RHoNY May 27, 2010: You have to be F—in kidding!

Since my girl Lynn has RHoNY covered over on her blog , I figure I’ll just post a few of my thoughts on this week’s RHoNY here while I am currently enjoying this beautiful holiday weekend in an alcoholic stupor out-of-town! 

Kelly left the island!!!  All the processed foods, Coronas, and bottles of Patron on the island cheered as a result – DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!.! Kelly “wrote” Ramona a note that we all know wasn’t really written by Kelly – it’s very well constructed & concise. Obviously, the Columbia graduate (that’s the country, not the school natch) did not write it herself so THANK YOU, Bravo staff! 

“I came there with an open heart, to make up, to make amends and in a split second, they shut me out. They kicked me out.” Not a friendly ghost- Casper, you are not Jill! WTF is Jill fucking smoking? She’s not got the nerve to be upset when the other women FINALLY turn the tables on her with her own damn bullshit. 

I totally dug how B igged Jill the entire time. BOBBY- get the bags, bellcap!!!!

“an ounce of humility” “FU to all of us”  – TYVM Alex, the voice of reason this season right next to Sonja (I will say I love, love, love Sonja more and more each ep). 

All I can say to Jill is this: it’s not a surprise if A) you were invited and you declined or B) no one wants to see your ass in the first place. And to Bobby Z.– stay the fuck out of it. Yanno, kind of the same thing you said to B when she tried to apologize for putting you in the middle…. At first you were cute defending your wife and B but now….you are too wrapped up in the BS that is Susan Saunders. JILL.IS.IN.THE.FUCKING.WRONG.ON.EVERYTHING! Not just some things, EVERYTHING! No one asked Jill to come after she DECLINED, no one care how much money u spent for private planes and a detour NO ONE asked you to make. In addition, I keep looking for scars to confirm JZ’s “Bobby was sliced from ear to ear last summer” and unless his beard is covering the scars, I see nada. Bobby admitted Jill was wrong about how she handled B so what in the world would make Bobby think this “detour” was a good idea with Bethenny AND Alex there…..even more so after Jill got the gossip from Kellamity Jane and Jill knew EXACTLY what she was walking into…no one there liked her ass and Kelly bailed, so why did Jill still make the trip? 

CountLESS was pretty damned good this ep! She frowned upon “ho-bag,” smacked Kelly down, and got in a long overdue I-told-you-so to JZ…now if money could buy LuLu a new pair of suede boots, less turquoise jewelry, and a vocal coach.

Similar to her SPECTACULAR spill on the ice in that ridiculous skating outfit, Jill is a str8 up narcissistic bitch. She’s delusional, to say the least. I, for once, enjoyed Jill Zarin’s plummet from her “fabulous circle of friends” to “Tool Academy, RHoNY edition. Boy, did this episode give me pleasure lmaooooooo and therefore THIS, my loyal readers, is for your viewing pleasure!

 Y’all have a good weekend & I will be back full force Tuesday evening with RHoNJ (in addition to a weekly wrap-up including Idol, DWTS, and one of my all-time favorite shows, SYTYCD).

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    • TNBelle2
    • May 29th, 2010

    dead on point!!! You Go Girl!!!!!!

    • Mary
    • May 29th, 2010

    I agree on everything, especially about Bobby. He is really pissing me off. He is so freaking clueless about his wife’s bad behavior. His surgery had ZERO to do with B and J’s feud. It’s all about B’s popularity and her rise to fame, and J’s jealousy!

    • Amber…Real Wife
    • June 1st, 2010

    You already know! Keep on kicking it and break it off in their &^s! This blog should have been much longer than this. You have a refreshing take on the housewives…you don’t give us what they say but you tell us what they mean! You ain’t afraid of these…

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