RHoNJ Update: Let the Ashley backtracking begin!

Is Ashley stuck on stupid?

Hmmm I wonder what caused Ashley to tweet this? (yes, I had to include the direct link for those readers who believe I just type shit without any sort of proof/evidence to back it up. MAZEL, dumbass!) On Monday 14th June 2010, @_ashleyholmes said: FOR THE RECORD: i have never “bullied” or “harassed” christine…. SHE however has sent me MANY hate messages that i have ignored because i don’t blame her for hating me.. if she were fighting with my mom i would do the same… RECENTLY on my formspring.. i told ONE person about a story i had heard about her from a few people that were at a party with her… that’s all i’ve ever said bad about her…and it’s not my fault it’s true… she’s the one that has messaged me in the past and i’ve been ignoring it…. so why don’t you talk to her… thanks

So I couldn’t take it anymore and finally just responded: ImStillToni @_ashleyholmes grow the F up. You are a legal adult, SHE IS A MINOR. stfu already and stop talking about a child. Act your age, geez! less than 5 seconds ago via web in reply to _ashleyholmes

I don’t care who’s “team” you are on…at what point are grown adults continuing to find Ashley’s behavior justifiable OR acceptable? I’m sorry, but the fact remains Ashley is a legal adult although she’s immature and spoiled. Christine Staub is a MINOR. Why is it okay for Ashley to do to Christine the same shyt the Manzo MOB has semi-accused Danielle of doing to Lexi via Dina’s ex? And Danielle cannot express her “opinion” on Gia the “model” but it’s okay for the Manzo MOB to repeatedly speak ill of Danielle’s daughters and her parenting skills? This is why it appears like I’m always on Danielle’s side but I call it like I see – once again the Manzo MOB has proven to be a bunch of hypocrites over and over again. Another example, T-Man talking shit about Danielle’s spending when her fugly ass filed for bankruptcy months ago while continue to front a ridiculously lavish lifestyle neither her or Greasy Joe can “honestly” afford.

And what about parental responsibility when you allow your adult child to reside in your home? I know for a fact the reason I moved out my parent’s house when I was Ashley’s age was due to my father telling me “you are always connected to us if you live here and we pay for it.” I wonder who pays for Ashley’s cell phone and the Laurita Internet? How can Tacky Jacky ™ & Chris deny responsibility if Ashley admitted she’s living back at home and doesn’t have a job. Last time I checked, wouldn’t Ashley’s continued defamation and harassment of Christine and Danielle using anything the Laurita’s paid for make them accessories? Even if that isn’t true and wildly excessive, the fact Tacky Jacky ™ & Chris cannot make Ashley STFU when she’s shacking up with Derek is one thing, but a completely different beast when Ashley is doing these actions under their roof with things paid for by them, no? At this point, I’m ALL for Dina & Caroline Soporano beating Ashley with a wooden spoon, Ashley needs to get her ass beat OR be persecuted if applicable….what do you guys think?

Update 1: Oh check out Ashley’s most recent Tweet lol @_ashleyholmes I AM NO LONGER GOING TO TALK ABOUT DANIELLE..i will address her in my blogs and that is it..when this season is done..i’m done.. love&light 22 minutes ago via web

To which I responded :ImStillToni @_ashleyholmes HAHAHA thats exactly what your mom said before she contradicted herself. see the apple doens’t fall far from the tree less than 5 seconds ago via web in reply to _ashleyholmes

Do I have to remind anyone of Tacky Jacky ™ & my twitter exchange? Or should I say my public response to her and her DM message to me I couldn’t reply to because she doesn’t follow me lol

Update 2: Well looky here….apparently Ashley has since closed her Formspring….too bad for her I still have it open and have saved multiple screen shots that include some of the questions/answers I included in the previous post. But for those that have DOUBTED me today, here is a friggin screenshot lol

Ashley's now-defunct Formspring, natch

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    • Nester
    • June 14th, 2010

    You really need to get a life.

    • and u need a life for feeling the need to come onto MY blog and chastise me like I’m a child. Welcome to America, the land of Free Speech & the 1st Amendment!

      • PaganChick
      • June 15th, 2010

      I never understand this type of trolling.

      Nester you took the time to read the stuff here AND type a comment. It seems that you may be projecting about who it is that actually needs a life.

      If you aren’t entertained by the stuff here, the easiest thing in the world to do is NOT READ IT. See how easy it is to just be a decent human being?

    • Kate
    • June 15th, 2010

    OMG- I just found you. Who are you? What are you? Beautiful, snarky, hilarious, infertile like me, I think I’m falling in love…

    • LMAOOO Kate! Could it be true? Another snarky infertile who’s also a tv addict?!?! If you have good credit, I’m available *wink*

    • PaganChick
    • June 15th, 2010

    RECENTLY on my formspring.. i told ONE person about a story i had heard about her from a few people that were at a party with her… that’s all i’ve ever said bad about her

    So, now we know that Ashley is a liar as well as stupid. On the original Formspring post – yes, I clicked the link and read it before it was taken down, I’m internet savvy like that – Ashley told this story as though she witnessed it first hand. Also, she put it on the internet so she DID NOT tell just ONE person. And, let’s not forget the stuff she said on Twitter. So, it was more than just one thing. Can you blame Christine for sending her hate messages?

    What I find interesting is that Christine is at least smart enough not to make this argument public, while Ashley’s dumber than a bag of hair ass is just putting all of this stuff out there like she and her friends are the only ones who will ever see it.

    Say what you want about Danielle, at least her children are smart enough to know what should and shouldn’t be put on the internet for all to see. While it is obvious just how much of a shitty parent Jacky must have been for Ashley to be sitting on her ass – no job, no school just writing crap on the internet.

    • Jen
    • June 15th, 2010

    Ashley is pathetic and hopefully one day she will feel ashamed but I not surprised how she acts, look who her rolemodel is

    Also Teresa makes me sick. I notice Jackie had plenty of nasty things to say about Danielle spending but what’s she saying about Teresa being 11 million in debt and still spendin

    • Sunni
    • June 15th, 2010

    Ashley is a disgusting, a moron to the max. And her mommy Jack and aunty wanna be soprano Caroline need a reality check. There’s nothing acceptable or excusable about Ashley (read a freaking book you stupid ass idiot!) attacking and bashing a 15 year old girl!!!

    • Donna
    • June 16th, 2010

    I cannot stand that brat, Ashley! And what the fuck is Bravo doing giving a disgusting, disrespectful, vile speaking, fugly looking KID A BLOG? Why honor a disrespectful KID? Her actions prove she is still very much a vile immature kid! I LOVED WHEN JACQUELINE THREW HER ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE! I’ve also posted twice (without cursing) on her Bravo blog (even though I didn’t read it) but Bravo posted very few of the negative ones. There’s another blog that attests to many other people not seeing their negative comments to her too. WTF?!

    • TNBelle2
    • June 17th, 2010

    Right on Pagan Chick. I agree with you. Keep on Blogging Toni. Even if I do not agree with every opinion. As a famous president and barrister once wrote. (paraphrasing) ” I may not agree with one word you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. I enjoy reading differing opinions. I love the fact I have the right to choose whether I read it or not, and I love the fact that I have the right and freedom to reply and or not CIVILLY. Thanks for the forum TONI. KEEP on BLOGGING….. As for the women on the show, I am tired of all of them. This show needs a makeover. Can we get some new REAL HW’s ROFLMAO.

      • fact
      • June 17th, 2010

      it wasn’t a famous president sweetie it was Voltaire (French Enlightenment writer and philosopher)

        • TNBelle2
        • June 17th, 2010

        Not necessarily Voltaire while he has been credited it has been debated. Original thought Ewelyn Beatrice Hall. When I referenced was when it was used in building the frame work for the 1st amendment to the constitution of the US.

  1. I love your blog!
    Love that you saved the screenshots of Ashley’s formspring!
    At first I had no problem with her!
    But now, she has become a major shit talker and bully.

    • GoodGrief
    • June 24th, 2010

    Toni, how old are you and why do you have so much time to post about this shit?

    • Quite easy- I’m in my 30s, no children, full-time college student, laptop, iPhone, Word documents, and insomnia lmao. Its easy to write this much content after being in school the past 3 years and it doesn’t have to be in APA format

    • tina rocks
    • June 24th, 2010

    I cannot stand the sight of any of the Manzo clan especially that idiotic jac and her daughter make me sick to my stomach
    I love how you are and will look forward to other shit you say LOL
    keep it up!!!

    • dreaming46
    • June 24th, 2010

    Still loving your blogs Toni. Keep em’ coming. Just read on the NJ message boards that Ashley tweeted & posted a photo of shoes Danielle had on hold at the store she works at! No way could I believe that one so I just checked out her twitter page for myself ~ it’s true!!!

    WHO does that? As soon as the owner / manager finds out about her current antics . . . she can say goodbye to that job. 🙂

    And I’m sure she’ll blame Danielle for her losing it)


    • Vickie1300
    • June 30th, 2010

    Finally someone with some sense. You most def. tell it like it is.They are obsessed with Danielle. All they do is talk about her non stop.She has a past so what?They need to get over it.And Ashley has no right to be spreading rumors about Christina. Cause that’s what she is doing. If she admits it or not.Thanks for being so real and honest. I get sick of people taking up for Teresa and the rest.

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