RHoNJ June 7, 2010: Facebook Wars & (another) Last Supper



 I have to admit that others are indeed correct: RHoNJ is boring as shit! I’ve been going through some personal issues that started the day of the RHoNY finale (which I will later post) and even as I sat home Monday night watching RHoNJ, a few thoughts kept springing to mind:  

 1)    There is NO RHoNJ WITHOUT Danielle. The Manzo MOB and their fans can keep up their ridiculous mission to get Danielle kicked from the show but let’s be honest, the fact 4 out of 5 cast members are from one seriously fucked up & quite boring family is probably the biggest reason why Danielle is a necessity to this series rather than an option  

2)    Dina needs to get laid and stop the bullshit. You can put a pretty wrapper on a box of shit but it is STILL a box of shit, kwim?  

3)    ALL of the Manzo MOB can quit the show if they want to be Danielle-free. Just like Dina is doing….I congratulate Dina for putting her money where her mouth is rather than continue to film the show and constantly bitch about Danielle  

4)    Tacky Jacky ™ raised a pretty stupid, spoiled, immature kid. Ashley is a prime example why the legal age of adulthood SHOULD be 21 in the US.  

 So with that said, let’s jump into this week’s crapastic episode!   

T-Man, Gia, and CPT: Maybe Gia’s acting career doesn’t take off because of her funky attitude.. I’m not even going to say “just sayin” in this instance, I’m just going to *insert eye roll* here. Late to an audition? Do not know the lines? “I’m so not a stage mom!” Tsk tsk tsk, I guess even T-Man has learned to ignore the sound of her own voice. T-Man is a complete stage mom and Gia is prime to get casted on Little Miss Perfect …but a couple of areas Gia needs to work on: NJ accent, rolling her eyes, dressing like a streetwalker, and the general “puss” look her face excudes.   

Kim G: Yanno what, is it just me or is Kim G the ONLY adult with some class on this show? I loved how last week everyone was jumping on the Manzo MOB bandwagon about how Kim G “allowed” Danny to refer to Chris in such a way that I will not repeat here. NOW do people realize a true lady with class may not agree with or support the use of disrespectful & degrading slurs, BUT rather wait until another time (not at said event) to discuss it with the person. Kim G went to the event with Danielle; therefore, she bit her tongue, donated to the cause, passed on the message Chris gave her as is, and kept it moving. Danielle is responsible for Danny since Danielle brought him there – case closed. I respect Kim G for saying what she has to say, not making it into a big “discussion” and then, music to my hears “get over it, please!” and my fave “you care too much about them!” Danielle was “extremely offended” and delusional. I gotta side with Kim G on this thus far – HERE is a woman of substance! Since it apparent that Sonja and Kim G have warmed their asses into my sarcastically frigid heart, I want to give them a combined name that I can use from this point on. Konja? Kimja? Kimson? Let me know what you guys think!   

The slur: Why does Dina (and the MOB) find it so unacceptable for Danny to call Chris, a straight guy, a gay slur but it is completely acceptable for Greasy Joe to call a flamboyant male dance instructor the same gay slur? Danielle justifiably has no leg to stand on in this argument, a gar slur is a gay slur. However, I can fully acknowledge and accept an ex-con referring to another male as said gay slur more readily than the way Greasy Joe called that dance instructor said gad slur – double standard? Perhaps…but it’s no different than any other slur including the N word (which there is NO DOUBT in my heart the Manzo MOB does/has used. Notice NO ONE on this show has any Black friends, yet Caroline Soprano and Big Al know one Latino who happens to own a car wash that employs all other local Latinos/Mexicans….me thinks Franklin Lakes is the land of minority help only need apply – otherwise we don’t want your kind here. And FYI don’t think my melanin wasn’t a topic of conversation when my girlfriend and I debated visiting the MOBstone for the now-unavailable Sunday brunch – I told her she should pretend to be a bride cuz there is no way they would treat me the same as her. I have yet to find any reviews of the MOBstone from a minority on any website…reminds me of where my parents live in RI, a complete whitewash so to speak….but I digress. Danny, while being a guest of Danielle, is still a grown ass man who is responsible for what comes out of his mouth. Although Danielle did not publicly say anything to Danny during filming about the slur, Danielle did mention for Danny to ease up with Christopher because he was a minor; however, why do people (Manzo MOB included) believe Danielle is responsible for Danny using a gay slur? Greasy Joe said the slur about Danielle’s dance partner under his breath, to his face, and in front of all the cameras and at the time, Danielle believe she was becoming closer with the Manzo MOB, so of course you reprimand a “friend.” Danielle never once stated Danny’s use of the slur was acceptable, but yet people hold Danielle responsible for what Danny said to Chris? If that’s the case, shouldn’t the entire MANZO MOB be responsible for all the disgustingly disrespectful shit they have said about Danielle the past 2 years?   

And I gotta agree with Danielle on this. If the Manzo MOB is SO sick of Danielle, why don’t they ALL leave her the F- alone! Stop doing the show, stop sending texts about meeting up to have a discussion about WHY you don’t want to talk to someone anymore, stop talking about one another to employees of establishments you all use, just SSSTTTTOOOPPP or at least ZIP IT!   

Facebook Wars: Creating a hate page for someone? Sending direct messages and/or threats to a grown adult via Facebook? At what point does Tacky Jacky ™ step in and beat her daughter’s ass? Oh yea, Tacky Jacky ™ was in the hospital giving birth to the anointed Nicholas! T-Man still doesn’t get it: Danielle is a grown woman who can say what she wants, particularly on a public forum like FB or Twitter, to defend herself – the issue at hand is Ashley’s immature stupidity! Perhaps I have been wrong and the Manzo MOB truly have no Mob ties because their children generally have a general idea of the law…or at least how to clean up a paper trail. Caroline Soprano’s kids know better….and notice there is always one child who becomes a lawyer a la Meadow lol. But even Blockbuster Employee of the Month Derek is appalled when Ashley admits she “just wants everyone to hate her [Danielle] as much as I do.” Let’s see here…Ashley is sending Danielle direct msg via FB, Ashley then creates a public hate page on FB about Danielle, Tacky Jacky ™ steps in and tells Ashley to STFU & act as if Danielle doesn’t exist, and then Ashley goes on FB, updates her status to reference Danielle pressing charges against her (and in writing, no less) after telling Tacky Jacky ™ she’s leave it alone and Ashley does not GET why everyone is so upset?!?! Seriously, at what point can we all agree that Ashley is as dumb as rocks, maybe even slow or developmentally challenged? She has no clue about the implications of her dumb ass decisions but then again when you have parents that buy you everything, I have personally seen the level of spoiled narcissism Dumbass Ashley ™ perpetuates and believe me, Ashley is pretty tame by comparison IMO.  

In case you forgot, check out Lynn’s Blog on everything RH-related! But first, let me email Lynn to ask if I can call her to then tell her I don’t want to be blog friends anymore because THAT is how to effectively communicate in the Manzo MOB, no? Having said that, I would like to end this post with send a special message to Dina Manzo:   

Dear Dina,   

Please leave RHoNJ and take your fugly cats with you. No ONE will miss a housewife who is married to a man we never see, has a child that is now hidden, doesn’t work, and goes around spouting self-indulgent, enlightenment bullshit to then turn around and stab Danielle right between the eyes on multiple occasions from day one. I, for one, am counting down the days until you leave because it was quite apparent that u were abandoning your former cash cow once your ex was put onto the Lexi contract forgery BS (or is it Tommy’s affair? Who knows nowadays!). For every one “fan” you claim to have, I know of at least THREE people who can’t stand your ass, myself included. Your horrible interior design, over-accessorizing, and random detailed conversations with your hired help will NOT be missed in the slightest and I for one plan on having a Bellini in honor of your quitting the show that you used just as much as the show used you. Siete una barba, non siete seguente chiunque ed arrivederci (appena come i vostri primi innesti che di seno avete negato per gli anni)! 

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  1. Ashley’s beautiful but what she is doing towards Danielle is wrong.
    Also, Derek doesn’t do anything for her.
    I don’t know if you saw the preview on the Bravo website for the next episode but Ashley was kicked out of her mom’s house at night time during a poker game.
    Derek stayed at the house and ALLOWED his girlfriend to walk home in the dark all alone.

    What sort of boyfriend allows his girlfriend to walk home in the dark night where someone could abduct or rape her????

    • Amber…Real Wife
    • June 9th, 2010

    Thanks Toni. Great to see you back. I hope this is only part 1 of your blog because it’s been a busy week. Dina is a mess who underestimated Danielle’s ability to defend herself. She’s walking away because Danielle is eating her up. Ashley is a moron who will only be controlled by her cellmate CLEO the CLIT. That disrespectful bitch must be slightly psycho herself, as she is not respecting any authority and is fighting for her fame on a show about housewives. Bravo gave the whore a blog and now she is feeling legit. Four pages of Danielle bashing and set it off by dissing her haters. It was an insult to my senses. You gotta love it.

    Q’s I need answered please…

    TeresaBankruptcieGiudice’s Chapter 7 Where’s the Money?
    Gia’s Joisy accent…affected by the leopard bows?
    RHONY Reunion…Will Jill get hers?
    Bethenny Getting Married…Will you blog that too?

    • Thanks Amber! Yes, this is part 1 (part 2 deals with all the gossip, will post it sometime today or 1st thing tomorrow). DEFINITELY blogging about B’s show and T-Man’s money is hidden in the walls! lmao it’s like Goodfellas over there! lawd don’t get me started on Gia cuz God doesn’t like ugly and I know I have NOTHING good to say about that kid lol

  2. I have to disagree with you about the Manzos using the “N”-word. I think I may have heard Tony or his crew on The Sopranos use the term, so I hope I won’t get in trouble for revealing something, but the word that Italians use to refer to browner or blacker persons of color is the “M”-word. It means eggplant in Italian. (I know, eggplant is purple so it doesn’t make sense.)
    Not that I hang-out with racist people, but I have heard offensive racial words being used before, and I have never heard an Italian use the “N”-word. (the “M”-word-yes).
    I think most people will agree that the “N”-word, is usually always a hate-term and offensive. Except for certain uses, and even then, only persons of a brown or black color are allowed to use the word. And maybe Eminem for rhyming purposes, but no one else as far as I know.
    In this instance, its almost as-if homosexuals cannot make-up their mind, or, they are claiming more than one “exceptional” term. OR, they are claiming ALL refrences, to be used only by themselves, in ways that are acceptable to them.
    In my opinion, the word that Danny used, and the way that he said it, was way more of a line-crosser/offensive than “gay”. “Gaylord”- is kind-of a grey-area depending on how it is used? I might be wrong about that one.
    (For instance, I want to use the word “homo”, but I’m afraid that it will be taken the wrong way.)
    I think that if homosexuals want to start claiming certain words,that no one else is ever allowed to use, that they should only be allowed to pick one.
    I don’t buy how they tried to weasel-out by saying that Chris is not a fag, so it was not a slur.-huh? And why did everyone have to make such a point of the fact that Chris isn’t gay?
    As far as the show, I’m on the KIM G. bandwagon with you. Myself, and the folks at DB1K.com, are thinking that KIM G. just might be earning herself a Jersey Tomato or whatever it is that the NJ Housewives have. (that she will be the “new” NJHW.)
    I do know that KIM G. was reported to be at The Brownstone for the party that was held there to celebrate the beginning of Season 3 of RHONJ, so it remains to be seen if she turns-against Danielle or not. If she doesn’t, she really could be another Sonja. Also, like Sonja, Kim G. may be the “old money”, gal of the group. It appears that her husband’s family invented plastic or chemicals, or something, and there is a stadium at Don Bosco Prep school in North Jersey named after the “G”s. Right now, I think that Kim G. is my favorite NJ HW, I just hope that Bravo doesn’t decide to keep getting our hopes up about someone and then turning them into the bad guy ’cause that is getting really old.
    ps-hope whatever is bothering you is not too serious, and that you get some relief from whatever the heck it is soon:).

    • wendy
    • June 10th, 2010

    Welcome back Toni. I agree..Dina needs to go, actually I could do without all the Manzos and T-man. They should just keep Danielle and Kim G and find a whole new group of housewives. The show is such a snooze this year.
    Cant wait for the NYC reunion tonight. Look forward to your posts.

    • dreaming46
    • June 10th, 2010

    Toni, Last week I followed a link to your site & am so glad I did. Your a riot & I love your writing. Do I need your permission to start an “imstilltoni” fan club?! 🙂 🙂

    • Permission granted, we just need really cute t-shirts that show off my rack…no “team” crap tyvm lol

    • TNBelle2
    • June 12th, 2010

    I agree the story line of this show is old and that in itself makes the show BORING!!! I just have one question all of that cash that T-Giudice flashed in the first season and the spending spree’s. WHERE IS THE MONEY!!!. She wrote in a statement that Reality TV comes back to bite people in the ass. Hell she has not been bitten, that Ms. THANG has been CHOMPED. Where the hell is the money?

    • Courtney
    • June 24th, 2010

    I am new to your blog but so glad I found it. Thanks for the laughs.

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