BB12 POV & Veto Ceremony Recap: Can this get any more boring?

In a nutshell, Wednesday night’s episode sucked as much, if not more, than the entire season itself (especially if you have the feeds).

  • Matt takes credit for the noms, as usual.
  • The Meow-Meow is pissed, as usual.
  • Brendon’s gonna make Fruit Fly Brit™ (FFB) regret her choice to nominate him, as usual.

And then we see the Wackade™ begin to implode as Lane & HAYDEN start to work their manipulation magic on the doe-eyed “I’m engaged and do not realize how PISSED Nick will be at me when I get out” FFB. I gotta be honest, I think FBB is a dumbass. She’s the HOH let relied on “her army” to take all the punishments to secure a Veto win? No dummy, YOU should have buzzed in for every friggin punishment instead of looking around with your one lazy eye and believing these guys are even on your side.

Veto Comp: Let’s think about this mathematically & logically, shall we? If you are the 1st to buzz in for an item,the red light in your cage flashes. The punishments (in order) netted a gain of 5, 7, 11, 6, 10, and 13. The prizes (in order) netted a loss of 6, 11, 8, 25 (Hayden’s offer for 5k). Each hammie started out with 50 points. If you personally did not win one of the first four punishments, there is no way you can win even if you got the last two. This is what Enzo did, so he got  10 and 13 = 23 + 50 = 73. Brendon for 5 + 7+ 11 + 6 = 29 + 50 = 79. After I didn’t get the punishment for 11 pts, there would be NOTHING to stop be from going for a prize.  Britney was STUPID for not going for any prizes after the 11, don’t you think? There were more punishments than prizes, which makes complete sense considering this was a VETO comp and NOT a luxury comp!!! She’s HOH, she’s won nothing all season, so what really stopped her other than her “ideal” of how things should go? Each individual knows what they got so if you can’t beat em, why not grab a prize. Enzo either cannot do simple addition OR assumed that Brendon did not go for every punishment considering he thought he only lost by 2 points LMAO seriously Meow-Meow? Britney should have realized right then and there the ONLY people who really want Brendon out are her, Professor McDouche™, and Matt and only her and McDouche™ want Brendon out on an emotional/personal level – Matt’s thinking of it from a strategy level which I can respect. Am I nuts for rooting for Brendon or at least thinking if I were Brit/Ragan I would want to take Brendon to F2 thinking she’s only get Rachel’s (aka Cruella De Riley™) vote? Seriously, it’s like half the house has had their periods since early July and can’t separate the game from personal feelings! Also, am I the only crazy person who thinks that Brit continues to screw herself every time she swears on Nick or her engagement to the point every guy in the house doesn’t trust her AND she should have kept her semi-deal with Brendon? I truly do believe Brendon would not be coming after Brit as hard if Brit stuck to her word and not nominated him CONSIDERING he stuck to his word by not putting her up last week regardless of what happened with his original noms- the fact remains Brit didn’t go up as the replacement nom, Brendon kept his word. And I still believe Brendon had some valid points in that Brit and him should work together towards the end IF Brit truly believes he has no jury votes. The fact Brit didn’t take him up on the offer and then cried she has no jury votes leads me to believe she continues to go after Brendon on an emotional level and NOT a strategic level at all.

Pandora’s Box 3.0: And on the topic of Brit, WHY in the world would you open that Pandora’s Box when the clue stated “get advice from a former Houseguest for an hour?” Note it didn’t say WINNER, it same HOUSEGUEST! It could have been Rachel, Jessie, Ollie, ED, Remy…ANYONE! Geezus it’s not like it offered a power or a vacation, it simply offered “advice” and from a 2X LOSER at that!

When did Lane become such a dick? I still like him, but now that we are able to see Lane really manipulate FFB and no longer be nicey-nice about it is A) cruel of him on some level (although it’s more on FBB for allowing it considering SHE’S the one who’s engaged. Lane technically owes Nick nothing IMO but if he truly respected Brit he would cut the shit anyway) and B) incredibly smart of him. Seriously where as this dark horse been all season? Oh yea, playing dumb, which he does EXTREMELY well, no? And I gotta admit, HAYDEN & Lane are playing the game while really appearance as if they are not playing the game. So from this point on BDL is just Lane because I really think he is playing this “ole country boy from texas who ain’t that smart” role to a T!

Penguingate: Yes we ALL know Enzo’s been constantly eating as a Have Not this week and not wearing his full Penguin costume, which has been dubbed Penguingate by the BB community. Typically, after receiving a few warnings by BB, a hammie is penalized with either a nomination or a vote per occurrence (the latter is given when the hammie is already nominated for eviction). In this instance, I have yet to hear BB even warn Enzo about anything so it’s led me to question why Bb doesn’t care if their rules are followed and why Enzo is getting away with murder. Upon reflection, I hope BB doesn’t do ANYTHING to Enzo and here’s why. It’s apparent BB LUV Matt the Peen Diddler™ and will do just about anything to keep his ass in the game. IF Enzo receives penalty votes PER occurrence, Enzo would get at least 3 votes, which IS enough to evict him this week. I’m afraid that BB/Chenbot may throw us all for a loop and announce Enzo is the 1st eviction tonight because BB slapped him with the 3 votes for eating this week. On one hand, it takes all the power out of the house and would make me LOVE to see FFB’s reaction, but at the same time why bother now? I say let Penguingate go so we can finally see where the votes lie this week, otherwise Matt gets an automatic break (once again) and can compete in the 2nd HOH comp.

Outting the Brigade: I think no matter what, if Matt outs the Wackade™ tonight I think it’s a lose-lose situation. He would have to do it during his pre-vote speech and as we have seen with this group, these last-ditch attempts do nothing to change the vote with their groupthink mentality. If he does it and gets voted out the effects will be damning BUT I think it will do nothing as the majority of the house does nothing. If Matt doesn’t get voted out on the first elimination, he’s basically confirming he’s a sneaky, untrustworthy player who overplayed his hand in the eyes of the house. Matt should have outted the Wackade™ yesterday but as of tonight any attempt to do so just reeks of desperation.

That’s all I got. I don’t even have the strength to get into Ragan’s “I would have fallen on the sword for you, Matt” BS.

My predictions for Thursday’s Live Double Eviction:

  • Matt goes in 1st eviction
  • Brendon wins 2nd HOH AND/OR POV
  • Either Brit or Enzo is the 2nd evicted.
  • Ragan has a complete and total breakdown knowing he is completely alone in the house!

*sigh* a girl can dream, can’t I? What do you think about last night’s boring ep? Do you agree/disagree with my Veto math/logic? What are your predictions for the night? And as a sidenote, is anyone watching Ultimate Big Brother? I don’t know if I’m a masochistic but I’m watch BB12, BBUK11, AND UBB all at once…damn BBUS is seriously a POS compared to international versions – if you are watching UBB, also feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments!

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    • ted
    • August 26th, 2010

    Interesting thought re: Enzo receiving penalty for breaking rules… That would be something to shake things up.

    • I’m telling you Ted I’m terrified Grodener is willing to do ANYTHING to keep Matt in the house, even stoop to this new low. Then she can appease fans by penalizing Enzo and STILL keep Matt in the house thru the 1st eviction. It’s like a win-win for her, lose-lose for us!

    • mrtinigrl
    • August 26th, 2010

    They never care when people break the rules..until it goes too far.
    If they call Enzo out tonight and he goes home, it will be the end of BB for me. Then you know for sure they want Matt to win and will do everything to make it happen. When others have broken the rules, they tell them in the diary room or make an announcement so that they dont do it again. No warnings and then 3 votes? WRONG.
    Im worried that Ragan will win something tonight…(boo!), I want him gone next. But if he wins HoH, Brendon is gone.
    How dumb are these people? You start keeping people like Kathy and Brendon around…so you can get the votes. DUH! The final 3 brigade members cannot make the final 2. If they were to make the final 3, doesnt anyone realize that the guy who is not in the final 2 will campaign for the one person who did not send him to the jury house.
    BB, next year…please pick real people for your show. Please stop picking people that want to be famous. I am tired of listening to them talk about using their “fame” for jobs in the industry after the show is over.

    • even if Ragan wins HOH I think Brendon will pull out another Veto win…so who are u gunning for K2? Matt and ….?

        • mrtinigrl
        • August 26th, 2010

        In the perfect martini world it would look like this: Matt gone. Then Ragan gone. Then Lane gone. Then Enzo gone.

        While I dont care for Brit too much, she has been way underestimated and I would like to see her make it further. The only reason they would get her out is because she isnt in the brigade…not because she can win comps. I would love to see her and Brendon just go on a comp winning spree. But, I would like her gone at finale 3.

        The only reason I dont care if Hayden stays, I just dont think he could win if he was against the right person. I think him winning 5k and Hawaii will come back to bite him if Lane and Enzo get upset with him and confess all in the jury house (a la bitter Jessie).

    • ted
    • August 26th, 2010

    Wouldn’t Enzo have to have received public warnings for that to happen? I think the POV was fixed to keep Brendon in the house.

    Agree about the HGs thinking they are going to be famous… the only ones are Jordan & Jeff to do anything. Many more from Survivor have gone on to be ‘famous’ in one way or another. Speaking of Famous… what about Coach Jimmy Johnson being on Survivor?

    I think it will be Matt 1st and Brit or Ragan 2nd. I cannot wait to see Ragan’s Meltdown when that happens and he goes on the block!

    • That’s the thing Ted, as of today I have no seen, heard or read Enzo even getting any warnings..unless he’s really better at keeping his mouth shut than we realize OR these hammies are so stupid they do not even question it in the DR. I am so happy you agree with Matt then Brit/Ragan…but I really want both of Ragan’s only 2 allies in the house to go and then he is 5150 unfold lmao

    • ted
    • August 26th, 2010

    Well, I think it will be Brit… but I agree with Mrtinigrl and want her to stay. She is my favorite of all. But that would be so funny to witness Ragan’s total breakdown when he is alone in the house with a bunch of straight men that don’t like him.

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