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I’ve been so wrapped up in funerals, trips to the ER with Mom, PEPPER , and school. For those who may not know and/or or new to the FABULOUS circle of people known as ImStillToni (and yes, I did just say I was my own damn circle. I’m just that damn fab! In addition, I also did the appropriate Jill Zarin/Robert DeNiro/Meet the Parents circle of trust gesture when I say the previous statement. Discuss if you want to) I attend college full-time and online after graduating from HS more than 10 years ago *doing the math* yea, I’m sticking with “more than 10 years ago” lol*. Since 2007 I have earned my Associate’s in Business, currently earning my Bachelor’s in Marketing, and graduate new June. Since I’m paying for tuition all on my own –via loans- my goal is to graduate with Honors…so I put 100% (or as Randy Jackson says, “a million gazillion times, YES!”) into my classes. Every 5 weeks, I have a new class and my week goes from Tuesday-Monday; therefore, I just finished a business finance class yesterday (complete with timed final) and start a Business Law class today. I get NO breaks except 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years. I can take breaks or schedule a week in between classes, but all that does is push back my end date; however, I will still be able to attend graduation in AZ in 2011. Am I going? Lawd knows know with AZ’s immigration laws and the backlash…cuz if I’m being honest, I appear more Dominican than my husband and some members of his family and I’ll be damned if I plan to travel with my papers cuz of AZ’s bullshit. But that’s a different topic and I digress… 

I’ve been “blogging” since 2006…my love of gossip coupled with a serious DVR/reality tv addiction and my determination to get on Big Brother (remind me to post about my BB audition another time, plz) made me decide to start my own blog. It’s still available online, I never deleted it, but I’m too embarrassed to show my humble beginnings to the masses so ZIP IT! (lmao I’m sorry I just.can’t.let.that.kellamity.GO). On day I decided to make one signature name I can use on any/all platforms rather than my real personal info (yes, my real name IS Toni. No, it is not short of anything. Yes, Toni is spelled with an “I” for females. Yes, it does say “Toni” on my birth certificate.) and that name became my name on every comment board, message board, and last but certainly not least, Twitter. 

After I created The Biggest Survivor last year (more on TBS later as well, I’ll link back with its separate page I’m still working on later), I immediately created its own email address and Twitter account….then I thought about taking my game complete off the old site we played season 1 on Fafarazzi (sorry Rodd, my TBS is bigger than you 😛 lol yanno I keed). So I took the step of buying both imstilltoni.com and thebiggestsurivor.com and have been patiently waiting for me to get the A) TIME or B) ENERGY to start my blog. 

So finally have a doman but no hosting…MrToni had hosting and could have hosted my blog, but something was telling me I could find a cheaper (Momma LOVES a deal) alternative that gave me more control…BAM! The ER trip with Moms last weekend gave me plenty of time to start investigating stuff and VIOLA! ImStillToni.com is live via WordPress! Everything does truly happen for a reason (and I’ve vowed to work on more positive karma in 2010). 

So there you go! Now you know a little more about me and the stuff I do. Besides school, tv, gossip, twitter, Netflix, and Xbox, my ass has been unemployed since 2008 and I LOVE IT! Might as well finish my degree, get unemployment, and wait out the economy…cuz I sure as shit can’t do anything with only an Associate’s when my competition has Masters and Doctorates. NYC is NO joke right now, people. 

I’m never more than 3 feet from an Internet connection (thanks to Sparky), so feel free to hit me up on Twitter @ImStillToni or here in the comments – especially if a juicy piece of gossip piques your interests, I can and certainly will blog my 2 cents about it!

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    • TNBelle2
    • May 29th, 2010

    hang in there on the school. I am of an older generation, and completed my degree’s. To the PhD level that enabled me to retire at the ripe old age of 50. I love it. Just keep moving forward.

    • Awww thank you! I definitely want to keeping continuing and I truly enjoy learning now that I’m old enough to fully appreciate it. I may bitch and moan, but it’s only a venting tactic lol. All I keep thinking is “June 9, 2011 – YOU’RE DONE”

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