RH Gossip: T-Man & Greasy Joe = Bankruptcy Whores & the Bethenny/Omarosa View Aftermath

Bankruptcy Whore 2010


Let’s start off with T-Man & Greasy Joe, shall we? Sounds like their bankruptcy just got that much more interesting…but I have to ask how in the hell do two people rack up $10,853,648.04 in debt and are still able to buy more crap on tv when my ass has creditors trying to sue me after 2k on a credit card? Is it just me or do the Guid-ices must know someone in “banking” for this to happen?  

What the Guid-ices make a year: $79,000 (plus $120,000 in “assistance” from family members)
What they owe: $10,853,648.04
Credit Cards
$104,000 including $20,000 to Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom
$1,280 monthly payment for Cadillac Escalade
$2.6M for eight mortgages on three homes (two have been handed back to lenders)
$5.8M Joe’s business investments
$85,600 Home repairs
$12,000 Fertility treatments
$2,300 Phone bill

Apparently, T-Man’s making the rounds claiming the bankruptcy is a “fresh start” that was, only yesterday. Yesterday Casa de Crass & Grease ™ suddenly appeared on realtor.com for $3.39 million and has since been removed, which caused T-Man do go on a media blitz proclaiming her house was not for sale; in addition, Casa de Crass & Grease ™ listings were posted on both realtor.com and MLS before being pulled Friday morning and the listing agent Anita Bineau told E! News that the property was simply not for sale “anymore.”  

T-Man even made sure she Tweeted her denials and had them feed over to her Facebook: “HUGE NEWS CORRECTION-I’m telling you guys first and directly…MY HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE!!! Sorry if you were dreaming of moving in w/ me. xx about 22 hours ago via web”  

Well something must of happened, because T-man & Greasy Joe are now pimping their family all over the place, for a fee of course. Next week T-Man is “allegedly” getting less than 10k for an InTouch Magazine cover (i.e. photo rights) and word on the street is she is  requesting that her money issues not be brought up. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this may mean we actually have to SEE more T-Man or, Heaven forbid, GIA! I know I cannot be alone in thinking T-Man is now OFFICALLY RHoNJ’s prostitution whore, no?  Bankruptcy whore, perhaps? How do you NOT have to sell a home that “may or may not be paid for” after your file for bankruptcy? Wasn’t the law changed a few years back to stop people from using bankruptcy has a way to clear their debts and now you have to sell a lot more than you used to? If anyone has 411 on bankruptcy, by all means feel free to reply in the comments cuz I’m at a loss here.  

B vs Omarosa


Now onto a story I’m really not too thrilled to be writing about…guess the uber-bitch Omarosa was not happy about the way the View interview went down yesterday and has since decided to tear into B something fierce (which normally I support BUT I can’t help it, if I’m not seeing a piece of plaster fall on Omarosa’s head, I’m a Bethenny supporter).   

During the View segment, B said “she could not be compared to the infamous reality show star because she has made ‘a real career’ out of her time in the spotlight” to which Omarosa later responded with “I think she’s an interesting example because she used [her time on a reality show] to be infamous,” Frankel said of Manigault-Stallworth. “I have a real career. I have a brand, I have a very popular cocktail, I have two New York Times Bestsellers, I have my own show.” You can read more here.  

“Bethenny’s comments about me and my career on VIEW today were unprovoked and uncalled for. I have always been cool with Bethenny and we have never has any beef.
Today she tried to act like her show was superior to my new show and her book was superior to my book or her career was superior, I was surprised that she went there with me!! She got her start or the Apprentice just like me. She is on a NBC show just like I was. She is making a living in the world of reality just like me.
I have never once said a bad word about her or all of the rumor swirling around about Jason and his sexuality – EVERYONE knows he’s gay but we never said anything- because she was HAPPY.
When she got a tummy tuck with her c-section after the baby and pretended that she just LOST the baby weight NATURALLY – none of us said anything because she was happy.
But now that she is hurling insults at EVERYONE including her Real Housewives cast mates and people like me who have always had her back- the gloves are off.
Bethenny Karma is a BITCH and so are you!!”

Why The Face Omarosa? Really? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the ONLY reason Omarosa was even on the View in the 1st place is that her new “romance” show starts next week on TV One? It’s not like Barbara Walters invited Omarosa to talk about her books OR her business….nope she was on to plug her show since it’s executive produced by The Trump.  Omarosa’s attack on B included the following:  

  1. Omarosa claims B got her start on a NBC reality show (Martha’s Apprentice) just as she got her start on The Trump’s Apprentice. FALSE – B was already accomplished enough to get ON Martha’s Apprentice; therefore she did not get her “start” from merely being on the show. True, B’s stock started rising due to the national recognition from Martha’s Apprentice, but B sure as hell didn’t start her career after losing Martha’s Apprentice. Did ANYONE know Omarosa prior to her being on Trump’s Apprentice? Anyone?
  2. Omarosa claims B had a tummy tuck when she gave birth to Baby Bryn. Now who knows if this is true since celeb moms do this all the time; however, considering Baby Bryn’s early arrival is it really likely B rushed a surgery while still on the table instead of worrying about the health & life of her newborn child? We all know B was in shape prior to pregnancy, B was extremely bloated with water weight during her pregnancy, and anyone that skinny always looks HUGE when then gain 25-40 pounds of baby weight, resulting in the woman looking ridiculously skinny as soon as she gives birth. Not saying there is no way B had a tummy tuck, but considering B’s career & constant media scrutiny wouldn’t it be risky considering how loose the gossip flows here in NYC? If TweetMaxine taught me anything, it has been the way gossip tips always find a way of getting into the public’s hands…cmon even I somehow found out about Ashley’s mystery tweets after they were deleted and couldn’t be found anywhere online.
  3. Omarosa’s final claim was that our beloved Jason Hoppy is gay. I’m shooting down this BS for several reasons, such as: Hoppy does NOT make my gaydar go off, he was so obviously attracted to B while pregnant (which many gay men I know are not), he has his own money & career so he certainly isn’t marrying B for her money or connections, and after B’s 1st marriage to Peter Sussman, her “best friend,” me thinks B has already done the beard thing and knows a gay man when she sees one. In case you forgot/don’t know what Peter looks like, see yesterday’s post. I will state it here, NO, I do not believe that Jason Hoppy is a friend of Dorothy. I would like to continue watching my BGM eye candy, so if Omarosa ruins it for me, I’m going after ass.

As of this post, Bethenny has not responded to Omarosa via Tweet and the only Tweet from Omarosa even referring to what went down is “If you dish it* you’d better be able to take it!!” about 23 hours ago via UberTwitter  

Me thinks Omarosa was the one who could not dish out what Bethenny brought to the View. What do you think?

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    • mrtinigrl
    • June 14th, 2010

    In reference to how T-man and Greasy Joe can rack up more and more debt–the people who live and spend like they do get to live by a different set of rules.
    They rob Peter to pay Paul. The constantly float around money from one account to the next, meanwhile, there really isnt “anything” there.
    Neiman Marcus will look the other way for a long time. They know they will get their money PLUS all the interest because these types of people will ALWAYS want to have a Neiman Marcus card. Interest on 50k is huge. They make huge profits off people like them. They will spend their time calling the people who are $100 late instead.
    Unfortunately, its people like T-Man and Greasy Joe that have contributed to our economy. The banks sit back and dont collect on their houses. Huge homes like that are harder to prove default (when the ‘owners’ have lawyers and know the legal stall tactics) and they are harder for banks to resell. They have an easier time collecting the inexpensive homes. The average ‘joe’ doesnt know legal issues, usually cant hire a lawyer and doesnt feel like they are entitled to something they cant pay for. The banks can also resell these homes a lot easier.
    So, yes. There are a different set of rules for the average working man/woman and the ones who live the high life and beyond their means.
    BTW, they ONLY make $79,000 a year? $120,000 in assistance? From what family members? Any assistance over 10k a year is supposed to be taxed. Taxed by the person giving and the person receiving. And, how can someone making that “little” amount of money get approved for those homes and allowed to get into debt like that? And where did she get all that CASH in season 1?

    • PaganChick
    • June 14th, 2010

    You just know Omorosa creamed herself when she got a mention from Bethenny on the view. It was another chance to make herself feel relevant and feed her fame whoring. I hope Bethenny refuses to respond. Anything she says is going to feed the beast and I want her to go away as much as I want that nasty ass Ashley on NJ to go away.

    • GrandCayman
    • June 14th, 2010

    Gifts of $13,000 can be given to each spouse without being taxed. For example T’s mom and dad both give $13 to each Joe and T. That’s 26k per parent per kid of 52k total. Throw in another set of parent’s and a couple of siblings and whamo the family assistance has been legally given with no tax ramifications.

    • TYVM GC! here’s a thought: why are these fools continuing to procreate with NO proteciton if the husband only makes 79k a year and they like a multi-million dolla rhome? WTF am I missing something here…per their tax documents they are justifying how they cannot survive without “gifts?”

  1. Ugh I am not a fan of Omarosa. I do not blame Bethenny a bit for not wanting to be compared to her. Bethenny was snarky, Omarosa was deliberately mean below the belt. Klassy.

    Speaking of klassy, your post illustrates clearly why I get so frustrated when people are so defensive about Teresa Giudice and my wordpress post about her having a psychological disorder. Healthy people do not live in denial and rack up that much debt. It is ridiculous. On what planet is this manner of living healthy?

    I won’t even go into the table flipping, crude conversations or the way she personally attacks anyone who slights her in any way. Good lord.

    • Jen
    • June 14th, 2010

    Agree, Omarosa loved being mentioned and B was right. B said on WWHL she wouldn’t mention Omarosa again because Omarosa loves it and she doesn’t wanna feed that monster

    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 15th, 2010

    Hey Toni, maybe they’ll show T-Man applying for welfare and food stamps, all the while telling Greasy how GROSS everything is.

    Caseworker: You “GET” 199K a year and are applying for food stamps are also asking for 5000 a month in assistance?

    T-Man: Yeah, I know it’s gross but, I’m throwing a housewarming party and want to buy some cold cuts. Also Gia needs new head shots.

    THIS BITCH IS SO FULL OF SHIT. She’s acting rich for tv, yet was unable to carry her load, although she swallowed Greasy’s load!. We know she has money, but wants a fresh start. She wants to screw her creditors, after raping her credit cards and skimming the equity of their other homes. THIS BANKRUPTCY WHORE NEEDS AN ENEMA!

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