Bethenny on her own = Winner!

The Hoppys: Cookie, Jason, and Bethenny

If I was a decade younger, I’d apply to be B’s assistant in a friggin heartbeat! Who else could get away with wearing a tutu 6 months pregnant and look so damned good? Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Bethenny Getting Married? (now refered to as BGM) although the question mark at the end drives me absolutely nuts! Doesn’t the world know B married Hoppy already? But I digress.

What’s not to like about B’s show? BGT is B’s spinoff from the Real Housewives franchise, so finally we get to see B in all her hysterical snarkiness. We get to see B happy & glowing, which I absolutely love. We get to see sexy ass Hoppy for an hour a week! Plus, we get to see more ….. I have always liked Julie and I give Max 2 thumbs up…ahhh I appreciate Max as eye candy and a straight man trying to get a job working for a self-man businesswoman – it takes a strong person to walk into an unfamiliar environment for a job and be prepared for the interview, especially here in NYC so I applaud him for going for it and having his 1st real job filmed for tv. Not only is Max just a pretty face, he’s also writing a Bravo blog this season in which he concurred with Chuck’s assessment of his hair by writing “My hair looks like I’m on my way to Seaside Heights to try to bang Snooki.” LMAOOO TYVM Max, NOW I cannot get THIS image out of my head. FYI Max’s Twitter is @maxmeisel and Julie’s is @julieplake and yes, Julie also blogged the 1st ep as well. And for those readers that know my penchant for nosiness, yes I really did add Max once Julie gave up the deets lmao I am not ashamed to admit it at all. HELLO, Mr. 24 yo straight college grad! I do think we, as viewers, are so used to Housewives drama that the lack of drama in BGT? is making us a little loopy. As much as I love drama & live for it, it was really nice to sit back and just watch a show with my favorite Housewife who is now one of the FEW housewives on the entire series, regardless of cast location. In actuality, besides Vicki & Alex isn’t B the only current Real Housewife who has a career, especially a career outside of the show? Wasn’t that the initial point of the series, considering RhoOC had 3 original ladies who worked (Lauri, Vicki, Jenna) outside the home? I’m not including Kandi in the list because while I get she does working and outside the home, being a recording artist/songwriter of Kandi’s caliber makes me think she calls more of the shots and has more control over her schedule than a woman who works in an office, regardless if she’s her own boss or not. As we’ve seen, if anything Vicki & Bethenny are so driven they would work 18+ hours a day without hesitation…whereas I can see Kandi as more laid back in that aspect.

B & Cookie

I also really appreciated seeing B talk about things with a therapist. I dunno how she kept it such a secret, but I love the fact the news of B’s 1st marriage broke right before the season premiere of BGT..but seriously, how douchey does Bethenny’s first husband Peter look? Is it just me or does Peter Sussman look like a broke & douchey Josh Charles?

Which guy is B's first husband? Hint: not the accomplished actor on the right.

If you don’t watch The Good Wife on CBS OR are old enough to recognize Josh as the sweet yet lovable hamburger worker from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, maybe you aren’t old enough to read this blog lol. I’m glad B spared us from this boring Peter dude, don’t you? BUT now that viewers know that B has been married once before and broken three engagements, it’s no surprise B does have fears of trust & intimacy with men considering what an asshole her father was alone (hearing about her mother Bonnie was interesting too, don’t you think?). More importantly, I applaud B for taking steps to address her issues before jumping into marrying Jason. Although B can be very snarky, she is also very observant, astute, and self-aware. I’m just happy to see her grow up (so to speak) aren’t you? And who knew Hoppy’s old apartment was crab-ridden to the point of Precious? lmaooo I’m glad to see B hasn’t changed and Hoppy accepts B for who she is: Bravo Queen of Snarkiness & One-liners ™

So last night we saw B & Hoppy’s Tribeca condo, an attempted housewarming party, interviewing interns/assistants (since Max is a college grad I would hope he’s a paid assistant rather than a student who doesn’t need the college credit working for free lol), picking out wedding rings, B walk in the Revlon red dress show (TYVM, Project Runaway otherwise I wouldn’t have realized how important this event is), some Skinnygirl business, and witnessed two really opposite people work on their relationship…I laughed & I smiled throughout, happily surprised at how well everything is coming together for B. When was the last time ANY of us can say we truly just smiled & laughed our way through any Bravo show that was Real Housewife-related? Hmmmm maybe RHoA season 1 due to Kim & NeNe? Yea, it’s been that long I actually really, thoroughly enjoyed a Bravo tv show that didn’t make me cringe or force me to hit the pause button in suspended disbelief and/or horror.

Did you guys enjoy the show as much as I did? Was the lack of drama kinda disappointing or welcomed? Are you bummed that this season’s Bravo blogs may suck as a result of such light-hearted fare? And just to continue her night, B was great on WWHL, no? I love when she’s on with Andy and I think she’s one of the few housewives Andy really enjoys being around…although I DO think Mr. Hoppy should have gotten Mazel of the Week, he is definitely GOOD for the Jews and B looked wonderful, especially after the crap she had to deal with on the View yesterday. In case you did not witness the kellamity that is known as Elisabeth & Sherri try to stick it to B, here it is. I dunno about you guys, but I am thrilled at a season with no Jill Zarin, Tanorexic Kellamity™, or THE BOOK, aren’t you?

And on that note, why not end this post with a few nice pictures of what we get to look forward to this season on Bethenny Getting Married? The man who tamed the wild wilderbeast herself…Mr. Jason Hoppy!

Hello there, Mr. Hoppy!

Last but certainly NOT least…here is the real star of BGM, Baby Bryn!

B & Baby Bryn

Kinda hard to be snarky when there’s no drama…dammit. Don’t forget to stop by Lynn’s blog for all the RHoNY reunion deets and I will be back later to post my thoughts on the 1st part of the reunion (seriously Andy, STOP chopping up the reunions! Do you have any idea what kind of ratings you would get if you gave us 2-3 hours at once? YOU, my dear, would get the Mazel of the Week if you would stop teasing us with your craptastic way of stretching out programming you know we are all dying to see!) Also, check out the new poll to your right and the previous poll’s results will be revealed in the upcoming RHoNY post!

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    • Amber…Real Housewife
    • June 11th, 2010

    Great review Toni. I loved loved loved (fuck t-man) the show. Bethenny is so funny and her husband is very loving and accepting of her craziness. Cookie needs a EUKENUBA contract ASAP. Max is creamy cheesecake, and Julie seems hardworking.

    Sherri Shepard, with wannabe Snooki hair, was so bloated and jealous on the View I thought she wanted to touch Bethenny’s cheek and say “FATTER” like the Steven King movie THINNER. LOL
    Of course RepublicanSkinNut Elizabeth would never recognize the similarities between her and B. B was on a lowbrow, trashy housewives show while Elizabeth didn’t bathe for weeks on the ultra snobby SURVIVOR. Plus is Elizabeth really having success on her clothing line on HSN/QVC or Bealls? LOL

    I’ll keep searching for your blog as it is a terrific read.

    • TNBelle2
    • June 12th, 2010

    Good blot. Thank you for linking the view portion to it. As I had not seen the interview. GREAT and THANKS AGAIN!!!

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