RHoNJ June 14, 2010: Ding Dong, Dina’s Gone! (Whatever, bitch!)

And another one bites the dust!

Dina to Danielle: “The only thing that makes me unhappy with my life is you in it.” Well then Dina, the best way to eliminate Danielle is to leave the fucking show already!!! Shhhh *with the finger raised* (and can we talk about how disrespectful it is to SHH a grown adult? Whether it’s a SHH, a finger, or a hand to the face, it’s SO rude and disrespectful. I will slap a bitch if you do any of the 3 to me, real talk).  Moving forward..yes I agree with Danielle. How can she move forward when the Manzo MOB continues to bring up her past; however, Dina is correct in the point that Danielle did bring up specifics that other family members ALTHOUGH Dina was often involved, aware, or said nothing against the actions which does imply, to us, she’s okay with everything her family has said about and done to Danielle. Hmmm good point, Dina does RUN when she’s alone. Yes Dina is allowed to say she doesn’t want Danielle in her life…BUT how could that even be possible as long as Dina continues to be on a reality show with Danielle? A little foreshadowing, perhaps? And do NOT call a person crazy, especially with Danielle’s background. There is no way a person could live thru the Cocaine Cowboy era of Miami and NOT be crazy lol (and if you haven’t seen Cocaine Cowboys 1 or 2, I would suggest checking them out. Both of them are still on the Netflix Instant Queue I believe, but I loved the 1st film).  

It’s not nice to make fun or other people or to call them names. But it IS perfectly acceptable to refer to pigs as “Danielle” in front of your 7-year-old child and then have your meddling sister-in-law loudly repeat it in front of the 7-year-old child…..and then you wonder WHY the kid asks “well why did you say it?” NICE parenting there, Tacky Jacky ™. You have definitely earned your new moniker from me this season. As CJ said….”why did you say it?” and “ummm, not really always.”  

And then the resident queen of class herself *insert eye roll here*, T-Man again loudly refers to the pigs as “Danielle.” Right in front of 5-7 small children. And other family members. And a camera crew. Case in point right here – no one made the Manzo MOB even MENTION Danielle on this outing. THEY chose to bring up Danielle as a topic of conversation…so this once again proves Danielle’s point about the Manzo MOB constantly talking about Danielle. Manzo MOB – 27, Danielle 9. I don’t even give a shit that the “menfolk” invited Moley Derek to play poker. I am truly sick of the entire Manzo MOB-family…to the point I’m starting changing my feelings about Grandma Wrinkles. So here we go again, a Manzo MOB conference about Danielle and Dina’s “meeting” with Danielle. So Dina claims that Danielle gets a “look” in her eye and she’s not a sane person, why would you meet her in person, 1-on-1, just to tell her to GTFO of your life AND that she is crazy? You couldn’t just send Danielle a text that said “leave me the fuck alone?” You couldn’t have said that via Twitter, Facebook, or even on the phone since you did CALL Danielle from your house, Dina? 

And now Caroline Soprano spits out that “Danielle is evil.” Yea, that’s appropriate to say on TV. All the woman wanted was to initially be accepted and now left alone by the Manzo MOB…WTF does Dina think she’s GOD? How did Danielle blow ANYTHING, Dina? It’s not like u were extending the olive branch, so please, someone enlighten me please? Can Dina be anymore narcissistic? Even going back to season 1’s Versace comment, Dina has been very mean-spirited towards Danielle and NEVER directly confronted her until this episode. Dina didn’t grow a pair, she RAN AWAY as usual. 

It’s the return of Kim G! Danielle is 10000% correct (for once), she HAS been attacked by the four ladies of the Manzo MOB for the past few years. But how long before we find out Kim is a traitor…or an infiltrator? When Ashley even points out Kim G is being two-faced, you KNOW there’s something fishy going on. “Kim G. I don’t know what to say really except that I know you have a good heart, you just need to break free from Danielle and all of the negative energy that follows her. It’s not cool that you’ve been so two-faced – it isn’t like you. I hope this plays out better for you. I guess we’ll see.”  

AH HA! There it is, a VERY long Facebook email entitled Closure. Dina, save it. I don’t even understand why Dina wastes so much ENERGY over Danielle….she what happens when your husband refuses to film and you take your daughter of the show. You just aren’t’ that interesting on your own Dina…you’re not and you know it, WE know it, and Bravo fucking knows it. I’m glad you used the show to pimp out your charity which is now fully legit (if you recall, when RHoNJ first started Project Ladybug did not even have tax-exempt status. “Dina Manzo runs Project Ladybug, a charity for sick kids that claims to be a nonprofit. The IRS said it was not tax-exempt, meaning that donations are not tax-deductible and there is no public accountability of spending. An accountant for the charity said it had applied to the IRS to get that designation.”)Does anyone find the Mob-like poker initiation conversation ironic? The Manzo MOB just cannot prevent themselves from typecasting their damned selves! And can I just say no, Danielle’s arms are NOT better than First Lady Michelle Obama’s arms lmaooo not by a longshot. Nice try, tho, random assortment of Danielle’s “friends.” 

So I guess Danielle took THIS picture as well, by herself, with NO help, right Steve?

So now it turns out that the creep who taped Danielle in the boudoir was Steve, the dude Greasy Joe & T-Man set her up with last season. Yea, that smells like a setup to me folks, also explains HOW T-Man knew/knows so much intimate details. OMG seriously T-Man…now you are JUSTIFYING the fact Steve secretly recorded Danielle and then shopped the sex tape around because HE IS 26 and that’s what young guys do? So I guess I’M a skanky whore too, huh T-Man? There is nothing wrong with a woman masturbating/taking sexy self pics and sending them via email….THERE IS an issue with the recipient feeling that gives him or her the right to release said images….I’m sorry folks, but I’m at the point that I believe NOTHING that the Manzo MOB and their associates have to say.

And T-Man, if I’m a skanky whore for taking pictures, wouldn’t that make YOU a skanky whore for you sleeping with Greasy Joe (who turned his neck several times this episode, MAZEL!) the day you got your implants? Or the fact you tell the viewing public WAY too much detail of your sexy life with the Oompa Loompa?

 HAHAHAHAHA did anyone else notice the Big Brother eviction music when Tacky Jacky™ threw Ashley out? I gotta agree with Greasy Joe on this one, I was impressed to see Tacky Jacky™ have a backbone and put that cunt Ashley in her place. Yea, I did call Ashley a cunt. I know it’s harsh, but I call it like I see it and THAT is how I see it.   

Always engage….and suggest! Say what you want about Danielle, I think she’s in damned good shape even if she could stand to gain a few pounds IMO. I completely get feeling like you lost your sexy, your mojo, and how good it feels to get a little support from both male and female friends to give yourself a confidence boost. I’m sure somewhere, T-Man will again call Danielle a skanky whore for this segment but if we had to watch that wench pop out another brat, we can watch a group of older women try to bring sexyback, no? Last but certainly NOT least – DING DONG, DINA’S GONE!

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    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 18th, 2010


    Thank the lord that witch is gone. I thought that was very disrespectful to ask her to meet, to say I never want to deal with you again! BITCH! Danielle had to be like… I got dressed up, and drove miles for THIS SHIT?! You could have told me this shit over the phone and 4 different mediums. She could have heard this shit in her pajamas and been okay. I think Danielle, rightfully so, ate that whore up. Dina could not compete with the coherent crazy that is Danielle.

    While Dina may be charitable and kind to children and animals, Dina is also a COWARD. She is a complete and total meangirl bitch. She was the type of hateful, jealous, pretty girl who tormented the competition and uglier girls. She can’t fight, so she starts shit and others back her up. She’ll instigate and her sister, family and friends defend her. She pops shit and then apologizes later.

    Without her daughter, never saw her “husband”, and caught out there alone, she realized she had to go! I hope the others in the MANZO/MOB will follow her lead, but we already know. Those bitches aint going anywhere. They clutch those contracts to their chest every night with a million papercuts on their tits! THEY GOTS TO GO!

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 18th, 2010



    • NEWT
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Hahaha!!! Hey! I know a lot of women that like Dina!!! Cowards!!!!

    • NEWT
    • June 22nd, 2010

    OOOPS!!! My bad, I meant to say I KNOW A LOT OF WOMEN LIKE DINA!!!!

    • roby1
    • June 23rd, 2010

    WOW!! What a class act you are, so much so you believe it’s OK to call an eighteen year old a cunt. I saw your picture, you really have nothing to brag about. I think women like you were made fun of in school so much that now (even though your a grown women) you have the need to be vulgar and despicable to any other woman that’s pretty or has more going on for them than you ever will!! This is the first time I’ve read your blog and I will never be back.PS- Are you sure your not related to Danielle, you look a little like her!

    • Let’s be honest here – I certainly never advertised myself to be a class act, now did I? The term “cunt” is a pretty derogatory term for a woman and I’m aware of that, but I call it like I see it and I see it with Ashley, so it’s my opinion and it is what it is.

      “Cunt” can also be used informally as a derogatory epithet in referring to a person of either sex, but this usage is relatively recent, dating back only as far as the late nineteenth century.[3] Reflecting different national usages, the Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines “cunt” as “an unpleasant or stupid person”, whereas Merriam-Webster defines the term as “a disparaging term for a woman” and “a woman regarded as a sexual object”; the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English defines it as “a despicable man”.

      Therefore, I believe BY definition, Ashley Holmes, AN ADULT OF 19 YEARS OF AGE, is indeed an unpleasant, stupid person….aka a cunt. Don’t worry about coming back to my blog, I’ll survive without your ONE hit. But if you think me calling Ashley a cunt is bad, does this also mean you do not condone or support all the crpa Ashley has been spewing about Danielle and Christine Staub – or are you another Manzo MOB supporter who turns a blind eye to the disgustingly disresepctful things they do, INCLUDING Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley?

    • paige
    • August 3rd, 2010

    First off, if you dont want pictures of yourself all over the fucking world, dont take them you dumb bitch. thats exactly what DANIELLE was asking for when she took them…. and how do you know if she knew she was being recorded?? im sorry, that sound like a planned and calculated DANIELLE scam to me. instant publisity… and i quote her on “atleast ill sell more then kendra?” ya she sells herself alright. you werent in the room when she was being taped, so keep your mouth shut about shit that aint yours to talk about or that you yourself cant back up. and who are you to discriminate people and their ways of raising children. if you have any im sure they either be institutionalized, or under foster care. your OPINIONS are ridiulous and out of this world. people like you and DANIELLE should be locked up. calling a 19 yr old a cunt, saying ‘can we stand to see that wench pop out another brat”. your discusting. and if ya dont like the fuckn MANZO MOB then stop watching and keep your punk ass opinion to youself. if i was ashley, cant say i wouldnt have done worse to danielle… especially if it was my mother that i heard was being attacked. so go ahead, keep thinking and believing in your ways…. just know your wrong.

    • I do NOT get why u are defending the Manzos? Are u family member? Friend? Either way, calling ME names on my blog were I state MY PERSONAL OPINION about what I see on a show these broads get paid to be on is my right. If they don’t want people saying shit, then DON’T BE ON A TV SHOW. Get the fuck out of here, did u also not read that I’m behind several episodes, I typically blog ABOUT the episode unless something happens on FB or Twitter….it’s not like I sit here and post about the Manzos OR Danielle every day – this is a REALITY TV BLOG. U are fucking delusional and it is crazy rabid fans like you that give us fans and viewers a bad name.
      Are u fucking illiterate? I publicly stated multiple times “I am a Danielle Supporter, but in now way is she an angel or innocent.” I have also sided with the Manzos on certain things at certain times so I am on TEAM NO ONE. Grow the fuck up and realize you look like u need a 5150 hold with that comment.

    • Same as above
    • August 3rd, 2010

    I apologize to you first and formost. I didn’t mean ANY dsrespect to u or ur blogs. I respect everyones opinion whether I agree or not. I didn’t Refer to u as those things, but Danielle. I know it wasn’t right and over the web things aren’t easily explained. I sincerly apologize for my words and if u thought the intent ofthem was twards tou, it wasn’t. Once again, I am sorry.

    • Same as above
    • August 3rd, 2010

    Obviously I didn’t portray my intent of offering a different opionion and my wording could have been different. I sincerly apologize if u felt I disrespected u bcuse that wasn’t my intent on the least. It’s ur opinion and tour intinled to it. Any namecallong made was twards Danielle, not you. If I could delete this myself I would. I’m ashamed at how I portrayed myself. Once again all apologies.

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