RHoNJ June 20, 2010: Kim D, Kim G and Assymetrical Danielle Exposed (aka Dina Who?) Part 2


Offically known as Kim 1 (D) and Kim 2 (G)...is it just me or do they remind you of a gaggle of witches from Wicked? (Photo: Bravotv.com)


UGHHHHH here is Kim D, the scuzzbucket owner of Porsche who was friendly with Danielle in the shop and then spoke about her like a dog with her boyfriend at the Sheriff’s fundraiser at Caroline Soprano’s house.  I dunno how I feel about these two together, do you? Yes, I LOVE the drama they bring and I love the Manzo MOB is leery of it, but we still haven’t seen or heard Danielle’s reactions to the potental “two-facededness” of Kim 1 + Kim 2….in a dream world, the Kims will run thru the original NJ housewives like a gang bang, collateral damage be damned! 

Teresa: “If you’re a pig, own up to it.” (Photo: Bravotv.com)


Ok T-Man, here’s the real deal. YOU my dear are a fucking pig you’re damned self. You are crass and uncouth, have no social etiquette whatsoever, and the way you have handled the entire Danielle situation (including Steve) is completely disgusting. Popping out yet another child and “writing” a book that stupid Manzo supporters are flocking to buy does NOT make you classy. In fact, the fact you continue to talk about Danielle IN your cookbook, something that is in print and connected to you forever, shows that you, in fact, are the PIG. Remember the pig in last week’s ep with the big balls? That’s YOU, Teresa Guidice!   

All dressed in black – MAFIA STYLE! Ok I get T-Man’s principle, but I still call bullshit on it. What are we here, 12? Ok BOTH Kim G and Kim D are FRIENDS with Danielle. We, the viewers have seen the footage of both sets of women while, at the time, T-Man did not – I get that. Don’t invite Kim G to the party because she is friends with Danielle, it’s YOUR and Greasy Joe’s Casa de Crass & Grease ™, if you don’t want any Danielle associates in your home, by all means you have that right. However, do not sit up here and have KIM the Ellen Barkin wanna-be D in your home because she is even WORSE than Kim G! Why? Kim D has repeatedly contradicted her Danielle stance: first, at Porsche with Danielle, next with her boyfriend at the “sherriff’s fundraiser” and Casa de MOBstone™, then at Danielle’s “Christine” luncheon (in which Kim D made her fabulous speech about how real women chose their own friends, not solely going by what their man/husband deems to be correct), and lastly at Porsche again with Tacky Jacky™ and T-Man in which Kim D basically said she was only friends with Danielle for the BUSINESS. Kim D, you are officially full of shit! You business appeared to be letting Danielle get stuff on layaway and speaking very frankly about the Manzo MOB and Danielle’s personal issues – yet when T-Man confronts her, Kim D backpedals like Ashley. Kim D, I think you are the Tanorexic Kellamity™ of RHoNJ and I’m letting it be know now – if Kim D gets a housewife slot, I’m DUN (like Albie lol) blogging this piece of shit.     

No T-Man, you are NOT a nice person. No matter how many time you repeat that on camera, it doesn’t make it so or even remotely true. LMAO and I’m sorry, but everytime I see Greasy joe turn his head a little more to one side, all I think about is how much the Oompa Loompa is improving his range of motion, next thang you know he can parallel park the Cadiallac Escalade they defaulted on in bankruptcy court instead of using parking assist because he can’t turn his head to see around the blind spots! However, I can admit that T-Man was looking pretty nice for her party – for a mom of four how the hell did T-Man get back into that shape so fast?     

Ok time for some Real Housewife math (not Kelly math, I don’t have enough space to blog about that crap)! 
Kim + Kim = double drunk disaster  
1 Black male dancer= Mafia Style folks are NOT racist i.e. Greasy Joe’s ONE Black friend mentioned once in season 1   
T-Man = at least one cringe-worthy, inappropriate remark regarding her and Greasy Joe’s sex life per an episode   
Danielle = at least one exposed body party per an episode  
Caroline = at least 304720375 mentions of Danielle, who is dead to her in case you didn’t know, per an episode  
Tacky Jacky™ = at least 1 display of bad parenting and/or self-contradiction per an episode 
Dina = blissfully silent in her empty, yet obnoxiously over-designed and furnished house  

And does anyone else find it weird that Dina is ONCE again absent from this party? I get she quit the show and I’ve heard the Manzo MOB’s hints that maybe we’ll “see glimpses of Dina here & there at family functions” but CMON! She’s T-Man’s latest spawn’s godmother and she doesn’t attend T-Man & Greasy Joe’s 2010 housewarming for Casa de Crass & Grease ™.  (Please note: I had to specify 2010 housewarming because our fave Prostitution Whore moment was T-Man & Greasy Joe’s 2009 housewarming….which was held in a restaurant, not their actual home lol).     




ONE MORE TIME!!!! And another one bites the dust!


Awww how cute is Christine & Jillian? Christine looks cute when she looks here age – a little lip gloss goes far. And I loved seeing the girls just smile around Danielle! I’m sorry, Manzo MOB lovers, how can you really shit on a woman’s parenting skills when her kids are some of the most well-behaved out of ANY Real Housewives casts? Say what you will about Danielle, the woman, but lay off Danielle, the mother, perhaps?  I’m sorry, would YOU get any medical procedure done in Wayne Medical Center? It looks like Jerseylicious is filming at the Gatsby Salon NEXT DOOR to the Wayne Medical Center?    


Note to Bravo & Andy Cohen – I am NOT watching to see the Real Kids of ______. Screw the kids! It’s not about the kids so STOP GIVING THESE SPOILED BRATS A PLATFORM LIKE A BRAVO BLOG! Geezus, people bytch when a husband/boyfriend blogs (Simon B, Simon V, Slade, Mario) and these guys are more involved with their wives and the other housewives than the children! Case in point, after the RHoOC ep last season with the girl’s trip and Vicki and Brianna and Alexis – Bravo let Brianna blog about the EPISODE. The key here is EPSIODE. Ashley gets a blog for multiple episodes and she’s practically illiterate, with her immaturity, sense of entitlement, and lack of respect oozing from every word, sentence, and paragraph. It’s very unbecoming and not cool at all – the show IS NOT about these kids, it’s about the MOTHERS. Andy, I am THISCLOSE to giving you Jackhole of the Season for your continued support of these bratty kids! Right now, you are starting to border on NOT being good for the Jews, Andy! You’re on notice, buddy!   

And here we go! Kim D is first, telling Ashley “you are a 19 year old girl. She is a 47 year old woman, how dare she fight with you.” Ummm, Kim, why is it okay for a 19 year old girl to complete disrespect at 47 year old woman? To this day, my mother would knock my teeth out for disrespecting her, much less another adult. I know it’s not a race thing because Dina and Caroline’s parents obviously did not spare the rod (wooden spoon, anyone). Ashley needs to STFU about Danielle. LET.IT.GO.ASHLEY. And Caroline, listen honey you need help. You CANNOT control other people’s actions and words. This is not “Mafia Style” world where everyone bows down to you and what you say. If you do not want to hear about Danielle, you need to clean house and start by address your ENTIRE family, especially T-Man & Greasy Joe. Next step you be LEAVE the show….WTF even at a party Caroline Soprano has to decree what topics “she wants to hear?” As the season progress, I find that the Manzo MOB has a LOT of similarities to the RHoNY clusterfuck known as Jill Zarin, Tanorexic Kellamity™, and CountLess LuLu – they cannot stop gossiping about the very same person they claim NOT to want to talk about or associate with. HELLO! LEAVE.THE.SHOW. ALL of you. There are many, many, many viewers that would enjoying seeing a Manzo MOBless RHoNJ, so please do us that favor? Either deal with the Danielle drama (shit) or quit the show like the scaredy cat Dina (get OFF the pot). There is no in between anymore, why don’t these women realize that?   

And now, it’s Kim G’s turn stirring the pot! But is she really stirring the pot or just drunk, a little loose lipped, and being honest?While I do agree on some level, yes Tacky Jacky™ does appear to be obsessed with Danielle. Jac can try to spin it all she wants, but the fact remains Jac can’t even have a conversation with her son CJ without referencing Danielle – IMO that’s pretty bad, no?    



First it's "Shhh" now it's a hand in the face - do any of the Manzo MOBwives have any class? (Photo: Bravotv.com)


 So what do I think of this week’s ep? I think the Bravo editors had so little new material to give us this season we are forced to watch the minute disagreements play out over the course of 3+ epsiodes an arc. I am sick of looking at Ashley’s acne-filled face and those FUGLY homemade hats she wears which are NOT attractive no matter how old the relative that knitted it happens to be. IT’S FUGLY, just like this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. How many times can we hear the same recycled shit form the same people who continue to talk about the very shit they claim they do not want to hear in the first place? Just typing that sentence made my head hurt, so does Bravo have some sort of solution for this clusterfuck of a cast? Could a certain Mole be correct in that there are some serious casting changes coming for RHoNJ? Manzo MOB HBIC Caroline Soprano + T-Man out? Kim 1 + Kim 2 + Danielle + Tacky Jacky™ sounds pretty good to me, considering Jacky has more of a backbone when she’s not around the Manzo MOB, as clearly depicted by her sloppy display of disrespect to Kim G (or Kim 2) at the 2010 Housewarming a la Casa de Crass & Grease ™? What do you guys think of this ep? Was it even worth it? Are the blogs even worth it? Are you over it? Let me know in the comments!   

Previous Poll Results:The better show on Thursday night? With a whopping 79% of the vote – Bethenny Getting Married?   

And who is the REAL sociopath of RH? With 39% – Danielle is the reigning RH sociopath. (BTW, T-Man was in second place with 19%).  

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    • autumnleaves61
    • June 25th, 2010

    Okay Toni, besides agreeing with you on all your points, I have to mention the bankruptcy of Jac’s husband too. Surely that’s going to make an impact on dulling down the show (if that’s possible!), Maybe Bravo will decide to follow JuicyT to their new carpeted studio apartment, and show Jac and her hubby waiting tables and parking cars at The Brownstone next season. THAT would be more interesting than this constant bowl of crap they keep dishing up week after week.

    I like Kim D, and I enjoyed seeing her skinny butt in the spandex stripper pants. She looked fine (not like a cow with overstuffed tits!). I liked that she gave it a try, and wasn’t embarrassed to let it hang out and have fun. I like that she stood up to Danielle, yet toasted her anyway, letting hurt feelings pass. I like that she’s a shit-stirrer who is actually willing to confront the MOB a little, unlike the pussies they otherwise surround themselves with.

    KimG is a disloyal drunk who blows with the wind. I say dump her Ellen Barkin ass, and let Poshe fade into obscurity again.

    I don’t want to hear from Ashley at all. I don’t want to see her on the show or anywhere. She’s mentally retarded. (It’s no wonder Danielle rightly questioned whether that idiot had graduated. Are we sure the diploma is legit?)

    Poor bankrupt Jac! She’s got a pierced tongue and a famblyinlaw full of women with sticks up their asses. The voices of etiquette preaching to their disciple….? They need to stop praising Teresuh for her “hilarity”, when she’s discussing Danielle’s hole, how many times she bangs JuicyJoe, how her ass-crack feels, etc. There is no cute-factor there.

    I am not sure any of these RHo can go a day without talking about she-who-cannot-be-named. Jac seems extremely obsessed, even months later. (Kinda like Jill Zarin, who months later was still Saundering around the Internet, and smearing BHoppy).

    I asked Jac if she could explain how she grew up in Vegas, but graduated from a high school in Virginia. (((Crickets)))

    I asked Dina how she could claim not to have known about Danielle before they met through the show. (((Crickets)))

    What’s up with these chicks being so unwilling to answer easy questions, truthfully? I get that it’s entertainment, and there’s a certain fakery that is going to factor in.

    I don’t get how Bravo has gotten so good at attracting nothing BUT liars and frauds.

    • Laurie
    • June 25th, 2010

    Yeah, I have to bring up T-Man’s bankruptcy as well. People Magazine reports that they owed almost $11 MILLION and yet, they somehow get to keep that ridiculous McMansion. In fact, it states that they only have to give up a couple of cars and dilapidated apartment buildings while all of the construction workers go underpaid for their services on her megalomaniac housing whims. Please, I’m personally insulted.

    • wendy
    • June 26th, 2010

    I read the People Mag article about t-man and Greasy Joe too. How about the part where he spent all the rent money on their tacky mansion and as a result he owes his partner 500k and tenants had their utilities shut off. I hate these people, selfish, over-indulgent scammers! I can’t stand to watch T-man anymore, except an episode where she gets evicted from her mansion. That would be great!!

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 30th, 2010

    Awesome blog MizToni, straight and to the point. These fuckers are annoying me and I can’t stand NOT watching it! I am waiting for BRAVO to hear my cries and change this horrific cast, except Danielle as she brings the crazy and needs the dough. Andy, silly for the jews, needs to wake up, get his nose out of Ben Weiner’s ass and start searching for new housewives for Jersey AND New York. Hell get some Black and Rican housewives in there. They represent NY and NJ too. I am sure if Bravo wanted to truly represent wealthy housewives they could find an international cast. The culture clash alone would be keep viewers glued. Til next girl, as always keep it coming!

    • Vickie1300
    • July 7th, 2010

    You know as much as they hate Danielle they have to know there wouldn’t even be a show without her!Dina kept saying Danielle wouldn’t let the past go?!WTF?!They won’t let it go. They are the ones that stirred the shit up in the first place. Don’t they get that Danielle has every right to be pissed at them for bringing her past up and talking shit about her behind her back?I mean how dumb can they be.I would love to see some more ladies on the show. That are on Danielle side that is. And who the hell do the Manzo family think they are? The Sopranos are something. Get over your fucking selves!

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