BB12 Wk 6: Nomination Spoilers & House 411

Wk 6 Nominations: Brendon has basically talked to everyone in the house about noms, Brenchel, and the past today. He’s apologized to Brit & Ragan. There are so many lies & spin floating around the house my head hurts, yet I’ve been watching the feeds all damned day. Apparently, Brendon has aligned with Hayden/Enzo. Hayden/Enzo still plan on backdooring Brendon next week, but are using him to do their dirty work and possibly get rid of Brit, Ragan, or Matt. Brendon has told Matt he’s not going up and will not be back doored, told Britney she was going up since he promised not to bac door her and give her a fighting chace to save herself because he respects her as a game player, and then Brendon got effectively smacked down by Production for telling Brit that (rules state you are not to tell the noms prior to the ceremony, I’m thinking it loses the dramatic effect if they know ahead of time lol) so he grabbed her again after getting out and kinda took everything he said previously back. Britney IMMEDIATELY ran for Ragan and started crying, talking about how now she’s emotional cuz of what Brendon just told her (and then she lied to his face saying she did not tell Lane or anyone Brendon told her she was going up in those 10 minutes he was in the DR. The ENTIRE house is getting tired of Kathy’s lazy, good for nothing ass, her accent, her 9392385 questions, her constant sleeping, and her floating. Brendon stated to several hammies that he was putting up Brit/Lane because they are “like a pair/alliance” and he needs to break ppl up so they won’t use the POV on their friend who’s on the block. The Wackade™ is imploding and I dunno who the hell to believe anymore!!! Let’s see if Brendon sticks to that, shall we? (I am typed this as the nomination ceremony was taking place, so I’m not cheating lol I’m still watching crappy trivia on the feeds at 9:32PM EST).

Feeds are back and it appears as if the nominees are: OH SNAP did Brendon nominate Ragan & Lane? Yes.he.did. HAHAHA nice way to split the house Brendon. He has suspected Ragan/Matt AND the Wackade™ AND the fact Lane hasn’t won/threw comps…not only do these noms sniff out any special powers (i.e. DPOV) but it’s going to show who’s aligned with whom and where everyone stands. Not bad for a pussy whipped neanderTal, IMO. What do you guys think? Was Brendon’s noms a mistake? Do you think Matt would use the DPOV and if so, his main alliance member or his side alliance member? Is Brendon handling his HOH properly without Rach, since ppl said Brendon couldn’t play on his own? Apparently Brendon said that Ragan hasn’t been competing in comps and yanno what? I agree with him. If Ragan was truly competing, he WOULD HAVE WON ONE INSTEAD OF THROWING MULTIPLE COMPS TO MATT. Let me know your thoughts, I’m curious how some of my friends will take this decision 😛 (yes you Cames lol)

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    • cammie nolan
    • August 13th, 2010

    ok. I am thinking that frigging brendon is a fucking genius!! He has sniffed out every alliance, every side deal, put one of two of the couples up so if one wins the veto he can put up the other one-which of course is like a sophie’s choice i.e. win the veto and take yourself off and know that your ‘partner’ will be your replacement…so do you sacrifice for your partner or take yourself off and risk your partner be nominated? And we know what HE would do..right? LOL What a friggin genius!! Now does Matt use the DPOV and who better to put up to find out IF opening pandora’s box benefitted him with more than a $1 than to make him have to use any special power he got. AND WILL MATT????
    Holy shit, i take back what I said earlier tones-if brendon has done what it seems he has, I sit at HIS feet as my master lol

    • mrtinigrl
    • August 14th, 2010

    That is one of the BEST nominations all season!!! Beautiful Brendon. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
    Lets see how Hayden and Enzo show their hand now.

    Ever notice how when BB starts out boring, it seems to get really good? When it starts out really good…it ends up boring? I think we now have a season….

    • mrtinigrl
    • August 15th, 2010

    Did you see this fight?
    (hopefully the link works to the written version of what was said)

    Wow…Ragan is horrid. Obviously winning POV made him feel all high and mighty again.

    Im annoyed he gets 20k for doing NOTHING!

    • If it’s the backyard fight, not yet. I’m actually watching yesterday on flashback instead of just reading recaps, so I plan on it while I work on my new post breaking it all down lol and YES, my opinion of Ragan just continues to decline, he’s “horrid and vile” IMO. I wanted him to get out the house with no cash, but dammit if I pray that someone finds out and spills the beans to the jury (regardless if he makes it further or ends up in the jury house).

    • Mitch
    • August 15th, 2010

    When do they have POV comp for this week?

    • Mitch
    • August 15th, 2010

    Sorry, guess I should have read further. My apology. Mitch

    • lmao no problem Mitch, too much happening way too fast this weekend 🙂

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