RHoNJ June 20, 2010: Kim D, Kim G and Assymetrical Danielle Exposed (aka Who Else is Happy Dina’s Ass is Gone?) Part 1

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This week’s ep of RHoNJ was action packed with….absolutely nothing! But we did finally get a better glimpse at the drama that downs down next week, aka how Ashley Holmes catches a case, so there is something to look forward too lol. RHoNJ Episode 8, Bubbies Gone Bad, includes Albie’s law school failures, Kim D, Kim G, T-Man & Greasy Joe’s housewarming for the Casa de Crass & Grease™, Cunty Ashley, and Danielle Staub TMI so due to the length of this post (what can I say? I just sit with an open Word doc and my hands just fly across the keyboard lol), I will be breaking it up in two parts.   

Danielle arrived late and with an entourage. Caroline Soprano is right, there is NO way Dina was getting closure. That’s because a smart person wouldn’t give Dina the satisfaction…but it is true…I purposely do shit to spite a person I’m falling out with…so if Dina called and asked me to meet at 8, I would arrive at 8:45pm just to piss her off and then laugh in her face for waiting the 45 minutes like a sucker – but that’s just me lol. DAYUM as soon as Danielle whipped out her implants, we hear Dr. Kassir say “ok this CLEARLY needs to be redone.”  I never heard of an implant not reaching “body temperature” but WTF Danielle? A staff infection, three augmentations, cold boob, no body temperature? LMAO Seriously, WTF Danielle? I am so glad she’s getting this corrected and I hope she used her book advance money to do it (now write another book so u can sell & move out of your ex’s home, then Danielle can call herself self-sufficient).   

WTF is up with the BLACKFACE at Lauren’s school’s advent garde day? Is MUD the new ANTM photoshoot? If so, I did not see any of the models smizing ot working it H2T (the fact I even know what those last 2 things mean is a sign I am truly a reality tv addict lol) I am so proud of Lauren, in all seriousness. She does look like she’s blossoming, she’s matured since the past season and it shows A LOT. Say what you will about Caroline, I love her maternal instinct and how proud her and Big Al are of their kids. Unlike other cast members, Caroline is often shown with and/or doing stuff for or about her ADULT children whereas Tacky Jacky™ and T-Man barely do stuff for the kids they have (although we all know T-Man is Supermom with no help. That’s not even a dig, I dunno how in the world that bitch find the time to take care of 3 bratty girls, a new baby, be up the Manzo MOB’s ass, be transfixed on Danielle 24/7, AND STILL service Greasy Joe of Trunkneckville™ on demand!)    

Wow did you guys notice how much Ashley favors Tacky Jacky™, especially when they both start crying and wiped their tears the same way. This is enough with the bullshit – TYVM Chris! Finally speaking up on air, nice! “Ashley, the bottom line is you have to be respectful. You want to come home? Fine. Tell me when.” Negotiating curfew when you are trying to get back into the BIG house is a trip, isn’t it?Crying because you do NOT want a curfew? 16 year olds can stay out later….Friday and Saturdays are 2am. During the week, Midnight/1am. Help out, keep your room clean…WTF Ashley! This is when I gotta say Ashley is a spoiled cunt. I went thru the same exact thing, I left my parent’s house because I did not want to conform to THEIR schedule and THEIR rules and yanno what happened? I left my parent’s house and my ass has been trying to get back in EVER since! Lmaoooo wtf was I thinking, wanting to be out on my own when I was barely being responsible? The grass is always greener on the other side and just like Ashley I had money, I had cars, I didn’t have to contribute any money to the household and YET I still wanted to act like a big grown woman in my parent’s home….NO BUNEO. The fact the 1st thing we saw was Ashley crying over the fact she has a curfew just reinforced my opinion that all Ashley wants to do is go out, drink, party, and fuck Derek the Mole and then do the ho stroll back to the Laurita household whenever she friggin feels like it. If I was Tacky Jacky™ and Little-Eyed Chris™, Ashley’s curfew would have been TEN PM during the week and MIDNIGHT on weekends, just to spite her funky ass. I am beyond the point I would PAY Ashley to stop wearing those horrible homemade knitted hats – they are not flattering in anyway and just make Ashley look even more old and frumpy. You’re NINETEEN Ashley, not 26! Good lawd, the bytch really needs an attitude adjustment, that life coach, AND a stylist, stat! Cousin Lauren, perhaps YOU could help Ashley cuz she is just a fashion faux pas walking around Franklin Lakes, scaring the children just like T-Man *shivering* Who told that T-Man she looks good when Greasy Joe can’t even look at her if she’s standing to the side since he can barely turn his neck? The ONLY time T-Man has looked good was when she had dinner with Danielle’s ex AND styled her hair with bangs, eliminating her Neanderthal-sized forehead in the process (ok, I typed that last statement before I saw the remainder of this ep, personally I think that T-Man looked HAWT in the gold dress for housewarming. Until she opened her mouth, that is lol).  

Oh and for those “readers” who have an issue with me calling Ashley a cunt – please get over it! If you old enough (19) to legally be called an adult and have moved out of your parent’s home at least once already, you are not cunt-exempt. Yes the word is crass, no I don’t give a shit, nothing you can post in a comment will ever make me NOT call her a cunt, so do us all a favor and just STFU, ok? My blog was around before you and it will be around after you….so if you can agree to disagree with me WITHOUT trying to shove some Manzo MOB-Loving agenda down my throat, so be it? Is Elvira the same crazy bytch in a green dress that was at running Bethenny’ speaking engagement at the JCC in the last episode of Bethenny Getting Married? Does anyone else find it weird that Dina is a friggin EVENT PLANNER per her Bravo bio, godmother of T-Man’s recent offspring, and yet T-Man HIRES Elvira the Creepy Planner when the bitch is broke and has since filed for bankruptcy (giving the time of taping I do think they were taping this season AFTER T-Man & Greasy Joe filed…think about it if they bankruptcy was filed last October and they filmed during the winter with snow ON the ground…me thinks these fuckers were faking it for the cameras the ENTIRE season, including the girl’s shopping spree in the first few eps, no?) The Casa de Crass & Grease™ is slowly filling up with more furniture that “magically” fell off the back of a truck, but still what reasonable person spends that much to build a house and NOT have the suitable funds stashed somewhere to properly furnish it? I understand how long and expensive it is to furnish a home of that size, it took my parents more than 3 years to furnish their home because my mother went nuts finding the perfect Bernheardt dining set that seated enough people and had the china hutch and a nice sideboard, yadda yadda yadda…..so we have seen T-Man & Greasy Joe drop 100+k on just furnite for one of two rooms and yet still have TONS of unfurnished space that they show on tv…I just don’t get it. If you cannot building a large home and properly furnish it before you file for bankruptcy, WHY THE FACE do you have an multi-million dollar home in the first place???? Talk about living beyond your means! Time for the Guid-ices to wake up in the real world and stop flossing for the Bravo cameras when your direct income is “allegedly” only 79k a year…   

Confirmed by B’s Twitter: Bethenny Nope.she’s fun,nuts,gracious&good at job.RT @JenJenn99: @Bethenny that Elvira chick is a bitch!Did u think that when u spoke at her event? 24 minutes ago via UberTwitter     

Let’s talk about Albie & Caroline for a moment, shall we? Wow, my personal feelings of the Manzo MOB aside, I feel so horrible for both Albie AND Caroline. Dealing with a learning disability is hard enough, but to make it as far as the first year of law school only to have the school basically turn you away is heart wrenching. Watching Albie cry really bothered me and considering I dropped out of college my 1st time RIGHT before I was kicked out (and already on academic probation), I know having the school administrators tell you to find a new career is like a giant slap in the face. This is the one time I wholeheartedly agree and respect Caroline Manzo – she loves her children with every fiber of her being and I cannot and will not say anything on this topic to take that away from her. Her fierce loyalty, support, and love of her family are a few (and I mean, FEW lol) characteristics I both admire and loathe and the more I think about it, Big Al is the same way, just not as vocally on the show.  

More to come….Part 2 will be posted shortly folks!

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    • KateBoston
    • June 25th, 2010

    I love the glorious cuntiness of the word cunt and encourage you to use it to describe TRULY cunty people.

    Prob is there’s so many that fit this description on this show this word may lose it’s delicious cunty impact.

    Where’s the commentary on Watch What Happens Live with Andy super imposing Grandma Wrinkles onto Danielle’s poor deformed breasts?

    No way would he and Bravo be this rude and CUNTY to anyone else but Danielle.

    I always root for the underdog and I really hope this odd, bizarre, and deluded prostitution whore can finally catch a break.

    As always you are good for a laugh in the middle of my unemployment and financial meltdown-sending you luv

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