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Ok, naturally when I finally decide to get off my lazy ass and make a real blog I get to busy to post! Thankfully, my schedule will settle down again this weekend.

I actually want to talk about TBS…but first, I guess I need to get to the stuff I mentioned at the end of the last post.

I admit it. I LOVE Brangelina. Fuck Team Aniston! Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Rachel Greene, but I am still waiting to see Aniston play someone else BUT Rachel (Marley & Me was close..and I’ll give her the Break Up. But everything else, the bitch was constantly thinking “we were NOT on a break.”). I like Angie, have since I saw
Hackers… Loved her in Foxfire (and for those that don’t know, that’s the movie where Angie met Jenny Shimizu. Peter Facinelli was also in it, go figure!). I’ve been into Angie since Jonny Lee Miller was in Angie, so you can’t say I’m not loyal. Jen really lost my support back when she thought her fledging movie career was more important that having the Sexiest Man Alive’s babies. I also believe that Jen and Brad were done before Angie got him. (Forget what you heard, you can’t keep a man when he doesn’t want to be there. When he says it’s over, it’s OVA. Jen’s the one who’s been acting like a bird ever since (which I find interesting she’s not labeled a Hollywood whore. We’ve seen how many dicks she ran thru since Brad. And almost every single one of them got serious with the chick AFTER her, so what’s that really say about Jen? My question is, what if Jen was a minority or a younger actor…THEN would the media call her out for bed hopping like Lindsay or Paris?) But I will admit, I love to see Brangelina stick together out of spite for Jen. How any of us really have to see our exes constantly and if you do, you can always move. Jen can’t escape Brangelina. THEY.ARE.EVERYWHERE. hahaha for the rest of your life Jen, Angie will be Brad’s baby’s momma…u snooze u lose.

But I digress. Fact of the matter is yesterday “the news” broke that Brad and Angelina were signing separation papers, sharing joint custody with Angie getting primary custody. Later on, we hear reports that the previous reports were false. Can I just say that A) I never thought it was true because regardless of public opinion, I believe that Angie’s kids are #1. I don’t think Brad or Angie would tip off the press that they were breaking up their family given several of their children are of reading age and they take the enough places to SEE the tabloids. I believe (or hope) they love their children enough that if they DID break up, do it privately and have the family situated before making that type of news public. B) The thought of Brangelina breaking up made my cold, cynical heart skip a beat! As RZ says “I.WOULD.DIE.” But alas, it could be nothing…..for the 2385th time.

Award shows
Seriously, why in the world are there so any award shows? IMO all that matter are the Big 3: Golden Globes (Oscar contender picks), Oscars, Emmys…cuz I’m a little drunk I’ll throw in the Grammys. (The VMAs are a waste of time…how does a channel that rarely plays videos anymore even GIVE out a Video Music Award? GTFO. And if I’m being completely truthful, I AGREED WITH KANYE that Beyonce should have won Video of the Year! Love Story? I like TS but come on that video wasn’t all that. I saw MTV launch for Christ sakes, do you have any idea how any times I’ve seen similar videos in the past 25+ years? That shyt wasn’t special. AT ALL.)

I watched the Golden Globes for the first time in 10 years and it was pretty amusing. Ok so I watched HALF of the Globes, but it’s still on my Tivo. Then this past Saturday I was out shopping only to find out I missed the SAG awards. Say what? Yes, red carpet on Sunday AND Saturday of the same week. Did they recycle the carpet? Probably not. Did you know The Los Angeles Times gave the Oscar industry an estimate (conservative estimate, mind you) of over $640 MILLION in 2003 so could you imagine what is is NOW? There used to be 350ft of red carpet at the Globes…how much do you think there was this year?

Point is…I used to enjoy Joan & Melissa Rivers work the red carpet. Then I realized once January hit there was ALWAYS a friggin 3 hr awards show to interrupt new programming returning from winter hiatus. THEN Celebrity Apprentice 2 happened, so the Rivers bitches have been on my shit list ever since (Annie was robbed!). Now I just can’t be bothered with the red carpet, much less every single awards show. People’s Choice, Globes, SAG, Independent Spirit, Guilds, Critics and Tonys….THEN u add in all the individual music channels…on top of that add in all the FOREIGN awards. Too damn much!

And seriously, actors voting for themselves? I find it funny that more than half (if not the majority) of SAG nominees may be academy members, so technically don’t some vote for themselves twice or do they have the decency to excuse themselves from their category? Sure I could probably look it up, but since we all know that a politician can still vote for themselves on the ballot, I wouldn’t put it past em at all. Needless to say, I’d have to be pretty messed up or bored (or both) to watch another awards show until the Oscars.

Well at least I got thru 2 out of 3 topics lmao. My post on spoiler could be the same length as this, so I think I’ll call it a night. And you know you’re old when this pops into your head “Wubba Wubba Wubba.”

Sidebar: Don’t you want to slap the shyt out of Ali on the Bachelorette? Or do you agree that Vienna is wrong (and although I did not post about spoilers in THIS post, I ask that you do not post Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, tyvm).

So next post: I’ll tackle spoilers, the dickhead on my learning team I am trying to get removed in an attempt to A) not do his share of the workload and B) do double the work for only an A when his ass will did nothing substantial and then reaps the benefits, Pepper the wonder dog, and the fact my best friends are threatening to sell our cat to the Chinese’s restaurant around the corner while chilling up in our house practicing karaoke while I’m gone even tho we made a deal not to, and a little thing call TBS.

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  1. I am still waiting on info about TBS. 😉 Hahahahha!Nice blog.

  2. Hey, OMG…learned some news about Brangelina that is changing my mind about them.They donated $1 million to the YMCA on Camp Pendleton. The YMCA's on the base do so much for the kids and families. $1 million bought some really nice things.

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