing we getting married Aug 21st & I bet u wish u were invited. (Cont) about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  6. turned against her & r family because they Listen 2 the (PuppetMaster) aka shaunie. Wat the f#*k would u do. Trus me we not trippn we(cont) about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  7. & 4 all u bbwives fans that think G and I r the bad guys Ill take it cause I LUV being the VILLANE but G dnt deserve it. That hole show(cont about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  8. @Shaunie_O color to adopt to there surroundings. Oh & do me a favor and dope the Oneal of ur last name like ole boy dropped you about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to Shaunie_O
  9. @Shaunie_O 2gether then u talk out the side of yo neck causes u couldn’t keep yo man. Ur like 1 of those lizards that change color 2(cont) about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to Shaunie_O
  10. @Shaunie_O Im kinda confused bout who u r?? U throw G a babyshower when we get 2 phx, ur fam comes 2 the crib 4 dinner spend holidays(cont) about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to Shaunie_O 
  11. For those who even care G didn’t go 2 the reunion cause once she realized wat kinda BS shaunie was on it was a waste of time about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  12. @FirstLadyEve&@RedCarpet_17 yall hoes enjoy ur 5mins of fame & when it runs out make sure u find another athlete/celeb 2 SUCK dry. TRICKS!!! about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

 Evelyn’s Tweets to Matt: On Monday 21st June 2010, @FirstLadyEve said: Stay in ur fuck*in lane homie! Don’t get us started on ur wife either & athletes! Cuz ur not the first! RT (cont) about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter     

Jenn’s Tweets to Matt: Do u wanna talk abt the model u smashed in NY then put in a cab while ur fiance was pregnant? Yeah, I didn’t think so CLOWN! @Matt_Barnes22 about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter      

Suzie’s Tweet lol: iLuvSuzie Everyone is asking where the bucket came from…it was my champagne bucket in my dressing room!!! about 16 hours ago via UberTwitter     

I left all the hyperlinks intact so you guys can see the tweets (as long as they weren’t deleted since then) for yourself. Also, here’s a nice post from MTO today which also shows the screenshots of Matt’s funky tweets , since I also have readers demanding proof. Or is that when it’s just about RHoNJ and the Manzo MOB? Makes you think, doens’t it? lol     

Oh and here are a few recent tweets from Sandra, the Queen of Bad Implants herself (@AGENTSANDRA007):   

  1. RT @GBILLZ @AGENTSANDRA007 “WHERE’S DA BITCH AT” ??Lmfao!!<=Cayate!!Lol.& bitch RAN bhind security AGAIN nd locked herself up in da bckroom 3 minutes ago via web
  2. RT @premadonna87 @AGENTSANDRA007 hey sis” why the bitch threw water and ran! .my only question” <= SIS U ALREADY kno das ALL she good for! less than a minute ago via web
  3. RT @premadonna87 @AGENTSANDRA007 hey sis” why the bitch threw water and ran! .my only question” <= Didnt i tell u she a #punkassbitch??!! 22 minutes ago via web 

So what have we learned from A Basketball Wife, Ex-Wives, Baby’s Mommas, Ex-girlfriends, and Bargain Basement Jumpoffs?   

1)    NBA players can’t keep their dicks in their pants   

2)    NBA players like you to drop a child or two at least 18 months – 2 years before they possibly marry you    

3)    Some NBA players will string a bitch along for 10 years and expect her to eat it, yet if you walk away from the relationship, you too are labeled a gold digger by default.   

4)    Being in a long-term relationship through college, pre-NBA, often happens. Often times these relationship result in children but can you really fault  or point fingers at a woman was in a relationship with their baby’s father/fiancé for a decade?    

5)    In order to keep a NBA player, you basically have to conform to their every needs, want, and desire. Unless he signs off on it, you can’t do it (I’m looking at you, Gloria!). All this tells me is that if you want to keep up your lifestyle, you gotta blindly follow the lead of a man who’s best asset is his athletic ability rather than his intellect.   

6)    The Puppetmaster…aka She Who Cannot be Named Like Voldermort™ is responsible for bringing us this entertaining nugget and for that, I thank her (and her divorce settlement from Shaq..therefore I guess I also have to think Laura Govan too lol).   

7)    Gloria Govan, Laura Govan, and Matt Barnes all look stupid, thanks to themselves and She Who Will Not Be Named Like Voldermort™   

8)    Suzie, Royce, and Evelyn will throw down in a hot second.   

9)    Shanie, Suzie, Jennifer, Evelyn, and Royce = THAT’S WHAT’S UP!   

10) Eric Williams is NOT the most attractive man on the planet, but it was nice to see him attempt to work on his marriage on national tv. Both Jennifer & Eric deserve some credit for that cuz they could have ended up looking as badly as Gloria & Matt, no?   

11) Gloria Govan is the Caroline Sorprano of #basketballwives, except Caroline has a bigger pair of balls & will just say shit to the other person’s face. Gloria can’t even keep it real and now none of these ladies even like her ass. Gloria has effectively been ex-communicated…hmm does this now make her this show’s Danielle? Or since her punk ass claims she won’t be back and how negative the show has been, does that make Gloria the Dina of the cast?    

12) THAT’S WHAT’S UP! = What a Kellamity! = THEBOOK = Just Sayin’ = BAM! = Thick as Theives = Prostitution Whore = Naked Wasted. If you understand that, then this is the blog for you 😛 

P.S. Dear VH1: next season can you tape/air the reunion a little closer to the finale and refrain from forcing us to sit thru 40 minutes of clips and about 20 minutes of actual content? You are bordering on Andy Cohen territory here, I know it can’t be good for the Jews much less any of us viewers. TYVM & see you next season (hopefully with more epsiodes with a new scapegoat)!   


BGM? June 17, 2010: Better come correct or testicles will fly!


This could be a kellamity!


Only 4 weeks until wedding, 10 weeks until Baby Bryn and things are getting extremely busy for our beloved Bravo Queen of Snarkiness and One-liners™. In this second episode of BGM? we met Shawn the wedding planner, see B handle her in-laws with Hoppy still out of town, wedding gown shopping, wedding registry guns, the Dog Whisperer 2.5, a Skinnygirl speaking engagement, and wedding venue shopping..geezus that was a lot in one episode, so let’s jump in!   

When B described Shawn as a “trust me guy” I completely get it. These people are everywhere, but especially prevailent in the service industry, no? Trust me, I know people! Trust me, I have connections! Trust me, I can make this event happen even if I have no clue on your vision although you you have repeatedly told me while being filmed. Shawn may or may not have eaten at the Four Seasons. All I can say is I would NOT hire any event planner who claims they can replicate an establishment’s ambiance who hasn’t eaten at their before, would you? Shawn already looks like a deer in headlights and it’s just beginning, folks!    
How sweet was B asking Hoppy’s mom Carol to go wedding dress shopping with her? And Hoppy’s brother, RIP…like any of us need another reason to love Jason more, right? The tones down B was nice to see, wasn’t it? B is still B even if B is being more restrained with the in-laws and I dug it. LENT! I’d be lying if the same thing doesn’t happen to me every year, although I’m not Catholic it never ceases to amaze me how I can remember Lent but the other half conveniently forgets every single year…right along with Ash Wednesday..Father’s Day…Mother’s Day…need I continue? Yes, nice save there not serving bacon to religious people on a religious day those of us who don’t really practice don’t give a shit about.      


Shotgun wedding = I don’t give a damn if I gave him the milk for free first! Once again, I applaud Bethenny for recognizing the situation for what it is and embracing it. And wow, the revised manuscript being due in 4 weeks as well is not the kind of additional stress any bride needs, much less a pregnant bride also filming a tv show but chalk it up to the game – this one show alone probably paid for their entire wedding so book sales are just extra pennies for these folks. AmsaleDOES have beautiful dresses…I fell in love with a platinum number that I could not convince my mother to buy to save my life. Awwwwww Bethenny looked absolutely beautiful in that dress! It’s true, when a bride-to-be spots a gown and has “the moment,” there is no turning back from that point. B was radiant upon spotting that first Amsale gown and collective AWWW @ Hoppy’s adorable mom! Ughh I’m such an emotional sap it’s not even funny. Buck up mama!!!


Is this THE one, B?

When Mrs. Hoppy 1.0 AKA Carol said B is like the daughter she never had and she hopes they could give B the family’s she’s been missing all these years, I absolutely friggin lost it! How long has it been since Bravo had a truly positive reality show….has Bravo EVER had one? I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW! (can u tell? About time our resident “underdog” gets her chance to shine!)     Now it’s back to official Skinnygirl business and Max says mingle, people! Jewish ladies DO love the single Jewish guy…have you ever heard of J-Date? If not, you must be living under a rock because there are cultural pop references aplenty about J-Date. And I also know people who have met and gotten married from J-Date. When two Jews connect, it’s Mazelful, I can’t make this shit up! However, Bethenny does needs to TRAIN Max. This is his first real job, much less first assistant’s job, so teach him your preferences…yes I was quite aware Max was overwhelmed and not paying attention to his duties; for example, Max should have been aware of the run time of B’s talk so that he could have the car waiting for her – she is pregnant and not necessarily being paid for anything more than a simple speaking engagement with no mingling afterwards.   


Cookie is adorable, loud but adorable nonetheless. And yes, I complete subscribe to animals picking up behavioral cues from their owners – like B ever really had many people in her personal space in the past to allow Cookie opportunities to be around other people. That is also why I get why Cookie like Jason is a big deal (if you are not a pet owner, I know it sounds weird, but I am and I get it). LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO and does the skincare guy really have roescia but is using the chemical peel as a cover? No matter which way you look at it, the skincare guys face was NOT a good look at all. I wonder if he did that knowing he would be filmed? As much as I want to post a pic of that guy’s mug and B’s reaction shot, I do not want to lose visitors over that nastiness. Let’s call skincare guy’s face the Danielle’s deformed implant of BGM?, shall we?      
Hahahaha Hoppy wants the registry gun and no, I do not believe B & Hoppy look like napkin ring people, do you? I love B, but sometimes I am thoroughly shocked and entertained at the fact she is so not into wedding details to the point she had no idea what registering at a store like Bloomingdale’s would be like. There have been times when I registered and certain stores a room at a time, taking 5-6 visits just to have a wider prince range. Yes, I like have a good mix of price points, but here’s hoping those rich relatives/friends/associates pick up the more expensive stemware or place settings. I am still holding out on someone buying me that really nice set of Henckles knives I’ve been wanting for 11+ years now…so I fully support two people who have money being realistic about the cost of their registry items. I also found it refreshing B & Hoppy registered at Bloomie’s as opposed to Tiffany’s, don’t you?       

Is it just me or does Shawn the wedding planner remind you of Buster Bluth from Arrested Development? (Photo: BuddyTV/Tony Hale)

Shawn’s first choice of wedding venue = the same loft used on last season’s I Wanna Work for Diddy. Seriously, WTF gave Shawn the impression that, with less than 3.5 weeks to go, B wants Shawn to somehow fully create an event in what was basically a blank canvas? Is this Shawn’s first event? Was he bullshitting when he was namedropping? Are you still distracted over how much Shawn resembles Buster Bluth? I know, I am too, but if you are a fan of AD you would also recognize how similar Shawn’s gestures and expressions are to Tony Hale’s Buster, so here’s hoping you found Shawn as extra entertaining as I did!    

Shawn: If I was Max, I would be terrified and I would be surprised if he still had both of his balls. Again at the Four Seasons, Max mentions B ripping off testicles. All I can hope for is that if and when Bethenny does it, she does it while filming…and then tapes a nice snarky confessional about how a man should know better than to fuck with a pregnant old broad who is working fulltime while revising a novel and planning a wedding – the men on BGM? have BETTER come correct, right people!      
And for those people who always thought Bethenny was such an uptight & cold bitch when it came to motherhood and working..I was pleasantly surprised to see this in B’s most recent Bravo blog: “Cheers to all of you mothers: it is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. You always ask me about how to start and run a business. All of you who have children and are successful at it could do anything to set your mind to.” For those people like me who do not/cannot have children, you never really comprehend all the work that goes into raising children until you are fortunate (or perhaps smart enough not to lol) have your own. I’d like to take this as a sign of the newer, more mature Bethenny who is recognizing it’s not all about business all of the time (I’m looking at YOU & THE BOOK, Jill Zarin!)…And be sure to be on the lookout for Max’s new single from CountLess’ tone-deaf producer (my friends) !! “Old Mc Donald had a farm, e-i, e-i MILF. With a MILF, MILF here and a MILF, MILF there, here a MILF, there a MILF, everywhere a MILF, MILF.”      


I enjoyed this week’s ep, did you? I have to admit, I’m looking forward to see Bethenny hand someone his balls, aren’t you? P.S. My generation grinds, especially after an open bar. Does yours?   

When Basketball Non-Wives & Baby’s Mommas Attack + the Puppet Master returns

Which one of these women looks different than the others?


By now we have all heard about Suzie Ketcham aka Snaggletoothed Basketball Baby Momma #1 (hereby officially known as Snaggletooth Ketcham ™) getting arrested at the reunion show taping. Suzie may not get the Shaunie O ‘Neal Meddling Peace Prize BUT Suzie’s actions at the reunion taping where enough for VH1 to rush the reunion to air. Check out the renewal press release and you will see the press release initially stated the reunion will air June 20th, but thanks to Snaggletooth Ketcham ™, the reunion is now set to air June 10 and apparently this craptastic show (and thoroughly enjoyable, for me anyway) is popular enough to already been renewed for the fall . I’m sure by now you have all read that the producers “allegedly” brought out fugly ass Sandra the Groupie with Bad Implants (whom Suzie previously threw at drink at in Jennifer’s defense) during the reunion taping as a “surprise guest” and Suzie went postal. As I have now seen from the Love of Ray J reunion AND Brandy & Ray J’s current VH1 show, I absolutely believe that Sandra was secretly brought to the taping for drama and ratings – so that puts the fault on VH1 and the show’s producers. Although Suzie did dump a bucket of cold water on Sandra, it may nto be viewed as assault. Sandra’s subsequent slip could be viewed as a VH1/producer liability rather than a Snaggletooth Ketcham ™ liability; however, be sure to watch the first reunion airing you can just in case Sandra does file suit and then it’s pulled from airing (a la Megan Wants a Millionaire/I Love Money 3/Charm School reunion where Sharon Osbourne went after Megan). Don’t say I didn’t warn you if and/or when that happens – DVR/watch the 1st airing that day.          

I, for one, could not be happier Basketball Groupies 101 was renewed and I will tell you why.           

Shows like this are more like PSAs for women to realize being a baby’s momma is not cool (as Gloria would say, it’s NOT wassup), much less when your baby’s daddy is a “baller” who gets hit on and can have other woman all of the country and/or world.           

So let’s give it up to the Basketball Non-Wives/Ex-Girlfriends i.e. he didn’t put a ring on it AND lock it down by exchanging vows: Gloria, Royce, Evelyn, Erikka Moxan (who? Lol I know), and Suzie          

The Basketball Baby’s Mommas: Gloria, Royce, and Suzie          

The Basketball Ex-Wives: Vanessa Davis          

And last, but certainly not least, the only actual Basketball Wives on a show entitled Basketball Wives – Shaunie aka the Puppet Master (technically, since the divorce has not been finalized as of yet) and Jennifer Williams!          

The ONLY current Basketball Wife


 Gloria apologies to Suzie: Whoa! Gloria is a trip. Fake as a sunset tan or a $3 bill (I say this because I have $2 bills in my possession so..). I feel Suzie on this, just curious why Gloria feels the need to inject her own character flaws into the actual apology? “It was just out of character and malicious….” Umm actually Gloria from what I have seen of you this is exactly how you come across: judgmental, holier-than-thou, rude, condescending, naive, and immature. Maybe Gloria is not like this in real life, but on this show she comes across as a real bitch. Let’s be honest here – Matt & Gloria’s wedding is schedule for August. Gloria is simply Matt’s baby’s momma at this point. How is Gloria ANY different from Suzie or Royce at this point in her life? Considering Suzie was with Mike since college, I can understand how she would have raised her kids with nannies (hello, new money folks especially by new college grads?!?) but who the hell does Gloria think SHE is to even comment on Suzie’s parenting skills considering Suzie became pregnant with NBA Baby #1 senior year at college; therefore, wouldn’t the use of nannies make sense? Regardless, I hate when a mother who has the luxury to afford nannies and/or chooses not to use the help of nannies wants to stereotype any mother that does use nannies – especially when they do not have a history together! Gloria is young as shit (24 or so) so unless she was hanging around Mike & Suzie when she was 14-16, what gives Gloria the right to make ANY statement in regards to Suzie’s parenting much less her use of nannies?          

Jennifer, Shaunie, and the big ass elephant in the room known as Eric Williams: I’m going to be honest here – I have no digs on this topic at all. Most of the people in MY fabulous circle of friends are NOT married and have no clue what is truly involved in a marriage. I always say “if you can pick up your shit and leave without filing a legal document that says you are legally no longer attached, then STFU.” I HATE when the term wife or husband is used when a marriage has not occurred and my only exception to this is gay marriage – I think it completely devalues the legal union between two consenting adults (note: I did not say a man & a woman). THIS is why our society is in a decline – because being a baby’s momma is more profitable/popular than being a wife. Having said that, I believe this moment between Jennifer & Shaunie is one of the most poignant in the entire series to date: what does a Basketball Wife do when you can no longer support or condone your husband’s actions and the repercussions of your decision regarding your marriage. On a personal level, I get it, I understand it, and I respect Jennifer focusing on her & Eric as a couple rather than rumors, innuendo, gossip, or man-bashing from Eve & Snaggletooth Ketcham ™. 
  Suzie, Gloria, and Royce the Twitter-Crazy Cheerleader: Suzie was wrong for the ambush tactic (little RHoNY/Jill Zarinish, no?). Gloria needs to step back and realize she is NO different from Royce – both are NBA baby’s mommas – so she can STFU with the “you’ll never be like me” bullshit. What does that even mean? A young woman who never lived an adult life because she was knocked up by a ball player in her early 20s and he still hasn’t married her? Royce, who can be immature at times, reminds me of myself – once I say I’m DONE with a person, I am DONE. I don’t want to talk to you, try to work it out, be cordial – Nope, bitch. I’M D-O-N-E. While Royce is running around town defending Gloria and says how nice she is, Gloria is running all over town and taping confessionals that are so catty and contradictory part of me wishes Royce knocked her ass out in the self-defense class. I’d respect Gloria a hell of a lot more if she was woman enough to be upfront with Royce instead of stringing her along, wouldn’t you?          

The Last Supper 

 From Royce’s Twitter: things are alot better now. We all get along w/ the exception of “that’s whts up” 6:32 PM Jun 1st            

Very interesting dinner indeed. The women finally address more elephants in the room: Jennifer’s marriage, the group’s feelings about Royce, Royce vs. Gloria, Shaunie vs. Gloria (and her sister Laura), and everyone vs. Gloria. 

 –      Jennifer decided to stick it out with Eric and for that, I applaud her. It’s one thing to stay in an unhappy marriage and another to admit fault and agree, as a couple, to attempt to move forward in order to salvage the marriage.–      Evelyn admits that although she pretty much had issues with Royce the entire time filming, she now realizes Royce is a good person and not another “dancer/jumpoff” that the women judged her for being. In fact, Royce astutely points out that everyone likes her…Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, and Shaunie. Gloria is the only person who has a problem with Royce. Which leads us to …        

 –     Royce vs. Gloria: Royce is right on the money this time, Gloria is a judgmental hypocrite who’s incapable of clearly expressing the reasoning behind her opinions and actions. Case in point, Gloria did a recent interview in which she states she will not be back for Season 2. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Your storyline isn’t exactly drama-free, though. When you talk about Royce you say to fraternize with her would be like sleeping with the enemy. Gloria: What I mean by that is Royce is Dwight Howard’s baby mother, and Matt is on the same team as Dwight Howard, so being friends with Royce is not worth messing up Matt’s team camaraderie. If Royce comes over here and we’re all buddy-buddy and Matt’s around, that could really end up messing up Matt and Dwight’s friendship.        

Not to say Gloria is not raising a valid concern about Dwight & Matt, but for all we know that is just what Matt is telling her. For all we know, Royce has so many dancer friends and has been in the league long enough to know some real dirt of Matt and that’s the reason why Matt is shitting on any attempt of the baby’s mommas forming some sort of relationship. Being civil to Royce is not the same as being a friend – a grown woman could see the distinction and adjust accordingly. And if Gloria & Matt has no intention of coming back for Season 2, why not just be civil for the cameras? Nope, Gloria ain’t fooling me with this bullshit at all. I love when a woman says she can’t be friends with another woman due to her man and her man’s friends issues with said woman; interestingly enough both the religious Gloria, Laura, and Dwight has babies out-of-wedlock. That’s wassup, Gloria, that is wassup!          

 –     Shaunie vs. Gloria/Laura as well as everyone vs. Gloria/Laura: One of my biggest pet peeves is a person who condemns something they are also supporting, whether inadvertently or intentionally. We have all seen, heard, and read the gossip regarding Gloria’s sister Laura having an affair with Shaq while still engaged (and a baby’s momma) of Gilbert Arenas. We have heard that Shaunie somehow convinced Laura to make the texts and photos public and that is the reason Shaunie got a bigger settlement. We have heard that Shaunie was once friends with both Laura and Gloria and that Shaunie did not want Gloria to be on the show in the first place! I agree with Shaunie 100% on this – if Shaunie was a “friend” and your sister is caught up in a jumpoff scandal with your friend’s husband, wouldn’t you at least say something along the lines of “Girl I’m sorry that happened, I wasn’t aware of anything, but that is my sister and I would like to keep our friendship separate. Whatever is going on between you and my sister Laura is between you two” in a nicer way that Gloria’s ghetto ass F-U to Evelyn when it was brought out at dinner? That was Shaunie’s point and it was quite apparent the other women agreed as well. Gloria is always talking some immature nonsense about how wonderful & healthy her relationship with Matt is around women that have been damaged and hurt – where is Gloria’s sense of decency or tact? Whenever a woman goes on and on about how perfect her relationship is, I often find they are the next person to be dumped or divorced – women always tend to over-exaggerate things to other women, especially when it comes to relationships and possessions. Cattiness is in our DNA, we can’t help it! But I was pleasantly surprised to see ALL the ladies agree with the sentiment that Gloria and her funky, judgmental, and cold attitude was not supportive, appreciative, or kind in any way. When one or two people have a different sentiment, then I would say “those 2 have a problem” i.e. Evelyn & Jennifer at Gloria & Matt’s house (although I think those 2 know that Matt is/was cheating and Gloria’s cocky ass is the reason they will not/may not just tell her directly). But when you have a group of women and the majority agrees, then the one who abstains is typically the source. In this case, ALL the women agreed Gloria is the source of distention in the ranks. When this group of women accept the “baby’s momma/dancer/jumpoff” over the “fiancé/soon-to-be-wife/baby’s momma,” yanno there’s a ring of truth to the consensus.         

Some Matt Barnes gossip: So now Matt Barnes is getting at Shaunie on Twitter, reason being he “cannot say what he truly wants to say now because the NBA will fine him”…but long story short Shaunie “allegedly” tricked Matt & Gloria into agreeing to be on the show *insert eye roll here*


There’s a nice pic going around of Matt with some random chick named Leanne Massey who may or may not be Matt’s college girlfriend….how knows the date of the picture, but I’m a big fan of photographs, aren’t you? Take a look at the article that was on MTO, complete with a picture. And here are 2 more pics: the original of the pic posted on MTO and another pic of him with Leanne…hmmmm?         

Who is this, Matt?


Let’s see if there is a Barnes-Govan wedding in August and if there is a wedding, let’s see how many jumpoffs step forward from this point. IF Gloria marries Matt and it turns out she was “aware” of some infidelity, wouldn’t that make her exactly like Evelyn? Is that wassup today in the streets, Gloria? Practice what you preach, #bird.      

And make sure you tune into the reunion on VH1 on June 10 and I will be back with a reunion wrap-up of Basketball Jumpoffs! 

Basketball Wives or Basketball Jumpoffs, 1-soon-to-be-divorced Wife, and the Puppetmaster

Shaunie: Eric’s coming around…Eve don’t give a shit about Antoine

Royce looks like a deer in headlights and I don’t blame her ass – I’M terrified even hearing these Basketball Jumpoff stories.

Erika: ex-girlfriend of Rasual Butler

Suzie got wood – so does that mean she got a dick? Is this the Crying Game, Miami?

 This episode we have:

1 meet for drinks

3 lunches

1 meet for a mani/pedi

1 cooking class

2 thrown drinks at another “meet” which is just code for Suzie setting up Vanessa for Eve

Committing a crime against the bitch you “allegedly” claim is cyber stalking you=PRICELESS 

Eve’s stalker: Suzie’s friend Vanessa Davis (The 2nd Basketball Wife on a show entitled “Baseketball Wives, whodathunkit!). BTW, Suzie was with a pro-baller since PEPPERDINE and that snagletoothed bitch can’t afford a orthodontist? GTFO.

Evelyn says “bitch” at least 27 times before throwing the drink in Vanessa’s face. That is not a judgement, that’s just an observation. Ironically Eve has been RE-tweeting “if you’re a Christian…” LMAOOO THAT is why I found this scene a riot! I’m sure as hell not a reilgious person by any means but I’m pretty sure God would vote Evelyn OFF the island Her/His damned self!!! We now learn that being a Basketball Fiancée for a Decade trumps a “bottom of the totem pole” Basketball Wife – who knew? Considering California is a community property state, doesn’t that make Vanessa at least the 3 or 4th block on the totem pole and Evelyn the dirt under the base of said pole of NBA skanks? Good lawd I hope these hoes have a flow chart we can download to figure this out. 

What woman would hire a PI, press charges, and then fly across the country to “confront” the person she believes is cyber-stalking her? If Eve doesn’t have real proof, doesn’t that make EVE the stalker? And all the while Suzie’s head is turning back and forth like a tennis match and yet Vanessa is pretty calm & collected, all things considered. Eve & Vanessa, take 47!

Oh Gloria, Gloria, Gloria…heffa you popped out twins and Matt hasn’t wifed you yet and HERE comes the “evidence” that you too will not even be in the 96%, Gloria is right next to Eve.  Looks like Eve & Jennifer were right on the money about Matt & Gloria. Apparently Matt DOES NOT just keep his ass in his hotel room when on the road. 

I’m sorry, but I did not realize that there was an UP HERE and down there level of reality shows. Basketball Wives has to be the most bootleg, bottom basement reality show VH1 has ever put out! Does that mean I will stop watching it? HELL NO. I’m simply pointing out that as a person who pretty much watches everything (or at least A LOT of crap) even I have to admit 

Say what you want about Shaunie, I respect homegirl’s game. Between Gloria’s sister airing Shaq’s dirty laundry for a better divorce settlement (allegedly) 

Question: Can someone, preferably a Miamian, PUHLEASE tell me if Jennifer wears contacts? I swear at least one scene in the last ep I saw Jen with brown eyes…not the grey shit she be trying to pull off! I’m not knocking babygirl’s hustle – I caught MrToni wearing both hazel and grey contacts; however, I never acted like those were MY biological eyes. The were MY eyes simply cuz I paid for them but Jen walks around like her shit don’t stink so I’m just curious….for the life of me I cannot tell if she wears a weave BUT if it is a weave, GOTDAMN that’s one of the best weaves I’ve ever seen! Looking at it and knowing my own natural hair, I’m thinking it truly could be her own but the EYES….the eyes are killing me! 

And is it just me or does Eve, as a businesswoman and owner, hardly spend ANY time at her shop and just spends…spends…spends…yet constantly lets viewers in on her “struggles as a single mom” and how she left Antoine with nothing. So go WORK bitch, damn! 

I like Royce – yea she can be too extra at times, but she’s young, single, and an extremely talented dancer. Uh oh, first Vicki, then Danielle, now Royce! Maybe I, like Jill Zarin, also like the underdog! LMAO I like a fair fight and if that means I jump bandwagons as I deem necessary, so be it. Regardless of the bandwagon I’m on at the moment, I will always be true to my original “team” so I want Royce get a little more respect and Gloria to be KO’ed….dumb bitch talking down to folks and all she is a NBA baby’s momma…just like Royce! Even worse, Gloria had Matt’s twins and he still didn’t marry her, at least Royce got knocked up by her college boyfriend. 

And just so I let it be publicly known, one of my few rules is that a woman SHOULD NOT run thru crews, family, or your ex’s friends. More importantly, if a woman is on a relationship with a man on the level of engagement or marriage, you REALLY need to check your circle and/or family. True, Gloria’s sister Laura is a grown ass woman, but she is a grown ass baby’s momma of Gilbert Arenas’ who allegedly slept with Matt’s (her future brother in law) ex-married teammate Shaquille and Gloria is friends with Shaunie – MESSY AS THE DAY IS LONG – so no, Laura Govan you are nothing but a trifling homewrecker and I find it highly hypocritical Gloria looks down on Royce for less. 

And Shaunie being an exec producer on her own show, rarely being on it except occasionally segments and confessionals, all the while having Gloria (and by extension, her sister Laura) on the show is not only gangster, but nothing short of evil genius if Laura did “allegedly” leak Shaq’s texts  to the media, allowing Shaunie to get better divorce settlement by default. BRAVO Shanuie…now THAT is how a now-ex Basketball Wife handles her business!