RHoNJ: Last time I checked it’s POSH, not POSCHE!

Since I’m playing catch up, I decided to post my thoughts on the last four episodes of RHONJ as is (notes I write while watching instead of long, drawn out posts to further illustrate my points). No pictures, no Bravo blogs, no fancy links, just getting to the meat of the episode so to speak. So on that note, let’s talk about Posche Spite, which coincidentally I think is one of stupidest name for an episode yet, shall we?

  • Danielle has a level of clarity that’s surprisingly refreshing IMO. I like the way she handled Kim 1 @ Posche because she was correct: Kim’s the business owner, that’s her establishment and her employees…I personally cannot STAND when someone is on the phone and hold’s up a finger in my face. Either place the person on the phone on hold OR clover the mouthpiece and tell the entering customer “I will be right with you.” It is not rocket science, yet I cannot stand when a business owner does not follow “the customer is always right” rule – even if they are wrong, they are bringing income into your business so take it like a big girl and put your employee in place in front of the customer, even if you later tell the employee it was for show. In this economy, ANY business needs loyal customers with $$$ to spend, no?
  • Let me get this straight: Caroline Soprano is have empty nest syndrome and Big Al, who really is a sweet guys compared to the other husbands, tries to appease her and this bytch turns around and plays the “maybe u should retire” card! DAYUM talk about selfish! Ask your husband to retire because he deserves it or it would be beneficial for health reasons, but Caroline REALLY said “because I hate to be alone.” “How DARE they grow up!” Big Al said sarcastically and I have to agree with him wholeheartedly. Caroline, mothers go through this EVERY day…grow a pair already and stop being so gotdamned selfish all the damned time!
  • The name of this shop is POSH but it’s spelled POSCHE? POSCHE?!?!?! Is that how they spell in the Franklin Lakes, because I worked in Jersey for years and I KNOW NJ schools do teach people how to spell correctly.
  • WOW I forgot how slim Ashley USED to be lmao or should I say I really didn’t realize how fat her ass has gotten. Most likely from fast food since its obvious she wasn’t cooking while shacking up with Dereck the Mole.
  • T-Man “Sex is the only exercise I get.” No bitch, hiding $$$, flapping your mouth, and porking Greasy Joe IS the only exercise you get. Gotta admit, I thought T-man’s pig tails were adorable on her, most likely due to the fact they covered up her ginormous fivehead al la Rihanna. Ditto on T-Man’s hair down at Jac’s table.
  • “The Country Club is in Wayne, my home, and no one would dare hurt me here.” Said Danielle. Nice soundbite of foreshadowing, no?
  • Let’s call Caroline Soprano out on her hypocrisy once again, shall we? Caroline tells Tacky Jacky™ that she should go ahead and live her life due to Danielle, which I DO completely agree with. Jac is just a little punk and a scaredy cat; however, Caroline as avoided several recent events, including the cancer benefit, using Danielle as the reason as well as her baby sister Dina. So it’s okay for Caroline Soprano not to attend because of Danielle but it’s not okay for Jac not to want to attend because of Danielle? Caroline is so full of shit, her real hair color is probably brown, which she then dyes that hideous red after shaving her face in the shower. Caroline always uses her family to justify her not attending an event.
  • What in the hell does Kim G (or Kim 2) dress like she’s on Hookers at the Point? I swear I saw her old vajayjay when she climbed up Danielle’s steps in those Louboutins.
  • Ashley – STOP.TALKING.ABOUT.DANIELLE. Keep grown folk’s names out your mouth. Listen to your mother for one and shut.the.fuck.up.about.Danielle.already!!!!!
  • How did Kim D get Snooki & Tracey/Olivia/Jerseylicious lookalikes to walk her runway at the show? LMAOOO Ashley can’t even walk in those shoes…Christine Staub walked better in her runway debut than Ashley, vomit and all/ Shyt even GIA walks better than Ashley
  • And I gotta side with Danielle on this…to know about Ashley’s harassment of Danielle, act like D’s friend, and then have Ashley in the fashion show and not Christine? If Kim really wanted to remain impartial, she would have had both girl’s in the fashion show and not have T-man & Tacky Jacky™ at her table.
  • Ok Team Manzo MOB. PUHLEASE explain to me how T-Man & Ashley camping outside the bathroom when Danielle went in there is not harassment? Antagonizing? Petty? Childish? Anyone? Bueller?
  • HELLO THERE, DENNIS THE BODYGUARD!!! Where has “the Big D” been hiding you at?
  • T-Man is complete passive-aggressive, a bully, and disrespectful. I for one and GLAD Danielle told that bytch “that is fucking enough” because in all honesty, she’s right. This drama between the Manzo MOB and Danielle has dragged on way too long for one simple reason: the Manzo MOB take NO responsibility for their actions. This, dear readers, is part of the reason I’ve been slacking on blogging RHONJ – you can only beat a dead horse so much before there’s only liquid left. Watching these bytches completely drains me and if I wasn’t watching it on my parent’s 60 inch HDTV my father loves more than me, I’d totally would throw my shoes at the screen every time I have to see a member of the Manzo MOB.

On that note, onto Country Clubbed! Well, I think I need a beer & a cigarette first..but if I don’t get thru these episodes soon, I’m flat out giving up (I keed, I’m too snarky to ever really give up…but on principle alone for all new RH seasons if I miss an ep, I fucking miss an ep. These catty broads are NOT worth the agitta, kwim?)

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    • mrtinigrl
    • July 27th, 2010

    I agree about the harrassment by T-man towards Danielle. She sat outside waiting and trying to provoke a fight. (btw, it was t-man and Tacky Jackie.) She called her a bitch and it blew up from there. People comment how T-man is innocent since Danielle brought up the “untrue” foreclosure. Ummm, T-man, you were yelling at her and calling her a bitch. She kept trying to leave. I am surprised you didnt comment how T-man kept telling everyone that she is so nice when she would repeat her version to everyone. Who tells everyone…”You know how nice I am, right?I am always so nice to people” I wish I had kept the episodes so I could write the exact quotes.

    I dont understand your comments about T-man’s “fivehead”. Her problem is that she doesnt have a forehead. It’s eyes, a slab of skin the width of a finger and then hairline. If anything, its a onehead. A fivehead is what I have…the forehead that goes on and on and on before you see my hairline. (Heck, you could put another face in that area.)

    • DOH! you’re right, I meant MINUS fivehead…because it is Neanderthal-like and her recessed hairline only makes it look worse. I also left T=Man’s “I’m so nice” shit out of it cuz even typing that bullshit makes me throw up in my mouth a little. hahaha T-Man is delusional and as SOON as she said “honey” I KNEW shit was going to pop off. Kudos to Danielle for attempting to walk away, regardless if she was “faking it due to the audience” as Jac suggested or if she really was trying to walk away. And speaking of that, I do believe D was trying to diffuse the situation and Kim G was the one instigating, egging D on with that “cmon let’s be adults, I’m right here with u.”

    • cammie nolan
    • July 27th, 2010

    lol totally agree about Caroline! I can’t for the life of me figure out why EVERYONE seems to love her! If you raise your kids right, they LEAVE home and make their own lives! What kind of a mother cries over it??? I am very proud that both of my children have moved out and are more than happy to be adults. And seriously, her tears when she speaks to Albie drive me insane! The kid is dyslexic, he doesn’t have a fatal disease. He needs extra help and it looks like they can afford to get it for him. Problem solved. And one more thing-if you think the “ham game” would be played in my house more than once, you are sadly mistaken! And this is who the other housewives go to for advice? Sad

    • Colibrimoon
    • July 27th, 2010

    Well done Ms. Toni! Great summarization of a group of complicated women and their families.

    • TNBelle2
    • July 27th, 2010

    Lady, I 1000% agree with you on everything you have blogged here. This mess and it is a lukewarm mess has drug on entirely too long. SOS (Same old Shit) week after week. Only one story line. I am so over it!!!!

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • July 28th, 2010

    Thanks MsToni for once again calling out the real loony bitches on RHONJ. THIS SHOW NEEDS AN ENEMA! They’re so full of it and I get annoyed that I continue watching. Manjoe-ass Caroline is the leader of a crew of dunces. BankruptcieGiudice is a broke-ass prostitution bankruptcy whore who is trying to cover the sky with her hands. Jac a horsey weak bitch and CuntlyAshley is a fat stupid bullying bitch. How do I really feel? Bored!!! Will BRAVO clean house and recast? I hope so, do you?

    • Hello there Ms. Amber 🙂
      I pray that Andy gets hhis Buddha statue returned and he is SO overjoyed, we end up with a shaken up cast for RHoNJ. Now I know I’m still behind and I’ve heard rumblings of Kim G getting a contract for next season and you know what, I’m okay with that. Why? Cuz Kim G will further take a lot of heat and and potentially the “villian” role off Danielle. Besides, she is drama but it is typical RH drama, not “drag your felony past out for the world” drama like the Manzo Mob. If I’m being completely honest, I believe that Caroline, Jac, and Danielle should stay AND bring on Kims 1+2. Until I was reading the Bravo blogs last night I had NO clue the Kims were sisters-in-law, which explains so much, but think about it. You have 2 Manzo sisters in law, 2 Kims sisters in law, and THEN Danielle. Now THAT is a cast if you ask me, but it would prolly put Danielle on a real 5150 and I like the woman (call me crazy). What a lot of fans don’t’ realize is you don’t have to approve of someone’s every action to enjoy them as a “character” on a reality show and it drives me insane. LMAO @ broke-ass prostitution bankruptcy whore…can the Church get a AMEN?

    • dreamer46
    • July 28th, 2010

    Toni, I’m trying to send you an email but can’t find your address. What am I doing wrong? (just in case it matters, I’m not on Twitter or Facebook) Thanks, dreamer46

    • Imstilltoni@gmail.com 😉

        • dreamer46
        • July 29th, 2010

        Thanks Toni, it’s on it’s way 🙂

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