BB12 Wk5 Eviction & HOH Results: Even I no longer want to go to VEGAS!

It's now Brendon vs. EVERYONE!

So now that half of the BB Showmance of the Century is gone, let’s reflect on the interesting editing CBS provided this episode & what was conveniently missing:

–          We now know that Ragan does pretty much NOTHING as Sabo 2.0 but record DR messages, which Production then scrambles & plays for the hammies. We actually saw Annie DO some things, but CBS has been softballing Ragan and giving him too many options and final say, which I really really dislike.

–          CBS really edited the convo between Brendon/Ragan/Britney…what was missing is that after Brit did Brendon’s neaderTal walk, Brendon yelled at her that her fiancée Nick is probably out banging other chicks. Britney then yelled back at Brendon it’s no wonder his family hates him and wants nothing to do with him….THAT’S the animosity between the two and why Brit thinks he’s vile. Cuz you know Britney doesn’t personally attack ANYONE, right?

–          Brendon has confirmed that he has issues with his family, which definitely explains why CBS aired the footage from his ex and her family instead of his family who I doubt signed releases…but my question is WHY would CBS air such one-sided footage about one contestant (Brendon) and NOT Rachel?

–          The fact Julie even questioned Kathy’s hypocrisy of not apologize to Rachel about being a “bad sport” during the POV like Kathy has repeatedly called Rachel a “bad sport” for doing the very.same.thing. Kathy keeps using “well she put me up cuz she thought she could beat me” as a petty excuse, but fact remains I still side with Rachel on that point and Kathy is full of shit. When Kathy does it, it’s acceptable. If Brenchel do it, it’s bad sportsmanship? The ENTIRE house has bad sportsmanship, if I’m being honest.

–          In case you didn’t know (lol) Brendon won HOH and put up Matt, Ragan, and Brit as Have Nots. Both Brit & Ragan broke down in tears last night 1) cuz Brendon won HOH 2) that Brendon made them Have Nots. I love the hypocrisy of Brit & Ragan crying like POOR SPORTS, yet anyone else who displays similar reactions is wrong.

–          Last night Hayden, Brit, and Ragan all admitted they took things with Brenchel too far (but only Hayden really admitted he targeted them as a personal vendetta for Kristen getting evicted). Ragan was in tears in the cabana room, admitting he became too catty and personal, basically becoming someone he would despise outside the house. Brit admitted she got so caught up in Brenchel that they did not realize how they may have impacted/not played their respective games. When Ragan was not alone, he backpeddaled and claimed he didn’t regret anything he SAID, but he did have regrets….yea, whatever Professor, you are a str8 up bitch for your constantly catty remarks and personal attacks. Ragan was cool at first, but he started to slide into the condescending, sanctimonious tone which implies HE’s right and YOU’RE wrong…he’s basically verbally abused Rachel with or without him knowing it. I think after Ragan sees the eps and the feeds, he WILL realize he was a dick. And this from a COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR WITH A DOCTORATE! How can you major in communications and think they way you communicated in the house is perfectly normal & acceptable is beyond me!

–          Other than Brendon saying something to the effect of “this is what yall get for evicting the person I love…” and then the feeds being cut, he’s been very diplomatic since Rachel’s exit. He calmly stated Matt/Ragan/Brit are the Have Nots because they targeting him and Rachel specifically. He also has let it be known that he had no personal problems with them, just the way they treated Rachel and he doesn’t care who (out of the 3) was evicted this week. The fact Brendon is not clearly naming a target is what terrifies the 3 (however Matt has said Brendon specifically told him he WAS the target, which I have no seen or heard to confirm yet).

–          Since Brendon picked the Have Nots, Ragan has been working Matt & throwing Brit and Kathy under the bus. Loyal Ragan is not. Ragan’s looking out for numero uno, which I do respect, but he keeps reiterating “he doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean” yet in the Have Not room he repeated how he wants him, Brit, and Matt to go to the end….so how is Ragan a man of his word when he & Matt plot throwing Brit under the bus 30 minutes after the 3 were bonding in Have Not misery?

I  do think Rachel IS getting the opportunity to come back in the house for several reasons:

  • Julie DID NOT show Rachel everyone’s goodbye messages
  • There are not enough ppl for a double eviction unless someone is brought back since 1 person dropped out at the last minute
  • On the feeds last night HAYDEN & Enzo spoke about how Rachel’s reaction to the Brigade might have been, which implies they exposed themselves in their goodbye messages. We did not see any goodbye messages that referenced that…this they are still sequestering/limiting the amount of info Rachel knows so she CAN possibly go back into the house. This is why Julie spilled the beans about Matt’s wife to Andrew: non-jury members are typically allowed to return.

That all I got for last night’s show, but I will post later once the noms come out later today. CANNOT WAIT to see if the Ragan’s current kissass “let’s clear the air” convo with Brendon in the HOH will have any effect on Brendon’s targets (which technically is EVERYONE IMO lmao). Don’t forget, when you have a chance, feel free to participate in my latest poll: Which BB12 houseguest do you loathe the most? You can now vote without a cookie or IP log, vote as many times as you want, and you can see the real-time results.

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    • mrtinigrl
    • August 13th, 2010

    I was so surprised that they allowed one person to completely bash Brendon that way. It was horrible reporting to be so biased against someone. We all expect family members to only say nice positive things about their family members but to show only Brendon getting basically bashed was despicable by CBS.

    I am loving that Brendon won HoH. Now, lets hope he does proper damage. Please send Matt home. That will break up the Brigade a little, bring Matt down a peg or 2, and maybe change the game around. However, unless Matt is up against another Brigade member, he isnt going anywhere. (booo!) It would be awesome for him to be up and get paranoid and use his power…that would hopefully get the brigade to maybe start to go against him sooner than later. My prediction is that Ragan is gone this week unless he wins POV. I think Lame will help to save Brit. Well, saving Brit would be the best move…since Ragan is tight with Matt and he has been very close to winning some of the comps. While Brit has won some POV’s—they were comps that were practically given to her. She cant win the athletic or the brain power ones.

    I hope Rach does come back.

    • K2:
      Ppl keep comparing Brendon to Kristen, yet they conveniently forget we heard from Kristen’s family first, then her current/ex boyfriend lol. And ppl keep forgetting MATT has the DPOV and and has pretty much said he would only use it if he was on the block this week per his HOH blog last week. Apparently the DPOV is only used during eviction Thursday, so if Matt’s nominated he’s trying to get off with the regular veto so he doesn’t have to expose the DPOV/PB lie. If he’s back doored by Brendon, he will use the DPOV and then gets to name the replacement nom. Contrary to what’s out there, I believe the DPOV cannot be used on the HOH and it doesn’t give Matt to rename both noms because that would be the Cootie Taw (Coup d’Etat). The only way Brendon can do some damage is nominating a floater and a Wackade member other than Matt.. and I still think he needs to get Ragan out….Ragan is Matt’s side alliance and Matt is trust Ragan more than Enzo. The best revenge is taking out the lieutenant when u can’t get the capo and Ragan’s aligned with both Matt & Brit, win-win IMO. Otherwise, since Matt gets to name the replacement nom he will not be going home unless he’s so blind by his own ego he believes he has the Wackade votes and then blindside his ass, that the only way Matt won’t use the DPOV at eviction. I personally HATE that the DPOV has to be played on Thursday night, it gives Matt a lot of leverage – BUT I cannot wait for Ragan to learn that Matt did this to himself AND basically handed him the Sabo offer at the same time.

    • mrtinigrl
    • August 13th, 2010

    I know people keep comparing Kristen and Brendon…but EXACTLY…they showed her family first saying nice things about her. They didnt have anyone saying nice things about Brendon. And all they could show nice about Rachel was Brendon’s ex-fiancé saying that she likes her? WTF? Plus, how do we know what she was saying was true? Maybe she was the manipulative one and always trying to change him and he dumped her. I guess this kind of “reporting” is okay for CBS on a reality show. The problem is that they have a history of doing this on their news programs too. They must think this type of bias is okay in all realms of CBS.

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