Big Brother 12 – Saboteur Edition

BB12 Cast


If anyone knows me, I am a BIG Big Brother fan! I’ve audition for several years, even going as far as to bring a camera crew with me to an open casting in Boston because I’m either A) crazy for attention and want on the show B) just a crazy bitch who likes to record herself. 

I know there are many viewers out there that do not watch the live feeds or Big Brother After Dark, so for that reason I will attempt to keep feed spoilers to a minimum as a courtesy. For those who do not know, the feeds are in real-time and therefore ahead of the broadcast episodes, therefore as of this post I already know HOH/Nomination/Veto Winner/if Veto was used/and if Veto was used, who is the replacement nominee. 

In addition, I have been a loyal broadcast ep and live feed recapper on (BronxToni78 would be me) for several seasons and as a result, I definitely use a lot of BB lingo…so in case you are a BB newbie, here are some of the terms I will be using from this point out. 

HOH = Head of Household 

POV = Power of Veto 

On the Mac/On the Block = being a nominee/on the nomination block 

DR = Diary Room 

Big Brother After Dark = BBAD 

Cootie Taw = Coup d’ etat 

Chenbot = Julie Chen 

Hamster/HG = Houseguest 

SSA = Super Secret Alliance 

Nom/Replacement Nom = Nominee 

My intent is to post by the week, before Week 1 live eviction the post for Week one should be live….that way I can pick right up with Week 2 on Friday and go from there. While I know this isn’t Bravo TV, it’s Big Brother and I can’t help it – I’d pick BB over the Real Housebitches any day of the week!

    • debbie
    • July 14th, 2010

    I had only recently started following your blogs and enjoyed them all.. Really happy to know you’ll be providing me with more laughs and info with BB 12 blog..Looking forward to the BB season

    • cammie
    • July 14th, 2010

    Tones-looking forward to reading you this season! I am a devoted follower of BB much to my husband’s dismay (disgust?) so it’s good to have someone to share all the drama with!!

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