When Basketball Non-Wives & Baby’s Mommas Attack + the Puppet Master returns

Which one of these women looks different than the others?


By now we have all heard about Suzie Ketcham aka Snaggletoothed Basketball Baby Momma #1 (hereby officially known as Snaggletooth Ketcham ™) getting arrested at the reunion show taping. Suzie may not get the Shaunie O ‘Neal Meddling Peace Prize BUT Suzie’s actions at the reunion taping where enough for VH1 to rush the reunion to air. Check out the renewal press release and you will see the press release initially stated the reunion will air June 20th, but thanks to Snaggletooth Ketcham ™, the reunion is now set to air June 10 and apparently this craptastic show (and thoroughly enjoyable, for me anyway) is popular enough to already been renewed for the fall . I’m sure by now you have all read that the producers “allegedly” brought out fugly ass Sandra the Groupie with Bad Implants (whom Suzie previously threw at drink at in Jennifer’s defense) during the reunion taping as a “surprise guest” and Suzie went postal. As I have now seen from the Love of Ray J reunion AND Brandy & Ray J’s current VH1 show, I absolutely believe that Sandra was secretly brought to the taping for drama and ratings – so that puts the fault on VH1 and the show’s producers. Although Suzie did dump a bucket of cold water on Sandra, it may nto be viewed as assault. Sandra’s subsequent slip could be viewed as a VH1/producer liability rather than a Snaggletooth Ketcham ™ liability; however, be sure to watch the first reunion airing you can just in case Sandra does file suit and then it’s pulled from airing (a la Megan Wants a Millionaire/I Love Money 3/Charm School reunion where Sharon Osbourne went after Megan). Don’t say I didn’t warn you if and/or when that happens – DVR/watch the 1st airing that day.          

I, for one, could not be happier Basketball Groupies 101 was renewed and I will tell you why.           

Shows like this are more like PSAs for women to realize being a baby’s momma is not cool (as Gloria would say, it’s NOT wassup), much less when your baby’s daddy is a “baller” who gets hit on and can have other woman all of the country and/or world.           

So let’s give it up to the Basketball Non-Wives/Ex-Girlfriends i.e. he didn’t put a ring on it AND lock it down by exchanging vows: Gloria, Royce, Evelyn, Erikka Moxan (who? Lol I know), and Suzie          

The Basketball Baby’s Mommas: Gloria, Royce, and Suzie          

The Basketball Ex-Wives: Vanessa Davis          

And last, but certainly not least, the only actual Basketball Wives on a show entitled Basketball Wives – Shaunie aka the Puppet Master (technically, since the divorce has not been finalized as of yet) and Jennifer Williams!          

The ONLY current Basketball Wife


 Gloria apologies to Suzie: Whoa! Gloria is a trip. Fake as a sunset tan or a $3 bill (I say this because I have $2 bills in my possession so..). I feel Suzie on this, just curious why Gloria feels the need to inject her own character flaws into the actual apology? “It was just ugly..so out of character and malicious….” Umm actually Gloria from what I have seen of you this is exactly how you come across: judgmental, holier-than-thou, rude, condescending, naive, and immature. Maybe Gloria is not like this in real life, but on this show she comes across as a real bitch. Let’s be honest here – Matt & Gloria’s wedding is schedule for August. Gloria is simply Matt’s baby’s momma at this point. How is Gloria ANY different from Suzie or Royce at this point in her life? Considering Suzie was with Mike since college, I can understand how she would have raised her kids with nannies (hello, new money folks especially by new college grads?!?) but who the hell does Gloria think SHE is to even comment on Suzie’s parenting skills considering Suzie became pregnant with NBA Baby #1 senior year at college; therefore, wouldn’t the use of nannies make sense? Regardless, I hate when a mother who has the luxury to afford nannies and/or chooses not to use the help of nannies wants to stereotype any mother that does use nannies – especially when they do not have a history together! Gloria is young as shit (24 or so) so unless she was hanging around Mike & Suzie when she was 14-16, what gives Gloria the right to make ANY statement in regards to Suzie’s parenting much less her use of nannies?          

Jennifer, Shaunie, and the big ass elephant in the room known as Eric Williams: I’m going to be honest here – I have no digs on this topic at all. Most of the people in MY fabulous circle of friends are NOT married and have no clue what is truly involved in a marriage. I always say “if you can pick up your shit and leave without filing a legal document that says you are legally no longer attached, then STFU.” I HATE when the term wife or husband is used when a marriage has not occurred and my only exception to this is gay marriage – I think it completely devalues the legal union between two consenting adults (note: I did not say a man & a woman). THIS is why our society is in a decline – because being a baby’s momma is more profitable/popular than being a wife. Having said that, I believe this moment between Jennifer & Shaunie is one of the most poignant in the entire series to date: what does a Basketball Wife do when you can no longer support or condone your husband’s actions and the repercussions of your decision regarding your marriage. On a personal level, I get it, I understand it, and I respect Jennifer focusing on her & Eric as a couple rather than rumors, innuendo, gossip, or man-bashing from Eve & Snaggletooth Ketcham ™. 
  Suzie, Gloria, and Royce the Twitter-Crazy Cheerleader: Suzie was wrong for the ambush tactic (little RHoNY/Jill Zarinish, no?). Gloria needs to step back and realize she is NO different from Royce – both are NBA baby’s mommas – so she can STFU with the “you’ll never be like me” bullshit. What does that even mean? A young woman who never lived an adult life because she was knocked up by a ball player in her early 20s and he still hasn’t married her? Royce, who can be immature at times, reminds me of myself – once I say I’m DONE with a person, I am DONE. I don’t want to talk to you, try to work it out, be cordial – Nope, bitch. I’M D-O-N-E. While Royce is running around town defending Gloria and says how nice she is, Gloria is running all over town and taping confessionals that are so catty and contradictory part of me wishes Royce knocked her ass out in the self-defense class. I’d respect Gloria a hell of a lot more if she was woman enough to be upfront with Royce instead of stringing her along, wouldn’t you?          

The Last Supper 

 From Royce’s Twitter: things are alot better now. We all get along w/ the exception of “that’s whts up” 6:32 PM Jun 1st            

Very interesting dinner indeed. The women finally address more elephants in the room: Jennifer’s marriage, the group’s feelings about Royce, Royce vs. Gloria, Shaunie vs. Gloria (and her sister Laura), and everyone vs. Gloria. 

 –      Jennifer decided to stick it out with Eric and for that, I applaud her. It’s one thing to stay in an unhappy marriage and another to admit fault and agree, as a couple, to attempt to move forward in order to salvage the marriage.–      Evelyn admits that although she pretty much had issues with Royce the entire time filming, she now realizes Royce is a good person and not another “dancer/jumpoff” that the women judged her for being. In fact, Royce astutely points out that everyone likes her…Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, and Shaunie. Gloria is the only person who has a problem with Royce. Which leads us to …        

 –     Royce vs. Gloria: Royce is right on the money this time, Gloria is a judgmental hypocrite who’s incapable of clearly expressing the reasoning behind her opinions and actions. Case in point, Gloria did a recent interview in which she states she will not be back for Season 2. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Your storyline isn’t exactly drama-free, though. When you talk about Royce you say to fraternize with her would be like sleeping with the enemy. Gloria: What I mean by that is Royce is Dwight Howard’s baby mother, and Matt is on the same team as Dwight Howard, so being friends with Royce is not worth messing up Matt’s team camaraderie. If Royce comes over here and we’re all buddy-buddy and Matt’s around, that could really end up messing up Matt and Dwight’s friendship.        

Not to say Gloria is not raising a valid concern about Dwight & Matt, but for all we know that is just what Matt is telling her. For all we know, Royce has so many dancer friends and has been in the league long enough to know some real dirt of Matt and that’s the reason why Matt is shitting on any attempt of the baby’s mommas forming some sort of relationship. Being civil to Royce is not the same as being a friend – a grown woman could see the distinction and adjust accordingly. And if Gloria & Matt has no intention of coming back for Season 2, why not just be civil for the cameras? Nope, Gloria ain’t fooling me with this bullshit at all. I love when a woman says she can’t be friends with another woman due to her man and her man’s friends issues with said woman; interestingly enough both the religious Gloria, Laura, and Dwight has babies out-of-wedlock. That’s wassup, Gloria, that is wassup!          

 –     Shaunie vs. Gloria/Laura as well as everyone vs. Gloria/Laura: One of my biggest pet peeves is a person who condemns something they are also supporting, whether inadvertently or intentionally. We have all seen, heard, and read the gossip regarding Gloria’s sister Laura having an affair with Shaq while still engaged (and a baby’s momma) of Gilbert Arenas. We have heard that Shaunie somehow convinced Laura to make the texts and photos public and that is the reason Shaunie got a bigger settlement. We have heard that Shaunie was once friends with both Laura and Gloria and that Shaunie did not want Gloria to be on the show in the first place! I agree with Shaunie 100% on this – if Shaunie was a “friend” and your sister is caught up in a jumpoff scandal with your friend’s husband, wouldn’t you at least say something along the lines of “Girl I’m sorry that happened, I wasn’t aware of anything, but that is my sister and I would like to keep our friendship separate. Whatever is going on between you and my sister Laura is between you two” in a nicer way that Gloria’s ghetto ass F-U to Evelyn when it was brought out at dinner? That was Shaunie’s point and it was quite apparent the other women agreed as well. Gloria is always talking some immature nonsense about how wonderful & healthy her relationship with Matt is around women that have been damaged and hurt – where is Gloria’s sense of decency or tact? Whenever a woman goes on and on about how perfect her relationship is, I often find they are the next person to be dumped or divorced – women always tend to over-exaggerate things to other women, especially when it comes to relationships and possessions. Cattiness is in our DNA, we can’t help it! But I was pleasantly surprised to see ALL the ladies agree with the sentiment that Gloria and her funky, judgmental, and cold attitude was not supportive, appreciative, or kind in any way. When one or two people have a different sentiment, then I would say “those 2 have a problem” i.e. Evelyn & Jennifer at Gloria & Matt’s house (although I think those 2 know that Matt is/was cheating and Gloria’s cocky ass is the reason they will not/may not just tell her directly). But when you have a group of women and the majority agrees, then the one who abstains is typically the source. In this case, ALL the women agreed Gloria is the source of distention in the ranks. When this group of women accept the “baby’s momma/dancer/jumpoff” over the “fiancé/soon-to-be-wife/baby’s momma,” yanno there’s a ring of truth to the consensus.         

Some Matt Barnes gossip: So now Matt Barnes is getting at Shaunie on Twitter, reason being he “cannot say what he truly wants to say now because the NBA will fine him”…but long story short Shaunie “allegedly” tricked Matt & Gloria into agreeing to be on the show *insert eye roll here*


There’s a nice pic going around of Matt with some random chick named Leanne Massey who may or may not be Matt’s college girlfriend….how knows the date of the picture, but I’m a big fan of photographs, aren’t you? Take a look at the article that was on MTO, complete with a picture. And here are 2 more pics: the original of the pic posted on MTO and another pic of him with Leanne…hmmmm?         

Who is this, Matt?


Let’s see if there is a Barnes-Govan wedding in August and if there is a wedding, let’s see how many jumpoffs step forward from this point. IF Gloria marries Matt and it turns out she was “aware” of some infidelity, wouldn’t that make her exactly like Evelyn? Is that wassup today in the streets, Gloria? Practice what you preach, #bird.      

And make sure you tune into the reunion on VH1 on June 10 and I will be back with a reunion wrap-up of Basketball Jumpoffs! 

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    • TNBelle2
    • June 3rd, 2010

    This is a mild blog comparatively speaking. Why not mention the naked photos of Evelyn on the internet. Evelyn flying to Cali. to dump water in another (realbball wife). Very mild. hmh. I still enjoy taking a brain break and read for their entertainment value. Keep blogging.

    • In all honesty, some of the gossip is so old it didn’t even make sense to bring it up now. Post-reunion, oh hell yea let the dirt fly cuz they will rehash it all and make the gossip relevant again. No need to go hard non-stop…especially if I didn’t have much to work with this week. Yanno what is starting to bother me tho, the speed at which gossip on these tapings spreads. The story of Eve suing Vanessa over the naked pics was posted BEFORE the ep even aired…so by the time I recap the episode everyone’s all over the news…I just decided if I miss it, I miss it, but I’m not going to look desparate bringing up old gossip for the sake of a page view lol

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