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It’s taken me a few days to post this because, in all honesty, the Manzo MOB pretty much disgusts me at this point. All they do is continue to make me side with Danielle with every ep, often on principle rather than the current “issue” at hand. Having said that, here are some excerpts from this week’s RHoNJ Bravo blogs

Caroline Soprano: I decided to step back, “allowing” Danielle to go to the event, and stay away from The Brownstone that evening as a precautionary measure so as not to provoke a problem by my presence…We later found out that Danielle requested a meeting with this man, not he with her. She found him. Interesting…  

Caroline is a delusional wackjob (please note, I do find her bravado amusing at time, albeit annoying and controlling! I do not doubt her love of her family, I get it. But she is STILL a wackjob, IMO). From her blog I gathered:

1)    She could not be friends with Kim G over the course of their son’s 10+ year friendship and now that Kim is friends with Danielle, Caroline can’t even meet her for lunch? Call me crazy but my son wouldn’t be going over to his “best” friend’s house for 10+ yrs and I have NO sort of friendship with the other mother. Friendly acquaintances? And yet you feed her child and welcome him back into your home like he’s your own?

2)    Caroline “allowed” Danielle to go to the event? WTF how do you ALLOW a grown person to attend a charity event that happens to be hosted in your family catering hall when you haven’t BANNED her from your family’s establishment (which I would respect more, actually). It wasn’t like this was a family event or an event at your own home, like that sketchy sheriff fundraiser. I believe Caroline may have been referring to her or Big Al NOT calling the family and asking that Danielle not be involved….remember her reaction to Big All when he told her? Caroline Soprano calls the shots in the Manzo MOB so is it any surprise that this statement sounds as if she didn’t give her blessing, but also didn’t pull rank and force people to choose a side like she normally does? Nope, she stayed home and left the Manzo Men to handle all the dirty work. Dina was absent too…? So all the Manzo Woman stayed home from a charity fundraiser FOR CANCER and are now providing links in their Bravo blogs….assuming that Tacky Jacky ™ and T-Man are there considering the fight/altercation/assault that has been foreshadowed for next week, I find it extremely telling that both Dina AND Caroline refused to attend this fundraiser “in their own home,” don’t you?

3)    Bravo editing shows us Danielle and a friend at the family’s dinner where Danielle admitted she has been a patron for years but not know the entire family. She’s introduced to the family and then invited, by the father, to help with this fundraiser that happens to be held at the MOBstone. If Danielle manipulated that invitation, the family who Caroline “claims” to be good friends fell right in step with it. Doesn’t it take 2 to tango? Apparently in Franklin Lakes only Danielle is responsible and everyone else is an “innocent, manipulated victim.” If everyone knows Danielle is so “toxic” why or how does she somehow ALWAYS get invited or included?

4)    Caroline is so narcissistic, she FAILED to show up at an event “in her home” over Danielle….yet Caroline went to T-Man’s dinner last year knowing Danielle would be there. So does this mean T-Man’s dinner officially outranks a charity fundraiser for a child battling cancer?

5)    Here’s a thought: since the event was being hosted by the MOBstone and they donated items like the rental fee and stuff…why didn’t the Manzo’s simply tell their friend that Danielle is BANNED. Every business has the right. OH YEA, I forgot it’s hard to do that when you’re entire family’s on the Bravo payroll because selling your soul for a tv contract is worth MORE than getting the f- away from Danielle! 

T-Man: Alright, the cork is off the bottle. I’m finally going to let loose on Danielle for all the sh*t she’s been writing about me on her blog. Psycho Bitch… (Although I’ve promised my Twitter followers (@Teresa_Giudice) that I might get a tattoo if my book hits number one. That or shave Danielle’s head. What do you think?)…. Danielle is Cruella. Did anyone see, was her fur wrap made of tiny puppies?… Alright, Danielle, now I’m going to address you directly, you vile piece of GARBAGE. I’ve done my best to keep quiet all season while you call my children names on your blog and write lies about me and my family. Do you even know what “defaming” means, Danielle? I know that you, UNLIKE ME, didn’t go to college, but really, learn some freakin’ vocabulary yourself. To defame someone means to damage their good reputation, character, or name by slander or libel. Slander or libel means lies. Our first problem here is that you don’t have a good reputation, a good character, or even a real name. So it would be impossible to defame you. Second, saying you have big balls is not a lie, it’s a joke. And apparently you are too stupid to even see that it was a joke in your favor. I was actually complimenting you for your bravery. I take it back. You have no balls. You are a spineless, sagging wind tunnel… I am SO glad you read my book. I’m sure the history of whores in Italy — puttanas — was enlightening, but nothing you didn’t know, right? You think I named a recipe after you? Funny, it’s called “Danielle’s Puttanesca Sauce” not “Danielle Staub’s Puttanesca Sauce.” How do you know you’re the Danielle it’s named after? But I’m glad you want to claim the title. Bravo Danielle. 

Yea, you keep it classy there T-Man. I personally think you are vile, ignorant, woman who breeds like a rabbit to keep your “fabulous” lifestyle afloat (not to say that she doesn’t love her Greasy Joe or her children). But I have to call bullshit on T-Man’s Holier-than-thou power trip where she can do or say WHATEVER she likes about Danielle on air but if Danielle hits back in her blogs she’s the guilty party. I recall T-Man and Caroline talking about Danielle’s children and her parenting on air…so why can’t Danielle? T-Man is nothing but a WHORE..someone who puts out to be taken care of. Danielle was an ESCORT who was paid for her time but not necessarily paid to have sex, isn’t that right @TNBelle2? LOL. Oh yea…did yall know T-Man has NEVER publicly denied that she named that sauce after Danielle and the lowered reviews she has gotten is due to her incessant inclusion of Danielle in her cookbook. WTF, it’s okay to write about Danielle in your own cookbook? T-Man, my contempt and disgust for you officially has NO bounds…you and Caroline Soprano are tied as cunty in my book! 

P.S. T-Man, defamation occurs when a statement or claim is expressed or implied to be true. Libel applies for published words like your cookbook and written statement such as your Bravo blog while slander may apply to the broadcast of the show itself. One of the more important things to note about defamation is (I’ll just use Wiki since it’s handy) the following “Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person.”

I have said it from the moment Teresa uttered “prostitution whore” that Danielle may have a case.  T-Man first showed THE BOOK on air. The Manzo MOB has sat together and read excerpts from THE BOOK  on air and repeated statements from THE BOOK every since…..statements that disclosed by a 3rd party (Danielle’s ex, Maher). How is ANYTHING that is written in THE BOOK public concern and how is the Manzo MOB spreading these details throughout NJ and NY not offensive? In the US, there is such as thing as Defamation per se, which is the following:  “The four (4) categories of slander that are actionable per se are (i) accusing someone of a crime; (ii) alleging that someone has a foul or loathsome disease; (iii) adversely reflecting on a person’s fitness to conduct their business or trade; and (iv) imputing serious sexual misconduct. Here again, the plaintiff need only prove that someone had published the statement to any third-party. No proof of special damages is required.” Based on this, hasn’t T-Man committed #1 and 4 already?

P.P.S. Last time I checked a cork was IN a bottle…not on top so that once removed it is OFF the bottle (wouldn’t that make the cork OUT the bottle?) T-Man is growing more and more like a poster child for a Bridge & Tunnel chick every time she opens her mouth.

Tacky Jacky ™: A few people complain when I write about Danielle. You say I sound bitter. I am and rightfully so. I do appreciate your advice but just so you are aware, we ARE in season right now and this blog is meant for me to unload on anything pertaining to the show and the people involved in it so therefore that is exactly what I use it for. Danielle is a character on our show that has had a big negative influence on my life as well as many others I care about. As long as Danielle is on our show I WILL vent my frustrations about her on here. It is relevant to the show and some people DO want to know. If you can’t handle it, DON’T READ IT!…. Don’t judge me for judging others because that would be hypocritical. 

1)    I for one have NEVER complained about Tacky Jacky ™ unloading about Danielle on her blogs. I completely agree with her, the Bravo blog IS the place the vent & unload on issues that occurred in the ep or during filming, NOT what’s current going on in real life between seasons when there are no cameras (that would be what Twitter is for, no?). Notice Tacky Jacky ™ didn’t say shit about her Twitter? Yea, her dumb ass ain’t fooling me at all.

2)    Ummm, don’t judge Tacky Jacky ™ for judging Danielle? REALLY? So it’s okay if Tacky Jacky ™ judges Danielle, but WE can’t judge Tacky Jacky ™for judging Danielle….are any of these women even REMOTELY religious or just delusional uber-bitches? Tacky Jacky ™ Logic 101 is now available at the Learning Annex, if anyone is interested in learning how to make your eldest child feel like a mistake and then completely ignore said child when you finally have a new baby to hold (yanno it’s only a matter of time before she starts shilling something…kinda telling NJ doesn’t shill as most of the other casts) .

Danielle: Kathy Innocenti, who we saw in the diner scene with me discussing Emmanuella, was not present the night of the benefit because she had purchased and given me her entire table of 20 tickets so my friends and I could sit down, and eat dinner when we got there. I know it seems like I was trying to have everyone eat for free, but I am the reason over 300 of those guests attended that night, and Kathy will vouch for that. Not only did she give me her table, her daughter was the blonde girl, Patrice who walked me in…..Caroline say what you want about me. I don’t really care. But don’t think for one second that you and your family haven’t put me in a position to where I have to surround myself with people that are a little more than intimidating to go anywhere near the Brownstone. You put me in this position, you and your entire family. It’s so easy for you to sit back with your cult of 11 siblings including yourself and their children, following me and my every move. And then to use our TV show to point out that I am the one that is crazy? …..The Manzos took away a table that was paid for and that wasn’t very accommodating. It speaks volumes for the kind of people that they are. I did invite Kim and Danny and he invited his friends who just wanted to donate money for Emmanuella. Period. ….Eight months later, in the place I am in right now, I realize I don’t need anyone protecting me. If I were invited somewhere now in the place that I am in today – I might not feel the same about my need for a man to protect me. Watching this scene unfold, I can see clearly now that maybe it would have been best if I just went myself. 

I am just going to point out WE, the viewers, have not had any confirmation about the table arrangements and I do not recall any other the other women mentioning that Danielle technically HAD a table purchased for her, so if the table was purchased for her and it seated 20, why should who she brings matter? Dina (and perhaps others) pointed out how Danielle did not contribute one cent BUT, given her financial situation, it would make sense that Danielle basically had someone donate funds and then took the tickets. If Danielle gets a pedicure the MOB has snarky remarks….if Danielle really had people make donations for this sick child, doesn’t that outweigh HOW the donations were made? In addition, anyone notice that Danielle now admits she made a mistake by inviting Danny et al? Unlike the Manzo MOB, it does appear that Danielle can admit when she’s wrong; in addition, do people really think the Manzo MOB didn’t remove the table by accident? Knowing you have a table for 20 purchased would make people bring an “entourage” when you are assuming you will have a place to sit, no? Bringing the “entourage” or who was a part of the “entourage” is a different issue than “I have a table for 20 purchased for me so I’m going to bring guests since the money has already been raised/donated,” correct?

I gotta admit, even I was taken aback by the length and tone of the blogs this week. I COMPLETELY understand why Lynn chose to step back from RHoNJ – these bitches are crazy and not even in a fun way (HOLLA when ATL comes back). Dina can kiss my ass with this line-straddling BS she continues to spout..I would prefer her being Mean Girl Dina versus this wishy-washy Zen Dina BS. I wasn’t impressed with Dina’s blog this week at all, she doesn’t fool me for a second. It doesn’t take much to write a HUGE blog post, edit it down, cut it in half, and simply send a portion to Bravo… while Dina is attempting to take the high road with this week’s post, I’m sure NEXT week’s post will be all about Danielle, don’t you? 

Re: Danielle – Continue to dislike/loathe/hate her but make a friggin decision as a woman, mother, and adult. Either don’t speak of her, ignore her, or STOP DOING THE SHOW WITH HER! This goes to ALL of the Manzos and Lauritas – SSSTTTTOOOOOOPPPP IT! Based on what they want us to see, none of these women are hurting for money except Danielle – so why do the show? 

At what point does your mental health, sanity, and security (in addition to your family) mean more than a Bravo paycheck? IF there is a season 3 and the Manzo MOB returns, I promise you the blog gloves are off because I cannot be empathetic or sympathetic to anyone that continuously places themselves in this type of “toxic” (and that is for ALL the ladies) environment and then bitch to viewers how bad it is….don’t even get me started on that ole “bad editing” bullshit.

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    • wendy
    • June 4th, 2010

    Toni, Where are you girl? T-man is talking some serious shit about our girl B on! Also there was a hilarious pic on TMZ of T-man and planet of the apes. Hahahahahahhaha!

    • June 5th, 2010

    omg I love this post! finally someone sticking up for Danielle.. i don’t thinkt the table incidendet was planned though

    everytime I watch this show it makes me cringe, it’s like they just pick on her and bully her.. the woman has been through enough in her life..

    • iwannabeanarchy
    • June 5th, 2010

    I totally agree with you. That’s what bothers me about this show and the interactions of these women. No one is forcing them to be on a show with Danielle. If they hate her so much, think she is such a terrible person to have in their life/don’t want her in their life – then quit the show! I would love to hear the rationale for staying on the show when they don’t want Danielle in their lives.

    I posted this link on another blog entry you have here, but I’m going to re-post it because it is more applicable to this entry:

    Damn, that bitch must have some serious skeletons in her closet. Makes sense though, considering how much she has persecuted Danielle for her sordid past. She tries to bring so much attention to the mistakes Danielle made over twenty years ago (which in my opinion, is much ado about nothing, but anyway) but these events – the massive debt, excessive spending, and not repaying creditors – in essence stealing, is happening NOW; so she is trying to deflect any possible negative attention she may receive. This is so incredibly shady. Oh, T-man, did you really think no one would find about this?

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts about the article!

    • iwannabeanarchy
    • June 5th, 2010

    Here’s a link to her bankruptcy petition:

    It was filed on 10/29/09. I wonder why this wasn’t reported until now?

    • jia
    • June 6th, 2010

    Danielle Staub is crazy. Are you crazy? Are we watching the same show?

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