RHoNJ: Why I like Danielle Staub

I find it completely ironic that I started writing this post yesterday (Wed) and NOW (Thurs afternoon) I see the following reply on my Twitter: 

daniellestaub @ImStillToni xxoo about 15 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ImStillToni 

What was Danielle referring to exactly? Do you recall my comments on Lynn’s old blog about Jac requesting a public vote over whether or not she should continue to talk about Danielle on Twitter after the hoopla over last week’s Bravo blog? Yea, remember me stating it was foolish for Jac to ask for apublic vote, then reply she will refrain from talking about Danielle on Twitter and keep it just on her Bravo blog? Yesterday, Jac stated: @DanielleStaub couldn’t possibly look any worse than she does in the next episode.What a enormous piece of toxic waste!I’m disgusted!EVIL! 

So I replied directly to Jac and stated: @JacLaurita What happened 2 u not talking about @daniellestaub on twitter? Seriously can ANY of u say something & stick 2 it? TACKY, JACKY! 

THUS, Danielle’s reply back to me for calling Jac out on her bullshit. Yes, I’m happy that Danielle replied to me lmao and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. So back to my original post…before I get into it, I want to clarify my position, in writing, so it is not misinterpreted. Not once have I ever claimed Danielle is innocent or an innocent victim. In fact, ALL of the NJ Housebitches need a fuggin time-out (plus a few of their adult children…I’m looking at YOU Ashley. With your fast, sloppy ass.) All I have ever stated is that I sympathize with Danielle, despite the mob mentality/The Lottery/either your with us or against us bullshit. No bueno, IMO, no bueno AT ALL. 

In a nutshell, these are the reasons I tend to side with Danielle over the MOB.

–          Danielle is a single parent raising 2 girls on her own: Every other housewife has a husband, even if Tommy is NEVER present lol. Most of the other women do not have to work thanks to their husband’s “disposable” income. Danielle does not have that luxury. When you live in a small community, even neighboring towns, reputation is everything. Regardless of how THE BOOK (not to be confused with RHoNY’s THE BOOK lol) got into the plotlines, it was T-MAN that first showed it and the MOB that ran with it. Viewers never saw Danielle mention THE BOOK or have possession of THE BOOK until after the MOB brought it to our attention.

–          Danielle can’t win no matter what she says or does: Do I think Danielle sometimes goes too far? Yes. Do I think she’s justified? YES. I said it on Lynn’s blog and I’ll say it again here – Laurita babygate is bullshit. At the final dinner, Chris stated Danielle was welcome in their home. By reunion, Jac was ALL OVER THE MEDIA stating that they want nothing to do with Danielle and to leave them alone since they we’re preparing for Nicholas’ arrival. NOW in season 2 we hear Chris, Jac, AND Caroline Soprano bitch because Danielle did not “acknowledge” the birth although they told her to stay away…last time I checked it sounds like Danielle did respect their wishes and THEN the MOB, in typical fashion, turns it around to make her appear to be the bad person. And don’t even get me started on how it took a doctor Danielle referred Jac to in the first place in order for her to carry to term with baby aspirin & progesterone (which any infertile person can tell u is INFERTILITY 101, good lawd even I knew that shit) yet the entire MOB credits Dina’s crazy ass “energist” with creating a bracelet out of beads that someone aids fertility? Good lawd why did my husband and I pay 25k for IVF with ICSI if all it took was a fucking fertility bracelet from Zen Jen?) I don’t give a shit what the MOB says, they have repeatedly proved Danielle is damned if she do, damned if she don’t. And like Danielle, I prefer to play offense to defense. I will hit you before you even think of hitting me back. And THAT, folks, is what I believe we are witnessing in season 2.

–          About THE BOOK. Look, I’ve read excerpts and I know enough about criminal activity, the law, and plea deal to know that JUST cause a person copped a plea does not mean shit. An accessory just means you were physically present – it does not mean you were sober and/or even had the mental facilities to even know what you are witnessing is wrong. Regardless, I believe all those details are irrelevant. What may or may not have happened in Danielle’s past is in HER past. Once again, it goes to show that paying your debt to society means shit when you have a gaggle of bored housebitches with nothing better to do than to “go to a local library and find an out of print book.” LMAO RIGHT do any of these women even look like they READ books from the local library? I do not respect anyone who would bring out someone’s past against them when it spans back TWO DECADES and the person is now a single mother with TWO MINOR CHILDREN. I think it’s despicable and extremely tacky that these women feel it’s their God-given right to air Danielle’s dirty laundry in a public and at a public restaurant with her children present (if you recall, Ashley and the older kids declined to leave so they could witness the drama. THIS is where Ashley gets the “it’s okay as long as it’s only Danielle” approval from. Great parenting, natch!) Notice that when the MOB mentions Danielle gossipping, its never something we see on camera – it’s always done behind the scenes so to speak? THAT is the way you truly handle the shank – never let them see you coming until it’s too late. So all the viewer’s hear is the MOB constantly regurgitating Danielle’s past and slandering her name on air while we only hear about what Danielle is slinging (not to say Danielle hasn’t public say shit, but did the “alleged” Danielle contacting Dina’s ex done on camera? No. Yet we ALL heard about the unspeakable act Danielle comitted at the reunion when Caroline Soprano cried “you know what you did to our family!” Umm…we all heard and saw what the MOB did and said about Danielle and that directly affects her family, no?) I 100% agree with Danielle – the Manzo/Laurita/Guidice MOB does appear to be a bunch of hypocrites. About everything. (Another example: Caroline’s disgust for “trash” that is now completely acceptable when her son wants to have a stripper car wash OR goes into Scores, which is illegal since he’s NOT 21. Being born in 1989 would make you 20 at the time of taping -if taped in 2009 – regardless of your birthday, correct? Or is MOB math different? Or does 20 = old enough to be videotaped in a strip club establishment that serves alcohol when u reside in Franklin Lakes & your family “knows people?” Ummm I know I’m not the only one who heard Caroline say she supports her children “as long as it’s not illegal, right?)

–          Any time Danielle does anything, the MOB always has an ugly retort as to why, get together to gossip over it, and to basically make any outsiders choose sides. I’m looking at YOU, Caroline Soprano. WTF Al runs a catering hall and you are questioning why his friends you’ve never met invited Danielle….here’s a thought: why does Al have friends you never met in the first place? Maybe they don’t like YOU. (I honestly believe Caroline is another victim of a narcissistic disorder where she believes it’s all about her…maybe Kelly & Caroline can get a group rate with that quack commenting Dr.?)

–          At the end of the day, all a woman has is her reputation. The MOB have proved that they love nothing better than to continue to bring up the past over and over and over and over…to the point Albie, T-Man, and Jac had dinner with Danielle’s ex at friggin Cipriani at which Danielle’s ex “passed a polygraph.” HELLO, psychopaths and delusional, pathological, criminally insane folks can pass a polygraph…why the hell would I trust a mofo who takes his at a dinner at Cipriani. What does it say when two women who are MOTHERS of daughters met with a woman’s ex who “allegedly” was so abusive, a name change was necessary? (P.S. T-Man should cover her horrific hairline more often, no? The bangs do WONDERS….now if we could only cover her ugly mouth! Ironically, it was completely okay to see my city’s fallen & corrupt police commissioner help train Caroline Soprano’s dogs while he was facing indictment….who has since been convicted. LMAO @ Kerik’s Wiki which states “is an American former law enforcement officer, federal inmate and a convicted felon.”

–          Lastly, I do believe Bravo screwed the pooch with this “1 family to rule them all” casting. Danielle has NO shot against 4 other ladies, their husbands, their kids, and their friends considering the MOB lives in one town and Danielle in another. All these women do, with the occasional exception of Dina when the “energy” strikes her, is talk about Danielle, specifically T-Man & Caroline Soprano. Nonstop they speak about Danielle, her home, her children, her past, her exes, where she shops, what she’s doing…it’s never ending. It’s on the show, it’s on their Twitters, it’s on WWHL, it’s all over their Bravo blogs, it’s even in T-Man’s cookbook (really? How fucking tacky that a NYT bestseller will ALWAYS have a mention of a hated cast mate, yet it’s being touted as an Italian family cookbook. I hope Danielle’s lawyer can find a way for T-man to pay D royalties AND/OR gets hit for defamation over that pasta dish unflatteringly named after her) 

That’s it. It’s not about who’s right or wrong…that can change given the argument and the circumstances. I love Bethenny too so perhaps Ramona was really onto something last season…I tend to root for the underdog and Danielle is THE QUEEN UNDERDOG of RHoNJ. I’ll call her out on her shit, but in no way do I think the MOB treatment of her is justified. Just once, I would love to see what would happen if the MOB didn’t speak about D for an entire ep….me thinks D’s blog would be a lot different if she wasn’t always on the defensive. At the same time, why is it acceptable to so many that the MOB can say any and everything they want about Danielle but when she hits back in her blog or on air, she’s crazy? The way I see it, they are ALL crazy but Danielle is certainly more justified considering what we, the viewers have heard and seen on and off the show since season 1. This is not to say I do not like Dina or Jac…but I have to say out of the entire MOB I respect Dina more (for the time being anyway lol) for being able to compartmentalize each situation for what it is versus just jumping up in the middle of everything, including other people’s fights, because you are “family.”

As a true adult, I can see fault where it lies and it can change from instance to instance. So you will never see me state “Danielle is always right, the MOB is evil” or anything like that….I just call it like I see it and I can respect Danielle’s “griminess” for what it is – basically self-preservation, backbone, and finally tired of the bullshit/hypocracy of her castmates. If Danielle’s shank goes in a little too deep, oh well. The way I see it, the MOB drew first blood – let the chips fall where they may and as Michael Buffer would say “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

 (lol this is for you, @anutha Hata. Tag – you’re it!) 

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    • Buffalo
    • May 27th, 2010

    Boo!!! What are you, blind? So she’s a single mom…poor Danielle, join the thousands of other mothers out there. Maybe if she worked instead of acting like a 16 year old little Bitch she would be a little better off. Why is it so wrong the Caroline dislikes Danielle? In my opinion she doesn’t act like the MOB. She doesn’t like her because she is a nutbag and an embarrassment to all women and mothers out there. LOL sorry thats my opinion…I love Lynns blog and usually agree with you.

    • Blind? No my contacts work just fine tyvm!
      I never stated it was wrong for Caroline to dislike Danielle by any means – all I’m stating is the WAY the Manzo Mob goes around defaming her is beyond ridiculous and “maybe” Danielle would not reciprocate if they coudl kepe her name out of their mouths for a minute, never mind 1 friggin episode. Caroline DOES act like she runs a mob – did you not SEE the scene with her and Al where she tore her hubby a new one cuz his friends (who she never met) “chose Danielle over them” by inviting Danielle to a cancer benfit for a child?!?! Last time I checked, dictating to others which “side” they should take is mob mentality and borderline groupthink territory…we can agree to disagree like adults, but if you start spreading rumors about me like the MOB, THEN we’ll have problems LMAO.

      Thus I stated, upfront, that I in NO way think Danielle is an innocent party in this….she certainly is more of a victim BUT she certinaly takes the MOB’s hits & dishes it back out…so if that makes her crazy, so be it I guess I’m crazy too and I don’t even HAVE children…let someone say half the defamatory things the MOB continues to spew and I’m comming knocking my damned self, alone and with no witnesses. It’s known as survival….and my point is Danielle has no husband to back her, no man to DEFEND her…..all these women run their catty mouths nonstop but then run home to hide BEHIND a man. And the fact Danielle is a single mother of minor children makes Teresa calling her a “prostituion whore” IN FRONT of them okay? Teresa is just as classless as LuLu the former Countess! There’s a way to be civil when you dislike someone – the MANZO MOB doesn’t understand that.

    • iwannabeanarchy
    • May 28th, 2010

    I agree with you Toni.

    I think Danielle’s main problem is that she is overbearing and has no boundaries, which is why people think she is crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that she’s off, and would likely benefit from psychiatric consultation as she definitely has issues with rejection, among other things. But in terms of how she reacts to the other women, I agree that she is justified, as they have antagonized her incessantly.

    Here’s my take on THE BOOK: I read parts of it last summer when the whole controversy aired. First of all, all this stuff happened more than twenty years ago – so it’s like: who cares? Another thing, this book was written by her EX-husband. Ex being the operative word. Of course he is going to say awful things about her if their split was acrimonious. Therefore, his writings about her should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if every single word that he wrote about her was true, the point is the events he wrote of all occurred over two decades ago. Her life is clearly different now, and she has young children. I thought it was completely disgusting how she was treated by the other women at the infamous table flipping dinner. And you’re right: she took a plea deal because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. And I suspect that she didn’t have the best legal representation as she probably wasn’t in the best financial situation at that point in her life.

    I can’t believe “T-man’s” book has become so successful. She’s the worst one on the show IMO, even worse than Caroline. And the reference to Danielle in her book is pathetic. I don’t think Danielle should pursue a defamation suit, as it is extremely difficult to win and the damages that can be collected usually don’t amount to much. Even though what T-man refers to Danielle as in her book is awful, is would likely be viewed as an expression of her personal opinion and would not be interpreted as her referring to her by that name as a “fact.” Also, because Danielle would be considered a “public figure,” by virtue of being on a reality TV show, so she would also have to prove that T-man had published that stuff in her book with “actual malice” – in other words that she published it knowing that it was false or that T-man had a reckless disregard for the truth.

    Sorry – I’m a law student. That’s why I know all this stuff.

    One more thing: I hate how T-man acts as if she was lauded for flipping the table. She’s too stupid to realize that we are all laughing AT her, not WITH her, and it was not cute. I hate how they keep showing on the commercials for RHONJ that new version of T-man flipping the table (where she is wearing a red dress) and she is beaming – like “Hey look at me, I was so cute when I did this last time, so I’m going to keep doing it to get more attention.” She is like a child seeking approval.

    • We agree with SO much it’s not even funny! I almost “love, love, love” it!
      Danielle: completely agree
      THE BOOK: get out of my head! Why they would trust that slimey ex is beyond me. Even more so, isn’t Albie IN law school and yet he too when to Ciprani (no doubt at Caroline Soprano’s request.) WTF jac’s there…T-Man’s there, Dina’s a no-show and BAM there’s Albie representing Caroline? Is Albie the Manzo consignary or something?
      T-Man’s book: who knew?!?! I had no idea that T even mentioned D in her book, much less name a dish “named after prostitutes” after D.
      Legalities: ok if D never admitted anywhere she was indeed a prostitute, doesn’t she at least have a civil
      Case and go for torts like emotional distress and defamation of character? I know it’s different in the UK but wouldn’t T have to prove D was at least a prostitute while D claims she was an escort?
      I’ll be back lol let me go back and see what else u said

    • mrtinigrl
    • May 28th, 2010


    Didnt know if you had seen this. I am sure this is old news for you. 🙂

    • Jennifer
    • May 29th, 2010

    I agree ……. Not a D fan but I don’t think she helps herself at alll . The MOB has to talk about her bc otherwise there is no show and they know it. What if plp started saying Ashley was trash bc she to is a criminal. I bet all of the sudden we’d hear a diff tune ie. What’s past is past. Love your blog !

    • I agree with u Jennifer – D often doesn’t help herself at all. In fact, I would take it a step further and say that not being able to reign in the anger & hurt and continuing to last out in defense of herself is exactly what makes so many people not like her. YUP I’m offically calling Ashley an “assaulterer” cuz I like the way it sounds & the shoe fits!

  1. Ok ok Toni, I get your points. Especially about Theresa’s book. The fact that she even mentioned Danielle in her COOK BOOK! is ridiculous.
    About Danielle’s past, and who brought it up, well, it kills me that Danielle blames the Maznos for HER past!
    Danielle is responsible for what she did in the past, and by choosing to go on television, eventually, someone was going to find out.
    If she wanted to protect her family or children from that, going on a reality show is a bad decision.
    Its always going to come back to that for me. All of these numskulls cry & complain when they find-out that they can’t control what’s said about them online, or what’s dug-up about their past, but that’s what they signed-up for.
    I also have a problem with Danielles’s choice of “bodyguard”. The idea of having a bodyguard was actually a very good one in my opinion. There are so many decent bodyguard services, including ones that use ex-military, or retired cops. She could have been a good role model for other women by choosing a respectable person as a bodyguard for the event at the Brownstone.
    I agree with you making the point that Danielle is a single mom-no argument with you on that. You’re right.
    Its not like its 4 against one, its eight against one really.
    Really I think Danielle should feel flattered that the rest of the cast cares sooo much about her that they don’t waste any opportunity to mention her INCLUDING in their BOOK!—geeze. DUH.
    In this “war” of Danielle vs them, I think I have to go with you Toni. Danielle is winning, except for her little “drive-by”, which was stupid.
    OH-and the “empty chairs” luncheon.
    And if Caroline is so repulsed by Danielle, SHE didn’t have to drag her entire family on television either! The viewers can decide for ourselves what we think of Danielle. We don’t need the HBIC telling us what to think. We’re kind-of getting a taste of what it must be like for Jackie, Dina, and Theresa when it comes to that.
    Bravo & the producers are pushing this “everyone vs Danielle” plot, in my opinion. Unless that’s all the cast is giving them to work-with?
    They don’t like Danielle. OK-we get that. But they are the ones who choose to be on a television show with her, nobody is forcing them to do that.
    I don’t think that you’re going to get any argument at all with me Toni when it comes to taking-sides with their drama.
    Personally, Danielle is someone that I wouldn’t associate-with in real life. (not because of her past, because she’s the trouble-making type). But if she were a co-worker,as she is with RHONJ, I sure wouldn’t treat her like “garbage” to quote Caroline. They signed-up to be scrutinized also, and their behavior towards Danielle, is just wrong.
    I don’t think Danielle is a good representation of a New Jersey housewife, because she’s trying to act the part. She was not raised in NJ, and she lays-on her fake accent a little too thickly in my opinion.-She does a good imitation. Its just a little too good. I think she has decided to play this season as Angelica Houston, and she’s in her own little fantasy world with that.
    When it comes to taking sides in Danielle vs everybody Toni, I think you’ve convinced me-I have to agree 100%.
    I might look at Danielle’s actions this season and consider your perspective, instead-of what THEY want us to think.

    • FINALLY! lol something I do not get is the assumption THE BOOK would have still came out regardless. Let’s think about this a minute, Danielle changed her name and THE BOOK is out of print…so how likely is it that the book would have came out anyway? Maybe with some digging and certainly not season 1, but still.
      Totally agree with u on Danny…since I like my kneecaps I am refraining from commenting in detail about his ass…BUT if Danielle did hire bodyguard(s) from a service wouldn’t everyone then bitch if she’s so “broke” how could she afford to hire em in the first place? lmao see what I mean? Danielle often tends to get stuck in the damned if I do/damned if I don’t alot

    • Yikes-I forgot to put “blogspot” in my URL on my post! Don’t click that, it goes to some porno site-sorry.

    • Amber…Real Wife
    • June 1st, 2010

    Finally someone understands! Hell to the yes, Danielle is certifiable and a lunatic. However, unlike Kelly who imagines it, she was a target of her castmates. Dina and Caroline set out to ruin her. They wanted to humiliate her and have her ex-communicated from Franklin Lakes. There was no reason to warn the townsfolk about Danielle. She wasn’t hooking, dealing or kidnapping anyone. That was decades ago! LOL The only reason they showed the book was because they wanted help carrying the torches and pitchforks. I agree with you. Many folks plead just to move on. She changed her name and relocated. Yet these bitches brought it back and made it current. Trying to ruin her and her kids. Absofuckinglutely, Danielle needed to go crazy to protect herself. These women have it “all”, yet they are trying to destroy her reputation and in doing that, her kids lives? Come on now, forget Italian, they needed a good ole broken ribs, knocked out teeth with 2 black eyes beat down. Cause if they don’t feel it, they’ll never learn. Also, Danielle’s man is a former undercover cop turned informant is it? Like he can’t beat a lie detector. Really? In a nutshell, that Manzo Mob think they are untouchable. They pick on Danielle because they feel her to be weak and unprotected. Keep on underestimating someone and they’ll shock you. I expect Danielle and all her crazy, plans on doing just that!

    • happygolucky
    • June 16th, 2010

    I hate rhonj too. The story line is getting old and I’m tried of all this crazy shit about danielle. I get it! But, I do disagree with you about Danielle’s past. If you read the court documents (I think they can be found on the smoking gun or radar, idr) the evidence against Danielle really adds up IMO. I do, however, I agree with you about T-Man and the Manzo Mob.

    • autumnleaves61
    • June 22nd, 2010

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with the ninnie-women of America who watch RHONJ (and NY too), and begin to behave just like the characters on the programs.

    Danielle committed crimes. She paid the penalty. There was nothing after twenty years that needed to be dredged up by the castmates of the show. They are responsible for putting the information out into the public–

    then complaining 24/7 that Danielle is a criminal, and has no place defending herself.

    To go to dinner with her ex so they could obtain even more salacious details, is vulgar and crude, and only shows how obsessive they really are about her.

    Think about it! A group of women and their kids, so offended by Danielle’s crimes they must distance themselves from her, the criminal- going out to dinner with her partner-in-crime, a known mob-type, former informant, former drug dealer–and they all pose happily for pictures together like it’s perfectly normal.

    No, that’s not obsessed or anything.

    Teresa says the most despicable things about Danielle, calling her a whore, a skank, a slut, discussing the size of her “hole”, her breasts, her parenting, and yes-even her kids.

    Does anyone recall Teresa talking about how Danielle should get a job because she couldn’t pay her bills? Helllloooo! Teresa is $11 MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!!!, including fertility treatment so she could *add another mouth that she can’t feed*.

    For this, she’s praised as being “hilarious” and clever, when it’s really not funny. It’s dysfunctional, and it’s so hypocritical that it’s nauseating.

    Dina Manzo said she never met Danielle before RHONJ, but we know that simply isn’t true. Dina gets a pass on whatever lies she tells (and she is lying! about many things), while Danielle is called out for “attacking” poor innocent Dina every time Danielle notices Dina’s being dishonest.

    Jacqueline says she grew up in Las Vegas–so why’d she graduate in Virginia then? She says she’s been with her husband for 13 years. Thirteen years? If true, why did Season 1 allude to her just recently knowing the fambly? And: Why is that little pig Ashley, just now getting to know her fake cousins? Where’s Ashley’s daddy in HER life? Why no criticism from the fans about Jac’s single-mom status, or her party-girl ways?

    I’m not a big fan of Danielle–she’s a tough cookie, with a cold hard exterior. Regardless, there is simply no doubt the other hos single her out and pick on her mercilessly, with much of the public backing them in their hypocrisy.


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