Hey! Anyone out there? It’s me, Toni. (If you have any idea where I paraphrased that sentence for – I’d like to thank you especially. You know why.) Damn let me not get distracted, because now I am thinking about this.

Welcome to my new home away from home, mi casa es su casa. After years of procrastination and laziness, I finally decided (or should I say MrToni, my husband, so pointed out) to start my blog. Who knows where it will end up, but you gotta start somewhere and here is my beginning. In time, you will learn about be, but I will advise up front:

I will always speak my mind and voice my opinions. If you can’t respect my right to voice my opinions, this isn’t the place for you and GTFO. This is MINE and if you don’t like it, go get your own shit and leave me alone.

I have a dirty mouth. Not like the Orbit commercial, but I tend to curse like a sailor. No offense intended. Having said that, please note the disclaimer below and know the content of this blog could occasional include nudity and offensive language. Not like 2 Girls/1 Cup, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I like acronyms. They come in handy when you type a lot. I TYPE A LOT. I’m a full time college student that writes as least 6-8,000 words a week just for class, I’mafraidtoadmit the amount of crap I write online for entertainment is probably 4-5x that, and that’s before this blog. So I use lots of lmao and gtfo and stfu. Sorry, but that’s how I do. Oh yea, I love ellipses….I don’t know why, but I like em and I use em. If you don’t know, Google or ask, but I’m not slowing down cuz a few people are on the short bus, if you catch my drift.

The content of my blog will contain a plethora of things: random thoughts, gossip, tv recaps, reality tv, music..not to say I will never mention politics, religion, etc…but for now we barely know each other. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free, right?

Comments are here for you to voice your opinions, to connect with me, to provide feedback, to converse about a certain topic…but I cannot tolerate spam. I don’t want to find a rich man online, tyvm. Now, I don’t need a Rolex. So for the time being, comments will be moderated but can be left anonymously.

Well that’s enough of an introduction for now. I have some things I want to discuss, such as the demise of Brangelina (good Gawd NO!), spoilers via Twitter (I’m looking at YOU, @EWDaltonRoss), how many awards shows are just too damned many (SAGs? Cmon, like they even count?), how I wanted to reach through the phone on a conference call with my learning team and punch one of my team members in the throat for trying to play me like a chump, the trials and tribulations of Pepper, my mother’s spoiled Havanese I am currently babysitting while she’s on a business trip (along with babysitting my father), dealing with my crazy ass husband and our best friends (we are like some crazy Greek house at times, but loyal and extremely protective of one another – that’s fam right there), and our extremely lazy 8 year old cat named Bucky who does aboslutely nothing and thinks he runs everything.

See? And I bet you thought this wasn’t going to be interesting. And it’s just getting started.

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