RHoNJ, May 31, 2010: Psychological FU 101

Unlike many people, I do not find T-Man & Greasy Joe entertaining to say the least. Yes, seeing practically any man with his newborn daughter is cute, but did anyone notice how fast he shut down the idea of a vasectomy while informing T-Man he wants a few more because he wants to try for a boy…..I’m not feeling it. It wasn’t cute, it was controlling and old school man/king, wife/subservient wench. I don’t give a shit if T-Man gave birth to Mother Theresa incarnate, I still wouldn’t like their asses. T-Man is such an ugly person on the inside (and out) it really impacted the way I view her. Not that I’m a saint, but she got a mouth like as sailor in a house full of girls who constantly talks lewd and personal sex about that gorilla Greasy Joe (who did look nice in that checkered shirt. That’s all that Keebler Elf gets from my ass) and thinks that table flips are classy. DINA is more classy than T-Man, but alas we all know that elegance is earned (in spoken word, my friends). And we sure the hell know money can’t buy you class, but laundered clean cash could work. Don’t even get me started on how their children are spoiled…which now explains the brattiness and narcissism we’ve often witnessed…trashing store merchandise, screaming tantrums….blech. I’ll leave the kids alone for now, but I found T-Man’s statement “these kids have no idea how much we spend on their parties” very fitting giving our economy, T-Man & Greasy Joe still have access to plenty of cash. “Allegedly.” 

And now we finally get into the meat of the season: Kim G and the cancer fundraiser at the Brownstone. Kim G is the mother of John G and all these aliases are making me think 1 of 2 things A) mofoes are RICH and have a valid reason to attempt to protect their identity or B) “waste management” – however Caroline Soprano did mention their last name on air, unedited, which also confirms she IS cunty (yup, I said it) along with Chris who said it was well. I never seen so many people on a show go out of their way not to use their real names and someone, without fail, the MANZO MOB always blows up someone’s spot and specifically TELLS the thing that person didn’t want the public to know. I don’t care if it’s a Bravo editing oversight or not, I find it extremely offputting that a mother and son would be on the show WITHOUT using their name in their “titles” but it’s okay for the Manzo’s to just use it as they deem fit. I wish Chris threw that ham right in Caroline’s face & she choked on it, to be perfectly honest. 

Caroline: “She [Kim G] asked me to lunch and I said no. I’m not friends with your mom cuz I don’t want to muddy your [boys] relationship.” WTF did I hear Chris state that he & John have been friends for over TEN years and for some reason, Caroline Soprano believes she should not be Kim’s friend because Kim’s friends with Danielle….yet the MANZO MOB previously claimed Danielle has NO friends and invited all those random luncheon guests, which Kim G was one of. Kim and Danielle have both stated they have been friends for years…so once again doesn’t this show that the MANZO MOB, esp Tacky Jacky ™ (my newly created name for Jacqueline, do u like it? lol) are all full of shit? Dina & Tacky Jacky ™ specifically stated in confessionals several times how Danielle has no friends and just randomly invited people to fill chairs and NOW Caroline Soprano confirms she’s not “friends” with her son’s friend’s mother cuz the mother is also friends with Danielle – how in the world does this make sense to anyone? Danielle has a “vendetta to destroy?!?!?” Is this bitch Caroline crazy? Doesn’t anyone notice this I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!! 

If anything, I have seen nothing but the MANZO MOB seek to destroy Danielle with a vendetta-like, unrelenting vengeance that is disturbing to say the least. It’s official, I now see that Caroline seriously thinks she’s a Mafia Don and believes her own bullshit! Last time I checked, thinking the world revolved around your every thought, whim, want, and desire was called narcissism, no? 

Dina & T-Man are like a duo of cackling witches a la Wicked. Ho-bag, prostitution whore, and now sociopath??!?!!? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you guys REALLY understand the implications of throwing around a term like “sociopath” in reference to a single mother with 2 female, minor children in a small ass community? There IS a huge difference between a psychopath and a sociopath (tyvm, tru/crime tv) and sociopath is pretty much the worse thing out there: completely delusional, incapable of remorse….Dahmer, Son of Sam, Manson….THOSE are examples of  sociopaths (technically, it is considered antisocial personality disorder now) although there are many “regular” people walking around with ASPD, which is truly more terrifying IMO. But to call this one, on national television, is just despicable! Seriously, this entire scene at T-Man’s house disgusts me more than Caligula. (Hell yea, I watched it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cringe and cover my eyes most of the time.) I think another housewife in particular is closer to a “sociopath” than Danielle is, but I’ll save that for another post.

Ashley, Albie, Derek, and the poor chick who didn’t even get acknowledged…OH That was Caroline’s daughter Lauren aka “Meadow” who is now dating Vito, aka “Jackie Jr”….do you not see the similarities folks, because I sure as hell do? Just sayin’ (and I’m sorry, I’ll continue to say it as long as Danielle says it and I don’t’ give a crap if people don’t like it – I don’t like see Caroline Soprano’s deformed, Spanx-ridden floating body every week introducing her scenes but I have to see it and I have to see that then dammit my readers will have to read Just Sayin. I personally would have chosen something more colorful, such as “I don’t’ give a F— but I think it would offend some of my readers if I constantly throw it around in the same fashion lol). Both Ashley AND Tacky Jacky ™ told us in previous eps that she was living with Derek. We once again get confirmation Ashley is on birth control (thank gawd, one less moron being brought into the world by a dumb ass woman. Seriously, we all know Ashley is one sandwich short of a picnic already). And Ashley is now “allegedly” staying with a friend, NOT DEREK. Sidebar: holy shyt is that a pimple or a mole on Dereck’s face? I just keep pointing to it saying “Moley, Moley, Moley!!!”  

Hmmm, Tacky Jacky ™ NOW goes to met Derek’s mom after her hot ass daughter is already shacking up with him…wouldn’t a responsible parent do that BEFORE you pulled the “if you don’t like our rules you can gtfo” card? The kids have been together “7 months” and Tacky Jacky ™ is JUST getting meeting Jamee (wtf is up with these funky spelled names? Is crazy name spellings like the new black for white folks with money? Feel free to discuss) and talking about the kids are getting serious…NEWSFLASH dummy, they have been serious when she left your house and shacked up with this Mensa/Blockbuster wonderkid. 

Yes Tacky Jacky ™, girls will ALWAYS do more shit over their boyfriend’s families house just to get in good with the fam. Seriously Jacky and Jamee are just getting DRUNK off their ass, talking about preventing Ashley from drinking and falling over each other LMAO? I’d rather see the MANZO MOB drunk at ALL times if it makes them appear like that have a fraction of a heart, don’t u? 

I liked Harry the driver, don’t u? I also like Kim G….is she the Sonja of RHoNJ? Danny, Danny Danny…..can someone PUHLEASE tell me why it’s ok for Ashley to give a confessional running down Danny’s “alleged” rap sheet but it’s not okay for anyone to bring up Al & Tommy’s father, his “alleged” mob connections, and his murder that basically looked like a typical mob hit. If you somehow find some way to defend this anti-Danielle bullshit, you got issues. Once again it’s clear that Tacky Jacky ™ believes it’s okay for Ashley to get involved in the Housewife drama…and why the MANZO MOB feel that Ashley’s actions and subsequent arrest is cool as well. Ironically, it wasn’t Derek who is the bad influence in Ashley’s life…IT’S TACKY JACKY ™ HERSELF. 

WTF TACKY JACKY ™ – your entire family, in-laws, children, cousins, EVERYONE talks crap about Danielle ALL the time…every episode….almost every scene she is NOT in the MANZO MOB is talking about Danielle…”I don’t wanna talk about her anymore!” THEN STOP CAROLINE. SSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPPP IT! ZIP IT! AL SHARPTON! 

Where does it end, Caroline Soprano? It ends by you calling off the entire MANZO MOB and tell everyone to STFU. THAT’S IT! How many times have we REALLY seen Danielle go after one of them unprovoked? When you really think about it, Danielle is more reactionary which I also I mentioned it in the past. If anyone can HONESTLY tell me one time Danielle said or did something first maliciously……anyone? Anyone? Every time I think of the MANZO MOB always made some smug dig or comment about Danielle, her past, her children, her mothering skills OR made some grand scene in which they publicly call her names (prostitution whore, ho-bag, sociopath anyone?).

I’M ALL FOR A PSYCHOLOGICAL FU! But I can see how what Chris said to Kim G can be totally misconstrued. I also think it’s kind weird that Danielle was personally invited by the family, Dina claims that the MOBstone doesn’t handle seating and it was the CHARITY’S FAULT. (does the MANZO MOB do anything else but point fingers? Pot, meet a bunch of crazy kettles!). All Danielle was asking for was a seat at an event she was invited to – now was her entourage invited? No. But then again I saw Danielle & Kim G having a difficult time finding seating and we know both of them we’re invited. So what really happened? What pieces of the puzzle are missing? I don’t know about you guys, but I can certainly tell 1 + 1 is equalling 5 and I think it’s more than “bad editing.” 

In a nutshell, I think Danielle was right to a point – this fundraiser was about a baby. The baby’s family invited Danielle to be a part of the fundraiser. Starting with Caroline Soprano’s reacting to Al telling her Danielle was coming to the benefit, the MANZO MOB once again started talking about Danielle..Caroline; Dina & T-Man; Caroline, Dina, Tacky Jacky ™, Al & Christopher…..and why doesn’t anyone see that it does appear that Chris was aware Danielle wouldn’t have a table and said the snarky “you’re in for a big surprise, Mrs. G” or played it off to look like the comment was more than it is – but considering Danielle’s history with the Manzos, is it any wonder Danielle felt the need to bring muscle to the fundraiser (even it was TOO much) and Kim G didn’t disagree with the assessment? And why is Al saying the head guy wanted Danielle to leave…so is the “head guy” the head of the hunting group running the fundraiser OR the baby’s family, OR the MOBstone personnel? Gee, Caroline was right about one thing – lots of muddied waters going on here. I bet you the answer is in THE BOOK…..or the other BOOK….lawd I’m scared to think what kind of book would come out of ATL! Chris quite enjoyed his little slick comment, but I still wonder if he said it with malicious intent or not – if Kim G is your best friend’s mother, why wouldn’t you just tell her she was overdressed? What was the point? It was apparently not a joke if Kim G didn’t get or take it as a joke, so what kind of “best friend” relationship do Chris & John G? Is it just me or is something not kosher with this? 

Oh and IMO, shushing a grown woman is the verbal equivalent of putting your hand in her face – it’s completely rude & disrespectful (which is why I can see Dina saying that constantly). Also, if you have seen SATC2 already (which I did and I LOVED it) shushing basically what Miranda’s boss kept doing to her….so NO, it’s not cool at all. NO BUENO! The neighborhood parolee/muscle Danny said one thing correctly this ep: The Manzo’s ARE punks.

Also, I found an interesting Bravo interview with Lauren Manzo conducted pre-season, which included the following question: “What’s your take on Danielle’s book scandal? The Danielle book scandal is none of my business. My momma taught me to respect my elders and always take the high road and she’s a lot older than me! LOL.” 

Say what you want about Caroline Soprano, even though her kids are older and may witness and/or be involved with a lot of the Danielle drama, I have yet to really witness ANY of her children talking smack about Danielle (I can respect Laurens lil age dig..while slightly disrespectful it’s nowhere NEAR the crap Ashley spouts…..so I gotta give it to Caroline on this one – children SHOULD respect their elders. Now, since you are Messiah of the family could you please pass it on?

Caroline Soprano – 1  Tacky Jacky ™ – 0 

Due to the plethora of shit going on about last night’s ep, I am posting this now but will subsequent posts after I do some housecleaning and catch up with the Bravo blogs, Twitter, etc…so stay tuned for more posts and make sure you stop by LynnNChicago’s blog for more RHoNY snarkiness .

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    • psol
    • June 1st, 2010

    I usually love ready your posts and I usually agree with you, but I got to tell you that we must have watched 2 different shows. I totally agree with you that Bravo needs to get a friend for Danielle on the show, but I truely don’t believe the frienship would last through out the season. The way Danielle behaved last night was unforgivable and to me she is giving justification for the Manzo clan feeling the way that they do. Also, to get those fucken thugs and bring them to a function for a child with cancer is straight up bullshit and everybody knows it. We all know that Danielle is a bad bitch, she tells us every week, why would she need protection? Cause she was on some buulshit. As much as it pained me I watched the show again and I just don’t see any justification for Danielle’s behavior. I read through your entire blog waiting to see your thoughts on her behavior and I didn’t get it. As stated above, I enjoy reading your posts, but this one I have to disagree with you. Please excuse any errors, I’m typing in the dark on my blackberry.

    • Simply, I think Danielle needs protection from Caroline’s unrelenting & sadistic ass. When you hand is forced to go into enemy territory (so to speak), you NEVER go alone. If you think back to when Danielle was invited, the ONLY concern she had was over the location of the event and how the Manzo Mob’s feelings towards her would impact the event if she came. I think if it was for a child, Danielle wouldn’t have been involved. Perfect example of how the MOB always says Danielle “worms” her way in yet all I see is OTHER people INVITING her in. Again, if you don’t like someone, fine you don’t have to live them but if you are on a tv show with them, try to be civil. I respected Tacky Jacky ™ for saying “I don’t have a problem with her and if I saw her in the street I’d be civil” because THAT IS WHAT ADULTS SHOULD DO. What I do not respect if the way Tacky Jacky ™ changes her stance with the weather and what Caroline Soprano tells her to do at any friggin moment. I also did not state the Danielle was right to bring all those people, but she did tell the sick child’s family she didn’t feel comfortable and may bring people…so perhaps someone should have told her she couldn’t bring guests? That’s what I don’t get…it’s a family-style fundraiser and they could barely find 2 seats together for Danielle and Kim….why was asking for one table so Danielle’s “people” can be all together so bad? If anything, wouldn’t you rather have them all together than scattered all over the hall? Sometimes I think people are so anti-Danielle that they cannot admit that some of her actions come from anger, some from defense, and some of her actions are really not that unfounded or uncommon – it’s just the fact it’s DANIELLE doing it. By no means is she a saint, but I can separate & distinguish – the Manzo Mob tends to lump everything together so if you are “associated” with Danielle then you are “against the family.” Why can’t they just dislike the woman and left her children, past, and friends out of it?

    • TNBelle2
    • June 1st, 2010

    psol you wrote EVERYTHING i was thinking reading this blog. So all I will say is DITTO for me too.

    • mrtinigrl
    • June 2nd, 2010

    OMG…where to begin?!
    Making sure Danielle did not have a seat and was embarrassed was the work of women or someone who runs the place. Let’s get real. Chris KNEW, knew knew that would happen. The smirk was on his face the whole time. I can see Caroline or Dina telling their husbands to make sure Danielle did not have a seat. What a perfect way to say “fine. We cant stop you from coming to our business establishment, but we can make you uncomfortable and make you look stupid.” So, she brought more people? Ummm, how does that negate where her seat was supposed to be? Plus, Kim G was disrespected as well. That isn’t an oversight.
    However, I really think that they expected Danielle to go ballistic or something. She did not. Good for her.
    When people you ‘work’ with attack you day after day, how would you react? I am not sure I wouldn’t come off worse than people seem to think Danielle is. Knowing that cameras are following you and that there are 8 people who hate you on the show…I think she is handling it better than most people would.
    As for the kids. Notice that Danielle told him to leave him alone since he was a kid? Do the others follow that mantra?
    Looking at the kids….who are the most level headed and stable? Not Jacky’s. (I wont even go into the mess that is her parenting skills and her daughter’s behavior.) Caroline’s? Ham throwing aside, they have the bully mentality and take orders well. Oh, like mommy dearest. Dina’s daughter is suspiciously absent this season. Can I discuss her cat, then? T-Man. There is not enough space to talk about the horrors of those girls. I pity anyone who has to be around them. I see them starring in Mean Girls 2 and 3. But, Danielle’s daughters seem well adjusted and behave well. Hell, there are times that I think they are more mature than their mom. And that is the point. While we are not supposed to judge kids by their parents…but why cant we look at their behavior to blame the parents when needed or give credit when warranted? Danielle deserves credit for giving her kids the self esteem and confidence to be positive well adjusted children living in an area that does not breed that sort of child.
    Im glad they are showing more of Kim G. What happened to the 2-faced shop owner? The one who talked to Dani about being the greatest of friends but around the Mobzo’s claimed that she barely knew her. I would love to know what the Mobzo’s have to say about her. Less of her, please.
    The “surprise” upstairs had nothing to do with being over dressed. Helloooo, how were they overdressed and is there such a thing these days? Its not like they were in ball gowns and everyone else was in jeans. They were in dresses. However, I think that there was something else that was expected…something else that was supposed to be the surprise (other than no seating)…but she left so the “big” surprise didnt happen.

    • wendy
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Toni, Love love love your blog. Finally someone who hates hates hates teresa (t-man) as much as I do. I can’t stand that woman…she is so crude. I’m so sick of hearing about her sex life, “chuckie”, etc. Also, can someone teach this woman the English language. UGH. It’s so annoying that you can’t comment on her blog unless you say how much you love her. Bravo deletes any negative comment.
    Thanks for the laughs. I agree with you on everything.

    • With every fiber of my being, T-Man is my least favorite housewife! I would love, love, love to have both her and Greasy Joe sterilzed ASAP. The neanderthal hairlines and tree trunk necks of Franklin Lakes must be contained!!!

    • Buffalo
    • June 2nd, 2010

    What show are you watching? Danielle did have a seat. Just no seats for the MOB she brought. How can you still call Caroline the MOB boss after Danielle’s ridiculous actions last night. I also agree Danielle needs a friend on the show. I don’t love the other housewives. There are a lot of scenes I cringe watching them. But I dont think I have ever related to Danielle or the way she acts.

    • The show I watched definitely had some incomplete scenes/info and bad editing. A typical fundraiser would have had a special table and/or seat reserved for people involved with the event, such as Danielle being invited by the child’s family to be involved. I think there was 2 many factors that played into the events such as the fact it was some gun groups annual fundraiser that basically got JACKED and turned into a fundraiser for a child, who’s responsibility was the event (gun club, child’s family, or the Manzo’s who DONATED their services such as seating for the event). I think even Kim G saw this, but who would expect a charity event at the MOBstone to be as it was? I was surprised by the tackiness but I get why it happened that way – which is why we say Danielle and Kim overdressed, it was quite clear they were not giving details surrounding the event at all. It was more like a potluck dinner than a fundraiser the way the seating and events were layed out….seeing something differently than you does not mean I necessarily approve and/or relate, it just means I am empathetic and can understand some of the actions. But in this case, you have a wealthy woman (Kim G) who was appalled by the actions that occurred at the fundraiser – while she may be Danielle’s friend she has been in “fabulous circles of friends” long enough to know that fundraiser was NOT kosher in anyway IMO.

    • Laura
    • June 3rd, 2010

    I do agree that Teresa (took me a minute to get T-man which I find hysterical. She does look like a man) is obnoxious as hell and definitely thrives on all the drama. I hate how someone, usually Teresa, always manages to bring up Danielle when they’re all together. “I hate to bring her up” she starts with…no you don’t! You LOVE it!
    Its sickening to me to watch her girls run around so self-entitled. It is just disgustable (my own made up word 🙂 to hear Teresa with the “Malania Malania Malania Malaniaaaaaaaaa” in that nasally voice….oy!
    Such a train wreck…
    Btw….looking forward to BB – can’t wait for July 8th! Any insider info????

    • Shannon
    • June 8th, 2010

    I’ve thrown a lot of fundraisers…. You sell tickets, as many as you can, and everyone that attends pays. That’s what makes it a “fund”-raiser. As for the presentation of a check, or guest appearance, or whatever, it is generally either a.) a major contributor to the organization or b.) a celebrity… that then makes a very generous donation.

    Danielle’s actions were inappropriate and if it were my event, I would have asked her to leave before her posse even got up the stairs.

  1. I love your blogs!

    T-Man! I had to laugh at that nickname!

    This show is so addictive. It’s my dosage of television crack!

    Keep these blogs coming! I love them!
    You definetly got me reading ’em! 🙂

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