BB12 WK6 Wed. Veto Ep: Crying, Zings, and Tons of Filler

This blog post will be specifically about Wednesday’s Veto comp & ceremony. Separate post to follow with feed spoilers & my final thoughts going into tonight’s eviction.

What will happen at Thursday's Live Eviction??

So it appears as if Ragan only concerned with making it thru THIS week so he can collect his 20k for his lame as Sabo 2.0. End game is not important at this time, so Ragan isn’t the least bit concerned with offending/alienating the other hammies as far as their jury votes, he’s clearly out for blood.

Britney: “Oh you’re taking your time on THIS ONE Kathy? Sure, no problem, it’s not like this is a race or anything.” Zingbot2000 was HILARIOUS, don’t you think? Even more hilarious was the lack of any type of effort on Kathy’s part. I also understood Brendon’s strategy: how often do we see one team look at another’s puzzle on Survivor? Unless there is a divisional wall, its game on correct? While Ragan’s puzzle strategy was nothing I haven’t seen before, the fact he was appalled that Brendon was looking at his puzzle just cracked me up! I was waiting to see Ragan in the DR talking about “clutch my pearls!”

In the end, Professor McDouche™ won the POV *feigning my happiness over this fact* Ragan: “I can’t lie, it feels good to win something finally.” YEA, it always feels good when you can truly win at something because there’s a payday at the end. Instead of trying for 500k or even 50k, Ragan is satisfied with 20k. Kind of like Monet’s 10k. Or Memphis’ car in the first comp of the season.  Isn’t Ragan sort of settling or do you think he’s taking what he can get where he can because he know me messed up his game and will never make F2? “ I think you are such a kind, beautiful, intelligent human being.” Goodness Ragan is so emotional right now with Britney that Matt decided he needs to leave the room (around this time Matt stated that they were emotional like girls). The McDouche/FFB cryfest ensues with a bunch of “I love you. No I love you more.  I just met you 5 weeks ago aren’t we just like Brenchel? Now we’re better, not hug me and tell me I’m pretty” BS.

HAYDEN is finally being honest about Matt, which I’m happy to hear him admit aloud. If I was in the Wackade™, I would have really tried to win at least one comp so that Matt or anyone else could never say Matt carried their alliance if I made it to F2 or a fallen member hit the JH. They do not know how high is IQ is and they still belief the sick wife lie, so other than the fact Ragan has been throwing comps to Matt in order for Matt to win, what has Matt really done other than completely mess up first 1st HOH noms?

Brendon gets Pandora’s Box and ironically, Brendon is temped into opening it by BB using stock footage of Rachel at the Jury House. Oh touché, BB, this was a good move IMO. If I was Brendon and I had no true allies left in the house, there is no way I would have opened PB this time around. Brendon goes thru the door and then…DOORBELL!! Here comes faux-red Rachel, back with a vengeance!! I’ll be honest, I didn’t think her entrance was as bad as Prof. McDouche™ complained about. She’s a fan of the game enough to admit when “she got got,” which she did upon her eviction, and came back in the house when it was the least expected. In addition, any fan of the show could see where she was possibly channeling Janelle with the “bitches” line, i.e. “Bye Bye Bitches!” Seriously, am I the only person who felt Ragan threw a temper tantrum, pacing back and forth between the Have Not room and Kitchen, making a bigger deal and using the opportunity to attack Rachel on a personal level BEFORE Rachel attacked back? AGAIN, in no way am I saying Rach didn’t start anything, especially when it came to the cookies (which I enjoyed), but was there really a valid reason for Ragan to fly off the handle the way he did? And I’m sorry, the fight in the backyard was just ugly, lawd knows I can be a bitch but the chastising, condescending, you’re wrong-I’m wrong-I know everything and you are just a whore tone would have caused me to physically jump on top of his little ass (considering he mentioned how fat woman only have cats and other fat remarks lets me know he is extremely vain & judgmental. If you read my previous post about RAGAN’S BLOG, you would get that he was very androgynous as a youth and became very attentive to his body, but dare I say he often acts like a stereotypical gay man. Heaven forbid I speak my opinion on my own blog!). Ragan showed his true colors, he really was disgusting and relentless; for example, Rachel is the conniving one? Lmao if anything, Rachel fought to stay as long as she did, only really fought with Ragan & Brit, and stuck to the deals she made – unlike Ragan, who talks about everyone, including Brit but minus Matt, behind his or her back. While he made one valid point of mentioning neither likes the other so just stay out of each other’s way, I did not see Ragan attempt to walk away during the backyard fight. In typical Ragan fashion, he only walks away after he says what he wants to say, making a scene as he exits. And personally I think Ragan has ONE friend in the house, Princess Britney. Rachel has ONE friend, Brendon the Gallant. Aren’t they even, contrary to Ragan’s ever-knowing belief. I’d say Ragan and Rachel are BOTH monsters, one intentionally and one unintentionally. I’ll let you figure out who’s who lol.

Back to Brendon’s vacation: Looks like Brendon is at either a rented Bachelor-like mansion or the JH, which Rachel has since confirmed is “in the Hills” so I believe he’s IS indeed at the JH since Grodner is too cheap to do otherwise and the timeline doesn’t work for a trip to Mexico, although not far from CA. Rachel leaves Brendon a goodbye msg in pretzels, so Brendon wants to firm FFB’s offer of her not nominating her next week if he doesn’t make her the replacement nom. Another big faux pas IMO. FFB never offered Brendon a deal for more than 1 week even if she was being honest, so what makes Brendon think FFB would even TRY to win HOH next week or if she does, she would honor their deal. I’m sorry, how can u trust someone you have had issues within the past when you are playing for 500k? I can see why Brendon asked Brit to put it on her & Nick’s relationship, but the fact remains if Brendon brings this up, it can really throw more salt in Brit’s game.

Sidebar [now not technically a feed spoiler.but sort of if you do not read recaps]: Why didn’t BB show the argument between Rachel & Britney? I checked it out via Flashback and Britney INDEED told Rachel that she had a talk with Brendon and both Brit and Brendon believed Enzo was the Sabo. Rachel did not lie in any way, yet Brit makes her out to be a liar to cover her game tracks and the 5 different versions she told PLUS her voice raising a couple of octaves told me Brit was lying thru her teeth (and this was before I even watched Flashback, that’s how good I’m getting at seeing Brit/Ragan tells. These 2 could never play poker IMO). I get it, but this incident makes me not feel bad that Brit got pissed with Production over showing Rachel her goodbye message and then let her back in the house. Coincidentally, every hammie let back into the game was shown their goodbye messages, so Rach isn’t special. Also, for all you Ragan lovers, Rachel and Ragan had a “heartfelt talk & apology session” after the BY fight. Rehash, tears, apologizes all the way around; however, that did not stop Ragan from immediately bashing Rachel behind her back even while she was still in the house. And continue ever since. So his deals with Brenchel mean nothing, his apologizes to Brenchel mean nothing, how is this guy even remotely honest or displaying integrity on this game? I seriously would like Ragan fan to comment & answer that – Ragan may make good tv, but he is a crappy player with a shitty attitude IMO.

Sabo Message # 1: “There’s a competition tomorrow that can change the course of the game, so I suggest you all get some sleep. Nitey Nite!”
2:41AM Sabo Msg: Wake up!
3:08AM Sabo Msg: Expect the unexpected!
3:16AM Sabo Msg: Have you missed me?
Next Sabo Msg: Who do you trust in the competition?
6:35AM Sabo Msg: Hope you had a good nite’s sleep. There is no competition, just keeping you on your toes.

Veto Ceremony:
Ragan takes himself off. Brendon names Matt as the replacement nom, citing how he has to think the way Brenchel thought because they were a team. AGAIN, Brendon says too damned much.

Ragan: I’m heartbroken when I see Matt as a replacement nominee *cue violins*
Enzo: 2 Brigade members on the block, may be time for Matt to be fitted for cement shoes.
Britney: I’M RELIEVED IT WASN’T ME YALL! (i.e. screw you Ragan!)
Lane: Matt used to be my brother. Now that he’s up against me, he’s like my step-brother. I gotta do what I gotta do to stay in the house.
Matt: I got DPOV, dammit! (so I guess it’s official & Matt’s definitely using it. From a gameplay perspective, I can respect it, but even more so if the replacement nom is Brit or Ragan. More on that tidbit in the post to follow.)

Again, separate post with feed spoilers and my final thoughts on Week 6 will be posted shortly!! BTW, the  “Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most?” poll is now closed. With 445 votes (thank you guys!) cast and receiving 27% of the votes…BB12’s most loathed houseguest is…..Raging Ragan aka Professor McDouche™

Please feel free to vote in my new poll “If the DPOV can be used on anyone but the current HOH & the DPOV holder, who do you think should be the replacement nom?” I’m interested in see the votes BEFORE tonight’s live show, aren’t you?

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    • cammie
    • August 19th, 2010

    oh tones! I really can’t believe how differently we feel about Regan! Yes I think Rachel provoked him. Yes I think she insulted ALL gay men with her homophobic question about whether he was bitchy cuz he’s gay. Yes I think Regan was honest with her and she was trying to stir him up and upset him. He told her he didn’t want her jury vote and never expected to have it. He was CORRECT when he said that SHE was out of the game so how can she insult HIS game play? HE’S STILL THERE, SHE ISN’T. He was trying to avoid her-she refused to let that happen. He told her-go talk to your friends, not me. And I LOVED that she was speechless to his many retorts, because she knows he’s RIGHT. She’s so pissed that every other HG is “against love” because they split her and Brengoof up-but SHE DID THE SAME to Hayden and Kristen. And didn’t have an issue with it either, till it happened to HER.
    As far as Regan talking behind ppl’s backs…come on toni! They are in a closed environment with not much to do most of the time. The only thing they CAN do is talk to one another. And since they get no outside news, the only thing to talk about is each other. AND they are playing a game where they are trying to oust one another from the society. What else should they be doing? They have ALL been talking about each other, and they do every season. It’s part of the game. Lying, backstabbing, fake deals, etc. Welcome to Big Brother. I think you’re just mad cuz you don’t like Regan and he’s still there. His game is good enough so far to keep him there and Thank the Baby Jesus that Red Rachel is gone. She was vile and mean and self entitled and narcissistic and very short sighted. And a homophobe. I really think her problem with Regan is that her “charms” (term used loosely) were wasted on a gay man and she can’t stand that.
    Finally (unless I think of something else lol) Regan is emotional and has a little crush on matt..but like I said before, at least he is SELF-AWARE and knows that he is being ridiculous but he can’t stop. There is none of that from Rachel OR Brengoof. I like the little guy.
    Matt is dispicable! However, I CAN’T WAIT for him to use the DPOV tonight!! Talk about a grenade!!

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