RHoNJ Twitter Update: Dina’s Deleted Tweets & Wacked Out MOB fans, Part Zen

If your body has a red X across it, please STFU Ms. Zen Positivity

I am willing 2 pay $ via PayPal to ANYONE WHO GOT A SCHREENSHOT OF @dinamanzo disrespecting @LynnNChicago Sunday nite B4 Dina hid her tweets

Why, you may ask? I’m not asking for screenshots cuz I’m stalking Dina; however, I am asking for screenshots since Dina said some messy & disrespectful shit to people (not even all followers of hers) on Sunday. Why is it a big deal, you ask?

1)      Dina claims to be all “zen” and “positive” when in fact she’s just a Mean Girl probably still seeking her big sister’s approval (as shown during the dinner last season).
2)      Dina, along with the other NJ housewives including Danielle, do not understand that they are “technically” (and I lose that term loosely) public figures due to be cast members of the show. Without the public and Bravo viewers, there women are JUST like you and me. Viewers are entitled to have opinions and their favorites, yet for some reason with the NJ cast specifically if you do not kiss their ass AND/OR do not agree with them, they will immediately block you. Dina, specifically, will then talk to HER followers about you.
3)      Dina talked a BIG game but this past Sunday (8/2/10) she did the very same thing she did before: she attempted to pull rank and give her followers an ultimatum – if u follow ANYONE Dina deems “not hot” and follow Dina, she will find out and then promptly block you from her tweets; in addition, if you RT an “unworthy” tweeter TO Dina, she will block you. A few months back Dina and her cronies did the VERY same thing, to the point they started going thru  their follower’s followers and deleting them as well. Similar to their treatment of Danielle, the Manzo MOB
4)      Dina stated the below tweets and then when a bunch of us called her out on her BS AND stated were going to screenshot and blog about it, Dina PROMPTLY DELETED THE TWEETS. She did, however, continue to RT the tweets to HER followers…very positive right?
5)      Monday morning (8/3/10) I simply stated, publicly, that deleted tweets can still be found…and within MINUTE DINA PROTECTED HER TWEETS. Twitter has since fixed a bug so that if a tweet is deleted, it cannot be pulled from search engine caches (unfortunately, thus the need to take a screen shot when you see something good lol)

So there it is. Today I found out from multiple sources that many folks have no idea why I say the phrases I say, instead assuming the most offensive definitions instead of actually reading my blog. So as far as my coining the Manzo MOB, ppl automatically assumed I was making an ethnic slur when I previously blogged I coined the term due to the Manzos, plus the Guidices and Lauritas, mob mentality of actions towards Danielle…similar to groupthink. Is it not easier than to refer to the ENTIRE cast of RHONJ minus the 3 Staubs AS A MOB? Yes, I think so….it’s just ironic the “alleged” mob ties, but that is just irony folks, I sure as hell didn’t make the past up. Today I was attacked in both my blog comments AND Twitter for simply NOT supporting the Manzo MOB. Since I’ve typed way too much in the past 24 hours, I will copy some of my recent tweets and responses since several do tie into some things I touched upon in my last blog post.

Point 1: Dina is a hypocrite and before this went down Sunday I really didn’t have much to say to her or about her EITHER way. I do not like how Dina handled Danielle last season. I like the way she attempted to stay neutral at the beginning of this season; for example, at the “sheriff’s fundraiser”  Dina tried to remain neutral & didn’t partake in the Danielle bashing, actually call POSH Kim out on her two facedness (is that even a word? Lol). Fast Forward and Dina’s claiming all sorts of positivity while being negative AND can’t even be real about WHY she left. Reading a letter on air Dina, really?

Points 2 -5:

  • Why do RH fans attack each other? it makes no sense. we may not agree but who cares, WE DON’T GET PAID.
  • Don’t get y Manzo MOB fans do that. t’s not like hating us is an initiation rite or summin? r they giving Brownstone discounts?
  • Dear #rhonj fans: Why must we fight 1 another? Why can’t we just fight w/ the Housewives? It’s not like any of US are getting paid 2 fight?
  • The Manzo MOB’s fans are delusional IMO. Prolly on the take ctfu lemme stop being I TOO get stuff in a trunk & shot :X

Again, you may not agree with my opinions and viewpoints, but I ask that we can be adults and simply agree to disagree. I have not and will not ever bash a commenter or tweeter for disagreeing with me; however, I defend myself when attacked (just a note, you do NOT want to poke Mama Bear, ok? I’m the HBIC up on this blog, you must be crazy to try to argue with me cuz my opinion WILL NOT CHANGE). Likewise, I would not hurl insults or disrespect you for NOT agreeing with me. All I ask is that we, as viewers and fans, realize this shit is not so serious that people continue to go around and insult, offend, disrespect, and personally THREATEN people. It seriously pisses me off when someone reads a tweet out of context, doesn’t do any sort of due diligences like reading old blog posts to UNDERSTAND my lingo, and then decides they can throw insults at me just because I do not like the Manzo MOB. Sorry, similar to the word “fetch,” me liking the Manzos as a whole is NOT going to happen.

Having said all that, I’d like to share with you some of the tweets Dina deleted Sunday night. I would like to point out that Lynn (who I DO consider a friend and colleague who actually stopped following Dina a while back), myself, and several others were tweeting to Dina Sunday night, regardless if we followed her or not. I will also point out that I personally DID NOT tweet anything to Dina directly until after she directly TWEETED LYNN AND CALLED HER AN ASS. NOW I hope you guys can understand why I asked for screenshots: since the Manzo MOB lovers are relentless in their pursuit of converting the same folks who see thru the Manzo bullshit, I wanted PROOF TO POST since we and everyone else who doesn’t like them just magical makes this shit up. If it was only Danielle, then maybe I’d agree, but it’s EVEYRWHERE so no, I think the entire Manzo MOB (please note the only children I include in the MOB is Ashley. I actually like all of the other kids when they don’t get involved in their adult BS) is narcissistic, delusional, very angry, spoiled, and seriously out of touch with reality.

@dinamanzo I don’t think you were joking–>@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

RT @dinamanzo: The only joke is you oh, and ur busted friend lynn : )

@Bravo_Maria now I block you, you’re annoying. Can’t even play along w a joke.

dinamanzo side note: Blocking anyone who retweets Lynn or any other tweethole to me. I DON’T want that crap on my twitter. They’re all disturbed

Coslopogus @dinamanzo…Ur right! Lynn Hudson is a busted up, old, fat HOO-HA! Alot of peeps feel as you do. She’s an obsessive Stalker! Be Careful.

Lynn has more deets over on her blog, which you can view HERE; however, I would like to point out I was witness to the tweets about Neicy Nash, I SAW Dina call Lynn an ass & go off on Bravo_Maria, and I did indeed tweet the following:

LynnNChicago did Dina REALLY just call u “u ass?” this from the bitch who PAYS Zen Jen for fucking nothing????

@ImStillToni   lmao and since the Manzos need NO proof besides a 25 yo lies, I’m off to completely reenact last night, complete with calling Lynn “you ass”

It was after THIS TWEET I started to write yesterday’s blog that INCLUDED MY REENACTMENT. Again, since it is MANZO M.O. to “deny, deny, deny” it has become a blogger’s M.O. to “copy, save, paste, delete, and now screenshot” in order to have proof since Manzo MOB fan SWEAR that they speak some mystical gospel…I don’t get it, but if we didn’t have to constantly DEFEND ourselves against their supporters, there would be NO need for evidence….which nice ties back into us, as viewers, having a little more respect & decency for each other.

Oh in addition, if you think I am making up how crazy Manzo MOB supporters are HERE is a perfect example that occurred today in yesterday’s blog post comments on my old Ding Dong Dina’s Gone post that also resulted into two random people attempting to attack me on Twitter today…seriously their supports are so fanatic I may have to protect MY tweets so they will stop invading my space and shove their opinions about why my opinions are wrong down my throat (yes, it does make sense if you re-read it lmao, I swear it does).  FYI posts/opinions/comments/tweets like THIS is why I have stood by my statement from DAY ONE that the Manzo MOB and their supporters are delusional, very angry, demanding, argumentative, and frankly quite disturbing! Does this seem like comments from a sane person? I swear I thought I was being attacked by Ashley or T-Man!! Hahaha I’ll be back tomorrow with more blogs on the RHONJ episodes I STIL have not watched yet, I promise you – just like Caroline Soprano shaves in the shower, I will watch these friggin episodes ASAP!

Paige August 3rd, 2010: First off, if you dont want pictures of yourself all over the fucking world, dont take them you dumb bitch. thats exactly what DANIELLE was asking for when she took them…. and how do you know if she knew she was being recorded?? im sorry, that sound like a planned and calculated DANIELLE scam to me. instant publisity… and i quote her on “atleast ill sell more then kendra?” ya she sells herself alright. you werent in the room when she was being taped, so keep your mouth shut about shit that aint yours to talk about or that you yourself cant back up. and who are you to discriminate people and their ways of raising children. if you have any im sure they either be institutionalized, or under foster care. your OPINIONS are ridiulous and out of this world. people like you and DANIELLE should be locked up. calling a 19 yr old a cunt, saying ‘can we stand to see that wench pop out another brat”. your discusting. and if ya dont like the fuckn MANZO MOB then stop watching and keep your punk ass opinion to youself. if i was ashley, cant say i wouldnt have done worse to danielle… especially if it was my mother that i heard was being attacked. so go ahead, keep thinking and believing in your ways…. just know your wrong.

ImStillToni August 3rd, 2010: I do NOT get why u are defending the Manzos? Are u family member? Friend? Either way, calling ME names on my blog were I state MY PERSONAL OPINION about what I see on a show these broads get paid to be on is my right. If they don’t want people saying shit, then DON’T BE ON A TV SHOW. Get the fuck out of here, did u also not read that I’m behind several episodes, I typically blog ABOUT the episode unless something happens on FB or Twitter….it’s not like I sit here and post about the Manzos OR Danielle every day – this is a REALITY TV BLOG. U are fucking delusional and it is crazy rabid fans like you that give us fans and viewers a bad name.  Are u fucking illiterate? I publicly stated multiple times “I am a Danielle Supporter, but in now way is she an angel or innocent.” I have also sided with the Manzos on certain things at certain times so I am on TEAM NO ONE. Grow the fuck up and realize you look like u need a 5150 hold with that comment.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010: I apologize to you first and formost. I didn’t mean ANY dsrespect to u or ur blogs. I respect everyones opinion whether I agree or not. I didn’t Refer to u as those things, but Danielle. I know it wasn’t right and over the web things aren’t easily explained. I sincerly apologize for my words and if u thought the intent ofthem was twards tou, it wasn’t. Once again, I am sorry.

Same as above (Paige) August 3rd, 2010:  Obviously I didn’t portray my intent of offering a different opionion and my wording could have been different. I sincerly apologize if u felt I disrespected u bcuse that wasn’t my intent on the least. It’s ur opinion and tour intinled to it. Any namecallong made was twards Danielle, not you. If I could delete this myself I would. I’m ashamed at how I portrayed myself. Once again all apologies.

And by the way, MY twitter is still public. @ImStillToni “for now” lol. There you can view my Favorites on My Profile to see some of the interesting tweets from the the RHONJ Twight for August, that is if the sender(s) have not since DELETED the tweets *wink*. So as of Sunday night, I have officially coined Dina as “Dina of Zen Negative Positivity™. Quite an oxymoron, isn’t it? And please remember: if you don’t like and/or agree with my PERSONAL opinions, I am in NO way forcing you to read this web blog OR follow me on Twitter. I am sick of being personally attacked, I do not understand how makes Manzo MOB supporters think they, or anyone who disagrees with me, the right to barrage, insult, or disrespect ME for simply voicing my opinions on what I actually watch with my FOUR eyes (yup, blind as a bat without contacts or glasses lol). No one forced these heffas on a tv show called the Real Housewives – they ALL did it willing for a paycheck. Therefore, once you are a cast member on a highly-rated cable tv franchise, you DO give up certain “freedoms” (for lack of a better term) such as PRIVACY. If a reality tv show cast member decides to have a PUBLIC FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR BLOG than I, as any viewer, certainly have the right to voice my opinions as I deem fit; however, I do have a line of respect for others (a little thing called decency) that I do not like cross. It seems as if many (not ALL, I just said many from MY personal experiences since season 1 of RHONJ) of the people who agree with and/or support the Manzo MOB lack decency, courtesy, and respect for others in some crazy attempt to basically railroad (i.e. show shit down your throat/give ultimatums/personally insult you) for not liking the Manzos. To them, I say grow the fuck up. Not EVERYONE has to agree. Adults can agree to have differential opinions; HOWEVER, it is now time to stop the fucking madness. Seriously, stop the personal attacks on each other. How the fuck cares if I or Lynn do not like Dina and we TELL her – who the fuck are u, Dina’s defender or bodyguard? These are adult women who signed up for a reality tv show, they ALLOW all of us a peek into their lives and we are ALLOWED to form our own personal opinions: good, bad, or indifferent. Same goes for me: I may empathize and support Danielle, but you will never see me personally attacking those who do not like Danielle or support the Manzos – just don’t personally attack me and I would come after you with a vengeance and witty rhetoric…Just Sayin’.

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  1. Should do a spell check but agree.

    • 1) I write my blogs in Word and spell check at least 10 times before posting. MY content is fine
      2) When you COPY tweets and/or blog comments, you do not EDIT the comment because then ppl can say you ALTERED them. So what you sarcastically commented as needing a spell check are in fact REAL tweets and comments, straight from the horse’s mouth, and will NEVER be edited by any writer as it negates the source of the material. That is always why I provide the LINKS so that those who do not believe me can read it with their own eyes. Would you believe me if I edited a tweet and then u read it and it is completely different than the version I posted? How would that affect my credibility at a blogger?
      Thanks for agreeing, but when you present proof/evidence it is ALWAYS best to leave it as is and not change it.

  2. I am sorry I commented on the wrong blog. I do agree that we all shouldn’t start twitter/ texts war against one an other just because we are not fans of the MANZO MOB or the Giudice felons. (When you lie to the IRS when your in the lime light u just made urself a felon) Its funny god for bid if you stick up for Danielle and you don’t bully her like the rest of them then they ask “what are you a Danielle fan or friend?” What really sickens me they had the nerve to go to dinner with her ex who published the book. They are trouble makers that are obsessed with her. I think they should thank Danielle cause with out her there would be NO SHOW. What would we watch Teresa talk about how she wants laid all the time? Watch Ashley be a disrespectful little bitch? Then there is Kim G. who used Danielle to get on the show. She is gonna blame her for Caroline not wanting anything to do with her? Um haven’t your kids been best friends for over 11 years? FYI I was reading a blog well not even a blog but it had misspells like this.
    “Yen I know relly hait peplple tht stick up four her. I didn’t mean do a spell check for this blog. Again Im sorry! I apologize, I was in a hurry and got the two mixed up. Even if this blog had a few misspells (Im not a teacher who I am to say to do a spell check) I still wouldn’t say do a spell check but when its that bad that is when I would say do a spell check.

    • EXACTLY! I can see merits on both sides of the “war” but when I add em up, I still feel like the Manzo clan is in the wrong. And I agree, always spell check! But I’ve learned that it pays to be accurate and verifiable when it comes to pasting other’s words…and then if I edited my tweets & someone goes to my page and it reads differently I end up looking bad. lmao all I can do is spell check my stuff in Word and in Word Press prior to posting and let the “Evidence” speak for itself and even as horrible as the example you provided looks to the reader, I would not change it if I posted it on my blog. I try not to bully ANY housewife, let’s be honest they are just like you and me except that were graced by the casting gods and happen to get paid for acting like jackasses….but Dina really got under my skin Sunday AND I didn’t even follow her at the time, I just hate hypocrisy. Plus it was apparent she was FOLLOWING me cuz as soon as I mentioned screenshots & posting a blog on Monday, she went into Protected Tweets within minutes after she deleted the offensive tweets. How is that any different that Beverly changing her name to Danielle 20+ years ago lol? When you look at Caroline, Jac, Teresa, and now both Kims, they ALL are hypocrites. Sure Danielle can say crazy things and we have no idea what is happening off camera except what comes up in the tabloids or their twitters, but cmon Danielle really han’t sad too much she can’t prove (excluding her past charges, which I STILL believe is NO ONE’S business what she did 25 years ago). Welcome to my crazy blog! I try to be fair but I call it like it is..if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a MANZO lmaooo

    • AutumnLeaves (GuestDilettante)
    • August 4th, 2010

    I commented about Dina a while back on the Ding-Dong Dina blog you wrote about her leaving RHONJ.

    There’s something stinky about her suddenly leaving, and I don’t buy a word of her Zen crap, because SHE is the one who first responded to Bravo about doing RHONJ, and was the one who suggested Danielle—-but *later claimed she didn’t even know Danielle, except based on the recommendation of her ‘craziness’ from the salon people.

    Timeline-wise, none of it adds up. Dina wants fans and viewers to believe she never met Danielle, yet recommended her for a starring role in RHONJ? Riiiiight, Dina! Sure. They don’t even go to the same salon—so how would people in one town, at Dina’s salon—get the idea to suggest Danielle, from another town-salon? Furthermore, if they didn’t know each other—WHY has Danielle continued to insist for two seasons that she knew Dina 20 years ago—AND—knew enough about her to correctly know that Dina was a pedicurist. We know that Danielle is/was friends with Dina’s ex- relatives——-yet Dina and she never crossed paths? Sorry, don’t buy it. I won’t even bother pointing out that Teresa and Dina have been BFFs, as were Jacquline and Dina—as were Danielle and Danielle, and Teresa—for several years. Yet, Dina never knew about Danielle till her salon advisors “heard” about Danielle. Lie, lie, lie.

    Furthermore, Dina said several times that she was doing RHONJ to promote her “Project Ladybug” (which by the way, is hardly rolling in dough, or accountability for their funds). Suddenly poof! Dina wants no publicity, has given up her business, wants to be a stay-at-home-mom to a nearly sixteen year old girl? Sure, Dina. Sure.

    Nor does her assertion that she’s bowing out because of Danielle’s “harassing” or “stalking” her “family”. Who, what, when, where, how? Stalking Dina’s daughter? Huh? Has Danielle ever mentioned in a single episode a word about Dina’s daughter? Not that I recall. Dina’s daughter’s privacy is very important to Dina-except when it’s not! (IE: Dina advertising her daughter is at John Mayer concerts, appearing on NBC morning show.) Normal people realize what is “private” and what is “not”…..and Dina is not exactly conducting her life, or her daughter’s life—in private. So the argument Dina makes about her daughter deserving privacy, may be valid–but should start at the primary source of the person doing the most violating: Her mom!

    I firmly believe there is more to Dina’s sudden departure from RHONJ, and I think it has to do with what’s gone on in her personal life. It’s not Danielle’s fault, or anyone else’s but Dina’s.

    I also can’t believe the nutcases who watched with their own two eyes that little brat Ashley Holmes pulling out D’s hair—but enable the lie that it was justified, provoked, etc. Blind, deaf and dumb. Just like RHONJ!

    xo, super-commenter

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • August 4th, 2010


    Really? I am so over the old twitter Dina/lynnnchi shit. Puhleeze move on and blog about the show. Those big-girl panties are so big they can be used as sails. They can handle it. While this twitter/facebook shit is relevant, the Dina kerkuffle is absolutely ludicrous. That fat-hipped bitch (Dina) lol, needs to STFU and leave all alone. I thought she wanted out, then stay the fuck out. Dina needs to keep on being a beard or a cuckholded bitch (either way) because Tommy’s got a honey on the side. Male or female, it don’t matter(TMAN SPEAK). I would love to get your take on the latest episodes, KimG, and the BankruptGuidiceWhores. That is worth reading.

    By the way, I dont do the twitter thing but you’ve proven that people pop shit and apologize later or delete deny delete deny. You always back your shit up LOL No one pulls a fast one because you seem to get your screen shots and drink like quick draw McGraw!

    Go girl and BLOG! PUH-LEEZE

    • Damn Amber aren’t u being a lil demanding…just like twitter folk? Public demand dictated this (who am I to judge what people want to read considering I was an active participant lol) and I am currently watching the eps 😛

        • Amber…Real Housewife
        • August 4th, 2010

        LOL LOL

        Yes girl I am being demanding, because I get your spin on the RHONJ best! You put it out hysterically and it’s funny to read. I know you don’t get paid for this and being a slave to a blog isn’t your thing. Just try and get your drink, contacts, laptop and the remote. I’ll be back! LMAO

        • I’ve had my ass on the couch pretty much all day BUT I finished the Bachelorette and ATFR cuz u can only avoid internet spoilers for so long lmao. I know I’m so on finishing these eps, I’m really in the middle of Staub Wounds and I’ve watched bits & pieces, but not sat down & watched while taking notes….I REALLY need to get paid for this shit IMO but I enjoy it…will be better when I’m not doggysitting at my folk’s house who have only 1 DVR with 6 tvs…who the fuck does that shit? hahaha with their old asses hahahaaha

    • Jen D
    • August 4th, 2010

    I totally agree with Autumn Leaves, i think they were all friends before the show,but something must have happen right before taping. Dina said that Danielle would not pay her part for lawyer’s fee to negotiate the salaries, eversince they have been enemies. Dina is a trick, Danielle is not the reason she left the shpw. If she said that she didn’t forge Lexi’s father signature, then why is she scare of losing custody. Something brewing in the water and i hope Danielle can provide the clues during the reunion. Because she needs to tell Dina hoe you need someone else to blame for your issues. Jac told Danielle too much and she knows it. Great Blog BTW.

    • I have always believed the theory all the hatred stemmed from those salary negotiations. lmao this cast is NOT Friends, why should one single mother & non-family member chip in to pay a lawyer she doesn’t know from a can of paint is beyond me! I trust the Manzos as far as I can throw Caroline Soprano’s hairy ass! hahahaa 😛

        • debbie
        • August 4th, 2010

        Correction, Toni…
        It’s not Caroline’s ass that’s hairy, it’s her face!
        Remember her saying she lathers up and shaves in the shower every morning?

        • hahahaha between the hairiness, shaving, and her short haircut I wonder if Albert ever said “could you be MORE feminine please?” bwahahaha when Caroline looks like the sane Manzo, you know there is too much crazy going around

  3. That’s just nuts. Also have you noticed what happens to people on Twitter when a celebrity responds to a Tweet? I’ve seen people beg people to STOP! after a celebrity or Bravolebrity answers a Tweet-maybe that’s what happened to you Toni? You picked-up some crazy fans when your Tweet was answered?
    Even though I am still repulsed by Danielle, I continue to respect your opinion, and for the record Toni, YOU WERE RIGHT, from episode 1.
    The MOB points the finger at Danielle to avoid criticism or inspection.
    I’m glad that I watched RHONJ after learning about your perspective, because I really would feel like a fool right now if I didn’t.
    And about that Tweet-war with Dina-I didn’t save a screen-shot, but I did see it as it happened, and it did happen. It was weird for Dina to call-out Lynn like that and attack her. I thought it was a joke at the time.
    Keep on thinking for yourself Toni. Anyone who would attack you for having a different opinion is just ignorant, and I guess they want to stay that way.
    I look forward to having my ideas challenged, and your blog is the first place that I look for that since you have original ideas.-Thank-you!

    • See I LOVE u for that! I’m not trying to force people to feel the same way I do, but I will call it like I see it and don’t care lol. I absolutely get ATTACKED by Manzo fans, friends, and probably the ladies themselves under a different Twitter account. It’s the reason I went Protected the other day, not that I do not want public tweets, but I had crazy folks reply to me and insulting me by finding my tweets in the public timeline. Why the hell anyone feels the need or that they have the right to attack me for my tweets and my blog is beyond me. We can respectful disagree as adults, but they way the “supporters” come at anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. Ironically, after Dinagate (lol I like that) both Dina & T-Man blocked me, but Jac didn’t. I barely even talk to these folks, yet they want to lump all bloggers who do not like them together. Ahhh c’est la vie, we all know that me blowing up Ashley’s Formspring via blog and twitter is how it got back to Jac et all. Can I help it that these nuggets fall into my lap? lmao I certainly don’t have to troll the Internet, people give me 411 because they dislike the Manzo MOB as much as I do. Those broads are CRAZY (and my dad was watching the last ep yesterday and when I saw Kim G go off on Danielle, I was dumbfounded! I NEED to catch up so I can really lay into that old broad’s ass lmaoooo but at least she’s new drama kwim?)
      Feel free to stop by and comment any time you want, I’ll never harass or insult you for disagreeing with me, but we can have fun debating these crazy women together 😛

  4. OMG! How funny 😛
    And did Dino ever admit to the REAL reason she left the show? I mean the name of the friggin’ show is The REAL Housewives of NJ, isn’t it?!

    Loved, loved, loved the 1st part of the reunion, and I just cannot wait to find out if Joe has a secret lovechild or not either!!! Why else would Terror have wigged-out like she did when asked about the “nephew”?

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