BB12 Week 8: Double Eviction & HoH/Nom Spoilers (Does ANYone even care anymore?)

And then there were five sucky houseguests...

Quick review for those who were under a rock on Thursday night lol
Week 7 HOH: Brit
Week 7 Noms: Matt & Lane
1st eviction: Matt
1st DE HOH: Hayden
1st set of noms: Brendon (as a pawn per the Wackade™) & Ragan
POV Winner: Ragan (removed himself from block)
New noms: Britney & Brendon
2nd Eviction: Brendon
2nd HoH/Week 8 HoH: Not shown on episode (results later in post)

Let’s talk the original noms for Week 7, Matt & Lane. I have to say HALLELUJAH Professor McDouche™ has FINALLY stopped sucking on the emotional teet (or peen if you will) and opened his eyes TO THE GAME! And all it took was Matt finally getting caught throwing him under the bus. While I am enjoying Ragan’s Sybil –like personality changes once again, I still think he’s douchey. For example: the way he plays up to the cameras during the live shows, if he acted like that around the house more often instead of being so judgmental and condescending, I could have remained on the Ragan train. Nope, for someone who has demanded other people “be real,” Ragan aka Prof. McDouche™ is still the fakest in the house IMO.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m at the point I really do not care who wins lmao I think the Final 5 suck, but then again I like real strategy, not coasting or floating. Having said that, I think I am about to surprise some folks with my breakdown.

Ragan: As you probably expected, I do not want Ragan IN the F3, F2, or winning America’s Player. The crybaby already got 20k for doing nothing so I pray he gets the boot F3 (or sooner) just so it hurts him that much more. He should have been playing strategically from the beginning instead of becoming obsessed with Brenchel and for that, he should pay for his mistake considering he is a fan of BB as he proclaims.

Britney: I wouldn’t mind her getting to F3 or F2, but I do not want her to win anything at this point. I honestly am not a fan of women using their looks/emotions as a strategy and we ALL know, as both Lane & Brendon confirmed this week, that’s exactly what Brit did. She is a fierce physical competitor, she won the most comps to date and is tied with Brendon; therefore, Brit truly did not HAVE to rely on her looks or feminine charm, but she did. Once again, she furthers the stereotype that a woman cannot win BB on a player strategy. I love Jordan, and she stepped up when she had to, BUT Jordan was smart enough to play a good social game with the house whereas Brit just sucked up to the men in the house and coasted. Can we ALL admit that Rachel was right in that Brit wanted to be the last female standing in the game now? It’s obvious and it makes me dislike Brit that much more. Brit could have done it without attaching herself to a man but chose not to. That was her strategy and I think if for some reason she’s evicted soon, that will be the reason. It’s hard to trust a woman who attached herself like a leech to any man….it’s like she has a fear of being alone. Only ONE person wins Brit and I think she ended up playing herself. In addition, Mrs. Trustworthy has already talked shit about Ragan behind his back since last night, nice huh?

Enzo: Say what you want about this asshole, he’s social game is tight. IF he made it to the end, I would really have to hear him explain his game strategy but we all know he truly was the Wackade™ mastermind and carries a lot of weight with Lane/Hayden although Hayden & Lane have a F2 alliance Enzo doesn’t know about.

Lane: At this point, I wouldn’t mind Lane taking it all. First, his strategy of not getting his hands dirty by using Britney has been genius. Next, he didn’t put a target on his back by not wining anything, as he had no reason to with the Wackade™ and his side alliances. Unlike Hayden, all he won this season was a phone call from home, which completely plays into his “I’m a good ole country boy” persona. Lane has laid low, not gotten into any arguments (or fight another’s battles), and played Brit like a fiddle. While I personally have some issues with things he does (such as the killing animals for fun and “beating his down until he bled”) I do genuinely enjoy watching The Beast.

Hayden: At this point, I want  Hayden to win. If for nothing, for the fact he finally has figured out he doesn’t need to shout in the DR. But seriously, this kid has had a solid strategy from day one that was only slightly messed up by Kristen, but if you look at his DRs/actions in retrospect he truly is sticking to a solid plan where he doesn’t play emotionally but knows how to play to and with people’s emotions if need be. I’d be lying if I said I did not enjoy Hayden & Lane the most this season (I like Brendon & Rachel separately and together when not locked at the tongue)…but if I had to put money on it, Hayden could get enough jury votes when you look at the remaining 5 – even Brendon, Rachel, and Matt’s vote IMO.


Week 8 HOH: endurance HOH that lasted all the way into BBAD resulted in LANE winning HOH. After the comp, the Final 5 sat around the table, eating and doing what they do best…continuing to bash Brendon AND Rachel (by association). Seriously, I couldn’t listen to more than 3 minutes before I shut down my feeds and started watching BBUK11 and UBB. And while I watched the feeds today, most of the time when the 5 are together they CONTINUE to talk about Brendon & Rachel ad nauseam. It’s was irritating and catty to say the least.

Friday’s conspiracy theory: Hayden did not ding the buzzer AND/OR threw the 2nd place card outside of his box so that he technically did not run 2 full lengths (since Julie said you can only carry 1 name at a time). in order to win the HOH competition. LMAO I know, I know, believe me. But it is interesting when you watch it and I can’t call it either way. Check out 2:14 – due to the camera angle, Lane actually blocks Hayden so we cannot see if he hits it or not. All we actually see is him slamming the card in the slot and then walking forward as Brendon comes running up and slamming his hand on the buzzer. We hear Brendon’s hand hit, but no ding for either of them. MEH, I don’t even really care either way at this point

Nominees are: Enzo & Ragan. Per Hayden, Enzo is the pawn lol. Ragan studied everything

ANOTHER Pandora’s Box: Here we go again! Lane gets a PB 4.0 and as one could expect, he opens it. Apparently Lane had several envelopes to choose from and he chose 3 punishments and 3 rewards. We learned Lane won $91.17 and a punishment was that they now have no drinking glasses or utensils (thank God because they also awoke to an ant & roach infestation because NONE of the remaining hammies clean anything). As of now the hammies are drinking out of bowls…considering none of them clean I fail to see the infestation stop anytime soon.

Saturday morning feed watchers were treated to the following message:  At 7:20am today there was power outage in Studio City, CA which caused the feeds to drop. Provided the power returns, the feeds will be back shortly.

Needless to say, this Final 5 is so boring and basically on Brenchel-bash auto repeat I’ve tuned them out. UBB/BBUK is much more exciting IMO, once again Grodner gives us a shitty BB cast with recycled competitions and twists (I am BEGGING Grodner to use UBB’s Clown next season…if there is a next season)!  Out of the remaining 5, who do you think should go to the Final 2? Sound off in the poll on the right!

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    • AngryOldman
    • August 28th, 2010

    Stumbled across your blog….keep up the good work! Don’t always agree with you but definitely appreciate your analysis and sense of humor.

    Oh, and Professor McDouche…..bullseye! Thanks for all your hard work!

    • cammie nolan
    • August 28th, 2010

    ok so you’ll have to explain to me why you hate brit’s strategy of using lane, but you have no problem with lane using brit, enzo and hayden? Also, why do you fault Ragen and Brit for talking behind people’s back, but not Lane (who’s going to toss Brit under the bus sooner than later) or Enzo?? Please tell me why Brit attaching herself to a man (as a strategy) is distasteful but Lane attaching himself to a woman (as a strategy) is fine by you? Whatever is effective, right? If you KNOW you can wrap a guy around your finger, and you do it to further yourself in the game, why is it not advantageous to do so? Brit has been honest in letting Lane know he has no shot with her romantically. Don’t discount female charms as a strategy, espeically when you’re playing against men! Hayden is probably the most dishonest HG at this point in my opinion-though I don’t hold it against him-with his side alliances, lies about the prizes he took, and who is his “main boy” (both enzo and lane feel he’s their #1).
    UNLIKE you, I DO want Regan to win…or Brit. Although I am bored to tears with Ragan’s endless studying, I’m hoping it will jolt Grodner into changing up the frigging formula!! If people can anticipate the comps and study for them, what good is it?? It’s boring tv both in watching the studying and watching the same damn comps! And I think Ragan has played a good game so far-which is why he’s still here-and DESERVES to win! Same with Brit-social skills shouldn’t be disdained. They are still SKILLS!!
    Once again tones, LOVE YOU, love your blog. I also love to bat ideas around with ya lol.

    • Sure Cames. I think it’s the gender that bothers me. Britney came in shrieking about her engagement and being a strong woman, but in essence she has used her body and sexuality to flirt with Lane in return for him carrying her. She pulled her own weight with challenges, but if you look at her strategy, she always used her body. Jordan and Janelle are perfect examples of players who happened to have a “showmance” in their seasons, but truly were a force to be reckoned with in their alliances. Neither Jordan or Janelle used their sexuality or body as part of their strategy….see the difference? Britney is not that different from Natalie (both BB9 and BB10) who used a man and rode their (safety) coat tails. Lane, on the other hand, is simply using the fact that Brit IS into him despite the fact she’s engaged. Britney gave Lane the rope and he simply tied the noose with the rope she gave him lmao. Britney was not friends with any other female in the house except Monet. She aligned herself with Lane and HIS alliance of guys who at the time have not won anything (Hayden’s 1st HOH doesn’t count as Brit wasn’t aligned with Lane yet). And Lane was smart enough to never make a Final deal with her….so in essence it’s like Brit played herself by assuming her continuous flirting with Lane will take her to the end and she’s been so far up Lane’s ass she failed to think of her end game and is basically putting her ENTIRE game in Lane’s hands.. Alison, Jun, Maggie, Jordan, and Janelle all used strategy that involved more than their boobs and ass, which is more than I can say for Brit. Hands down I still believe Janelle is the best female BB player of all time – HER game is one I can respect.
      Ragan has played a semi-good game: when he’s in GAME mode like he is now, he’s great. When he’s doing NOTHING but throwing comps and bashing on people, he’s an asshole. Even he admitted he had hate-blinders on for the most part. And do you know who won POV today? lmao Ragan or Brit is going HOME girl!!!

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