RHoNJ Catch-Up: Country Clubbed episode AKA “Let’s let Bravo Tape the Evidence!”

You can move out a girl out of the ghetto, but you can NEVER take the ghetto out of the girl!

T-Man: “Is bitch better?” No, but how about “litigation?”

“I’m the sweetest, I’m the nicest person”

OMG as I sit here watching T-Man twitch in her seat, I swear I’m watching Gia or Melia in about 10 years! NOW do people see that T-Man’s daughters are not cute, they actually “little bitches in training” taking after their mother?  NOW Gia’s comments do appear to be a lot more discriminatory, no?

Danielle:”What’s that ghetto thing you’re doing?” HAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY D! Teresa dresses and acts like one of Tony Soprano’s puttana’s from the Bada Bing!

T-Man: “And what, bitch? Now I live in a $5 million dollar home…”


Point, set, match for Danielle! DING DING DING DING!!!

I LOVE the dude who told T-Man “Show that you have some class. Don’t go out there.” LMAOOOO we ALL know Teresa has NO class. We knew this from day 1 and all of T-Man’s fans can try to justify it anyway they want, she’s complete GARBAGE.

Let’s be honest here: T-Man got unruly, disrespectful, and loud with Danielle after bragging about her home, which Danielle quickly pointed out was in foreclosure. Now we all know that the bank has moved to foreclose on her $1.8 (NOT $5 as T-Man bragged) million home in Towaco, NJ as well as their home on Jersey Shore and a house in Lincoln Park, NJ; therefore, Danielle was CORRECT once again. T-Man, completely embarrassed that “the coke whore” dared to call her out in public” went full on BatShitCrazy and did the only thing a bully knows how to do: go on the attack. Teresa Guidice is very overdue for that 5150 at Bellvue and I fail to see how anyone could doubt Danielle was indeed afraid for her safety. The look I saw on Danielle’s face was pure fear and no one can change my mind on that. Oh and let’s not forget Tacky Jacky™ the puppet, sitting there telling T-Man to stop AND THEN also giving chase, following Danielle and shouting “details” from court documents older than her waste-of-space daughter Ashley. Yea Jac, that’s a parental role model…and you wonder why Ashley keeps fucking up? Because you, your entire family, and your friends T-Man, Greasy Joe, Kim 1+Kim 2 continue to show everyone that how you treat Danielle is fully acceptable and okay. $5 says if Danielle didn’t have a felony record, she would have a license to carry around these certifiable bitches.

Ok, I had to stop as soon as I witnessed the hair pull. In fact, I paused the DVR and just tweeted this to Ashley:  “JUST witnessed the hair pull. @_ashleyholmes I pray you are wrapped up in litigation until you DO truly look like you grandmother #rhonj”

I see exactly what many other viewers/tweeters/bloggers/friends had stated: Ashley was very calm and collected. She walked over to Danielle with INTENT of physically putting her hands on her in some way shape or form. She certainly did NOT hear  or see that Danielle did anything to Tacky Jacky™ and in fact, Jac was busy trying to stop T-Man (finally, instead of continue to egg her on) for going after Danielle and it is VERY clear that Danielle was never c lose to Jac, in fact it was the opposite and Jac was trailing after Danielle, screaming details about 25-year-old court documents. Ashley has been scheming and plotting on a way to get her hands on Danielle for weeks, maybe even months, at this point and when that little bitch saw an opportunity, she took it. Now I will say while it could have been impulsive, THIS is exactly the problem with the Manzo Mob and other families that have the privilege of growing up with money…there are no consequences for your actions because Mommy & Daddy always justify, pacify, make excuses, or bribe someone to make Ashley’s troubles go away. I find it VERY ironic that I called it from the beginning of the season and if I was Danielle, I would sue ALL of the Manzo MOB for harassment, bullying, threatening…I could go on and on. Since Danielle is now getting book money, I’d leave this fucking show and THEN turn around and file a civil lawsuit Bravo, Andy Cohen, both Kims, and the Manzo MOB (just to show yall I am learning in school) for the following: hostile work environment, emotional distress, harassment, negligence, assault AND battery, invasion of privacy, and defamation (both slander and libel). And if you think I’m just pulling “torts based on negligence” out of my ass, Google em and see that when it comes to tort law, specifically torts based on negligence, only 4 things need to be proven:

1)      The wrongdoer owed a duty of care to the injured party – CHECK

2)      The duty of care to the injured party was breached through some act or omission on the part of the wrongdoer (this breach itself is what is considered “negligence”) – CHECK

3)      There is some casual connection and/or relationship between the wrongdoer’s negligent conduct and the resulting harm to the injured party – CHECK

4) The injured part suffered actual harm OR damage recognized as actionable by law as a result of the negligent conduct. – CHECK

In short, negligence is conduct, simply the failure to act (omission) by a person (or persons) that results in harm of another person to whom the person(s) owe a duty of care. If Danielle’s attorneys can prove the basic element of a tort in negligence, which is causation, then there certainly may be a civil case. And as you can see, I’m still debating about law school but I learned all that from ONE law class, so maybe Albie needs to take his lumps about that 1/8th of a point considering Fordham Law School (which I lived next to for the last 10 years in the Bronx) DOES have support services for learning disabilities….IF you inform the in the first place! No, not waiting until you are already placed on academic probation (which typically happens anywhere between 2.0 and under – lmao I speak from experience). I find it extremely interesting that Albie never stated the school was made aware of his learning disability until AFTER he was placed on academic probation. That being said, I love Caroline Soprano and Big Al as parents: supportive, loving, and nurturing.

Getting back to the ep…interesting that while Kim G is trying to get Ashley away from Danielle, Ashley yells “ I pulled her weave! Love & Light! Stay in the Positive, bitch” BINGO! You just put the nail in your own coffin Ashley. By making that statement, which you and ALL the catty women in your family have repeated throughout the season in an attempt to mock Danielle, certainly does to show you were quote aware of your actions, your intent, and now you certainly cannot backpedal with the claim “I hear D said something about my mom so I rushed to her defense (physically assaulting D) but I was in a frenzied emotional state.” Nope, this dumb bitch basically ADMITS intent by her smug ass statements. I swear, if I was a member of the Manzo MOB, I would seriously beat Ashley’s ass. Not with a wooden spoon, mind you. I would seriously put my foot so far up her ass Dereck the Mole’s momma could see the bottom of the Louboutin!

LMAO I’m sorry, but I love Harry for saying “you fast, like a gazelle” HAHAHAHAHA let’s be honest here, T-Man has 4 kids so yea, I’d expect she would be fast. “I’m going to stay here, so I guess you’re going to have to run me over. The bitch better come out to talk to me…” says T-Man. Now I didn’t get kicked out of Fordham Law School, but me thinks THAT alone is enough to press some charges against T-Man, so tyvm dumbass for providing even MORE evidence.

Oh yea, Ashley goes on a tangent about Jac picking Danielle over here and THEN admits, yet again on camera “that’s why I pulled her hair.” Good lawd is this child REALLY this dumb? And then when Kim G told Kim, T-Man, and Ashley about Danielle’s hair being pulled out, Ashley says “good.” Lock this bitch up. I don’t care what some of you readers think, Ashley is a spoiled, cunty, dumb bitch who think she has the RIGHT to put her hands on another and it’s cool to show absolutely no remorse. I can only pray that Caroline Soprano and Aunt Dina the fugly cat owner finally made good on all the’r talk and BEAT.ASHLEY’S.ASS.SINCE.JAC.HAS.NO.BACKBONE.

Sidebar: Is it just me or did Bravo play Big Brother “about to vote/end credit” music while Danielle was on the phone with 911? BRILLIANT!!!

Did Ashley REALLY just say “well technically I didn’t grab her hair, I grabbed her extensions, so that’s not really a part of her.” LMAOOOOO so that means I can go up to a woman with implants and punch her square in the tit (yup, pun fully intended lol) simply because it’s not “really” her? I’m telling you, Ashley has proven to be slow since season 1 when Danielle checked Ashley for being disrespectful to Jac in her home but this takes the cake!

Oh T-Man, that innocent act doesn’t fool anyone. You see how T-Man didn’t want to cooperate, didn’t bring a driver’s license, and actually defames Danielle to the police by calling her a “coke whore.” T-Man KNEW as soon as the cop asked her for info that she done fucked up and I thought the look on her face was priceless.

Caroline Soprano’s face says it all. She said right through T-Man’s bullshit version of the story, although we all know she would never admit it. That was a BIG clump of hair Danielle was holding in her hand. Energists are a bunch of bullshit IMO, but if it makes you feel good, so be it. (Zen Jen…Sarai..WTF is up with the types of vocations available in the Garden State? It seems like if the area is wealthy, you can certainly make up your own “position” and some dumb women will pay out the ass for it.)

Now we get to see T-Man & Greasy Joe playing pool on the table that is up for auction (which I fully intend to try to bid on and win at the auction) at the Casa de Grease & Crass™. T-Man has Greasy Joe wrapped into her saggy chucky, or whatever the hell they call it and now America finally sees what many of us have known from day 1, Teresa is the type of person who bullies other women, yet can’t keep it real with her husband. All T-Man is doing is spinning the story to make her sound big, bad, tough, and in the right and it is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

T-Man: “Did I do good?”

Greasy Joe: You did good baby.”

WHAT.THE.FUCK! I do not disagree with Greasy Joe supporting his wife. Nope, MrToni would and has done the exact same thing; however, a husband who knows their wife also knows how much she embellishes/exaggerates and therefore is smart enough to know things may not have gone down the way she describes to him. I’ll chalk this up to Greasy joe’s inability to turn his head more than 45 degrees, ergo he was unable to really watch T-Man’s bullshit play-by-play of the fashion show events.

Tacky Jacky™ showed her true colors when talking to Sarai….simply put, she pacified Sarai to “diffuse the hair-pulling situation.” I get a mother bear always wants to take care of their cubs, but there comes a time when you realize tough love is necessary.  Little-Eyed Chris™ is the SMARTEST person in the Manzo/Laurita MOB (although Caroline, while a bitch, is often on point as well, especially of late) and I do not get why Jac doesn’t listen to her husband more. Doesn’t it always turn out those that speak less and softly (i.e. chooses their battles and words carefully) ALWAYS make valid points?

Ashley.be.slow. She thinks because she is 18, she can physically assault another person? She has no money, no job, no attorney, no life goals, no common sense…I could go on and on. And Tacky Jacky™ is sending very conflicting messages to her daughter “don’t say/do this, but I LMAO at it with you.” I have to agree with Ashley, Jac is INDEED two-faced. Just like when she called Danielle a “pig” in front of C.J., Tacky Jacky™ is not leading by example or acting like a parent – she’s acting like a Mean Girl. I’m just waiting for one of these bitches to attempt to make “fetch” happen, since T-Man somehow made “chucky” happen & that is the stupidest nickname for vagina I have ever heard in my life. I hear “chucky,” I think of that fugly doll, NOT female genitalia tyvm.

THROW HER ASS OUT CHRIS! YES, FINALLY! And there goes Jac, dragging up Danielle’s past yet again right in front of Ashley. I wish Chris would tell Jac to STFU with that bullshit…and on that note, this episode FINALLY comes to an end. THANK GOD. I feel like I need a shower after all the bullshit that went flying around. *sigh* Coming up next, Staub Wounds unfort lol..can you guys PUHLEASE send me some love & light?

Also, why was it not brought to viewer's attention that Kim D and Kim G are SISTERS-IN-LAW? That piece of info definitely shed a new light on Kim 1+Kim 2 and makes this photograph make even more sense.

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    • autumnleaves61
    • July 28th, 2010

    Toni: I’m glad you mentioned last year’s ep where Daneille reprimanded that little punk Ashley for the way she was behaving towards Jac. I keep thinking that’s part of why Ashley has it in for D to the extreme–nobody puts Baby in the corner, or reprimands Ashley!

    The reason Teresa cited $5,000,000 worth of house, is because they had JUST FILED for bk, and that’s about the same figure given in her bk papers that is owed on the house. Teresa meant to say “I live in a $5 million dollars in debt to other people” home.

    I rewatched in slo-mo the hair pulling incident with Ashley, and there is simply no doubt she enjoyed doing it, and lied about her motivation in doing it. Hell, she gives several reasons right afterwards, laughing with other people about it. It’s interesting to see how many kids are standing around watching this drama play out. (Teresa is all about kids, you know.) But she didn’t seem ashamed or embarrassed to be acting like trash that night, worrying what anyone’s kids would think.
    Immediately following the incident, they all start lying about it. No balls! If you’re going to rip someone’s hair out, or tell them to get out of the car so you can assault them–OWN YOUR SHIT, bitches.

    In defense of Danielle, if she’s a former abused crackhead or whatever, I buy her hysterical reaction. Been there done that. When you’ve been bullied and pushed around, it’s because you don’t know how to stand up to people. You’re a conflict avoider. You’re a victim of violence and abuse. And when you try to fight back, bullies will insult you and hurt you because you’re “provoking” them into being abusive. It’s what they do.
    There’s no bigger bully than Teresa, pushing her husband and kids around, pushing her friends around…..

    (and let’s remember how Teresa has been lying all along to her BFFs! “I am NOT in foreclosure, blahblah”. Of course that was said right after they’d already lost a couple of houses and cars–and dumbassed Jac probably knows nothing about it. Who are REALLY being conned? The viewers, or the Friends of Giudices who love-love-love them!?)

    On to Caroline: I too noticed how Caroline has avoided any situation requiring her to manzo-up this season. It’s Al’s only day off, it’s this, it’s that–I can’t be around Danielle, but you ninnies go ahead. Don’t let D. scare you away.” Besides the fake housewarming party, what other events did these women even participate in this season, together, as BFFs?

    Kim D(runk) insisted that Danielle come to the fashion show at the club, then shunned her as punishment for coming late with an entourage of two. KimG(ranny) egged on the fighting in the hallway when D should’ve walked away. I feel sorry for D, being set up in that way, because she trusted her lame friendship with Granny, and look where it got her. Some feisty old geezer stirring up the shit to earn her spot on RHONJ. I think KimG screwed herself over now, b/c RHONJ doesn’t need another hysterical castmember who can’t get along with Danielle.

    I’ve been put out ever since Auntie Caroline praised Ashley for defending the fambly, even tho hair-pulling is wrong. The Manzo Mob kids seem to have real manners, or maybe just common sense. Could we see Lauren Manzo pulling out somebody’s hair? Twittering f’bombs all day, fighting with grown-assed women?When young Chris was insulted with the ‘fag’ reference, he turned the other cheek and behaved like he’d been instructed, not making a scene. Don’t they have any influence on Ashley at all? They all Tweet each other 24/7, can’t one of them say to her STFU you dumbass? Stop making us all look like idjits? Nose job, or not.

    Poor Jac has become OCD about Danielle. The worst was when she Tweeted recently that we all finally had proof that RHONJ
    –>lives were in danger<–, because Danielle was being shaken down by the guy she helped send to the pokey. Please Jac! Danielle couldn't even turn around and slap your daughter down for pulling her hair out. With Jac: It's 24/7 Danielle, so can we really wonder why Ashley has the same fixation?

    I'd like to see somebody knock Ashley's veneers out, then say "well technically I didnt knock her teeth out, I just hit her veneers."

    Thanks Toni for a good blog, and open comment space.

    • Goosey
    • July 30th, 2010

    I’d much rather read your blog than watch the show (which I don’t).

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