RHoNJ Files: Ashley Holmes STILL can’t STFU aka Let Backpeddaling Part #2984 Commence!

I know it has been a while, my loyal readers, but today I can across something on my FB that I HAD to post ASAP! Remember this post in which I blasted Ashley’s Formspring account?    

How many FB pages can Ashley have BEFORE violating FB TOS???


Well I would first like to share yet another secret FB page Ashley has…apparently this is her “private” page whereas all the OTHER pages are for her to just publicly blast Danielle and Kim 1 & 2. Just for confirmation, the picture posted on this “new” FB page is the very same picture Ashley is currently using on her Twitter, so I do not doubt it IS her dumb ass. 
Secondly, here are several images from Ashley’s current “Fan” page in which she posts links that reference Danielle or she just continues talking about Danielle/Kim 1 & 2 without any regard to potential pending litigation AND allows “Fans” to post Danielle links without any editing (you would think pending litigation would cause a person to disallow fans from posting on their “Fan” page on FB in the first place, but we ALL know Ashley isn’t the brightest bulb in the box anyway so I digress).   
After reading some of the comments on the video ASHLEY posted (note that Ashley directly posted this to her page, it was not posted by a “fan” to her page otherwise the “fan” name would be first, then the arrow, then Ashley), I finally had ENOUGH! I am sick to death of Ashley Laurita, Jacqueline & Chris Laurita, Albert & Caroline Manzo, broke ass Teresa & Joe Guidice…ALL OF THE MANZO MOB & THEIR SPAWN! I’m fucking sick to death of watching the same disgusting shit regurgitated and remixed. I am sick of the way Teresa, specifically, bullies everyone including Jacqueline, Kim D, Kim G, AND Danielle. I said it months ago that if I was Danielle, I would think about suing their asses and I HOPE the case isn’t dismissed – sometimes you gotta face the piper and it’s not you, ManzoMOB!  

Oops, Ashley Holmes did it again!!!


Finally I decided to directly comment. It’s not something I typically do to people I dislike, but I figured why not, is she wants to continue to act like a CUNextTuesday (my new acronym for the other word I called Ashley that got some folks panties in a bunch), why not just tell her A) She’s trifiling B) I don’t like a hypocrite and C) It was MOI who publicly busted her Formpring to the point her Mommy got on her ass and made her shut it down.  
So this is my comment to Ashley directly: “I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Ashley. Both AND your mom have publicly stated on twitter that you would stop talking about Danielle and NEITHER of you have. Why would anyone believe a word out of either of your mouths when you can’t even practice what you preach? GTFO, I’m glad I publicly blasted your mindspring and I would sue your ass too, it seems like the ONLY way u will ever learn a lesson is to go thru the court system & have a record *Smh* Delete this if you want, but I already got a screenshot so have fun backpeddaling, as usual”  
Here’s a screenshot of my comment (because you KNOW being able to back up your shit is muy, muy importante in the blogosphere, no?):

My direct comment to Ashley on FB 7/16/10


Not only is Facebook one of the leading reasons for divorce in the US, it is also becoming a very efficient way to gather digital evidence. By merely continuing to have a “Fan” page in which Ashley continues to post anything Danielle-related could indeed be used against her and I, for one, hope it does. It may not be much, but here’s hoping this comes back to bite Ashley in the ass YET again and here’s hoping Danielle’s people are smart enough to document ALL the dumb shit Ashley continues to do in public and uses that shit against her ass in court! (I would fly back to NJ just to be in the courtroom gallery of a RH lawsuit ever went to trial!! Wouldn’t you?) My entire issue with Ashley is that I do not fault her for feeling the way she does about Danielle, not in the slighest. My issue is the level of disrespect she has for adults and mothers (as Danielle is both), the disrespect she has for her own mother when Tacky Jacky™ and Little-Eyed Chris™ tell her to STFU about Danielle, and the fact even after the previous court fines and now subsequent potential lawsuit, Ashley STILL can’t STFU! Is Ashley the Lindsay Lohan of NJ, never able to retain a lawyer due to her OWN stupidity.   
My Open Letter to Ashley Holmes:
Dear Ashley, for your own good, please SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT DANIELLE STAUB AND HER FAMILY. Stop typing Danielle’s name in every little post. Stop talking about her. Stop implying shit about her. Just STTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPPP a la Tanorexic Kellamity™…..seriously Ashley, just stop before you ruin your entire life when you are paying out your ass due to a civil suit. Just think about it Ashley, would Derek The Mole even marry your ass if you end up doing time OR paying Danielle restitution? I think not…you have already tained Dereck The Mole as is, better hold on to his as while you can before he reaslizes what a loser you are and runs for the hills!  Sincerley, ImStillToni.

Other than that, blog readers NO, I still haven’t even finished the RhoNY reunion, much less seen the past few episodes of BGM? or RhoNJ. Will be returning up north over the weekend so I fully intend to “try” to catch up with at least RhoNJ ASAP – all I can say is I’m still getting my house in order (which is more I can say for T-Man and Greasy Joe’s tacky masoluem) and I’ll be back to 100% soon enough. Feel free to comment below or follow me on Twitter @ImStillToni! Until next time, folks!
P.S. Before this post was even published, here are some recent comments on Ashley’s 15th FB page (as of this post, my comment is still posted): 
  •  Who cares about the settlement or if she wont stop posting things about them. I bet cruella deville (danielle) wont b returning those boots she broke wen ashley pulled her weave out lol. Kim G needs 2 b pushed down a hill 4 all rthat backstabbiing & lying she did with her old ass.
  • oh my drama drama and more drama.. if you would have read some of the other comments this week she only had to pay 222.00 all together for danielles weave and court fees.yes Kim G backstabbed well so didnt Kim D. but yeah there is a time when this needs to be let go.who cares whats in kim gs closet who cares what Danielle buys wears then returns I dont.. can we all play nice???
  • You said yourself no more posting about danielle on facebook and YOUR STILL DOING IT…your just giving her what she wants..she wants you to start drama about her..just stop all together metioning her on here shes not worth your time and your just making the situation worse…
  • Its funny but its also funny how u don’t stop posting things about them. Let it go.
  •  Why do you care so much about what they do?! “Drama doesn’t come to her as much as she creates it
  • Who cares!!! Stop talkin bout dem and focus on u and ur lyfe and wat u wanna do n da future. Wat a hypocrite ashley!! Didn’t u say STOP mentioning danielle’s name? STFU about her den cuz its gettn old!!What was the court settlement between you and Danielle after you PULLED HER WEAVE??!!! 🙂
  • ‎@Toni my stuff got deleted and all I said was “thought you weren’t gonna talk about danielle anymore. She’s crazy but come on!” lol I’m sure this will get deleted too…. So it can officially be ashleys danielle hate page, instead of what I thought it was “ashleys fan page” because that’s why I signed on it. But she felt the need to eras my comment because it wasn’t hateful or highschool towards daniele. Hmmmmm
  • Um… am I the only one that thinks this is going a little too far. We all understand that you dislike Danielle and I think everyone here does too but when does it stop? The show is the show and it’s great entertainment but when it trickles into real life like that, I’m sorry but that’s going a little too far…
  •  i am not a fan of danielle either but if u dont like her then why do u keep posting stuff about her? Jw… Idk i think i would just want to stop talking about the crazy bitch and get her out of my life…
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    • Allison
    • July 17th, 2010

    Agree with you 100 percent.

    Also, I think you’ll like this funny picture I drew of Teresa The Human Trainwreck.

    Lemme know if you like it.

  1. Finally Toni! I really don’t care if you watch HW or not! Just check-in every once in awhile.
    Ashley is STILL maintaining, “I hate Danielle..” pages?
    That is insane, and I have to add something here to your very good advice to her. (not legal advice-just common sense).
    I do not know if assault convictions are expungable,or not.
    I would hope for Ashley’s sake that they are.
    If they are, the logical thing for Ashley to be working-towards, is the example of good behavior that would make expunging Ashley’s criminal record a slam-dunk.
    Criminal records, if they are legally able to be expunged, (which means they are practically erased, or they are erased from one’s record as completely as possible), usually have a time period that must pass, before an application for an expungement can be considered.
    WHAT a convicted criminal, like Ashley, does during that time-period, is what is considered by whoever decides to grant or refuse the expungement from the way that I understand it.
    So, if this is ever an option for Ashley, what she wants to be able to say is something like, “I made a big mistake, I am sorry that it happened. bla, bla, bla, and I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING ELSE TO THAT WOMAN.
    Obviously, drama or who knows what is more important to Ashley than her real future right now.
    I think her mom’s attitude stinks too. “I cannot control Ashley.”
    Maybe not, but do you have to throw her under the bus?
    I would have more respect for Jackie if she said, “Ashley is in legal trouble and I can’t say anything because I don’t want to make it worse for her.”
    Jackie can’t stay mad at Kim G? Are you kidding me?
    She couldn’t kiss Danielle’s butt for Ashley’s sake when Danielle reached-out via the psychic and beg her or even offer to pay her off not to press charges?
    I would have liked to see Jackie at least TRY or make an effort to fix things for Ashley besides acting like she’s embarrassed by her stupid child’s actions.
    Anyhow, the last thing that Ashley would want to do if she is ever eligible to have her record expunged, is to have it made known publicly that after she was convicted of assaulting Danielle or whatever she was convicted-of, that she CONTINUED to control a Facebook page about Danielle.
    What she says in private, not on tv, or in public, is her own business, but to PUBLICLY continue having anything to do with Danielle, for Ashley, is to allow that despicable character to reach into her future life. (and I do mean Danielle-I don’t like her, and there are plenty of other people who don’t like her either & the last person we need in the “club”, is Ashley, because the stakes are too high for her-Ashley is worth so much more than throwing-away her future for that hideous thing called Danielle).
    Ashley may think her criminal record is a joke, but it is not. Its real, not reality television. Too bad that Danielle is the only one acting like she understands that fact.
    I guess Jackie is not a Jersey Girl either and that’s why I’m disappointed in her. Jackie-here’s what a real Jersey mama in your position would do, if you don’t believe me, ask Caroline;
    Share the wealth a little. Spread it around. Hold a wad of cash in front of Ashley’s face & tell her she gets it as soon as the FB comes down.
    Toni-I don’t blame you for being a tattle-tale about Ashley’s FB, you’re absolutely correct in drawing attention to now while she still has a chance to knock off the BS.

    • housewifehater/anutha hata
    • July 21st, 2010

    Personal-to Toni-hey Toni, FYI, when you post raw screen -shots if you have personal stuff like your U of Phoenix info. showing or anything, you can take your screen shot to paint and make personal stuff invisable by moving it around a little. Not that your screen shot shows anything wrong- (ha ha I’m nosy I always look at that stuff), just wanted to make sure that you know that.

    • Good point. I double check screenshoys before posting but on review, I recalled leavin the toolbars in so it was clear I was on ashley’s fb links page and not something I was making up. I may recrop and reupload, considering, so tyvm!

    • dental hygienist
    • August 2nd, 2010

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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