RHoNY “drinking” game

In case you’ve missed it, I love to partake in a few recreational activities & I love reality tv, so why not make another drinking game a la my Bachelor game during Jake’s season. (OMG the buzzword “journey” had me sloshed 20 minutes into the reunion alone!)

For those who do not drink (or want to), feel free to substitute your preference….a cigarette, a cigar, other things such as what a person would do if I said the time was 4:20 *wink wink* Shit feel free to take a bite of something, a spoonful of ice cream, a log of Cracker Barrell sharp cheddar…it doesn’t matter what you use to play the game as long as you play the game! 

Please take a sip/shot/drag/puff when you hear/see the following:

–          Drama

–          Mean girl

–          Crash

–          Speakerphone

–          Hobby

–          Message (as in voice message)

–          Renewal

–          Crying (actual tears)

–          THE BOOK

I bet you will be fully intoxicated and/or stuffed (depending on your vice) by 10:27PM EST, I know I’ll be!

RHoNY post, complete with pictures of any legal debauchery, to follow late tonight/tomorrow before I take off for the holiday weekend!

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  1. I love it! We’re going to be overloaded with our “vice” in no time!

    I’m in!!!

    • mrtinigrl
    • May 27th, 2010

    Sweet! I will be loaded by 7:30. (getting off the computer to get the kids to bed!)

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