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BB12 Week 8: Double Eviction & HoH/Nom Spoilers (Does ANYone even care anymore?)

And then there were five sucky houseguests...

Quick review for those who were under a rock on Thursday night lol
Week 7 HOH: Brit
Week 7 Noms: Matt & Lane
1st eviction: Matt
1st DE HOH: Hayden
1st set of noms: Brendon (as a pawn per the Wackade™) & Ragan
POV Winner: Ragan (removed himself from block)
New noms: Britney & Brendon
2nd Eviction: Brendon
2nd HoH/Week 8 HoH: Not shown on episode (results later in post)

Let’s talk the original noms for Week 7, Matt & Lane. I have to say HALLELUJAH Professor McDouche™ has FINALLY stopped sucking on the emotional teet (or peen if you will) and opened his eyes TO THE GAME! And all it took was Matt finally getting caught throwing him under the bus. While I am enjoying Ragan’s Sybil –like personality changes once again, I still think he’s douchey. For example: the way he plays up to the cameras during the live shows, if he acted like that around the house more often instead of being so judgmental and condescending, I could have remained on the Ragan train. Nope, for someone who has demanded other people “be real,” Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ is still the fakest in the house IMO.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m at the point I really do not care who wins lmao I think the Final 5 suck, but then again I like real strategy, not coasting or floating. Having said that, I think I am about to surprise some folks with my breakdown.

Ragan: As you probably expected, I do not want Ragan IN the F3, F2, or winning America’s Player. The crybaby already got 20k for doing nothing so I pray he gets the boot F3 (or sooner) just so it hurts him that much more. He should have been playing strategically from the beginning instead of becoming obsessed with Brenchel and for that, he should pay for his mistake considering he is a fan of BB as he proclaims.

Britney: I wouldn’t mind her getting to F3 or F2, but I do not want her to win anything at this point. I honestly am not a fan of women using their looks/emotions as a strategy and we ALL know, as both Lane & Brendon confirmed this week, that’s exactly what Brit did. She is a fierce physical competitor, she won the most comps to date and is tied with Brendon; therefore, Brit truly did not HAVE to rely on her looks or feminine charm, but she did. Once again, she furthers the stereotype that a woman cannot win BB on a player strategy. I love Jordan, and she stepped up when she had to, BUT Jordan was smart enough to play a good social game with the house whereas Brit just sucked up to the men in the house and coasted. Can we ALL admit that Rachel was right in that Brit wanted to be the last female standing in the game now? It’s obvious and it makes me dislike Brit that much more. Brit could have done it without attaching herself to a man but chose not to. That was her strategy and I think if for some reason she’s evicted soon, that will be the reason. It’s hard to trust a woman who attached herself like a leech to any man….it’s like she has a fear of being alone. Only ONE person wins Brit and I think she ended up playing herself. In addition, Mrs. Trustworthy has already talked shit about Ragan behind his back since last night, nice huh?

Enzo: Say what you want about this asshole, he’s social game is tight. IF he made it to the end, I would really have to hear him explain his game strategy but we all know he truly was the Wackade™ mastermind and carries a lot of weight with Lane/Hayden although Hayden & Lane have a F2 alliance Enzo doesn’t know about.

Lane: At this point, I wouldn’t mind Lane taking it all. First, his strategy of not getting his hands dirty by using Britney has been genius. Next, he didn’t put a target on his back by not wining anything, as he had no reason to with the Wackade™ and his side alliances. Unlike Hayden, all he won this season was a phone call from home, which completely plays into his “I’m a good ole country boy” persona. Lane has laid low, not gotten into any arguments (or fight another’s battles), and played Brit like a fiddle. While I personally have some issues with things he does (such as the killing animals for fun and “beating his down until he bled”) I do genuinely enjoy watching The Beast.

Hayden: At this point, I want  Hayden to win. If for nothing, for the fact he finally has figured out he doesn’t need to shout in the DR. But seriously, this kid has had a solid strategy from day one that was only slightly messed up by Kristen, but if you look at his DRs/actions in retrospect he truly is sticking to a solid plan where he doesn’t play emotionally but knows how to play to and with people’s emotions if need be. I’d be lying if I said I did not enjoy Hayden & Lane the most this season (I like Brendon & Rachel separately and together when not locked at the tongue)…but if I had to put money on it, Hayden could get enough jury votes when you look at the remaining 5 – even Brendon, Rachel, and Matt’s vote IMO.


Week 8 HOH: endurance HOH that lasted all the way into BBAD resulted in LANE winning HOH. After the comp, the Final 5 sat around the table, eating and doing what they do best…continuing to bash Brendon AND Rachel (by association). Seriously, I couldn’t listen to more than 3 minutes before I shut down my feeds and started watching BBUK11 and UBB. And while I watched the feeds today, most of the time when the 5 are together they CONTINUE to talk about Brendon & Rachel ad nauseam. It’s was irritating and catty to say the least.

Friday’s conspiracy theory: Hayden did not ding the buzzer AND/OR threw the 2nd place card outside of his box so that he technically did not run 2 full lengths (since Julie said you can only carry 1 name at a time). in order to win the HOH competition. LMAO I know, I know, believe me. But it is interesting when you watch it and I can’t call it either way. Check out 2:14 – due to the camera angle, Lane actually blocks Hayden so we cannot see if he hits it or not. All we actually see is him slamming the card in the slot and then walking forward as Brendon comes running up and slamming his hand on the buzzer. We hear Brendon’s hand hit, but no ding for either of them. MEH, I don’t even really care either way at this point

Nominees are: Enzo & Ragan. Per Hayden, Enzo is the pawn lol. Ragan studied everything

ANOTHER Pandora’s Box: Here we go again! Lane gets a PB 4.0 and as one could expect, he opens it. Apparently Lane had several envelopes to choose from and he chose 3 punishments and 3 rewards. We learned Lane won $91.17 and a punishment was that they now have no drinking glasses or utensils (thank God because they also awoke to an ant & roach infestation because NONE of the remaining hammies clean anything). As of now the hammies are drinking out of bowls…considering none of them clean I fail to see the infestation stop anytime soon.

Saturday morning feed watchers were treated to the following message:  At 7:20am today there was power outage in Studio City, CA which caused the feeds to drop. Provided the power returns, the feeds will be back shortly.

Needless to say, this Final 5 is so boring and basically on Brenchel-bash auto repeat I’ve tuned them out. UBB/BBUK is much more exciting IMO, once again Grodner gives us a shitty BB cast with recycled competitions and twists (I am BEGGING Grodner to use UBB’s Clown next season…if there is a next season)!  Out of the remaining 5, who do you think should go to the Final 2? Sound off in the poll on the right!


BB12: A Few Wk6 Epiphanies

As I was swimming across the street working on my tan (yes, we do tan lol), I got hit with a bunch of epiphanies regarding BB12 in general & tonight’s live eviction. In no particular order:

  1. I personally HATE not having a nickname for Rachel. Brenchel doesn’t work for me anymore, yet I’m been wracking my brain trying to /come up with a good moniker that accurately describes how I feel about it. My parent’s neighbors have 3 children under the age of 7, so I was using their floating devices naturally when suddenly it hit me! From this point on, Rachel Riley will be known as Cruella De Riley™ on this blog. Why Cruella? Do you not recall Cruella Di Vil’s HORRIBLE off white/grey multicolored hair, was completely narcissistic, often hated, her reputation preceds her, I could go on and on. In addition, Cruella’s name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is also emphasized by having her country house being named “Hell Hall;” also, per Wikipedia “In the French translation of the Disney’s animated movie, she is referred as “Cruella D’Enfer” (Literally, Cruella of Hell or from Hell). In some languages (such as Spanish) where her last name has been left as De Vil, but is not similar to their equivalent of devil, it is taken to be a play on their equivalent of “vile” or “villain”. Spelled out as one word; cruelladevil, taken as Cruel Devil or Cruel and Evil.” And who can forget the EVER catchy song written especially for her? (look up the remaining lyrics and I promise, not matter if I like or loathe Rachel, you will find the irony):
    “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will
    To see her is to take a sudden chill
    Cruella, Cruella De Vil
    The curl of her lips, the ice in her stare
    All innocent children had better beware
    She’s like a spider waiting for the kill
    Look out for Cruella De Vil”
  2. Everyone, regardless of your feelings on Cruella De Riley™, seems to assume Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ was correct by his insult that Cruella herself was the evil part of  Pandora’s Box. What if he (and everyone was wrong) and if the DPOV is played, Brendon is safe for the next week considering one of his nom’s was overturned? What if Brendon can play in tonight’s HOH because the DPOV is played? Considering many people, myself included, never thought that “Expect the Unexpected” could include bringing back and evicted hammy who happens to be the 1st member of the Jury, so who’s to say that the current HOH (#2) didn’t get more benefits from Matt (HOH #1) opening Pandora’s Box? Now THAT, my friends, would truly be a hell of a live show.
  3. Me thinks that the Sabo 2.0 was returning anyway since Annie’s attempt was a bust, so the house and America basically assumed that the Sabo’s return was part of  the “evil” unleashed when Matt opened Pandora’s Box. Am I crazy to think many assume the good and the evil have to be completed in one week considering Matt’s DPOV had TWO weeks to be used? In mythology, doesn’t Pandora opening the box have longer lasting consequences, such as releasing evil in the world, not just ONE week?
  4. And taking it a step further, what if Matt playing the DPOV makes me unable to play in the Week 7 Veto comp??
  5. Again, who said the “current POV” holder is Ragan. Isn’t Ragan the previous Veto winner, while if/when Matt plays the DPOV, HE technically is the POV Holder and cannot nominate himself?
  6. If you look at the numbers, couldn’t tonight technically be the start of a Fast Forward week OR double eviction? Especially if Matt’s DPOV ability to rename the nominee = BOTH nominees are evicted.  There are currently 8 – evicted = 7 – 1 more = 6 remaining. BB12 finale is Wednesday, 9/15, which means 4 THURSDAY EVICTIONS including tonight (8/19, 8/26, 9/2) and the last Thursday eviction would be  9/9 and mathematically, that would leave a Final 2 (since we know there is no Final 3 since the Jury of 7 starts at 9 and this isn’t Survivor lol). Part of me thinks that it would be a Flash Forward week instead of a Double Eviction and considering the lame twists this season plus the fact Julie tends to announce a FF week towards the end when we start to see repeat HOHs, I think my theory is plausible.
  7. Could there be a blindside/backdoor/HOH scenario we haven’t thought of yet? What if Matt put up HAYDEN?
  8. What if Weekend at Kathy’s wins HOH (STFU & pass me some mascara, yall)!!!

What do you guys think? Did I just get too much sun/drank too much wine during the peak sun hours (yes, I sure as hell did bring a bottle of wine with me, why not)? Am I onto something here? And as of this post, Fruit Fly Brit™ IS IN THE LEAD of my current poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” – Let’s see if that changes by 8:30PM EST and if you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for??! Final results will be included in the Eviction Results post i.e. ASAP!

BB12 Wk6 Feed Spoilers/Final Thoughts/McDouche™ cont.

I’m not sure if Grodner/CBS heard all the complaints or read my McDouche™ blog, which was truly posted all over CBS & took on a life of its own, but Tuesday night, Ragan FINALLY did some actual Sabo work….with his HANDS…OUTSIDE OF THE DR!! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. Around 8:25PM BBT/HT (Big Brother Time/ House Time/PAC), Ragan snuck into the Taj room and placed a note under Enzo’s bed that read “I Know Your Secret.” Enzo promptly flipped out and wakes up other hammies between 3:50 and 4:10 HT over it, with everyone in the know promptly thinking the Sabo is Kathy based on the fact she’s the only person who MAKES the beds in the house as well as the previous Sabo LLF message. I am so HAPPY Ragan finally had the balls to step outside the DR, even if the sabotage really had no visible impact on the house, it was nice to see him actually get off his ass and do something!

Regarding the DPOV:  I’ve been thinking about it and fail to see how Ragan COULD NOT be put back up on the block. Per Julie’s and the PB note instructions, the current HOH and POV holder cannot go up as a replacement nom…but isn’t MATT the current POV holder? Ragan was nominated, won POV, and used HIS POV to take himself off the block. So technically, couldn’t Matt put up Ragan and REALLY shake up the house, plus get rid of the only person who knows Matt didn’t really win those comps on his own?. Don’t you think and/or agree nominating Kathy is a waste of a nomination? If I was Matt and if I could, I would put up Ragan, if not my 2nd choice would be Brit followed by Enzo.

Have you read Brendon’s HOH blog this week? I think that while Brendon is “in love” with Rachel & pretty much blinded by bad red hair dye, he’s got a grasp on house dynamics and personalities. I find he is dead on point with most of them, especially Ragan & Brit. Have you read it and if so, what are your thoughts on Brendon now? I’m not saying Brendon is 100% on the money, but I do agree with him more than I thought I would since we truly have not witnessed his solo game until Rachel left.

Also, I see nothing wrong with Rachel’s message for Brendon – the hammies are not allowed pen & paper, but we have seen eyeliner, mascara, notes in Bibles, homemade calendar abacuses in the past…which can explain the lack of arts & crafts this year, plus why BB quickly took away Kathy’s liquid eyeliner. So Rachel made a quick note with pretzels – did you notice it didn’t say “save” or “evict” just “I love u” and “Matt.” Regardless of the physical message, Kathy also verbally passed the message on to Brendon so it’s not like he wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, although Matt/Ragan have been POed about it and when he asked the DR, Lane was told they didn’t see it. YEA, 52 cameras in the house, probably 6+ in the HOH alone due to PB, and no one in Production saw the pretzels actually formed words. I recall hearing Rachel tell Kathy that she mentioned she wanted to leave Brendon a msg and the DR told her to be creative. She is technically no longer a house guest,  so unless the rules specify jury members cannot have pen & paper considering they never been allowed back in the house before, how did she break any rule? Not bad for just a waitress, huh? Sometimes people really do not think about loopholes and then cry foul when someone figures one out and exploits it. Considering we witnessed Rachel, Brendon, and Ragan pour over the rulebook, I do think Rachel was smart enough to figure out what she could do when she returned to the house as a jury member and not a contestant.

BTW: Now news is coming out that Ragan Fox, aka Professor McDouche™ made racist “jokes” on his podcast “Fox in the City prior to entering the house, but it’s fine considering he’s a “comedian who specializes in satire,” right?  Surprised? I’m not, not at all. The another episode of his podcast entitled “Courtney Love’s hole” Ragan makes jokes about abortion, battered women, and Courtney Love’s vagina, even saying “Courtney Love has got to be the MacGyver of abortion.” So there you have it, Ragan does habitually talk about women’s vaginas, it’s not just Rachel. So do Ragan lovers think his behavior is funny? Cool? In any way appropriate? Does Ragan calling himself a satirist and comedian (and I’m not disputing the fact he is, after listening to several of them going back 5+ years) somehow excuse or justify this behavior in the house. Check out his podcasts and judge for yourself, I’m interested to hear feedback on this.

Oh and in a very interesting/ironic twist, check out this pre-house video interview Ragan did. Couple of interesting tidbits such as  A) Ragan loves Janelle, the originator of “bye bye Bitches” which Rachel admitted she too loves & wishes she could emulate in the game B) He despises the fact Boogie won BB7 C) He doesn’t respect Chima OR Boogie as contestants. Now, why does Ragan say he DOESN’T like Mike Boogie (CHILLTOWN BABY!) winning BB7 because he has a showmance with Erika, then called her a WHORE, which Ragan claims he found extremely misogynistic. Now while I get how his off-color humor could be found disgusting out of context, my issue is A) he’s a college professor B) he is now a publicly known figure thanks to BB C) regardless of his intent OR context, Ragan indeed made these statements, which very much contradict the holier-than-thou persona he tries to throw in the viewers/Brenchel’s face. So it’s not okay when Boogie calls Erika a whore for sleeping with him with the intent of using him to win the game (and get money out of it, which is what a whore does on some level) but it’s perfectly acceptable for Ragan to call Rachel a whore? This is why I maintain my stance that Ragan is indeed a POS who has painted himself into a very interesting corner, thus, he will remain Professor McDouche™ for infinity on this blog unless he watches post-BB and then admits some of his behavior was unacceptable/completely crossed certain lines. In no way am I suggesting or demanding he has to apologize for everything he did in the BB house, but I do believe everything he lectured Rachel about & said behind her back (I KNOW ur evil ways will come back to you, you are a horrible person, you are a whore, your vagina is riddled with STDs, etc) does make him look like he’s okay with being misogynistic towards women he deems unworthy and YES, he indeed did bully her (and the house into hating her) at some points during the game. That’s all I’m saying, own what you did, what you said, and how you acted, Mr. Communications Professor. Same can be said for Rachel, but correct me if I’m wrong that Rachel was adult enough to often apologize to the person affected IN the house, whereas Ragan just continues his act even if he gives a fake apology?

BTW, I’m not sure if people have figured out how I came up with the name Professor McDouche™, so I’ll share (similar to my coining the Manzo MOB, people just assume the intent without bothering to read my blogs to figure out why/how I came up with a particular nickname). Everyone knows that Grey’s Anatomy has a Dr. McSteamy & McDreamy, right? So when I stumbled upon Ragan’s blog and found he is a published author, his expertise in academia, the fact he does have a PhD and is professor, I figured “why not use Professor?” THEN I started reading deeper into his blog posts, finding out he was bullied as a child for his appearance (he posted pictures), and then read how he finally broke his oral fixation of sucking his thumb at 30 which also resulted in him quitting smoking and starting to work out. It is quite apparent from his own words and actions, Ragan is quite vain, but when he starts talking about fat females he despises, how men he’s attracted to have to be a certain “type” with specific size appendage, slept with 15 dudes in the same year he contracted gonorrhea, I came to the opinion that Ragan is quite a douche. As an homage to Grey’s and “hot” doctors, I decided to nickname Ragan “Professor McDouche™” since he IS a doctor of academia, IS a professor, IS vain, and IS a douche. It was not some insult just hurled onto him by me, it was a nickname I came up with that encompasses by respect for his level of academia with the disdain & contempt I hold for his vanity, bitchiness, cattiness, and bully like actions in the house. I repeatedly say it because it is a nickname and it’s my blog, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it, but don’t comment and insult ME over a nickname I coined on my own damned blog. Some folks are JUST like Prof. McDouche™, thinking you can come onto my blog and dictate or chastise what I can say and not say. Grow up please, you cannot control my actions anymore than Ragan can control Brenchel’s actions (which is why, at the core, I believe he turned his back on them and switched to Kristen in Week 4). I do agree with Rach to a point – I think Ragan like strong females as long as they can be molded or fall prey to his logic/whims. But let’s be honest, Britney is the SAME AGE as the students he teaches, so I do think Ragan should have more class & common sense by not sinking down to Brit’s level, don’t you? But we all know the BB house makes folks crazy, don’t we?

So much of the drama this week did not even make Wednesday’s episode, but what do you think of the season now? Are we FINALLY seeing some strategy other than floating? Will Matt use the DPOV to flip the house? Are Enzo and HAYDEN going to regret possibly targeting Matt? If Lane is left on the block, would the house be stupid if they did vote him out? Does anyone else hope Brendon CAN compete in this week’s HOH if the DPOV is used (which has not been mentioned or clarified by Julie – but I always like to expect the unexpected so who knows)? Let me know in the comments and again, please feel free to vote in my new poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” I’m interested in see the votes BEFORE tonight’s live show, aren’t you

BB12 Wk 6: Nomination Spoilers & House 411

Wk 6 Nominations: Brendon has basically talked to everyone in the house about noms, Brenchel, and the past today. He’s apologized to Brit & Ragan. There are so many lies & spin floating around the house my head hurts, yet I’ve been watching the feeds all damned day. Apparently, Brendon has aligned with Hayden/Enzo. Hayden/Enzo still plan on backdooring Brendon next week, but are using him to do their dirty work and possibly get rid of Brit, Ragan, or Matt. Brendon has told Matt he’s not going up and will not be back doored, told Britney she was going up since he promised not to bac door her and give her a fighting chace to save herself because he respects her as a game player, and then Brendon got effectively smacked down by Production for telling Brit that (rules state you are not to tell the noms prior to the ceremony, I’m thinking it loses the dramatic effect if they know ahead of time lol) so he grabbed her again after getting out and kinda took everything he said previously back. Britney IMMEDIATELY ran for Ragan and started crying, talking about how now she’s emotional cuz of what Brendon just told her (and then she lied to his face saying she did not tell Lane or anyone Brendon told her she was going up in those 10 minutes he was in the DR. The ENTIRE house is getting tired of Kathy’s lazy, good for nothing ass, her accent, her 9392385 questions, her constant sleeping, and her floating. Brendon stated to several hammies that he was putting up Brit/Lane because they are “like a pair/alliance” and he needs to break ppl up so they won’t use the POV on their friend who’s on the block. The Wackade™ is imploding and I dunno who the hell to believe anymore!!! Let’s see if Brendon sticks to that, shall we? (I am typed this as the nomination ceremony was taking place, so I’m not cheating lol I’m still watching crappy trivia on the feeds at 9:32PM EST).

Feeds are back and it appears as if the nominees are: OH SNAP did Brendon nominate Ragan & Lane? Yes.he.did. HAHAHA nice way to split the house Brendon. He has suspected Ragan/Matt AND the Wackade™ AND the fact Lane hasn’t won/threw comps…not only do these noms sniff out any special powers (i.e. DPOV) but it’s going to show who’s aligned with whom and where everyone stands. Not bad for a pussy whipped neanderTal, IMO. What do you guys think? Was Brendon’s noms a mistake? Do you think Matt would use the DPOV and if so, his main alliance member or his side alliance member? Is Brendon handling his HOH properly without Rach, since ppl said Brendon couldn’t play on his own? Apparently Brendon said that Ragan hasn’t been competing in comps and yanno what? I agree with him. If Ragan was truly competing, he WOULD HAVE WON ONE INSTEAD OF THROWING MULTIPLE COMPS TO MATT. Let me know your thoughts, I’m curious how some of my friends will take this decision 😛 (yes you Cames lol)

BB12: Is Ragan Fox sly as a fox OR just Professor McDouche™?

Introducing Professor McDouche™!!!

Word on the street is Ragan initially refused to be the saboteur, fearing that it would negatively impact his game play in the house as did Annie. He was worried about how America would receive him & his game in the house, so he immediately declined. CBS flipped out knowing how crappy the Sabo twist was & realizing they was no language in place that prevent Ragan from telling the house he was offered the Sabo and declined. Ragan THEN negotiated the following with CBS/Grodner: Ragan would become Sabo 2.0 as long as he did not have to commit ANY acts outside the DR so there would be no chance of him being caught by the other hammies.

•             The result? CBS offered to play up the “America voted for you, so you can’t turn America down” angle, rather than the money angle.
•             Why it makes sense? Ragan’s so caught up in his image and reputation (because he IS  a college professor, remember), that could explain why Sabo 2.0 has ONLY recorded stupid DR messages, why he never gets his hands dirty like we saw Annie do, why he gets the option of turning down suggestions that would get his hands dirty (like freezing Brit’s bikini). This also could be yet another reason Ragan broke down last night crying about how he has gotten too cocky and “became the very thing he despises outside the house,” which is a BULLY. He effectively became his childhood nightmare and got so caught up in it, he screwed himself, his reputation, and possibly his game. (BTW, have I mentioned I HATE THE FACT RAGAN DOESN’T HAVE THE BALLS TO GET HIS HANDS DIRTY AND ACTUALLY SABOTAGE SOME SHYT IN THE HOUSE???)

Professor McDouche™, which is officially Ragan’s new name from here on out, apparently doesn’t care about his reputation THAT much considering his WordPress blog is entitled “Ragan Fox: America’s Next Top Bottom.” For those completely under a rock, homophobic, or just homo-ignorant, that blog title is certainly a play on gay sex, something along the lines of he’s the BEST receiver of anal sex (i.e. a BOTTOM). Nice, isn’t it? Didn’t we ALL learn something new from Professor McDouche™ today? His blog has not bene updated since May 25, which sounds about right BB timeline-wise as far as going to the final rounds in LA (when they are sequestered, watch BB seasons, and they weed the numbers down from 50 to 20 or so. No, do not ask me how I know this lol I told yall I have tried out numerous times for BB, have I not. I do believe I did provide a link to my open casting audition in Boston on a previous BB post, if you cannot find it lemme know).

Some of the comments on Ragan’s latest blog post include (direct quotes here, I am NOT spell checking other’s bullshit lol):

–              I loved you from the beginning of the show till the moment you started bashing Brenchel with Britney (you’re way older than that girl and you should not do such with her. All she ever does it say trash about people at the backs). You should quit the bashing & insults and act your age.
–              You trash talk too much. You also whine too much. In the beginning I thought Rachel was going to be the annoying one, but you and Britney ended up being the annoying ones. I guess I expected better behavior from you being that you teach and all.   I watch the live feeds… too bad you and Britney are so hateful and nasty.
–              You and Britt made complete fools of yourselves! Britt by being the shit stirrer and you trying to act all moral. Give me a break! YOU OF ALLLLL PEOPLE trying to pull up the MORALITY card??? What a complete and total hypocrite you are. And YOU are teaching our youth. OMG we are in bigger trouble than I thought. This post will probably be deleted by you, but you should see what people are saying about you and Britt on the feeds. You are a total and complete disgrace to the teaching profession.
–              Ragan: YOU (not Rachel) are the least liked person in the BB House among those I talk with and the web sites I visit. Your constant bashing of Brendon and Rachael shows lack of character on your part. I can’t wait for you to see the tapes of you crying and whining AND then have the nerve to call out Rachael and Bendon. You got . . . . . well no I guess you don’t have those either – lets just say you’ve got some nerve. Please don’t remind me it’s just a game – I know that. I used to like you on the show, but now not so much; you spoiled it. YOU, not anyone else. Sorry.
–              Isn’t it ironic how arrogance can be humbled so quickly? You can whine all you want about your hard life being opressive, depressive, deprived, bullied or neglected… just remember you’re not the only guy or gay guy with issues. And you coming from a hurtful past, you should know better than to bestow those actions on someone else. The only bullies I see in the house are you and Britney. Your hatefulness is very unattractive. Game talk is playing the game but there’s no need for degradation of someones character or personal appearance, that’s just rude. Karma will come.

FYI not only does Professor McDouche™ provide his thoughts on grading & the current state of academia, iPad apps, and gay reading on his blog, but he also provides his course syllabi, HAD a NSFW full naked pic, AND his email, which is I would also like to point out one of the course descriptions from a COM class:

Course Description: At one time or another, each of you will be called upon to stand before a group and deliver information, argue a position, present an award, introduce a guest speaker, or honor a special event or occasion. At these times, it is important that you command the audience’s attention, present yourself as credible, represent your position clearly and accurately, and speak with conviction. In this course you will learn how to compose and deliver speeches to inform and persuade. Logical organization is stressed. Special consideration is given to adapting communication styles and content to diverse speakers and audiences. This course includes practical public speaking and explores new public speaking trends.

I can certainly see how Ragan went into the house with a solid strategy of flying under the radar & being nice to everyone while remaining unaligned or looking like a target, but got  so caught up with Fruit Fly Brit™ and veered of the path of decency, can’t you? Definitely check out his vita, his bio, the fact he’s written two books…Ragan is INDEED accomplished…now he can truly add stereotypical (drama) queen to that extensive list. And what asshole COPIES their own Wikipedia page onto their blog instead of just linking it? Oh yea, the same Professor McDouche™ that would mix professional business and pleasure on one blog. BTW, he probably wrote his Wiki entry himself AND refers to himself as FOXY ::shudder:: you have been warned, people, what you read on his blog cannot be erased lol!

Edited to Add: SHOUT OUT to NuttyBBFan from Jokers…thank you for the blog link, it’s greatly appreciated. And for those that may not agree with me, all I ask is that you respect my blog and not feel the need to bash me a la Prof. McDouche™. We do not have to agree, but have some class about it please 🙂

RHoNJ Twitter Update: Dina’s Deleted Tweets & Wacked Out MOB fans, Part Zen

If your body has a red X across it, please STFU Ms. Zen Positivity

I am willing 2 pay $ via PayPal to ANYONE WHO GOT A SCHREENSHOT OF @dinamanzo disrespecting @LynnNChicago Sunday nite B4 Dina hid her tweets

Why, you may ask? I’m not asking for screenshots cuz I’m stalking Dina; however, I am asking for screenshots since Dina said some messy & disrespectful shit to people (not even all followers of hers) on Sunday. Why is it a big deal, you ask?

1)      Dina claims to be all “zen” and “positive” when in fact she’s just a Mean Girl probably still seeking her big sister’s approval (as shown during the dinner last season).
2)      Dina, along with the other NJ housewives including Danielle, do not understand that they are “technically” (and I lose that term loosely) public figures due to be cast members of the show. Without the public and Bravo viewers, there women are JUST like you and me. Viewers are entitled to have opinions and their favorites, yet for some reason with the NJ cast specifically if you do not kiss their ass AND/OR do not agree with them, they will immediately block you. Dina, specifically, will then talk to HER followers about you.
3)      Dina talked a BIG game but this past Sunday (8/2/10) she did the very same thing she did before: she attempted to pull rank and give her followers an ultimatum – if u follow ANYONE Dina deems “not hot” and follow Dina, she will find out and then promptly block you from her tweets; in addition, if you RT an “unworthy” tweeter TO Dina, she will block you. A few months back Dina and her cronies did the VERY same thing, to the point they started going thru  their follower’s followers and deleting them as well. Similar to their treatment of Danielle, the Manzo MOB
4)      Dina stated the below tweets and then when a bunch of us called her out on her BS AND stated were going to screenshot and blog about it, Dina PROMPTLY DELETED THE TWEETS. She did, however, continue to RT the tweets to HER followers…very positive right?
5)      Monday morning (8/3/10) I simply stated, publicly, that deleted tweets can still be found…and within MINUTE DINA PROTECTED HER TWEETS. Twitter has since fixed a bug so that if a tweet is deleted, it cannot be pulled from search engine caches (unfortunately, thus the need to take a screen shot when you see something good lol)

So there it is. Today I found out from multiple sources that many folks have no idea why I say the phrases I say, instead assuming the most offensive definitions instead of actually reading my blog. So as far as my coining the Manzo MOB, ppl automatically assumed I was making an ethnic slur when I previously blogged I coined the term due to the Manzos, plus the Guidices and Lauritas, mob mentality of actions towards Danielle…similar to groupthink. Is it not easier than to refer to the ENTIRE cast of RHONJ minus the 3 Staubs AS A MOB? Yes, I think so….it’s just ironic the “alleged” mob ties, but that is just irony folks, I sure as hell didn’t make the past up. Today I was attacked in both my blog comments AND Twitter for simply NOT supporting the Manzo MOB. Since I’ve typed way too much in the past 24 hours, I will copy some of my recent tweets and responses since several do tie into some things I touched upon in my last blog post.

Point 1: Dina is a hypocrite and before this went down Sunday I really didn’t have much to say to her or about her EITHER way. I do not like how Dina handled Danielle last season. I like the way she attempted to stay neutral at the beginning of this season; for example, at the “sheriff’s fundraiser”  Dina tried to remain neutral & didn’t partake in the Danielle bashing, actually call POSH Kim out on her two facedness (is that even a word? Lol). Fast Forward and Dina’s claiming all sorts of positivity while being negative AND can’t even be real about WHY she left. Reading a letter on air Dina, really?

Points 2 -5:

  • Why do RH fans attack each other? it makes no sense. we may not agree but who cares, WE DON’T GET PAID.
  • Don’t get y Manzo MOB fans do that. t’s not like hating us is an initiation rite or summin? r they giving Brownstone discounts?
  • Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight?
  • The Manzo MOB’s fans are delusional IMO. Prolly on the take ctfu lemme stop being I TOO get stuff in a trunk & shot :X

Again, you may not agree with my opinions and viewpoints, but I ask that we can be adults and simply agree to disagree. I have not and will not ever bash a commenter or tweeter for disagreeing with me; however, I defend myself when attacked (just a note, you do NOT want to poke Mama Bear, ok? I’m the HBIC up on this blog, you must be crazy to try to argue with me cuz my opinion WILL NOT CHANGE). Likewise, I would not hurl insults or disrespect you for NOT agreeing with me. All I ask is that we, as viewers and fans, realize this shit is not so serious that people continue to go around and insult, offend, disrespect, and personally THREATEN people. It seriously pisses me off when someone reads a tweet out of context, doesn’t do any sort of due diligences like reading old blog posts to UNDERSTAND my lingo, and then decides they can throw insults at me just because I do not like the Manzo MOB. Sorry, similar to the word “fetch,” me liking the Manzos as a whole is NOT going to happen.

Having said all that, I’d like to share with you some of the tweets Dina deleted Sunday night. I would like to point out that Lynn (who I DO consider a friend and colleague who actually stopped following Dina a while back), myself, and several others were tweeting to Dina Sunday night, regardless if we followed her or not. I will also point out that I personally DID NOT tweet anything to Dina directly until after she directly TWEETED LYNN AND CALLED HER AN ASS. NOW I hope you guys can understand why I asked for screenshots: since the Manzo MOB lovers are relentless in their pursuit of converting the same folks who see thru the Manzo bullshit, I wanted PROOF TO POST since we and everyone else who doesn’t like them just magical makes this shit up. If it was only Danielle, then maybe I’d agree, but it’s EVEYRWHERE so no, I think the entire Manzo MOB (please note the only children I include in the MOB is Ashley. I actually like all of the other kids when they don’t get involved in their adult BS) is narcissistic, delusional, very angry, spoiled, and seriously out of touch with reality.

@dinamanzo I don’t think you were joking–>@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

RT @dinamanzo: The only joke is you oh, and ur busted friend lynn : )

@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

dinamanzo side note: Blocking anyone who retweets Lynn or any other tweethole to me. I DON’T want that crap on my twitter. They’re all disturbed

Coslopogus @dinamanzo…Ur right! Lynn Hudson is a busted up, old, fat HOO-HA! Alot of peeps feel as you do. She’s an obsessive Stalker! Be Careful.

Lynn has more deets over on her blog, which you can view HERE; however, I would like to point out I was witness to the tweets about Neicy Nash, I SAW Dina call Lynn an ass & go off on Bravo_Maria, and I did indeed tweet the following:

LynnNChicago did Dina REALLY just call u “u ass?” this from the bitch who PAYS Zen Jen for fucking nothing????

@ImStillToni   lmao and since the Manzos need NO proof besides a 25 yo lies, I’m off to completely reenact last night, complete with calling Lynn “you ass”

It was after THIS TWEET I started to write yesterday’s blog that INCLUDED MY REENACTMENT. Again, since it is MANZO M.O. to “deny, deny, deny” it has become a blogger’s M.O. to “copy, save, paste, delete, and now screenshot” in order to have proof since Manzo MOB fan SWEAR that they speak some mystical gospel…I don’t get it, but if we didn’t have to constantly DEFEND ourselves against their supporters, there would be NO need for evidence….which nice ties back into us, as viewers, having a little more respect & decency for each other.

Oh in addition, if you think I am making up how crazy Manzo MOB supporters are HERE is a perfect example that occurred today in yesterday’s blog post comments on my old Ding Dong Dina’s Gone post that also resulted into two random people attempting to attack me on Twitter today…seriously their supports are so fanatic I may have to protect MY tweets so they will stop invading my space and shove their opinions about why my opinions are wrong down my throat (yes, it does make sense if you re-read it lmao, I swear it does).  FYI posts/opinions/comments/tweets like THIS is why I have stood by my statement from DAY ONE that the Manzo MOB and their supporters are delusional, very angry, demanding, argumentative, and frankly quite disturbing! Does this seem like comments from a sane person? I swear I thought I was being attacked by Ashley or T-Man!! Hahaha I’ll be back tomorrow with more blogs on the RHONJ episodes I STIL have not watched yet, I promise you – just like Caroline Soprano shaves in the shower, I will watch these friggin episodes ASAP!

Paige August 3rd, 2010: First off, if you dont want pictures of yourself all over the fucking world, dont take them you dumb bitch. thats exactly what DANIELLE was asking for when she took them…. and how do you know if she knew she was being recorded?? im sorry, that sound like a planned and calculated DANIELLE scam to me. instant publisity… and i quote her on “atleast ill sell more then kendra?” ya she sells herself alright. you werent in the room when she was being taped, so keep your mouth shut about shit that aint yours to talk about or that you yourself cant back up. and who are you to discriminate people and their ways of raising children. if you have any im sure they either be institutionalized, or under foster care. your OPINIONS are ridiulous and out of this world. people like you and DANIELLE should be locked up. calling a 19 yr old a cunt, saying ‘can we stand to see that wench pop out another brat”. your discusting. and if ya dont like the fuckn MANZO MOB then stop watching and keep your punk ass opinion to youself. if i was ashley, cant say i wouldnt have done worse to danielle… especially if it was my mother that i heard was being attacked. so go ahead, keep thinking and believing in your ways…. just know your wrong.

ImStillToni August 3rd, 2010: I do NOT get why u are defending the Manzos? Are u family member? Friend? Either way, calling ME names on my blog were I state MY PERSONAL OPINION about what I see on a show these broads get paid to be on is my right. If they don’t want people saying shit, then DON’T BE ON A TV SHOW. Get the fuck out of here, did u also not read that I’m behind several episodes, I typically blog ABOUT the episode unless something happens on FB or Twitter….it’s not like I sit here and post about the Manzos OR Danielle every day – this is a REALITY TV BLOG. U are fucking delusional and it is crazy rabid fans like you that give us fans and viewers a bad name.  Are u fucking illiterate? I publicly stated multiple times “I am a Danielle Supporter, but in now way is she an angel or innocent.” I have also sided with the Manzos on certain things at certain times so I am on TEAM NO ONE. Grow the fuck up and realize you look like u need a 5150 hold with that comment.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010: I apologize to you first and formost. I didn’t mean ANY dsrespect to u or ur blogs. I respect everyones opinion whether I agree or not. I didn’t Refer to u as those things, but Danielle. I know it wasn’t right and over the web things aren’t easily explained. I sincerly apologize for my words and if u thought the intent ofthem was twards tou, it wasn’t. Once again, I am sorry.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010:  Obviously I didn’t portray my intent of offering a different opionion and my wording could have been different. I sincerly apologize if u felt I disrespected u bcuse that wasn’t my intent on the least. It’s ur opinion and tour intinled to it. Any namecallong made was twards Danielle, not you. If I could delete this myself I would. I’m ashamed at how I portrayed myself. Once again all apologies.

And by the way, MY twitter is still public. @ImStillToni “for now” lol. There you can view my Favorites on My Profile to see some of the interesting tweets from the the RHONJ Twight for August, that is if the sender(s) have not since DELETED the tweets *wink*. So as of Sunday night, I have officially coined Dina as “Dina of Zen Negative Positivity™. Quite an oxymoron, isn’t it? And please remember: if you don’t like and/or agree with my PERSONAL opinions, I am in NO way forcing you to read this web blog OR follow me on Twitter. I am sick of being personally attacked, I do not understand how makes Manzo MOB supporters think they, or anyone who disagrees with me, the right to barrage, insult, or disrespect ME for simply voicing my opinions on what I actually watch with my FOUR eyes (yup, blind as a bat without contacts or glasses lol). No one forced these heffas on a tv show called the Real Housewives – they ALL did it willing for a paycheck. Therefore, once you are a cast member on a highly-rated cable tv franchise, you DO give up certain “freedoms” (for lack of a better term) such as PRIVACY. If a reality tv show cast member decides to have a PUBLIC FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR BLOG than I, as any viewer, certainly have the right to voice my opinions as I deem fit; however, I do have a line of respect for others (a little thing called decency) that I do not like cross. It seems as if many (not ALL, I just said many from MY personal experiences since season 1 of RHONJ) of the people who agree with and/or support the Manzo MOB lack decency, courtesy, and respect for others in some crazy attempt to basically railroad (i.e. show shit down your throat/give ultimatums/personally insult you) for not liking the Manzos. To them, I say grow the fuck up. Not EVERYONE has to agree. Adults can agree to have differential opinions; HOWEVER, it is now time to stop the fucking madness. Seriously, stop the personal attacks on each other. How the fuck cares if I or Lynn do not like Dina and we TELL her – who the fuck are u, Dina’s defender or bodyguard? These are adult women who signed up for a reality tv show, they ALLOW all of us a peek into their lives and we are ALLOWED to form our own personal opinions: good, bad, or indifferent. Same goes for me: I may empathize and support Danielle, but you will never see me personally attacking those who do not like Danielle or support the Manzos – just don’t personally attack me and I would come after you with a vengeance and witty rhetoric…Just Sayin’.

August 2, 2010-RHoNJ Tweets: Love em or Hate em, there’s no in between for the Manzo MOB!!

If your face has a red X across it, please STFU Beard (allegedly)!!!

What started it ALL for me last night: @LynnNChicago did Dina REALLY just call u “u ass?” this from the bitch who PAYS Zen Jen for fucking nothing????

Last night, I witness both Tacky Jacky™ AND Dina “negative positivity” Manzo completely flipped off the deep end. Now I get that people are “human” (right Dina?) and react to tweets they do not like; however, if you are a big, bad member of the MANZO MOB, you shouldn’t dish out what you cannot take. I have a real issue with these catty Real Housewives cast members who feel THEY can offend or disrespect followers, issue ultimatums, say WHATEVER they want, then delete the tweets like a bitch. Or as Dina just did PROTECT their tweets as if they are still an active cast member. I did see Dina call Lynn an ass, to be exact her tweet stated “don’t/stop being an ass…” with some other stuff in response to Lynn asking Dina a question….and if I remember correctly Lynn doesn’t even follow Dina as of last night (correct me if I’m wrong Lynn lol).

Between Midnight and this post, I have seen Dina call my beloved LynnNChicago an ass, completely go off a new twitter follower who was truly just asking a question/stating an opinion while not being too rude about it, to the point DINA DID BASICALLY ADMIT TOMMY LIKES WOMEN’S CLOTHING, FLIPPED OUT WHEN FOLKS, MYSELF INCLUDE, SUGGESTED TOMMY IS ALLEGEDGY GAY, and has since blocked a group of us bloggers… 10am today her tweets were OPEN and as of 10:57am EST DINA HAS PROTECTED HER TWEETS. WHY? In the past hour many of my friends and followers simply mentioned I had SCREENSHOTS FROM LAST NIGHT and the bitch backtracked, deleted, and then PROTECTED her tweets. FYI, I left ALL Twitter links in so if you want to see for yourself, clik thru, add any people, feel free 🙂

So let me re-enact last night, shall I? In a nutshell AND allegedly:

“I’m Dina, I am so much better than you. I am alone ALL the time cuz my husband Tommy is conveniently never around. He may OR may not be sexually attracted to me. He may OR may not like to wear women’s clothing. He may OR may not use crazy hours at the MOBstone as a cover for having an apartment down the street that he may OR may not share with a man. I will block you as a follower if you are NICE TO ME AND PPL WHO ATTACK ME. Yes, I do believe if you do not kiss my ass and tell me you love, love, love me, you are attacking me so once again you have to decide –FOLLOW ME OR FOLLOW THOSE THAT SEE THRU MY BULLSHIT. I will reply back with rudeness & call you names, but then immediately deleted the tweet, deny it, and act all positive. THEN I will protect my tweets like I am STILL a cast member and important, even though we both know I am not. The $$$ I pay Zen Jen could EASILY be donated to Project Ladybug, but I’m paid well as a beard (allegedly) and therefore I can just throw the money away paying people for complete and utter bullshit. Now I’m off to go to bed, alone.”

Now I have to state this separately and in bold because it is apparent that there are many Real Housewives fans, especially of NJ, that truly do not get my and other bloggers/fans opinions AND TWEETS.

1) You do NOT have to be a Danielle “lover” to be a Manzo MOB hater. The two are in no way connected or mutually exclusive; in addition, if you do NOT like the Manzos, they or Manzo lovers have no right to automatically LABEL you as a Danielle lover. It’s basically groupthink and TEAM mentality bullshit.

2) Many “fans” and bloggers, like myself, simply follow ALL Housewives to be in the know. Specifically me,as a blogger, I follow these bitches to be in the know as for as gossip & scoops go. I barely and rarely talk to any RH cast member directly unless provoked, pissed or just wanting to be supportive and last night, Dina REALLY PISSED ME OFF & RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. You do NOT have to LOVE a person to follow them on Twitter. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and everyone has a block button. If you are attempting to be “positive”, why continue to RETWEET and talk about a tweet that “offends” you? That’s what ALL these Jersey broads do (minus Danielle most of the time): they talk a big game they cannot back up. THAT is why I will continue to ride their asses – I despise a hypocrite and a woman that cannot or will not back up the shit they spew, point-blank. I have NO respect for a cast member of the Real Housewives of ANY city who is so afraid of what she has said on Twitter she feels the need to protect her tweets. If you say it, OWN IT. Isn’t that what the Manzo MOB says about Danielle and her 25-year-old past? I respect blocking a person before I respect protecting your tweet account, Just Sayin.

3) My favorite tweet of Sunday came from myself during a surprising moment of clarity between a Newport 100 and a Coors Light lmao. I tweeted the following “Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight?” This is important, I don’t give a shit if you LOVE Dina or Teresa while I despise the broads, I’ll be damn if I start fighting with another person over these self-indulgent cast members who GET PAID. WE DO NOT GET PAID.  I am constantly defending my Pro-Daneille stance in my blog comments, to the point I repeatedly tell ppl if you don’t like it, don’t read my shit cuz you WILL NOT change my mind. I’m an intelligent, college-educated female who does this for fun but I know the different between right and wrong. I have always maintained Danielle is no angel or innocent, but the Manzo MOB has certainly crossed many a line over and over and THAT is why I do not like them – at the same time, when someone does do something I find funny or like, I can certainly admit it. I am NOT  a Danielle lover, I’m simply a Danielle Supporter who really, REALLY, does not like most of the Manzo family AND their close friends, point blank. That is my opinion, I have every right to my opinion, and I respect other’s opinions. THIS is how RH fans need to act: let us argue with the cast, not each other. I can agree to disagree and I can still communicate with you if I do disagree with your opinions…that is how adults in the REAL world behave. The Manzo Females live in a secluded fantasy land in which they can do whatever, whenever, and becuase they have money, clout, or maybe even inspire fear in some folks (seriously, Al & Tommy’s dad WAS killed in a MOB hit IMO…just wait til someone writes a Manzo tell-all called “Capo without Initiation” lmao).

4) Replying or tweeting a RHW cast member does NOT equal harassment. Apparently, Tweeting them something they do not like DOES equal harassment. Put on your big girl panties if you are going to tweet, the world does not have to love or even like your ass. Grow the fuck up, Manzo MOB.

Some of my favorite Tweets of the past week (especially last night when my ass was on FIRE & gunning for Dina, natch!)

My tweets/RTs from the past 24 hours (numbered):

  1. @LynnNChicago @Bravo_Maria@daniellestaub if your last name isn’t Manzo/Laurita/Guidice, Caroline doesn’t give a shit. Sad, isn’t it?about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to LynnNChicago
  2. @dinamanzo is pathetic people who think their important cuz they on a Bravo show yet CANNOT TAKE the shit they DISH OUTabout 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
  3. @dinamanzo @LynnNChicago isn’t that what Caroline does 2 ALL of em? she’s been iggin the girls, tsk tsk. Fuel the fire & watch em burn!! about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  4. @MadMaddyz get in line baby lmaooo I jk jk. Commentors always try 2 convert me but nope, I’m a @daniellestaub supporter 100%. Manzos R CRAZY about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to MadMaddyz
  5. @Damnert well then I FULLY support u LMAO I love a good plan about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Damnert
  6. & altho I get a lot of shit 4 it, I AM a Danielle supporter, can’t help it. She’s the underdog of #rhonj, I feel for her but she’s no angel about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  7. but seriously, I’d rather not say shit to any of them SO I can continue to watch them self-destruct. Just sayin *wink*
  8. RT @Bravo_Maria: @ImStillToni Yeah not even @dinamanzo ‘s hubby likes her ass, and I mean that LITERALLY! [just ONCE a week, in public]
  9. RT @colibrimoon: @ImStillToni she’s going to tweet a prayer real soon! it’s usually a prayer to St. Jude [complete w tacky red extension!!]
  10. RT @rosemarynsage: @ImStillToni Part of the reason he wouldn’t be on the show was prob to fly under the gay-dar.I am sure his pals r RH-
  11. @MadMaddyz WE BLOGGERS ARE THICK AS THIEVES!!! lmaoooabout 7 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to MadMaddyz
  12. RT @Bravo_Maria: @ImStillToni Yeah not even @dinamanzo ‘s hubby likes her ass, and I mean that LITERALLY! [just ONCE a week, in public]about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  13. How’s this for ironic..I forgot I unfolowed Dina weeks ago! Block away Beard! An EX-housewife isn’t worth following…just sayin *wink*about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  14. @Teresa_Giudice are you at a friend’s house swimming cuz ur broke ass didn’t put in a pool in ur tacky ass house? Can’t wait 4 the auction!!2:11 PM Jul 30th via TweetDeck in reply to Teresa_Giudice
  15. @Real_Housewives why do blog readers/followers think if we DON’T kiss Manzo MOB ass, we’re having a feud? No, I just hate dumb ass broads 😮 7:06 PM Jul 28th via TweetDeck in reply to Real_Housewives
  16. @Damnert lmao take it as a compliment BUT if Danielle ever blocked me, I’d be hurt. And go at her in my blog lmao about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Damnert
  17. If you quit then DON’T COME BACK. The show was better without you, your “energy,” or your fucking UGLY ASS CAT, DINA!
  18. Dear #RHONJ fans: @rosemarynsageis good people. Dina is just a bitter beard. Don’t let her fool u: the quitter returns. Can’t even be real!about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck
  19. @ImStillToni @ LynnNChicago @absurdtosublime Jac? or not? PM Jul 28th via web Retweeted by you (YES IT IS TACKY JACKY™, I confirmed by age & it works out so she’s had those boobies at least since age 18 lol)
  20. if you’re a new follower, check out my blog at Lots of #rhonj gossip & fuckery. If ur a Manzo MOB fan, don’t bother lmao about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  21. I’m about 2 head out myself…dying to read some recaps before I pass out…PROMISE I will blog something about #RHONJ later today about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  22. @Bravo_Maria don’t get y Manzo MOB fans do that. t’s not like hating us is an initiation rite or summin? r they giving Brownstone discounts? about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Bravo_Maria
  23. @Damnert I have since given up attempting to read Jac’s tweets lmao its like watching dust bunnies move across thew dry abyss lol about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  24. Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight? about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  25. lmao and since the Manzos need NO proof besides a 25 yo lies, I’m off to completely reenact last night, complete with calling Lynn “you ass”about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck
  26. AT least have the ball sto admit you tweeted the shit. YES DINA WE ALL KNOW TOMMY’S GAY (ALLEGEDY) AND U ARE A BEARDabout 2 hours ago via TweetDeck
  27. Seriously NJ housewives. 1, u lucky that twitter finalyl fixed the big. 2, if you can tweet it, stand by it. Trifilin ass Manzo bitches

Other tweets from my followers/friends/fellow bloggers:

Damnert @ImStillToni I’ve been blocked by Jac, dina, danielle, ashley, teresa. Never followed them, but blocked by all of them#BigGrin

LynnNChicago The best part, @dinamanzo has me blocked yet was reading my tweets, she had to SEARCH for me to find em hahaha<–as Ashley would sayabout 10 hours ago via web

Bravo_Maria @rawveggies The one that got fired-up was@Dinamanzo and Jac tonight. Man they got a can of whoop-ass tonight. LOLabout 9 hours ago via web in reply to rawveggies

LynnNChicago @dinamanzo didn’t notice that I backed off of her until she came after ME, she alreay blocked me so I ignore her, she dragged me into itabout 9 hours ago via web

Bravo_Maria I’m still AMAZED that @dinamanzo would admit to me on Twitter that her husband Tommy is a cross-dresser. Then she deletes the post! OMGabout 1 hour ago via web

LynnNChicago @ilikecakealot lol thanks! I’m a fool according to@dinamanzo SHE says her husband is a cross dresser lolabout 1 hour ago via web in reply to ilikecakealot

@dinamanzo it’s so pathetic that people have nothing else to do than write blogs and harass the RH cast members-get a lifeabout 1 hour ago via web

MarrrrryJ @dinamanzo Maybe you could just stop retweeting foes and focus ur writing on fans 🙂 Zennn

@ImStillToni I mean the fans that are defending @JacLaurita . I like the show & she’s my favorite/thats not saying much,but its true.

@dinamanzo @LynnNChicago isn’t that what Caroline does 2 ALL of em? she’s been iggin the girls, tsk tsk. Fuel the fire & watch em burn!!about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

WonderRobbie @dinamanzo haha I’m so using “tweetholes” from now on.about 4 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to dinamanzo

richncams @dinamanzo love and light much, Dina? Lolabout 2 hours ago via twidroid

@GretchenRossi be careful G, the Manzo MOB will turn on your ass faster than @BravoAndy drinks Maker’s Mark!6:44 PM Jul 26th via web in reply to GretchenRossi

@LynnNChicago WOW that was sumthin’last p.m. Dina back peddling as usual, ^5 for calling her on her BS

ul0vemeh88 @dinamanzo lol I think you kinda gave it away!about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to dinamanzo (THAT was in reference to Tommy’s love of show tunes, lol)

And from my FAVORITE RHONJ Housewife herself (LOVE LOVE LOVE U D LOL)

daniellestaub @ImStillToni love ya baby thank you!!!about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

daniellestaub @ImStillToni @realoldhouswife @lynnnchicago so trueabout 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

daniellestaub @ImStillToni I’m so grateful it’s not – I really don’t think they are honest or kind peopleabout 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni

Updated: Just happened to stumble upon some of Dina’s Tweets last night that were NOT deleted lol… as I have said before, you CANNOT un-ring a bell 😀

Dina Manzo- Rhonj I am cranky lol, not putting up with any of the tweetholes tonight. Sometimes they just need to be told! 13 hours ago via Tweeter

Dina Manzo- Rhonj Dear tweeple, Please don’t be two-faced & be nice to me & the freaks that attack us. You know I don’t play the 2 faced thing. Thank you! Top of Form13 hours ago via Tweeter

Dina Manzo- Rhonj just came across something that proves to me how easy it is to weed out the phony people in ur life. Leave television & you’ll see who’s who Yesterday at 12:19am via Tweeter

It was these tweets, along with the MANY Dina deleted, that led me to finally flip and tweet the following, which I’m sure she is aware of since they continue to follow my PUBLIC tweets & follow me using fake accounts that only have tweeted ONE tweet yet follow hundreds, if not thousands, of people, more often than not BLOGGERS:

Dear Dina: I tweeted before you & I will tweet after u go into hiding. FYI, deleting a tweet does not REMOVE it from search engine caches 😀about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

If you don’t have a backbone, DON’T TWEET. *fake crying* if you don’t love love love me & kiss my ass I WILL BLOCK U. GTFO with the bullshitabout 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

Grandma Wrinkles reminds me of a shaved vajayjay….NO WONDER Tommy hates that fucking cat!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

If you quit then DON’T COME BACK. The show was better without you, your “energy,” or your fucking UGLY ASS CAT, DINA!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

Dear #RHONJ fans: @rosemarynsage is good people. Dina is just a bitter beard. Don’t let her fool u: the quitter returns. Can’t even be real!about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck