RHoNJ Update: Ashley Holmes can’t STFU, Manzo MOB needs to muzzle her ass ASAP

Is Ashley stuck on stupid?

A little birdy sent me a gem via Twitter DM yesterday…apparently Ashley is NOT being quiet about Danielle, contrary to both Tacky Jacky ™ and Caroline Soprano. Rather than spewing her hatred of Danielle outside her craptastic Bravo blog & Twitter, Ashley has been on Formspring directly replying to people’s questions. I, for one, have barely heard of Formspring so I’m assuming its yet another stupid social network type of thing that doesn’t interest me in the slightest; however, it is Ashley’s answers to a lot of the questions that took me aback. Believe me, I think Ashley has to be one of the dumbest kids on ALL of the Real Housewives series, only 2nd to Lynne Curtain’s daughters, but at what point does should the Manzo MOB step in and tell Ashley to STFU? 

 For clarification, let me add I received the Formspring tip around 1PM EST on June 11h. I copy/pasted from it on Friday, write this postm but had it saved as a draft; therefore, where it states “Ashley answered yesterday” really means Ashley answered the question on Thursday, June 10th and one day ago would meam Wednesday, June 9th. Just wanted to clarify this fact for when Ashley starts backpeddaling and using the fact she was “drunk” as an excuse. As you can see from her Formspring, Ashley has answered 451 questons as of this repost.

Below are questions from Ashley’s Formspring feed. The public question is boldedwith Ashley’s answers after/underneath; however, please note the italicized questions & answers. 

What is that thing on your bfs face…. lol he has two moles.. they bother a lot of people.. but i don’t mind them.. although i think he said something once about wanting to get them removed? so.. we’ll see.. idk ashleyh0lmes answered Jennuhhhhhhhhhh, yesterday 

do you and christine (danielle’s daughter) ever talk? what is your relationship like with her at all? and do the girls/guys her age alienate her or anything because of her mom?  who knows. she used to tell me she hated her mom.. so.. idk.. i’m confused.. and want some gossip ? lol… at a party last week… christine was in a hot tub with a bunch of guys… and they were LITERALLY.. passing her around in a circle and he was hooking up with and *cough* “touching” *cough *cough** all of them!… yeah and danielle was calling ME the whore..ashleyh0lmes answered yesterday  

how far up is danielle up DAnny(her body guards) ass??? like srsly lady if u want protection go get a real thug that recieves cash for thier services rather than bjs u dumb moron. btw ashley ur awesome!!! it’s funny because during this whole season.. danny WAS married.. notice i said was.. danielle was fucking danny the whole time.. and caused him and his wife to split.. the most messed up part was.. SHE WAS FRIEND’S WITH HIS WIFE FIRST!! … oh but danielle.. i though you said.. . “i would never do that.. i would never be with a married man… ” hmm .. sure! ashleyh0lmes answered yesterday  

Why did you threaten Danielle? um.. do you watch the show? lol ashleyh0lmes answered heyyitsjack, 1 days ago  

Are you still living with friends or are you back home now? i’m home ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago  

your so pretty! do you not like having your personal life shown on rhonj? and whats your opinion on the whole danielle situation? in my opinion shes physco hahaha umm, i just feel like they make me look worse than i am… and i feel like they don’t make danielle look bad enough.. she is so much worse in person and words can’t describe my hate for her.. and i don’t HATE anyone except her… atleast not with this passion.. and yes she is a psycho.. ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago 

Did you REALLY pull out Danielle’s hair!? hahah wow, i just read that in here because someone asked you! in what episode are we going to see that? Danielle’s a selfish bitch and I LOVE YOU, you seem really cool. thank you!! and yes haha

Are you gonna watch Danielles sex tape? i saw some pics on perez and oh lord its gross lol.. her tits are so weird! i can never understand how ppl get fake boobs.. they look so alien lol HELLLLLL NO… i’m good.. i don’t need to see that raunchy skank… i thought she was a “devout catholic” and a “born again virgin” that “never even THINKS about sex” …. well.. in the video… she has her long brown hair… so it’s recent… and she released the video herself for more publicity.. it wasn’t “stolen” …we heard it straight from hustler that she released the tapes herself.. she’s disgusting… and i hope karma is a big bitch to her than i ever could be ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago  

OK WE ALL hate Danielle, but I dont think you should be involve in all this drama. Focus on your education, school and your plans for the future. Make your parents praud.. you have to think before acting or saying anything that can bring you trouble i feel like i’m allowed to do what i want… i am almost 20 years old.. i’m allowed to voice my opinions.. and believe or not i can multi task… ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago  

danielle? shes got issues. we thought danny was hiding in the bushes outside of chakra with his other ninj-convict buddies ready to attack dina! 🙂 HE WAS! he’s such a creep… did you know danny was married this whole time too ? …. danielle broke up his marriage… AND SHE WAS FRIEND’S WITH HIS WIFE FIRST! 

When Caroline got so upset at Danielle during the reunion is it because Dina signed her ex-husbands name on the contract & Danielle had told him about it??  no haha.. that’s not even true.. just another bullshit lie from danielle… she makes me sick ashleyh0lmes answered yesterday  

I have several questions, please answer all: what exactly happened when Danielle took you to court? i pulled her hair.. but according to her i did a lot more than that lol ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago 

why did you clean your mother in law’s house and when your mom asked you to clean your own room you dont do it ? plus you are always talking back to her. This proved to me that family is not first to you? you help that lady but not your mom? okay seriously… you don’t see everything… you don’t know me.. family is 100% first to me.. idc if you tell me different because i know MY values.. my room is fine.. thank you. ashleyh0lmes answered 1 days ago  

So what did we learn from Ashley in addition to the fact the Manzo MOB needs to get a 5150 to get her to STFU? 

–      Ashley is back at home with Tacky Jacky ™ & Chris and no longer shacking up with Derek, although they are still together.

–      Ashley admits to physically assaulting Danielle by pulling her hair.

–      Ashley publicly states Danielle “allegedly” had an affair with Danny, resulting in breaking up his marriage. Now I’m throwing in the “allegedly” because Ashley, similar to T-Man, does not understand our nation’s defamation laws similar to Tacky Jacky ™

–      Apparently Danielle DID NOT talk to Dina’s ex about a forged consent form. But what DID DANIELLE DO EXACTLY?!?!

–      Ashley & Christine (Danielle’s 1 of 2 minor daughter) went to the same HS together so they are familiar with each other circles (although how someone who has since graduated from HS is still in HS circles is a little sad & telling, no?). Ashley still is under the delusional conclusion that speaking personally about Christine is okay ALTHOUGH we have yet to hear either of Danielle’s children say anything about anyone else on the show.

Since this blog post this AM, not only have I broken my page view record but it appears as if my post may have gotten back to Franklin Lakes. This afternoon, Ashley Tweeted and Tacky Jacky ™ the following:

_ashleyholmes what did I do? Hahaha I just woke up with a bunch of tweets from danielle fans and my mom tweeted about me too…someone inform me? about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter Retweeted by you and 1 other

JacLaurita No,I don’t take ANY responsible 4 ANY of Ashley’s actions anymore.She is an adult.She can suffer her own consequences 4 her own actions now. about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by you and 4 others

JacLaurita I follow many pple.I don’t check Ashley’s tweets.She an adult now.When pple tell me them,I give her my advice but she makes her own choices. about 1 hour ago via web

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  1. Nice job covering this clustrfuck of a kid…she might be 19-20 years old but she needs a spanking!!!

    Jacqueline, time to step in when she is ruining YOUR reputation..you raised her, now WE are forced to deal with her idiotic ravings?

    Put a leash on her! and a muzzle!

  2. ashley posting about a young teen is awful. There are just no words.

    • Char212
    • June 14th, 2010

    Ashly thinks she’s an adult but you can tell by her writing that her intelligence level is still at that of a 14 year old girl. She’s very immature. She needs to “zip it”

    • momof6
    • June 14th, 2010

    The only way Ashley can be “muzzled” on Bravo at least, is if Jacqueline removes herself from the show.

    That’s her best option. It would be nice to see other ppl on that show anyhow. I used to like Teresa, but now she is just being ignorant.

    • mrtinigrl
    • June 14th, 2010

    All this girl is doing is making Danielle look better and better.
    Maybe if she received positive attention at home, she wouldn’t be on the web looking for some. However, after reading that she is going to have 5 brothers, I am thinking that she will never receive positive reinforcement since she lacks the key anatomy: a penis.
    I hope tacky-jacky does a better job raising boys than she has this bratty bitch.

    • WebWiseWoman
    • June 14th, 2010

    And we all know this to be true because it’s on the internet…

    Give us screen shots with verifiable phone # please.

    • Umm, WebWiseWoman apparently you are NOT that web wise because I provided the DIRECT LINK TO ASHLEY’S FORMSPRING in the post itself hahahahahaha u must be a Manzo suporter, since they tend to be slow and “don’t read good.” Why should I provide screenshots if I provided a link, oh web wise woman? Last time I checked people knew how to click a hyperlink, no? Also, check out Ashley’s twitter AND Formspring with the same background, then her FB page in which she PROVIDES her links herself. As per Ashley Holmes, it’s Ashley Holmes publicly saying this stuff in addition to her providing enough family details for anyone who can read to see it is indeed her posting this stuff lol I’m not making this shit up. Ashley is as dumb ass rocks and I hope Danielle goes after her ass for continuing to publicly defame her minor daughter. I don’t care what Ashley says about Danielle, going after Christine is wrong and I fail to see how ANY adult and/or parent can disagree with that.

      • B-ashley
      • June 14th, 2010

      http://WWW………check Ashley’s weekend tweets and pics.. at 3-4 am she laughingly talks about how drunk she and friends are and then posts a video showing her drunk friends.. now that is something I believe her mother should be interested in.. As she so often likes to say “she’s an adult”,(but not legal) Or maybe that will be her excuse for talking about D’s daughter the way she does.
      She can claim she was drunk while posting her shit talk.

    • darell
    • June 14th, 2010

    this ashely girl (woman ) is making her mother look so bad .well she is not as beautiful as christine, she is fat and ugly and acts as prostitution whooore, ZIP IT AND go to school.

    • Nester
    • June 14th, 2010

    You’re saying stuff about Ashley attacking a 17 year old girl, but what are you doing? Attacking a 20 year old girl. Perhaps you should get the hell off the internet if people are actually sending you “tips” about people you don’t personally know.

    No one sees everything, you see what Bravo wants you to see. From viewing Ashley’s twitter, it seems she’s a typical teenage girl.. give her a damn break. If someone was doing what Danielle has done to YOUR family, would you not feel like sticking up for them?

    To the person who called Ashley fat.. REALLY?? Grow up. Attacks at a teenagers body? The girl is so far from fat it isn’t funny. If you want to attack her personality then go ahead, but this is how young girls develop eating disorders and confidence issues. From what I’ve seen on RHONJ I cannot stand Danielle, does that mean I am going to call her fat? Hell no, because she isn’t fat.

    • I can attack a grown adult just like anyone else, that’s what happens when u sign up & get paid for a reality show….my question is why do u think Ashley doens’t DESERVE the same shit she dishes out to MINORS?

        • Nester
        • June 14th, 2010

        I doubt Ashley is getting for the show, and she didn’t sign up for it, Jaqueline did. Ashley has said that Christine has attacked her, also. The thing is, all these people KNOW each other. You don’t know Ashley or Danielle or the Manzos. Ashley knows Christine. Who are you to say that Christine is an angel. She is at most, what.. 3 years younger than Ashley? Ashley is over 20 years younger than Danielle. Do you think that Danielle was in the wrong for speaking about Ashley in the way she did?

        You really need to give her a break. You don’t know the whole story, I don’t know the whole story, no one does except them. She is getting a taste of her 15 mins of fame and while yes, when you speak in an open forum such as twitter or formspring, you are putting yourself out there and not everyone is going to love you, but I don’t think attacks towards her appearance are appropriate, especially coming from someone who is older and supposed to be wiser.

        Like I said, she is a teenage girl just like Christine. We have seen on the show that she can be immature but what 20 year old isn’t? What 20 year old HASN’T tried alcohol. Were you a saint at 20?

        Anyway, this has gone way off what I set off to say and I am terrible at putting my points down especially when I’m typing on a cellphone.. but I just suggest you not

          • Nester
          • June 14th, 2010

          go so hard on her. You don’t know what happens behind the scenes and you don’t know if Christine has trash talked her. Two wrongs don’t make a right, sure.. but they are teenaged girls and it should be left between them. I will say that Ashley never should’ve posted that on her twitter but she probably just got a bit carried away interacting with fans of the show.

          • Nestor – anyone who is repeatedly filmed for RH gets paid – LEXI got paid last season (in Dina’s name) so why would you think that Ashley doesn’t get paid. And you’re right, Ashley’s MOTHER is on RH, not her, so why does Ashley feel the need to get involved in her family’s fight with Danielle and then take it one step futher and publicly post personal information about Danielle’s minor daughter. I don’t owe Ashley a damned thing, so I will go has hard on her as I feel like it because, as Ashley continuously tells the public, she is a legal adult.

            Obviously I was on track because it was due to this post news of Ashley’s formspring got back to Jac and then VOILA, POOF, SHAZAM- Ashley deletes her Formspring…only a guilty person feels the need to delete an evidence trail, no? Perhaps me going so hard on Ashley will teach her a lesson her mother apparently is too busy to provide – when you are an adult, be aware of the legal remifications of your actions. LMAO @ give Ashley a break – my question is WHY does her ass even deserve a break?

        • thia
        • July 20th, 2010

        I think that people would expect more of you. I assume that you have more maturity than a 19 year old.Why would you attack on her personal appearance be justified by Ashley negative comments. What is the old saying too wrongs don’t make a right. It takes any validity out of your argument.

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 15th, 2010

    Ashley is a menace to society and a stupid head! That girl needs to STFU, get an education and then a job. BRAVO needs to stop filming Ashley, as she is ruining my retinas, raising my pressure and causing my brow to wrinkle. (clutch the pearls).

    When I see her Chipmunk ass trying to get camera time off the Danielle drama, makes my head boils. Then to find out that off-screen she’s been harrassing a beautiful young girl shows her to be a mean, bullying, whore-ibble, moon-faced, fat, vindictive bitch!

    Thanks for the update Toni! Keep it coming!

    • Thanks Amber!
      I liked you before but you definitely had me at “clutch the pearls” HAHAHAHAHA and I thought the same exact thing with the extra camera time. That’s why her ass needs a time out, she’s quite apparent to my four eyes she’s acting out on the show for attention…I know I can’t be the only person but then again, maybe she really is that immature & spoiled rather than unintelligient & spoiled? lol

    • Natalie O
    • June 15th, 2010

    Ashley needs to stop her hateful messages towards Danielle. Ashley is just trying to get attention from her mother because she has abandonment issues. Ashley is making her family look trashy she needs to be removed from the show. Nobody wants to see her in the show any ways. Ashley needs to focus all her energy on building a career for herself otherwise she is going to end up like her mother pinning as many babies as possible on a rich mafia husband.

    • sophie
    • June 15th, 2010

    This young girl reminds me a lot of myself at her age. I ‘moved out’ at her age to get away from my mom and to be able to spend the night with my boyfriend. Living at home, I couldn’t get away with that as often as I’d have liked.

    She’s a late blooming rebel…and unfortunately cameras are catching it all. So she looks bad to everyone in the nation…instead of only looking bad to those who love her unconditionally. She’s like many girls her age. Most aren’t under a microscope.

    She’s over 18 so her mother cannot put the brakes on her being part of the show. She can sign her own contract and obviously has done so. Unfortunately for teenagers, just because you are legally responsible for your actions, it doesn’t mean you are mature enough to make the decisions you are legally able to make.

    This girl has the maturity level of a 14 year old. She’s been spoiled and sheltered…you can’t decide to start disciplining your child when the cameras are rolling, it won’t work.

    Her mother can’t do anything about her being on the show, but she CAN decide whether or not to film with her, and what every adult on the show who loves this child SHOULD do, is refuse to film with her. This would eliminate pretty much any story line and send the girl a message from her family.

    She wants to be famous for nothing, and she’s encouraged in this. The Danielle drama proves that she and Danielle are both still in middle school. It’s really sad.

    • Pamela
    • June 16th, 2010

    Fall 2008 Jac’s daughter was raging at the on common ground blog. Love how she’s still ranting about Danielle and viewers. Talk about someone who needs to get a life LOL


    …i am actually a daughter of one of the housewives on the show… and honestly once this show airs… i don’t give a damn what you’ll all say about me…i don’t really care what you’ll think of me…because either way you’re all going to think what you believe…but when it all comes down to it…there’s nothing you could say that would effect me at all…and I’M SURE all the other housewives on the show feel the same way too. my mother never comments because she honestly doesn’t give a shit.we all laugh about this blog and joke about how stupid all of you are. and i’m sure the other housewives do the same .–it’s gossip. GROW UP LADIES…and stop being so bitter

  3. I think Ashley is a very troubled young girl.
    She’s obviously insecure about herself so she bullies younger, weaker girls.
    I look at her situation and I see her trying to defend Caroline and I think she is so desperatley trying to gain acceptance from Caroline.

    Here is what I think is really going on.

    Ashley should not be fighting with Danielle.

    Because Ashley, too, is an outcast among the Manzos.

    Ashley is not Chris’s biological daughter and if you pay attention to how Caroline regards Ashley, she seems to do it with complete disgust or a sense of detachment towards the girl.

    When Danielle was friends with Jacqueline, she seemed motherly towards Ashley.
    She lectured her on how to treat others with respect.
    When Ashley acted up, Danielle showed genuine concern and went with Jacqueline to confront Ashley.

    And if you pay attention to the table flipping scene in the 1st season, Ashley criticized Teresa for freaking out on Danielle. She even said “Teresa did not handle that well!”
    You could even see how upset Ashley was when Teresa flipped the table over.

    I think Ashley needs to realize that she shouldn’t be fighting for Caroline because if the shoe was on the other foot, Caroline wouldn’t be fighting for her.

    Ashley and Danielle seemed to get along fine in the 1st season.
    Say what you will about Danielle but when it came to Ashley in the 1st season, she was always trying to help her and genuinely teach and guide her.

    It is a shame how that now it is so different.
    Because Ashley is fighting for Caroline who doesn’t seem to give a $hit about her.

    And what’s even sadder is Ashley’s boyfriend doesn’t even seem to love her.

    Ashley needs to realize that Danielle is not her enemy.

    • ackstua
    • July 6th, 2010

    I agree with the fact that Ashley has an excuse for being immature since she is 19 years old. I think what Ashley has done and is doing is wrong. But sheesh, how immature was I – or any of us – at that age?? But it’s a shame because the smart thing to do would be to leave well enough alone when it comes to Danielle.

    • ShyAsrai
    • July 17th, 2010

    If Trashley is such an adult that her mother can’t control her and/or refuses to take responsibility for her, then Trashley needs to stop living off her parents like a child and go live on her own and support her own self.

    I guess they might wake up once Trashley costs them enough money in attorney fees.

    • thia
    • July 20th, 2010

    Personally I think all of this has gotten out of hand. People feel free to say the cruelest things that they would never say to someone’s face because it is the internet. What makes it worse is it is then posted for all to see and can be brought up over and over. I miss the days you bitched to you best friend and the world never knew! I think it is time to clean up our acts and behave like the humans we say we are.

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