BB12 Week 7 Feed Spoilers: Everyone’s Showing Their Cards (& I LOVE IT!)

Weekend at Kathy's now gets a vacation from a vacation, yall!!!

So we ALL know what happened during Thursday’s live eviction, quite anti-climatic to say the least!

Ragan [to Matt]: You have fought to be here. You deserve it more.”
Matt: “You’re right.”

Matt’s winking/side glances at the camera every 5 or so minutes are beyond annoying, but I can see how he felt so confident by having that craptastic bedazzled DPOV in his pocket. Hands down the most eye-roll inducing response of the night was Professor McDouche™ and his answer to Julie “My integrity is not for sale.” Umm, didn’t Ragan SELL his integrity by becoming Sabo 2.0 since he flat out admitted accepting the offer may sabotage his entire game in addition to one of his meltdowns when he admitted the guilt about lying about the Sabo was getting to him?

So we have Matt giving is final please to the house, insulting Brendon in the process of exposing the DPOV for the entire house to see. Brendon was either internally fuming and/or in a state of shock, but either way I thought he handled the playing of the DPOV pretty well considering he effectively left him with ZERO power for the week.  Prof. McDouche™ and FFB, on the other hand, were unable to contain their looks of shock, awe, happiness, giddiness etc…I do not fault them for this, however I think their reactions were a little telling/foreshadowing, don’t you?

Long story short, Weekend at Kathy’s nominated and evicted with a vote of 5 – 0. Do I think Matt was STUPID for putting up Kathy? YES! You do not need to be a “super-diabolical genius” to see Matt completely WASTED the DPOV trying to make a dickless move. Why waste the power on a floater that NO ONE would vote for in the end? Why is Matt not thinking endgame? Or yea, he’s going to continue to play on people’s emotions with his stupid lie about his wife Snaggletooth

Now what occurred from Friday through to today has been MUCH better than anything we have seen all season! SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR FEED SPOILERS RE: WEEK 7 NOMS, VETO COMP & CEREMONY BELOW!!!!

So FFB, after SWEARING on the Phantom Nick™, goes back on her word to Brendon and puts him on the block next to Enzo; however, that is NOT the big news of what went down this weekend. Apparently BB has been really paying attention to what the hammies have been discussing this season, as many of the Pandora’s Boxes AND comps have been previously mentioned within a one to 2 weeks span before.

Example 1: Matt kept claiming if he got a PB offer, he would open it no matter what and USE anything it provides if it enhances his game. He got what he asked, the DPOV.
Example 2: Brendon kept complaining/wishing he had a massage even after RACHEL continued to give them to him. He gets a PB that not only mentions a massage, but a spa visit. He got what he asked for, just alone.
Example 3: Most of last week/this week the hammies have been speculating about a Double Eviction and a “what will you do for it” comp a la Al Stars and they all got what they asked for.

Friday’s Nominations: Britney went back on her “word” and put up Brendon (since he was targeting her last week yall, although he NEVER nominated her pre OR post veto) and Enzo (since he’s never went on the block, he can be the pawn).

Saturday’s POV ceremony: The “what will you do for the Veto” comp resulted in the following – in addition, everyone BUT Ragan played:
–          Enzo donated all his clothing (minus shoes, socks, underwear) to charity and got stuck wearing a Penguin Suit until Thursday
–          Lane got a phone call from home
–          HAYDEN took $5,000 AND a trip for 2 to Hawaii
–          Last but not least, Brendon shaved his head bald, has to take an hourly chum bath, is handcuffed to the guest of his choosing for 24 hours (similar to Adam & Sheila), AND is on slop for the remainder of the game. DING DING DING BRENDON WON POV!!!

At this point, the house FINALLY started strategizing/flipping/going nuts! Brendon smartly chose to be handcuffed to Brit so that Ragan/Matt wouldn’t get in her ear. Hayden told Enzo and Lane the truth about him wining the prizes. Lane ran right back to Brit and sort of told her the truth about the prizes, but not completely. Ragan used Hersey Mini’s to construct an abacus to jedi train. Matt smugly decided not to grow a pair and campaign to Brit directly for days (until Sunday really), instead asking his Wackade™ members/Ragan campaign in his defense WHILE Matt was throwing Ragan under the bus. The Wackade™ continues to fan the flame that Matt had to win SOMETHING since they didn’t. Ragan pretty much cried, pouted, and wanted to be left alone all weekend…yanno being a bad sport…like Professor McDouche™ and FFB accused Brendon the Gallant & Cruella De Riley™ of doing.

Fast Forward to Sunday: Matt sucks up to Brit by frosting her birthday cake. The Wackade™ is slowly imploding, flip-flopping between wanting Matt, Ragan, OR Brendon evicted. And then it happened: Brit basically let Lane know that the DR was “suggesting” she keep Matt in the game AND they convinced her there’s a good chance she would leave in a double elimination if she gets rid of Matt, which led to Enzo to flipout with “this gamed is rigged,” nonstop WBRB messages/bubbles, and generally paranoia throughout the house. It was great to watch IMO, love seeing the hammies scatter like cockroaches (lmao I’m sorry, but that was one of the most accurate analogies to come out of this entire shitty season).

At Monday’s Veto Ceremony, Brendon USES the POV, Britney names Matt as replacement nom!!! Past 24 hours of included the following:

–          Brendon & Brit have an interesting convo in HOH in which Brit admits that they are tied in wins, have fought to be here, it may help each other if they take each other to the end….while Brit did not vocalize an “alliance,” she agrees to a deal in which Brendon doesn’t not put her up in any shape or form next week, they keep winning comps and saving each other, and agree Matt has been throwing Ragan and her under the bus while Ragan is blinded by his love for Matt. Question is will Brit seriously this time since she already went back on her word to Brendon while Brendon has actually honored his?
–          Matt apparently told Enzo that if Brendon makes it to F2, Brendon has Matt’s vote
–          Britney to Lane: “If I go home and watch the episodes and find out you’re in another alliance and lying to me, I’m gonna kill you!”
–           Ragan: “I get it. This is a game and this is a big wake-up call for me.” (Post-Veto ceremony Ragan now BELIEVES the house telling him that Matt was throwing him under the bus. NOW Ragan realizes he looks like a complete tool for crying over Matt & practically throwing himself on the sword for his boyfriend. Ragan is PISSED over the fact he now realizes how stupid he’s looked for the past few weeks. I, personally, am giddy with glee over the fact Ragan finally got a clue!)
–          Ragan then proceeds to have that “I’m fine, but I’m not fine” cold attitude with Matt, sort of stomping off in a huff with his nose in the air to the HOH to listen to Brit’s Gaga CD (Fame Monster, tyvm). Matt said Ragan was acting weird and rude, but Ragan kept doing the one-word passive-aggressive “no. I’m fine. Yup!” lmao I see this showmance may truly be OVER, although Ragan swears that he will continue to be BFF with Matt outside the house.
–          Then Professor McDouche™ decides he can call an impromptu house meeting (minus Lane, who was in the DR) by the pool to discus his “perceived hard-core campaigning” for Matt last week.  Ragan claims he had THREE conversations about Matt in his defense, but since he didn’t THREATEN anyone AND didn’t “throw Lane under the bus,” he doesn’t feel like the “hard-core” portion is valid. Everyone else looks at Ragan like he is an idiot. HAYDEN speaks up and asks what we all are wondering, why the hell is Ragan telling us this since everyone knows and assumed Ragan would campaign for Matt since they are buddy-buddy (Hayden points out “you WERE campaigning for Matt, right?”). Ragan just likes to hear his own voice, as well as he wants to be “open” and has “nothing to hide.”
–          After the Ragan’s “house meeting” Enzo comes back out to the BY and says to Matt “why did you do to him, he’s in love with you man!” to which everyone laughs and Matt responds “yeah that’s what I do.”
So as of this post, Ragan is kicking himself for letting his loins led his BB decisions; Matt realizes he REALLY messed up both his HOHs, the DPOV, and throwing both this week’s HOH & POV has effectively wiped the permanent “diabolical super-genius” grin off his face; I dunno who Enzo/HAYDEN/Lane are even loyal to anymore; Enzo barely wears the entire penguin costume and continues to sneak regular food without any warnings or penalties (cmon BB throw Enzo a penalty vote already); Brit continues to be dependent on testosterone instead of being the last female standing & running shit; and finally, Ragan is in the DR and all of a sudden a random, outdoor lockdown happens (usually a lockdown happens in preparation for a comp or a ceremony in which the winner is in the DR and everyone else is forced outside.

BTW: Did you guys notice the name of Ragan’s shot in Sunday’s Have Not competition? So Grodner apparently is stealing ideas lol considering I have been calling Ragan “Raging Ragan™” for WEEKS, actually before I coined Professor McDouche™, Ragan’s shot is coincidentally named “Ragin Ragan?” GTFO Grodner, all you do is manipulate the game, recycle ideas, and steal ideas from message boards & blogs. Why is having a completely organic game so bad? The ratings would be there IF you would stop hiring and recruiting fucking models and actors instead of people who audition and truly want to play the game (like myself and the other THOUSANDS of ppl who apply year after year).

So much as happened this weekend I can finally admit that this weekend as justified my entire 2010 BB feed purchase! Have you been paying attention? Is Brit listening to the wrong group? Who is she even listening to at this point? Why hasn’t Matt ratted the Brigade out yet? Would you order a Brigade Burger in Texas, since that’s what Lane’s mom told him? Does you believe the Britney-Brendon alliance? Did Ragan DOR? Is your head spinning yet? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!

FYI: Outdoor lockdown was the result of Production clearing out the dead fish. Yup, so important they needed a lockdown for it lol.

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