Basketball Wives or Basketball Jumpoffs, 1-soon-to-be-divorced Wife, and the Puppetmaster

Shaunie: Eric’s coming around…Eve don’t give a shit about Antoine

Royce looks like a deer in headlights and I don’t blame her ass – I’M terrified even hearing these Basketball Jumpoff stories.

Erika: ex-girlfriend of Rasual Butler

Suzie got wood – so does that mean she got a dick? Is this the Crying Game, Miami?

 This episode we have:

1 meet for drinks

3 lunches

1 meet for a mani/pedi

1 cooking class

2 thrown drinks at another “meet” which is just code for Suzie setting up Vanessa for Eve

Committing a crime against the bitch you “allegedly” claim is cyber stalking you=PRICELESS 

Eve’s stalker: Suzie’s friend Vanessa Davis (The 2nd Basketball Wife on a show entitled “Baseketball Wives, whodathunkit!). BTW, Suzie was with a pro-baller since PEPPERDINE and that snagletoothed bitch can’t afford a orthodontist? GTFO.

Evelyn says “bitch” at least 27 times before throwing the drink in Vanessa’s face. That is not a judgement, that’s just an observation. Ironically Eve has been RE-tweeting “if you’re a Christian…” LMAOOO THAT is why I found this scene a riot! I’m sure as hell not a reilgious person by any means but I’m pretty sure God would vote Evelyn OFF the island Her/His damned self!!! We now learn that being a Basketball Fiancée for a Decade trumps a “bottom of the totem pole” Basketball Wife – who knew? Considering California is a community property state, doesn’t that make Vanessa at least the 3 or 4th block on the totem pole and Evelyn the dirt under the base of said pole of NBA skanks? Good lawd I hope these hoes have a flow chart we can download to figure this out. 

What woman would hire a PI, press charges, and then fly across the country to “confront” the person she believes is cyber-stalking her? If Eve doesn’t have real proof, doesn’t that make EVE the stalker? And all the while Suzie’s head is turning back and forth like a tennis match and yet Vanessa is pretty calm & collected, all things considered. Eve & Vanessa, take 47!

Oh Gloria, Gloria, Gloria…heffa you popped out twins and Matt hasn’t wifed you yet and HERE comes the “evidence” that you too will not even be in the 96%, Gloria is right next to Eve.  Looks like Eve & Jennifer were right on the money about Matt & Gloria. Apparently Matt DOES NOT just keep his ass in his hotel room when on the road. 

I’m sorry, but I did not realize that there was an UP HERE and down there level of reality shows. Basketball Wives has to be the most bootleg, bottom basement reality show VH1 has ever put out! Does that mean I will stop watching it? HELL NO. I’m simply pointing out that as a person who pretty much watches everything (or at least A LOT of crap) even I have to admit 

Say what you want about Shaunie, I respect homegirl’s game. Between Gloria’s sister airing Shaq’s dirty laundry for a better divorce settlement (allegedly) 

Question: Can someone, preferably a Miamian, PUHLEASE tell me if Jennifer wears contacts? I swear at least one scene in the last ep I saw Jen with brown eyes…not the grey shit she be trying to pull off! I’m not knocking babygirl’s hustle – I caught MrToni wearing both hazel and grey contacts; however, I never acted like those were MY biological eyes. The were MY eyes simply cuz I paid for them but Jen walks around like her shit don’t stink so I’m just curious….for the life of me I cannot tell if she wears a weave BUT if it is a weave, GOTDAMN that’s one of the best weaves I’ve ever seen! Looking at it and knowing my own natural hair, I’m thinking it truly could be her own but the EYES….the eyes are killing me! 

And is it just me or does Eve, as a businesswoman and owner, hardly spend ANY time at her shop and just spends…spends…spends…yet constantly lets viewers in on her “struggles as a single mom” and how she left Antoine with nothing. So go WORK bitch, damn! 

I like Royce – yea she can be too extra at times, but she’s young, single, and an extremely talented dancer. Uh oh, first Vicki, then Danielle, now Royce! Maybe I, like Jill Zarin, also like the underdog! LMAO I like a fair fight and if that means I jump bandwagons as I deem necessary, so be it. Regardless of the bandwagon I’m on at the moment, I will always be true to my original “team” so I want Royce get a little more respect and Gloria to be KO’ed….dumb bitch talking down to folks and all she is a NBA baby’s momma…just like Royce! Even worse, Gloria had Matt’s twins and he still didn’t marry her, at least Royce got knocked up by her college boyfriend. 

And just so I let it be publicly known, one of my few rules is that a woman SHOULD NOT run thru crews, family, or your ex’s friends. More importantly, if a woman is on a relationship with a man on the level of engagement or marriage, you REALLY need to check your circle and/or family. True, Gloria’s sister Laura is a grown ass woman, but she is a grown ass baby’s momma of Gilbert Arenas’ who allegedly slept with Matt’s (her future brother in law) ex-married teammate Shaquille and Gloria is friends with Shaunie – MESSY AS THE DAY IS LONG – so no, Laura Govan you are nothing but a trifling homewrecker and I find it highly hypocritical Gloria looks down on Royce for less. 

And Shaunie being an exec producer on her own show, rarely being on it except occasionally segments and confessionals, all the while having Gloria (and by extension, her sister Laura) on the show is not only gangster, but nothing short of evil genius if Laura did “allegedly” leak Shaq’s texts  to the media, allowing Shaunie to get better divorce settlement by default. BRAVO Shanuie…now THAT is how a now-ex Basketball Wife handles her business!

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    • TNBelle2
    • May 29th, 2010

    LMAO too true about being bottom of the basement trash. Finally a thought process in the same family. I thought I was the only one that could not believe this trash is on TV. I can say I no longer watch it, since these are NOT basketball wives, but basketball Ex’s and wannabe’s and a maybe remain basketball wife. The funniest thing is I said the same thing about this Jennifer girls contacts, and they are truly contacts, as the iris of the eye NEVER EVER constrict in sunlight or light. I used to wear them in my youth for fun, and like you I NEVER EVER claimed they were my real color eyes. Too easy to see they are not. I love this blog. YOU GO GIRL!!!! LOVE IT

    • LMAO I do love Jennifer tho – I feel for her out of all of them hoes. I was speaking with her on Twitter the other day after checking out her website – plus she’s been up in her old stomping grounds (NYC/NJ) lately so I’m wondering if she has since filed. I like Royce, but I respect Jen for putting it out there (altho it was pretty stupid for her to put her marriage out there cuz these groupies are ridiculous!)

    • TNBelle2
    • May 29th, 2010

    P.s check out interviews of Samantha Ettus Obsessed video interview of Kelly Benisom and she also interviewed Bethenney Frankel from Season 2. Interesting to watch, and then check out the Jimmy Kimmel RealHousewives of Late night TV. TOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! it is a parody of the housewife series. Again I love your BLOG!!! YOU GO GIRL!!1

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