Reality TV: Spawns, Twitter Trends, & Maxine

Just who the fuck does the Real Skanks of NJ think they are? These funky bitches are basically dictating who their Twitter followers can and cannot follow? Again, Doesn’t anyone notice this I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!! Look, I personally follow @tweetmaxine. I find her/him/it entertaining to say the least. Do I believe the shit “she” spouts? Hardly. But I sure as well don’t mind reading it lmao it’s not like I have to converse with her since I’ve been following her since before Jill-babygate and her tweets become protected. Rule #1 – be an observer, jump into the fight and u get burned i.e. blocked. Why folks find it so difficult, I do not know and I have no patience to say the lease. There is a way to get your point across without being a raging lunatic OR disrespectful and I do find a lot of fans blur the lines. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day these Real Housewives are real women with feelings…it has to be infuriating to get berated by people who “follow” you while at the same time you are only being “followed” because you are on a tv show. So it has to be a double-edged sword, no?

Having said that, who I follow on Twitter is my business. Who my followers follow on Twitter is their own business. And now that I have @ProjectLadybug following me, the MOB (Manzo/Laurita/Guidice) may blacklist me but so be it! And let me add to Jac – sweetie I got your DM yesterday. I understand, but KNEW this shyt would blow up in your face. However, sending someone you do not follow a DM is a bullshit move considering the person cannot reply back to you; therefore, I see you pulled a Caroline Soprano but answering me in such a way that prevents me replying directly to you, unlike the initial way I sent you the message in the first place. (Edited to note: You catch more bees with honey than with  vinegar? Just sayin’.)  Ladies, my Twitter 101 and 102 courses will have open registrations for both RHoNJ and RHoNY casts shortly..well ok maybe just Jen Gilbert (right Lynn? lol) and RHoNJ.

I’ve also been on a mission behind the scenes to find the elusive “Ashley” tweets…but to no avail (I NEVER want to have to backtrack thru 20+ timelines AGAIN people). How the hell the mystery tweet is such a big secret, I’ll never know. BUT, based on several of Ashley’s tweets posted around the timeframe of the tweet, I found these:

@_ashleyholmes poor christine and jillian…i hope no one says anything to them at school :/ 11:57 PM May 7th via UberTwitter

On Wednesday 19th May 2010, @_ashleyholmes said: @Jillousyness1 so then quit stalking my life? hah enough said…i’m 19…i can say what i want…i’m legal..& it’s also called freedom of speech.. this is twitter not the new york times.. i didn’t even say anything bad…i tweeted what MY FRIEND said TO ME about what DANIELLE said about ME to HIM…& i told my she had seen my tweets already…who are you? get over it. HAHAHA and OKAY last i checked andy, and the people at bravo weren’t calling me up to say my mom’s career was in jepordy..if anything it would be mine…so if THEY aren’t worried…you shouldn’t be.. thanks. love&light;

On Wednesday 19th May 2010, @_ashleyholmes said: for those of you who feel the need to “tattle” on my to my mother…realize i’m 19…not 7…if you have a problem with me..don’t follow’s that mom sees what i write on don’t need to tell her too…it’s annoying.. thank you

On Wednesday 26th May 2010, @_ashleyholmes said: YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE what danielle tried to pull at this benefit…oh my what happens monday…i’m getting heated watching all of this again…she is such GARBAGE…yeah..i said it…she makes me SICK and should be ashamed

Here is my take on the entire incident, which also ties into my policy on Reality Spawns. Personality, I’m not a fan of attacking minor child of reality personalities; however, if a minor child serves as a major plot point, I have no issue speaking on them and try not to take it to a level of disrespect. Example, I previously stated I do NOT think Gia is an attractive kid – personally, I think the attitude T-Man has encouraged is narcissistic, unattractive, and not cute. It is what it is and I stand by my statements – it is my opinion, point-blank ;however, I did not make these statements on Twitter I did so on my blog and as a comment on Lynn’s blog. Ashley, on the other hand, is an entirely different situation. Ashley is 19 and by her own and our government’s definition, an adult regardless of how infantile her behavior is. I agree that it was completely out-of-place for Ashley’s followers to snitch on her tweets to her mother Jac…Ashley is a grown ass woman as confirmed by a judge who found her guilty of assaulting Danielle. So if a court of law deems Ashley an adult, Ashley alone is responsible for what she says IRL – interviews, Facebook, and Twitter. Ashley was WRONG to even speak negative comments about Christine Staub, a minor of 15 years of age. I think Ashley’s action speaks volumes about Jac’s parenting, not to say it was bad parenting but I too was spoiled and often thought it was okay to speak/mirror/echo the comments I’ve heard my family say. Not saying it’s right, but why would a 19 yo think she’s wrong for saying things she could have heard her mom/aunts/dad/or other friends of the family (Greasy Joe & T-Man) say?

Also, @Jillousyness1 I know you are around Lynn’s blog and not sure if you’ve been here yet, but can you give some insight into wtf Ashley said? Inquiring minds want to know (myself included) and I know why Lynn took a stand BUT my nosiness outweights my sense of decency! I.HAVE.TO.KNOW.DAMMIT! Feel free to email me the deets – just want a lil more clarity and readers are demanding answers LMAO I know u know 😛

If I was to EVER publicly state that an adult  my family has associations with is “garbage” my mother would track me down, no matter where I lived, and smack the shit out of me OR make me go pick a switch (old school just like Dina’s wooden spoon suggestion, natch) OR just hit me upside the head for disrespecting a GROWN adult with children. IMO you are a grown adult at 21, at which time you can do practically any and everything. Ashley is a punk ass, wannabe adult that has no concept of responsibility or respect at the age of 19, nothing more nothing less.

So to recap:

–          RHoNJ’s MOB can kiss my ass. Dina hasn’t blocked me. Jac hasn’t blocked me. None of RHoNY has blocked me AND I follow Maxine and the Laurita family mole on Twitter. If anything, more Housebitches are following me now so I must be doing something right. I would never, ever, allow such bitches to dictate who I (or my followers) can and cannot follow. (FYI – make a private follower list, VIOLA! No one can see who’s on it *wink wink*)

–          Ashley’s Tweet regarding the minor Christine was uncalled for, disrespectful, and disgusting. She has the right to say what she wants on her Twitter, but have some fucking class and do not knock on a child to spurn her mother. Mothers, on the other hand, can go tit-for-tat.

–          Reality Child < the age of 18 = only comment if they are directly involved (i.e. T-Man constantly asking (rhetorically) “How cute/smart/funny/talented is Gia?” Ummm, none of the above? But I will say Gia’s sassy attitude does work for runway. I’m ALL for Gia doing runway – print or ads with copy? Not so much.

–          The age of 18< Reality Child < the age of 21 = should have more respect for elders BUT has no right to talk ish about a minor child on a public medium. Keep it up and then Ashley’s getting into cyberstalking territory a la Eve & Vanessa on Basketball Whores

Now, who’s ready to see Jill & Bobby Z. crash the party on RHoNY tonight in additon to the continuation of the fabulous down there down there Kellamity? I AM! *getting my gummi beers & Coors Light*

Sidebar: Who knew satchels of gold was anti-semitic? I had no clue, ty mr. doctor who diagnosed Kelly via Lynn’s blog comments? lmao sorry but that was some creepy shyt, no? Didn’t that guy basically Dr. Drew Kelly “Al Sharpton” Bensimon? Am I crazy for thinking that guys is a quack who is also crazy because what real doctor would be so self-serving and narcissistic than to self-diagnois a reality heffa on a blog and THEN list his real name and credentials? Me thinks that Dr. is receiving a LOT of cancellations now, no?

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    • AliP
    • May 27th, 2010

    OMG Toni… I love you… This blog rocks… Thanks for trying to get the scoop. I really hope someone tells you…

  1. I will not stop until I find out what those tweets said! Someone will crack! lol

    • iwannabeanarchy
    • May 27th, 2010

    I love your blog! I’m curious about what Ashley tweeted too. Lynn said in her blog that she read the tweet but didn’t want to repeat what it said. Maybe you can try pumping her for info? Quite frankly, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been reported on another blog or anything.

    • Cheryl
    • May 27th, 2010

    You rock Toni!

    • Thanks Cheryl!!! Pashminas baby!

    • TNBelle2
    • May 29th, 2010

    right on about Ashley and your parenting reference of personal. It is really not surprising about Ashley behavior, just by what little bit of her that has been shown on the television program, she was ALWAYS disrespectful to her mother it is reflective of her mother’s parenting skill. Since Ms. Ashely wants to claim being an adult, she should be prepared for the backlash of being on reality TV. Oh I forgot She is twelve years old mentally. Is it just me or is this the most unattractive teenager you ever laid eyes on? Like my grandfather would say, she looks like she has been beat with an ugly stick in more ways than one. As for the little Miss Gia, the confidence this child has is amazing. I do not believe in a bad way. She is just growing. It will be up to her Mom and Dad to keep her attitude in line and check during these formative years. I think she is the typical oldest child, showing out for the camera’s. The middle child is the quiet and cute, the youngest one is going through her terrible two’s and three’s. They seem like healthy little kids. Gia looks so much like her mom when she was a little girl. They are just a little showboat family except for the Dad. I can see why he drinks. LOL can you say High Maintenance for thi s household of women WOW!!!! The most sane one on the show is Tommy Manzo you never see him SMART GUY!!!! closing with your BLOG Rocks!!!!

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