BB12, Sabo Edition, Wk1: ImStillToni’s”Understandings”


BB12 Cast

Here are my “understandings” for the first week of BB12, which were written down PRIOR to watching the live show (which as of 3:29PM EST and this post, I STILL have not watched; therefore, as of this post I do not know who was evicted, have no idea who is the current HoH or the Saboteur). I figured if I didn’t post them now, there was be less stuff for people to call me on later. BUT FIRST! LOL  

1)      The Saboteur HAD to know, legally and ethically, of their position in the game prior to entering the house. From what I have heard on the feeds, I believe that the Sabo AND the pre-existing relationship (if they are not the same/connected) was determined prior to Sequester. If you make it down to the Top 40-20, you pretty much get sequestered in LA while production is eliminating people to get the final HG’s; therefore, the fact that more than one HG was not spotted by the others during sequester raises a red flag.  

2)      The Saboteur is most likely a woman.  

3)      Either Kristin/Hayden (best friends) OR Britney/Kathy (mother/daughter) is the pre-existing relationship.  

4)      Either Kathy, Annie, or Britney is the Saboteur.  

5)      Meow Meow needs to STFU and get some hair plugs…he is overcompensating for his stupidity by attempting to convince him and the audience he is the brains of the dumbass Brigade SSA.   

That’s all I had before last night’s show. I’m off to watch the live eviction now, will then fire up the feeds, and post my thoughts regarding Week 1 PLUS last night’s elimination and the Sabo unveiling (which I wish never happened until we got down to jury numbers, but more on that in my next post). 


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